The London Bombing…

Terrorist events are never pleasant news. But this London bombing struck
home to me for several reasons. First, I was born in London, and
both worked and lived there for most of my life. Second, I have
regularly used those very stations that were hit by the London bombs
just a few days ago.

For instance, Liverpool Street station is one I used each weekday
for four and a half years. And I have spent a lot of time sitting
reading in tube trains at Aldgate station (a stopping point to
change driver etc.) waiting for them to move on. And I used to
change train every day at King’s Cross for another job.

So I have some empathy for what people are suffering at this
time. All we can really do is send out good wishes and prayers
for some healing to the situation, especially to those still
waiting for news of the missing (and most probably, dead).

There was a certain inevitability about it all though, which I am
sure has not been lost on Londoners, or those in the wider
country of Britain. They say that people in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones. Well, it seems that in recent years,
Britain and America have become the ultimate stone-throwing glass
house dwellers, or should we say their governments have. The
people on the street generally have more good sense.

The bitter irony is that the those making the big bombastic
statements, and taking the wild decisions that directly
endanger their own citizens, will never be the ones spilling
THEIR blood on the streets. Instead, they pledge OUR blood –
yours and mine – in their “firm resolve” in the “War Against
“Terrorism”. They do it from the safety of their bullet-proof
offices, or from behind a line of twenty bodyguards.

It’s easy to be brave when someone ELSE has to die for it, don’t
you think?…

Conveniently, they never have to face the DIRECT consequences of
their behavior. Instead we do – you and I – as has been so
graphically illustrated this week.

And if we are going to use the word “war”, then we cannot forget
that a war is not all one-sided. People die on BOTH sides. THAT
is what is meant by a war!

Perhaps that was a point missed by the big talkers. Maybe they
think that war only works in one direction, i.e. they order the
killing and it gets done. Sadly, it isn’t so.

It’s always the blood of the ordinary people – yours and mine –
that will be shed for this kind of thing. In airplanes, on
trains, as we work in our offices, or take our vacations. One
group of people deliver the rhetoric. Another group of people
die for it. Never the twain shall meet.

This is NOT to absolve, or to agree with, the people who
committed this dreadful act. However, it has to be understood
that the motives behind this kind of behavior are far more
complex than most of us would be prepared to admit. The causes
are complex, and so too must be the solution. Simply shooting
people dead either in England or Iraq ain’t gonna to cut it!

However, the world has moved on from 9/11. People seem to be
seeing for themselves that simplistic word formulas from
self-serving politicians don’t accurately describe complex
solutions. Nor do they provide a solution to deep-seated
problems. They’re beginning to see through their leaders and
demand more than empty words.

Blair damaged himself and his party badly in the last election
through supporting the Bush war. However, the people seemed to have
forgotten the war and its consequences come election time.
Otherwise, they might have delivered Blair the ultimate bloody
nose by throwing him and his party out of power. Like the Americans
during the same period, they became predictably focused on their
own self-serving local agendas – health services, immigration, taxation,
and so on. The actions being perpetrated in Iraq in their name
slipped out of their minds.

I guess the London bomb incidents will remind them?…

As for Bush – the single most unpopular American President in
history since opinion polls began – he was only re-elected
through the FEAR of the American people. HIS campaign was to
essentially terrorize the people into believing that he was the
ONLY valid solution to keep the terrorists at bay.

Anyway, moving back to the London bombs, what was very striking throughout is the
mature way in which the British public on the street seemed to
respond to the situation. There seemed to be a quiet
determination not to be cowed or intimidated, but to get on with
their lives as before. There was not much baying for blood. No
hysteria or rage, even from those who had lost loved ones. It is
something to be proud of; this maturity in the face of ultimate

Maybe it is because Britain is very used to terrorist acts on its
mainland, unlike America, who seemed to have been living in a
fantasy world up until 9/11; totally unwilling to believe or
accept that its international behavior would eventually reap
consequences. Indeed, when 9/11 hit, many Americans simply
refused to connect the event to anything that the US might have
been involved in, and blankly wandered around asking “Why would
anyone do this to us, after all the good we’ve done?”

That’s the commendable but innocent view of the public, naively
unaware of what their own government has been getting up to
around the globe.

The British are perhaps less easily fooled because they could
always see and understand the history of Britain’s activity in
Northern Ireland and the direct consequences it reaped upon THEM
on the mainland. In other words, Cause and Effect were much
easier to track in Britain than with America, where vast oceans
separated the Causes from the Effect. In Britain, they were
faster and closer.

But Americans are finally beginning to pick up on this too. They
are beginning to understand the Cause/Effect relationship.
And it certainly has not been lost on Spain, who pulled out of
the “war” after the Madrid train bombing, and are now pledged to
trying to tackle the causes of terrorism (poverty, ignorance,
etc.), rather than simply going around killing people, and
somehow thinking that this will make things better!

Again, it has to be repeated that none of this is even slightly
approving or excusing what these violent killers do to innocent
people. However, the balance needs to be redressed. The
simplistic formulas of Good vs. Evil trotted out by politicians
are hopelessly worn out. We have heard them too much and too
often. They hold no water.

We have to start to THINK for ourselves, not let other people brainwash us.

No, terror is NOT a valid means of resolving grievances, such as this London bombing, and it
can never be. BUT neither can the actions carried out by our own
governments be properly justified either. A “quick fix” such as a
“war on terrorism” can never work, but can only create more of
the very thing it seeks to eradicate.

