Law Of Attraction: What You Resist Persists

Here is an interesting variation on the Law Of Attraction. That which you resist persists. This is a fairly well known principle in personal development theory but may not be that well known to the general public.

It is actually a variation on the Law Of Attraction because what you are resisting, you are putting energy into in order to resist it; via your thoughts, your emotions and feelings, and through the strategies you devise in order to resist or avoid. The Law Of Attraction principle is that what you put your attention and energy upon with emotion, you will tend to get more of in your life.


Hence, far from getting rid of what you resist, it tends to only become stronger. We see this well illustrated in international events, with the so-called “War On Terror”, where terrorism has only increased since this total failure of a project was instigated. It is like a many-headed Hydra; cut of one head and ten others spring up in its place. The same is true on the other failure project we call the “War On Drugs”.

Of course, the same is true also in our own lives. When you put your attention on what you do NOT want, it will tend to grow bigger. This may seem to be a paradox but it is actually the case.

I am reading a book called Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life that focuses on this principle and other related principles. One teaching it mentions is that if you have habits or tendencies that are hard to get rid of, merely working to get rid of them is usually ineffective because you are putting energy INTO what you do NOT want, as we have just been discussing. Hence, rather than go away, these things we dislike actually persist and get stronger.

Instead, and as the Law Of Attraction and even straightforward goal-setting principles teach, you should focus on what you do want and give the energy to that. When negative behaviors or tendencies crop up, rather than resist them, you give them no energy but instead simply observe them as an anthropologist would observe a recently unknown tribe of jungle dwellers. Just watch and observe moindfully what gives rise to this situation. By giving no energy to the problem, it should eventually resolve itself once its time has passed. Rather, the energy should be fed to things that you DO want in your life, as these will then tend to grow and multiply instead.

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  1. Another brilliant post from Asoka himself. This one lends insight to the reason behind the perpetuation of certain problems and disasters whose causes are even unknown to us. Just reading this makes me think of how often people like me delve into the cause of some problem. The cause is not important here but yes, while one is trying to investigate the cause of some problem, he is feeding it with negative energy and it is feeding the negative with energy that makes it grow. Usually whenever I have problems in life, I try to find out the cause and hopefull root it out – this is plain human curiosity – but I didn’t realize that I was doing something worse in the process – that is, feeding the problem with energy. Thanks for this post Asoka, now I have learned that when something bad happens, I just have to observe it (as if that was easy). It’s hard for a science major and inquisitive individual like me to avoid getting myself immersed in finding out the cause of my problems. But I will do my best to leave the cause be, to simply observe the problem, and let it just solve itself.

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