In 2021, Rise Up From The Ashes!

First of all, I wish you all health, wealth and success in 2021.

Like a Phoenix, RISE from the ashes!

The best use for a new year is as a reset. If you have fallen behind and lost direction, then this is a great excuse to refocus on what matters to you and get around to taking action to actually bring it into reality.

All of us can get distracted and thrown off purpose. Last year, it was pretty easy and all too common. However, it’s important you don’t live in that place too long. Otherwise, it begins to feel like home, while your goals and dreams end up like some distant unreachable country that you heard about long ago.

In fact, this new year “resolution” process can be used at any time, not just once a year on January 1st. You can make the start of any week into your reset date, and take it just as seriously (or otherwise) as new year resolutions.

Maybe 2021 is the year when you finally make the break and start your own home business (many people have). Maybe you get to write that book you’ve been planning. Maybe you finally get healthy again. You decide.

Whatever it is, the real keys are (a) relentless action towards that goal, (b) courage to keep going against the opposition (internal and external), and (c) the persistence to just pick yourself up and go again when you have been knocked down, yet again.

Less study, more action. That is what it takes to reach a destination.

These are tough times. There is no doubt. However, they can also be times of opportunity and breakthrough if you have the mind-set to make it so.

A lot of us have to rise from the ashes this year. It’s not easy but it’s always possible. And you can too…

There is a detailed guide with just that name: Rising From The Ashes.

It has practical, compassionate and effective advice on how to turn things around. No matter how discouraging and difficult it might all seem on the outside.

The truth is that nothing is set in stone, and it does not have to go from bad to very bad. You can make a change. It begins with your mind and manifests in the actions you take.

Rising From The Ashes is what it is all about. Sometimes, and especially these days, that is what it is going to take.

It can be done. But as always, it’s really up to you.

Rising From The Ashes

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