Instead, we have to seek to eradicate the causes that radicalize
young people into joining these terrible terrorist groups. We
have to deal with the REAL causes – not simply engage in name

Anyway, let us keep our thoughts and prayers with the people who
have lost loved ones in the London bombs, with those lying critically ill in
hospital, and with those who are making the great transition.
There is not much we can do about the world scene, to be honest.
So, let us direct our mental and spiritual energies where they
are likely to do some good.

Asoka Selvarajah

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  1. I just came back from finsbury park festival…I went because I had a deep feelling of being surrended by people that like me carry on with their lives and smile regardless. I am proud and happy to see that!!


  2. I lived at Kings X for 14 years. I can find no reasons, excuses or justifications for people involved in this kind of thing and I am one of those people who usually annoy others by being able to see two points of view. I think these people are thugs, nothing else.. and the very worse type of thug. After Beslam, there was nothing they could do to shock me. They appear, from things I have been watching on tv to be working around the world. They are capable of gaining support from young, easily influenced people who they then manage to do their dirty deeds. I do not see them helping anyone or having any vision other than world domination in a ghastly Taliban type world – something the people of Afghanistan had been screeming out for years for help from.

    Their act in London, apart from ruining many peoples lives, also managed to take away reporting of a world summit which had had an unprecidented amount of positive and co-ordinated protests/demands on it. It certainly allowed the G8 to do their business when no one was looking.

    I didn’t even believe in the war against Afghanistan never mind Iraq, but their is nothing in me that is prepared to in anyway understand or make excuses for these people. They always deliberately kill the most defenseless and they always murder as many as they can. They say they love death and laugh at us and say we love life. What Blair and Bush did is another problem but I cannot speak of the two together, because this group of people has no respect at all for life or for humanity. There quite simply is nothing to say to them. To confuse them with the situation in Palestine, is simply to confuse. Also, we should not forget that these people began their campaign terrorising people in Muslim countries – Muslim people liked it no more than we do. These are not people with vision, acting in the wrong way, as all to often Terrorists are, these are just thugs.

    There you go, that’s basically what I think.

  3. Why is it that no one ever looks right to the base cause of the terroism through out the ages, namely, the ability of the greedy a rapacious to use the superstition of religion to support their self serving, egotistical attacks on the rights of the less fortunate. The sooner the collective superstitions of all religions are consigned to the dustbin of history, and the people as a whole freed from the mind numbing concepts of goodness and duty as defined by some archaic perception of the will of god as defined by the ruling class and the priests who have always overtly or covertly used their superstitious rantings to control the common will, the sooner we will see real democracies and genuine care and compassion for our fellow human beings. Man made god in his own image, we can do the same for governments if the will exists.

  4. Asoka…very well put. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  5. Dear Mr. Selvarajah,
    I usually do not write my comments to people, and I believe that everybody has a right to their opinion. However, this time I have to come out of my “hiding” to express a few thoughts.
    Reading your “thoughts” enrages me so much, that I barely can keep from using very harsh words. Even though using those words would probably make me feel better.
    I agree with you that our leaders, who pledge war so bravely, actually do not have to put their own lives in danger, nor their own family.
    However, the idea of trying to understand the reason why young people resort to terror and trying to eliviate the reason – in other words, just give them what they want, is the stupidest most dangerous idea I have even heard. Would you try to understand Hitler’s reasons? Would you try to eradicate the reason he resorted to his violence, give him what he wanted, so that hopefully he would be happy and stop?
    The terrorism used this approach: we want what we want, and if we don’t achieve it in negotiations, we will explode you to pieces. We will keep doing it until we get what we want.
    And what they want is controlling the world, and forcing Islam on everyone. DO you want to eliminate the reasons they become terrorist? Good luck! But I can tell you one thing: if the rest of the world does not unite and starts thinking about a way to fight terrorism, we will all be dead or muslims very soon.
    It is because of people like you that Hitler managed to control Europe and kill millions of people!

  6. Interesting take on the latest terrorist attacks in London and I can understand how it felt so close to home knowing your connection to that particular city. My heart is saddened by these events and my condolences go out to all of those affected.

    I’m not sure inevitability is an accurate description of these or any other attacks. If you take to account that the vast majority of people on this planet are lost in a mind made matrix of illusions that go beyond even the games that take place in the physical realm everyday then yes inevitability is the proper term. However it doesn’t have to be this way.

    It seems to me that we are each responsible for the movie we’re making and all though others can do things in our shared reality it seems that only certain people magnetize certain manifestations into their personal reality. It always amazes me how many people miss a flight and then a plane goes down or how many people were late for work on September 11th. 2001. They could have been late any other day but it happen to be that day. The same holds true for this scenario and once we start hearing more of the stories you’ll hear more about people who missed the train that day or decided to take a different or later bus.

    I understand what you’re saying about the United States and Britain. When in the US everyone was shocked by 9/11 I wasn’t. Motion has a way of returning to its point of origin and I thought of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then it made sense to me.

    It must be pointed out that these things go much deeper. The total amount of people killed by terrorist attacks over the last 20 years is far less than the number of people killed by other factors that are inherent aspects of our systems in America and Britain. Just the fact that we’re fighting a war on terrorism is insane. Terrorism is a concept an idea and can never be defeated.

