Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work!

That’s what I keep hearing. People keep saying, they tried the Law Of Attraction. But for one reason or another, they couldn’t make it work for them.

That’s rather strange on the face of it. After all, what could be simpler than (1) Ask (2) Believe (3) Receive?

Well, sadly life is never that easy. First of all, the above model is missing one important step. And second, the process might well work if we ourselves were perfect vessels… to actually DO the asking, believing and receiving.

Now, I think the creators of The Secret did a great job in helping raise awareness of some key principles. Secrets that most people totally ignore… and yet which govern the way in which the universe really works.

But to really make this Law Of Attraction process WORK, more is needed. And that’s why most people who try it, however sincerely, still fail. The reason is, they are basically battling themselves – their own disbelief, their own internal psychological failure programs.

I have a free report you can download that will give you more insights on how to work more effectively with the Law of Attraction. You can download your law of attraction report right away.


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