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After the movie “The Secret” came out, many people became engrossed with the Law of Attraction.

If there’s a “secret” to attracting what you want in life, it’s only natural that a person would want to know what that secret was and how to apply it. Right?

And so there arose a plethora of courses and teachers of this whole Law of Attraction subject. A bewildering number, in fact! Some good, many phoney.

However, the problem remained: although the material on this subject is straightforward to understand, it’s pretty hard to apply consistently.


Because our minds are fickle. We have a hard time maintaining focus upon any single goal/vision for very long. And we often lack the desire and energy to see it manifest miracles via the Law of Attraction, or any other way for that matter.

Instead, we get distracted by our doubts and fears. We wonder why we’re wasting our time like this. We keep digging up the seeds to see if they’ve started to sprout yet.

So, our doubts and fears cause us to lose focus on our goal, get discouraged, and eventually give up. Doubtless, this causes many people to reject the whole notion in disgust as some sort of scam.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of this?

The essential problem is the mind.

It is through the mind that we have to work, and it is the mind itself that puts out your order into the universe, which the universe then has to fulfill.

The solution to making the Law of Attraction work…

… therefore, must be to engage the mind and bring it under control. In this way, it consistently works on purpose long enough and with enough energy for the Law of Attraction to be set in motion with force and energy.

I have created a Law of Attraction free report that you can read about how to do this.

Therefore, if you’ve working with the Law of Attraction, but not experiencing success… or if you’re thinking about doing so… this may be just the key resource that can help you get results.

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