    From my perspective the real criminals remain hidden and whenever there’s war it can be found that there are certain people making an awful lot of money. This can be seen as a factor in many wars throughout history.

    In the US we have so many adults and children on medications from anti-depressants to pain killers that it can be described as an epidemic. So many people are in pain that they have no answer so they happily take the magic little pill. It’s either that or start drinking or using street drugs. Every time you turn around psychiatrist are coming up with a new label of a new condition and then prescribing a new medication to deal with this new condition. Only the medications don’t eliminate the pain they only buffer the pain so people are walking around with this war going on within until one day they snap and then everyone is surprised and shocked when they drop dead or worst yet go off and kill others.

    We kill approximately 200 animals per minute in medical testing labs in an efforts to cure diseases and illnesses that are being caused by the contamination of our soil, air and water. We torture and kill over 25 billion animals per year so we may satisfy our desire for immediate taste bud gratification. We teach our children that it’s okay to kill certain life forms like this while others like companion animals should not be killed and that depends on cultural influences. The meat people eat in many cases has as its source a factory farm where cows, chickens, turkeys, etc, are traumatized and tortured in ways beyond words. In addition they’re injected with hormones and chemicals in order to fatten them up or to get them produce better. All this is done to serve the bottom line. No one stops to ask how is this meat this milk or this chicken mc nugget affecting me and/or my children. No one stops to ask is it okay that this animal flesh that I’m about to eat has been tortured and traumatized and is it even healthy to absorb this meat into my system knowing that this torture and trauma has changed this meat at a molecular level. Could this be one of the reasons for the increase in cancer among men and women? Is it possible that because we’re unable or really more accurately unwilling to offer other life forms kindness and compassion that we’re finding that it’s absent in our own experience of life? The truth that we know the error of our ways is always revealed in our current reality. That behavior that we know is wrong we seek to hide and in the case of animals the factory farms are hidden and the meats are given fancy names and the commercials seem to be selling something other than a burger or a chicken dish. The animal flesh is packaged in a way to make the meat look like anything other than where it came from.

    This may not sound like it’s even related to terrorism or the London attacks but everything is connected. People are simply taught differently in different parts of the world and they go through a different series of indoctrination’s. Naturally it’s an individuals choice as to how much indoctrination and brainwashing they buy into but more often than not people go along for the ride. It’s easier than being responsible for ones own scene. I could go on and on with this because there’s no shortage of issues in the physical realm. How about the numbers of people killed by smoking or drinking? How about how we’re virtually weaned on a sugar and carbohydrate formula from the day we’re born and then people grow to have almost obsessive behavior when it comes to soft drinks and junk foods. How many people die from heart failure and diabetes that could have been prevented if it wasn’t for some corporation wanting to increase the bottom line or some government official placing economics above health and well being. Hell the only reason why we’re still so reliant on fossil fuels and energy from the Middle East is profit driven. We have the technology and we could be self reliant energy wise in a very short time. Through technology and conservation we could eliminate all dependency on Middle East oil and think of all the new jobs that would be created by these new technologies. Certainly not a painless transition but the benefits far out way the downside.

    These events take place and people look around and say why us or what kind of people could do something like this. How about insane people, desperate people, medicated people, people under mind control and manipulation? I don’t feel there are good people and evil people. That’s a total myth from where I stand. There are people who have very screwed up minds and are perfectly willing to do evil things. That I can agree on. I don’t see them as inherently evil.

    When someone describes the terrorist events as having a direct connection to what our governments have been involved in around the globe it’s a bit misleading. I’m not disputing the fact that the US and Britain are guilty of horrible actions against people all over the world. If you’re going to look at how the actions of the terrorists are connected to the actions of the US and Britain you would have to look for the connection between the US and Britain and someone else that motivated the actions that they took. It doesn’t make sense. In other words, the US and Britain could have done nothing over the years and it’s possible that someone would have attacked us anyway. After all isn’t that what you’re claiming we did? The silly thing about the terrorist is that there are many people living in the US and Britain that are from the same places they’re from so you can’t say it’s just a religious thing or about ethnicity. That may be the apparent reasons put forth by the media but as they say the problem you’re having is never the problem you’re having. This goes a lot deeper.

    It may sound cold and who knows it could happen to me but from my perspective these events remind us of the inherent impermanent nature of the physical world. Certainly we’ve come a long way and our technological advances are often impressive but we seem to be at a point where our answers to our current problems are always a matter of more of something, more data, more war, more money, more medications, more research, more religion, more education, more killing of people and animals, more, more, more and when more doesn’t work it’s always a question of better. More didn’t work so we need better technology, better data, better guns, better weapons, better politicians, better research, better drugs, better religion, etc.

    The is the very essence of our current dilemma on this planet. I hesitate to use the word God so let me put it like this. There is that which is permanent and that which is temporary. That which is permanent is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. That which is permanent is real and all else it unreal, a temporary dream, precious and sacred yes but never more precious than that which allows it to be. Everyone longs for permanency yet they spend their entire lives empowering and feeding into the illusions of a temporary world. We’ve reached a point where most people have placed impermanency above permanency. All approaches are based in materialism and being that man is more than just a body, man is a spiritual being and because we fail to recognize this our attempts to apply physical solutions to all of our problems ultimately fails.

