Is Life A Losing Lottery?

Is your life a lottery?

Doesn’t life seem like a lottery sometimes?…

Some people are born to success and ease. Others are born to struggle and even failure. None of it seems fair. You might even say, none of it seems right.

Well, it may seem that way. There is no doubt that there are many mysteries in life; things we cannot fathom. However, thinking only in this way does not really help you. It induces a feeling of fatalism and powerlessness.

There are many ways in which life seems like a lottery. Sometimes, we get handed what seems like an extraordinary piece of luck. Later, it turns out to be a disaster. You may suffer a terrible disaster. Yet many people who experienced precisely that will tell you it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

I recall a friend of mine who received an important promotion. It required him to move from London to New York, to work in the Twin Towers back in the late 1990’s. It meant more money, more prestige – the whole deal. Yet, due to some personal considerations, he felt obliged to refuse the position.

The person who received that job instead doubtless felt very happy about it. The only problem is, he was killed in that building during 9/11. He had two children who now lack a father. My friend also had children (and then more came thereafter), and they still have theirs!

So, nothing is as it seems. If we give ourselves over to fatalism, it is not a good thing. On the other hand, excess striving against the flow of the river can also lead to sad results.

Real success does not lie in money or worldly accomplishments. It really lies in finding out your inner talents and abilities, your genius potential, and then developing that to its fullest potential. In this way, you can be the happy fulfilled person you were meant to be.

The extent to which you are faking – doing what is expected of you, living up to other people’s notions and beliefs – is the extent to which you are under-performing your own potential and genius.

Sometimes, the road to regain all that can seem very confusing. And that is why I put together a brief but highly impactful guide, titled Your Inner Greatness. It gives you the key ideas and strategies that can produce rapid positive change in major areas of your life.

The fact is, once you work from within out, life gets easier and the flow state becomes the norm. So, see if you can tap into Your Inner Greatness from today onward?…


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