    Every crises whether individual or societal is a spiritual crises. The only reason why we’re confronted with these issues like terrorism is because people cannot see beyond the illusions. They’re so identified with their minds that they live through their minds as their minds and as a result they experience a rather chaotic reality. Everything in the physical world is in a constant state of change and if you think you’re grounded in the world of impermanency you’re in for a bumpy ride.

    I feel for anyone who has been touched by these events but all is not lost. Permanency is permanency and truth is truth. Truth was never untrue and will always be as it has always been. Each moment is an opportunity to have a transparent realization of truth and ultimately that’s the only antidote to our current problems. Human behavior cannot be regulated by governments, force can’t make someone a better person, drugs and medications can’t improve someone’s ability to see the best action to take in any given situation. You can’t help someone to be better by making them worst. Threats of punishment can’t change someone for the better not in any permanent way. It’s like trying to hold the lid on a manhole that is about to burst. Eventually someone slips and boom. Awakening to the actual reality of who and what we are is all that is required of us. All else is window dressing.

  7. I could not agree with you more. Finally someone on planet earth is thinking logically and speaking sense. You can not fight terrorism with terrorism. We have to all look at the bigger picture. I am disgusted and deeply saddened by what has happened in London, but i, like you, knew something like this was going to happen soon. We cant as a civilized nation just load up our planes with bombs, fly a quarter of the way round the world to support America, kill thousands and not expect any conciquences. When people in other countries are starving and we practice gluttony. When people have no hope and we are only concerned about how much money we can stash away, and when we see starving children on tv and can only be concerned about what new car we are buying or if we are going to get sex this weekend. Then you can understand why people from other poor countries kick up a fuss and call us evil. Especially when we go to their countries and buy what little they have (steal it off them) for a pittance and make vast fortunes our selves back in our own countries while we laugh and watch them deteriorate. You can quite understand why they get upset. The world is a very small place these days, and we all just have to think about the big conciquences of our actions. Every life is so very precious, every person is so very important. Instead of always telling other people to understand us, we should always try to understand them, to see where they are coming from and seek to help them. If we all sought to understand each other and showed and gave love, care and compassion and go that extra mile to help each other, above all, respect each other. Then the world would be a happier, peaceful, loving and very prosperous place for all of us, not just for the priveliged few. This is not just fantasy talk, this could become reality. Mankind creates his own reality. Isnt it better to create heaven on earth instead of hell. Think about it seriously, the choice is truly ours. Love and light to all that reads this and great wisdom to all that understands it. God Bless.

  8. “There is not much we can do about the world scene, to be honest…” This article seemed cynical and pessimistic. If we are all one, and all connected, I like to think that through right action, prayer and good will, each one of can have a part in changing the world.

  9. Asoka, thank you for your comments regarding the karmic effects of war. As a US citizen I have been disturbed most of my adult life with our approach foreign affairs.

    I am ashamed of Bush and his fear tactics and yet more so I am ashamed of the American people who buy into our right to attack anything or anyone outside our borders. We have taken the Big Brother approach to the extreme and now within the secret agendas of world power and domination we somehow ignorantly think we have the right and authority to dictate how all others should live.

    I was not at all surprised by the September 11 attack on the twin towers, honestly I was surprised it had not happened sooner. What goes around comes around and we have been sending out violence and bombings for decades. It is our own inflated form of terrorism. War is financially lucrative and almost always accompanies a republican administration, as does inflation and gross national debt. This too comes at the expense of the citizens of the US. We beleive we set the world standard for politically correct behavior and act as if democracy is the answer to all political ills.

    I had expressed to my husband on the day of 9/11 that we have naively believed that we were somehow exempt from the scrutiny of others,that terrorism and bombs would not touch our soil. I imagine because we think we are so perfect and held high by our own estimation as the finest example of brotherhood and prosperity. We are so inflated in our view of ourselves we beleive we are granted divine protection from what we do to others. We still put the Golden Rule above chalkboards in our schools. However we apparently do not really believe in its credence nor abilty to create backlash. I trust the millions starving on our streets would vehemently disagree with our state of perfection.

    I am dismayed at Bush’s attempts to form some odd sort of imperialistic world power status. He flaunts power & money and uses others disadvantaged conditions such as starvation to make them conform to his ideal of democracy. In my view, our government invents enemys to keep us rallied around an insufficent form of government. We are told we need their protection and yet the horrors of the highest crime rate in the world haunts us on our own streets. We are far from perfect is my point and yet our government has dillusionally appointed itself judge and executioner of others whom they deem inferior or criminal.

    If democracy, as this administration and others have claimed, were truly so great then we would have a much fairer and balanced system. It is great for the elite and yet 98% of us live at poverty level or below. I have yet to see the “streets paved with gold” that most foreigners desirous of coming here hope to find.

    I have watched immigrants make a lot of money but it is duly noted that they work 2 and 3 jobs around the clock to do so. I have lost faith in democracy. Maybe I never had any faith in it at all because I refuse to close my eyes to the ills of this country. It is not like we see on TV shows wherein all Americans live in 400 thousand dollar homes with posh furniture and fancy cars. We are a land of wasted resources and exorbitant lifestyles and now that we have used much of this precious planets resources our government created a weapons of mass destruction scam so we could conquer the oil rich countries of the middle east and gain control of the oil. OOps! We are supposed to ignore that. We were told it was because of the horrendous autrocities occuring in the streets of Bahgdad that prompted our need and right to intervene.

    I purport much like you we are not exempt. We created this. I fear that should other countries scrutinize what really goes on in the US they may adopt the same intervention policy and bomb us to correct the error of our ways. I am not creating such an action, however I am not naive enough to believe that the government is not creating the potential for just such a scenario.

    As you stated, there is no risk to the officials, anymore than there is a risk to the deranged terrorists who kill the innocent on public streets including the streets of London, New York or those on their own soil.

    It may sound cynical, but I believe we, the US that is, needs just such terrorist activities to keep people cowering behind the dark veil of the self-appointed world power status that the US has erroneously granted itself. As I stated, we need an enemy to justify our thirst for and pursuit of power. Sadly, the terrorists are willing to comply. We need bad guys or worse guys to portray on the news because it keeps the focus off our own problems and they are many. Karl Marx said that religion was the opiate of the people, now it is the news. Just keep people under control and tell them whatever the government wants them to hear and the will be lulled into complacency.
    Pride has pitfalls. It comes before destruction.

    I would like to believe the world is more enlightened than we currently exhibit. I would also like to beleive we are capable of living in peace, but the facts prove otherwise. We are not ready for peace. We still live in a world of war mongers who like a good fight, like the corrupted form of power it grants them and have no remorse about the loss of lives. If they did, they would find alternatives but then people are expendable and easily replaced and our governments children are always safely kept at home or behind the front lines.

    You know what Asoka, I am weary of it all. I am disgusted with the hype, the media propulsion to anger and retaliation and mostly the propaganda that decieves all and prevents us from recognizing that we are all ONE. I recently queried myself as to how we ever came to the conclusion that we are different. It is illogical. I mean think about it. What makes us different? Is it because we do not all live in the same place, believe in the same things or maybe it is because we like different kinds of foods. How did the rubbish of of our ‘differences’ ever take root in our minds.
    We are inherently the same.

    There is no power in peace you see. There is no need of it. So power hungry people create differences and enemies so power can be established. If we are not fighting the middle east we will find another target, after all it is what makes fool hardy unenlightened Americans feel proud of our ‘altruistic’ endeavors. Many really believe that what we do is somehow “good” but there is a price to be paid for all we send, give and distribute in foreign aid…it is designed to coerce others to be just like us. Wow what a scary thought that is. Imagine everyone going about playing big brother like we do.

    I believe the time is growing short for the war mongers but if we can really convince everyone to be like us time will be dramatically cut short when everyone is bombing everyone because they can as a democratic country. Whew! not a good bedtime story that one….

    When we are enlightened we will live in peace.
    I believe it is possible and imminent.
    Thanks for listening

  10. I can understand why there are no comments (yet), since this subject, as you presented it, seems designed to draw us out of our apathetic state, forcing us to expose our thoughts and feelings (however unpopular). No one wishes this naked exposure, wishing rather to remain silent until another dares (first) to say something along the lines we’re thinking. But, here it is … partially.

    I won’t get into totally siding with you against Bush’s misteps (STOMPS!) on the little people he uses as fodder to make his misdirected point from the standpoint of Karl Rove’s decision that the best approach to gain alliances is that of the Strict, Strong Father perspective. Most people need that sort of discipline, so immediately side with stuff that rings true to “Spare the rod, Spoil the child!” The problem, of course, is that one is forced into the “PATRIARCHY’ camp. Poor women, and other ‘weaklings’ can’t handle these ‘man-sized’ problems … the Strong Father MUST rule with an iron fist. There’re too many sheep following that lead who would fill your blog with patriotic tripe about “My Country Right or Wrong!” and “The Best Defense is a Strong Offense!” and I prefer to attack another flank than that one.

    To do so, I want to agree and accent your point of the British people’s resolve to remain calm, stay objective and see through to solutions, not simply reactions.

    Since the British are as Christian-based as 32% of the Americans claim to be, you would think the British would remember all the retaliations their God lead them into, smiting this pagan group, that sinful country — in it’s entirety! But, no.
    Having been caught so often in that back and forth nonsense, seeing that neither side really wins, and both certainly always lose many limbs, eyes, souls, homes, cities, etc., and when the smoke clears the problems are all still there pointing to the smouldering ruins on both sides.

    The LEADERS chose to rise up (their slave classes) against those of the upstarts. So, no, they say. Let’s be smart this time!

    Americans — at least those who weren’t the Native Americans that were wholesally slaughtered (20 million for starters by Christopher Columbus — the only mass-murdering butcher in history who is annually praised, feted on his own day of celebration … and those ‘wiped out’ — ‘beaten back’ by our infantry in the infamous Indian Wars, wherein the rightful occupants of the land were simply shot down or wiped out with small pox-infested blankets, or other acts of total anniliation — or those African Americans, so long enslaved and ill-treated even into these current days of fanatical rule of the righteous patriarchial right. The KKK is still extremely strong and LETHAL — brutally so; these Americans know what it’s like being constantly under attack — but not those of us off stage, watching from the wings, the sunday-school audience, or the (skewed-)history classes that taught us most naive ones that “God declared our Manifest Destiny!” — that same hew and cry Bush’s passionate claim of “It’s A Mandate!” came from when his agents barely managed to convince the media he was re-elected. WRONG! 55 million still do not call him ‘president.’

    It’s this unworldly naivete that still cries out “Avenge us!” and totally discounts God’s own declaration “Vengeance is MINE (alone!)” The Native Americans and African Americans have had enough of being thrown into the front lines of battle as cannon fodder, while the elitists and their children continue out of sight, living in security and luxury.

    No, no one wants to talk about these things — it forces us to admit to too many things we’d rather keep concealed.

    At age 68, having served my country 8 years when I was drafted for Korea, say, “It’s not my turn … nor should it be yours! let the bureaucrats pick up arms and ‘get back’ at the bad guys’ pawns (who don’t love their leaders either, but have a dream of a paradise that probably will continue to allude them, no matter how many battles they through themselves into).


  11. Dear Mr. Selvarajah,
    I deeply agree with your point of view. I am not letting FEAR take over me. More than once I am more convinced that PEACE and LOVE are the only possible answers. And Awareness. We as a people have a greater power that few greedy politician. I do invite people to take a stand against all this.Be aware that we can be the difference every day. and choose a decent person to rapresent us. I won’t buy this FEAR stuff that serve only to get few more devoted to their Money’s God.
    I demand peace and love now. and I am committed to work and live for peace and love. thank you. Namaste

  12. Asoka ,

    I agree with the statement that governments should do more to prevent terrorism on a higher level, by looking at the causes that create terrorism, and by educating all the people especially the young people , by giving them the tools to discover their higher, more fulfilling, purpose in life.

    Websites like these, writers, international projects , could play an important role, helping people transform, perhaps more if writers would be more involved in political debate and if writers would give free seminars at schools and communities that want to learn , all over the world ( also developing countries )

  13. Just a few short comments. First of all, who said it was Moslem terrorists that did it? The news? Tony Balony? The big question is who had the most to gain? The British were not happy with the coming ID cards, Bush was going to face Climate change at the G8, to say nothing of three seperate attempts to impeach him, Britain was going to pull there troops out of Iraq – come on folks – get real! All this pious spiritual talk about reaping what you sow etc. takes the focus off of the attempt to dominate the world by the US and its running dog lackies Tony and it is being created by the Zionists.

    If you want the Truth, ya got to dig for it. Ya got to practices discernment and be open to everything. Whether it is political Truth or Spiritual Truth, ya really got to change the definitions and step outside the box and open to the fact that the world, might be round, not flat or maybe just a product of the indivigualized mind, not the MIND.
    Let’s be very careful not to judge and ask the creator what the TRUTH is, our minds are just not there yet.

    “Never underestimate the power of compassionately recognizing what’s going
    on”, Pema Chodron

  14. Thank you for putting a new perspective on this for me. You have definately opened my eyes by putting this situation in way that made me take a closer look and gave me a better understanding. Yes, we have all been brainwashed, but it is up to us to seek the truth and find answers that will help heal ourself so that we can in turn help heal the world, to make it a better, peaceful place, afterall, we only have one. However, I do feel that there are some criminals that are just evil, bad, whatever you want to call them and they have no remorse, no soul if you will, so there is nothing to save. The heads of state make all the rules, make all the threats and then you are right we are the ones that make the sacrifices while they are safe and being kept out of harms way. Why should my nephew have to risk his life by going to Iraq in October to try to clean up a mess that others have made or loose his life because some stupid politician mouthed off? Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud to be an American, but I think we should take care of “Americans” and then help others that are in need. What about feeding the poor here or sheltering the homeless? What about spending more time and teaching our own children? We have been most blessed here in America and it’s good to share/help others, but that should first go to those that are starving here, to help our own children, that sleep in the streets or under bridges, that are embarrassed to go to school because they are dirty and tattered. Both parents working, too tired to spend quality time with their own children, all because America has forced mothers to give up the job they need to do and go help in the workplace to make ends meet. “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”. Whose rocking the cradle in America?

  15. Your comments are very perceptive. If killing worked to solve problems … we would be now living in utopia.

    Understanding the terriorists does not mean agreement of methods to get attention … if we don’t understand what motivates them, I don’t think we will ever stop the killing. No ones mother wants their child do die … no child wants to die just for the hell of it. Suicide bombers and others kill for a reason. We should find out that reason and address it.

    Poverty, inequality, lust of resources in other’s countries, and just plain greed is probably a place to start.

  16. Asoka,

    So true were your comments. Some of the posting were highly convoluted offering only confusion. And some spoke of only the topic but not really offering more. Unfortunately, war will not ever cease on this earth until there is a force from the universe to fight against, then the earth will unite. But I agree the current conflict in the Middle East is wrong and unjust. It has nothing to do with 9/11. Americans were mushrooms, kept in the dark and feed bullsh*t. Are there answers? Solution is not merely better education, as Osama is highly educated as is his second in command is a doctor. And as England admits this was a work of a young, educated Muslim’s who feel disenfranchised. Much has to do with history, religions, cultures and the fact that there are people whose belief system offers terrorism as the answer. Yes we can cast stones at Bush and Blair but lets not forget that al-qaeda’s leaders are sending their young to die as human bombs. Answers to it all involve a cross section of individuals who can sort through the complex issues and come to some resolution. Taking the first step can only complete a journey.

  17. London is a multi-cultural city with people from all faiths and none. It is the centre of the anti-war movement having staged numerous anti-war marches including the 2,000,000. Blair did not listen to those people and attacked Iraq on a lie. Since then 100,000 Iraqs and other 1000 US and UK troops and not forgetting the many kidnappings. This happened when the metropolitan police are 450 miles away protecting the G8 leaders including Bush and Blair from peaceful protesters, in the meantime the population of London as paid the price for Blairs lies. Lets all double our effects to change the way things are at the moment and campaign for Peace, Social Justice and the end of Poverty. RESPECT stands for this and to campaign against war anf racism.

  18. I have previously always looked forward to your columns as positive and contributing to enlightenment – this one is a great disappointment.

  19. You people have got to be kidding me. You say that we should find the cause of these terrorist acts and then work with the cause to change the effect. The way I see it we are doing just that. Let me elaborate if I may.

    Could not the cause be that both of the countries we are in (United States) right now were countries that promoted terrorism? The wars in Afghanastan and Iraq are both parts of the war on terror. There have been links already made to prove that Al- Queda and Iraq were working together. Saddam had used WMD’s before on his own people so how can anyone say they were never there in the first place? Both wars are now done with major combat actions and are now in the rebuilding stage and fighting an insurgency in Iraq. Look how long it took for the allied countries to get Germany back up and running and Japan and Italy. Look at those countries now thriving in the same democracy we are trying to promote in Iraq and Afghanastan. They are not puppet regimes of the US are they?

    This isnt an overnight thing. I never hear from anyone on any of these sites stating all the good things that we have done over in Iraq and Afghanastan like the rebuilding of schools, highways, hospitals, and yes oil lines. To my knowledge Afghanastan is not an oil laden country so why are we there anyway? It may be because we are there getting rid of a dictorial regime that slaughtered, raped, and tortured its citizens. A regime that promoted terrorism and was the culprit of 9/11. And after that part of the war was over and we had evidence to go into Iraq thats when the next phase of the war on terror started. Never mind the fact that Iraq had broken every UN resolution before and the UN wouldnt do anything because they were getting paid under the table by Saddam except the US and Britan and other countries (not France and Germany though from what I understand).

    Never mind that after they invaded Kuwait signed a peace treaty they went ahead and broke that. Never mind that they were firing on our planes as they flew overhead doing recon.
    Never mind all that huh??

    We are there to promote freedom which, in my belief, is every human beings yearning. Do you think that the Iraqis or Afghans liked living under their former regime or the newly democratic system that is voted for by the people and it is for the people? Once these countries get a taste of this freedom they will no longer want to support or harbor terrorist regimes that threaten to take their freedoms away. Instead of everyone looking at this from their own perspective, try looking at it from the Iraqis or the Afghans point of view. You dont hear about all the good things that are being done in these two countries because the media only wants to focus on the negatives. The media wants us to lose this war, war on terrorism, probably because their vision is so clouded with hate for President Bush.
    I agree with him in that promoting freedom and democracy in the middle east will strangle the terrorist hold in those countries. Other countries in the area are now wanting the same freedom that Iraq and Afghanastan are working towards and that Germany, Italy, and Japan now have. You have more citizens in those countries helping the Iraq and Afghan police to get rid of the terrorists than before and things will get better.

    Basically it boils down to this – If people are free to choose a life for themselves and there choices are either:

    One – Living in a dictaorship where you are beaten/raped weekly. Know people that have been killed by the government and being told how to live and how to worship or—

    Two- Living in a democratic society where they can choose the life they want. Get educated, vote on their leaders and not be worried about being beaten or raped on a regular basis by government thugs who thrive power and have no reverance for human life.

    The choice is theirs and I have not heard of a strong uprising in either country to want to go back to the way things were but I do hear a lot of cries from other people thats not in either of those countries saying just that.

  20. John P. Annunziata

    Dear Asoka and Dear U.K.,
    I have only the deepest sorrow to feel, and the most heartfelt love to offer to you. As a human being connected to you all by the golden thread of God within, I empathize with your pain and grief.
    As an American from the New York-Long Island area, I felt fully the impact of 9-11. I am aware of the anger that the world holds for American False-Pride, yet hopefully appreciating the true generousity of spirit the individual American acts upon.

    We are, after all, You. We are blood,we are body, we are spirit, we are soul.We were your children.

    I do not believe that you should have such a knee-jerk reaction to oust Tony Blair. I believe that he is trying to do his best for the U.K., and unfortunately, he must ‘hedge his bets’ with “W”
    to help England because he has found that the Arab world cannot be reasoned with, the way we can understand and reason.

    Can you truly explain the violence? I see it as a play for power by the leaders for their own glory. Ask Ben-Laden to be a suicide bomber, instead of a poor misguided but possibly well meaning follower of Allah. He will find a thousand excuses, croping up like the fleas on a dog, not to commit this violence upon himself for the love of Allah. Better you than me.

    I have predicted that the Republican Party in the United States wants to run a dictatorship and eventually marshall law. I told this to people while the republican party was spending millions of US dollars trying to crucify President Clinton. I saw the sell-out of our country’s Supreme Court of Law to give the nod of approval to the presidency of George W Bush, as payback to the republican party for appointing the majority of judges by Ronald Regan, the great manipulator.

    At that point,this became a country betrayed.
    This became a liability to the world. The American People became divided and the republican party used the tactics of Adolf Hitler to win over the minds of the stupid and the lazy and the power hungry. The Major Tactic: If you tell the people often enough,with enough half-truths connected to it,and appeal to their insecurity and confusion, they will believe it. And once they believe it, they will stand by it.

    Enter George W Bush… Fundamentalist.
    He is what would have brought down a president in the past. Fundamentalist Religionist (the only reason he is a so called born-again christian is because it is convenient for him to be one), Drug user, Drunk, play-boy, catamite of the wealthy, hater of women, (but he is ‘faithful and loving to his wife and children’), hater of the environment (He is all talk, His actions are all anti-gaia), self serving positionist. Standing with the American Flag behind him and OUR HEROS next to him at the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9-11 and calling for Pride. Then turning around and not supporting the New Yorkers when they needed to rebuild. New York Pulled themselves up on their own. Rudy Guliani, who did a magnificent job standing up and pulling New York through this ordeal, still succumbed to this republican conservative goal.

    GWB wishes to fight self serving fundamentalism with self serving fundamentalism. He is in bed with the Arab leaders that are against him.
    He has played to the uneducated and struggling, frustrated and patriotic heartland of America, and lied to the educated, struggling, frustrated and patriotic coasts of America.
    He has tried to divide the people, he pushes aside law, and he does lip service to the common good. He wants to hold prisoners without benefit of law.

    Americans have died for the right to freely choose, to freely think, to freely speak, to freely pray, and to freely practise their religions.

    Americans have died so that others may do the same. Self-serving? perhaps. If one wishes to think in those terms, it is, after all deeply human to think that way. Don’t all peoples think that way? Aren’t our brothers in Allah thinking and acting just that way?
    Americans have been blessed that war has not touched her soil. We have always been grateful to God that we had to die-over there. Not that we wish to have such war and hate exist, we cannot say we want this evil to exist on our soil. This does not mean we need a wake-up call, we are fully aware.
    What is the difference then? The difference is that the crime of Islam is they do not act to cry out against the murder of innocence. The Jews cry out,they bring it to mind, they will not let you forget, they are willing tooffer solution, peace. The Christians cry out, they bring it to stand, they will stop the crime, they will ask forgiveness, they will make restitution.
    Islam has fallen short.
    All these evils are basically economic in nature.
    The Catholic against the Protestant, the Palestinian against the Jew, The Arab against the Jew,Europe against America, Islam against the world. All striking back for evils real or imagined, taking their Land, Food, Pride, Face!

    In New York City, one can go into a diner and order a meal. You will seat yourself and you will be served. You are lonely and you will have conversation with your server, or the person in the next booth. You are you, worthy to be served, worthy to be the server.
    I have witnessed the greek cretan having a heart to heart conversation with the turk, the hindu serving the pakistani, the jew serving the arab, and the other way around. Catholic, protestant, jew, muslim,laughing together in a group, a common joke shared,a wistful tale told, a shared story or experience of humanity.
    A patriotism shared.
    Look beyond the hurt and pain, find forgiveness, prtect yourself, use your energies to find solution and brotherhood. Love one another and go in peace. Do not feed the hatred by speculation.
    Always keep the truth before you.
    My condolances….

  21. Hello,
    I think compassion should come first to everything.

    I was saddened by the timing of your article which was focused on analysing and passing judgements instead of offering love and support. Even more, to see that you did not request( to this day) your customery prayer request for the victims of London bombings, like you did for the disaster victims before that.

    You don’t even need to be a Londoner to feel Love and compassion for the dead, wounded and their loved ones. I am sorry to say that not an iota of your concern was communicated by writing that article. Bad timing and absolutely lacking in sensitivity and compassion. I don’t think any mother will be comforted by that kind of intellectualising on the day she lost her child, do you?



  22. I’ve just read your comments on the London bombs and I agree with much of your sentiment about the politicians making decisions and the rest of us getting the consequences.

    I voted against Labour in the election but there was no credible alternative to the two main parties which both supported the Iraq war, so removing Blair from power wouldn’t have made much of a change.

    Perhaps there is more to an election than any single issue, however important. We have to live with the consequences of our votes in many areas of our lives….insofar as the politicians have any real power, or our single votes have any influence on the issues where we disagree with the parties we vote for.

    Change, I believe, can only come from within. I came to spiritual matters from a realisation that politics was going to make no real difference to my world. Only by being the best we can be and influencing the people around us to do the same will we make any change to the world.


    when i heard about the london bombing my only wish was that every one was okay i brought lots of papers to keep up to date on the latest news im only 14 and my heart was breaking at a story i had read on july the 12th it was about the mother of a man who was on the bus bombing my only wish was that he would be found well and safe but i found out just afew days ago he was found dead im deeply sorry to the familys and friends/boyfriends/girlsfriend/husbands & wifes and children that have lost the deepest love ones i feel it is wrong to destroy and kill something and someone or in this case innocent decent people just because they dont want to live no longer i understand my thoughts will be or will not be agreed with but the thoughts of those who wanted to die they didnt have that choice of the others they had a good life live strong remember those who lived with us and still think they walk with us dont let them be forgotten they didnt do nothing wrong they was just doing a normal days work to keep and afford there living they didnt do nothing they had no idea keep there spirt alive for the sake of the parents they must be hurting every day they breathe please dont forget the people that died keep themn alive with your thoughts pray for them and pray that some of the people are not still out there lookin for there home and for the people that have not been iddentified to be iddentified please let there memorie live on thank you for reading and remember live strong show no fear

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