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Hurricane Katrina – Your Thoughts?…

I want to write about this Hurricane Katrina situation in more
detail later on. But right now, like most of you, I am just
watching in dazed fascination as this scenario unfolds. I feel
so sad and concerned for all those poor ordinary innocent
people suffering in the watery depths of a dead city tonight;
trying to avoid armed looters; trying to find food and water
where there isn’t any; trying to keep their spirits up; trying to
find guidance where there is none to be given.

Many of those who remained in the area were simply too poor too
leave. And now they face the prospect of having no homes at all.
Even the little they had has been taken away – maybe forever.

Some people stayed in their homes and drowned because they didn’t
want to leave their pets behind by going to the official
shelters. I know how they felt. I have a cat, Hermes, whom I
adore just as much. I could not leave him any more than they

Above all at this time, these people and this situation need our
continued prayers. Giving money is fine and the time for that
will surely come soon. And it must be done.

But right now, even if you do, those people aren’t going to see
the benefit of it for weeks to come. This is not like the
Tsunami, where donations brought fairly immediate help. There was
dry land there to put things and set up camp. There was no
breakdown of law and order either.

In New Orleans, for example, there is hardly dry ground anywhere
to put any charity supplies, even assuming you can get them
there. There isn’t going to be a lightbulb active in that city
for probably a month or two.

First, law and order needs to be restored, and the authorities
need to tackle the matter with more wisdom than they seem to be
displaying. Prayers are needed right now more than money. Once
the situation stabilizes, use your WISDOM to decide to whom to
contribute your donation. All too often in recent years – tsunami
disaster included – the funds don’t go where you hoped they
would. So be wise in choosing whom you choose to give your
contribution. The big name charities – even those being mentioned
right now on TV – are NOT always the right choice.

So pray for these poor and desperate people. Let our own hearts
open in empathy to them, no matter where we are in the world, or
what our personal background. In that way we at least make
ourselves better people, by opening ourselves up to being
increasingly compassionate and kind to those in need. Pray for
wisdom for the authorities, because they certainly need it at
this time.

And by prayer, I don’t mean some denominational affair. Just say
your prayers to whomever or whatever you believe in. It is the
healing energy you put out through your prayers that helps heal
the psychic wound that gave rise to this situation in the first
place, and may begin to put the factors into place to bring
physical healing to this terrible world trauma that bears the
name Hurricane Katrina.

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  1. Is this how we treat America’s poor? It’s beginning to look that way. These are the poorest of the poor. It looks like the American government is just ignoring them in New Orleans. The casino area of Biloxi, Mississippi has good and water and kitchens setup already. Do those people in New Orleans have food and/or water? NO

    I pray that America wakes up and realizes how we are treating our poor. Give them some dignity and respect. They are fighters. They are Survivors!!

  2. Thank you, Asoka, for the compassionate reminder. It’s so easy to feel sympathy for these people and then do nothing about it. I’m not referring to sending money, either, but rather just taking a few minutes to really focus with a clear intention of sending healing energy to these areas.

    I know that many people who have been trained in Reiki or psychic healing or any form of long-distance energizing sometimes forget how much power and energy they are able to transmit across vast distances if they just set aside a few minutes and get quiet and set a firm intention of doing so.

    In fact, every human being has that power, whether he knows it or not, but in some that awareness is heightened.

    If this message resonates with you, please take just a few minutes, now please, not later, to send waves of desperately needed healing and calm to these southern states. (The reason I say now, not later, is to make sure I follow my own advice. When Asoka sent out his first message, I “was going to” set aside some time for quiet reflection, but then other considerations took precedence. So without further ado, I’m going to go send some Reiki energy to these traumatized people. Won’t you join me, please?

    Rosella Aranda

  3. Just like 9-11 I am glued to the television, I think about this disaster every moment> My heart goes out to each and every victim of this natural disaster. Just to let them know OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH THEM IN COLORADO.

  4. I send my loving thoughts to all those who are suffering as i watched the news astounded by the lack of aid these poor beings have. I feel much anger to and find it hard to believe that the richest nation in the world with all its technology could allow this to be. Why when they had the warning almost a week before was the evacuation no then? It seems the american government have done little to prevent the scale of this and are still doing little now.

  5. Thank-you, Asoka for your wise and heartfelt comments. I have been continuing to send strong healing energy, to all those people. I pray that the government will hurry up and get some much needed food and supplies, and send it to them immediately. I was watching CNN, the other night, and a reporter found this poor man wondering around in a daze, and he was desperate and heartsick, because he had been trying to save his wife, but her hand slipped away from his. He was crying, and said “she’s all I have”. At that point I went upstairs to my room, and did some specific healing energy for that man. I have been giving as much as I possibly can, whenever I can. Those poor souls deserve better than how this is being handled, and I pray that they will soon find light at the end of the tunnel. I, too, have animals that I love, so I can fully understand why those people didn’t want to leave them. I have two dogs and a cat, and I wouldn’t leave them either. Also, I’m from Canada, so where would you suggest that I contribute my donation? I was thinking of the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. I want to make sure the money is going directly to those poor people. I’m very glad I joined this healing prayer group….I want to do everything I can.

    With much love to all…….Bev

  6. Human factors contribute to all these disasters. Just think of genius but narrow minded and arrogant scientists in the project HAARP and Woodpecker grid. Of an effort to manipulate the ionosphere without considering its far reaching effects.
    It has been said that we can create anything, but we shoud be careful not to create that we can’t control.

  7. Hello,

    In answer to Bev’s question above, I am trying to find out who might be considered reliable organizations to contribute to, where the money might actually get to the people in need.

    I am not quick to endorse the Red Cross, as I have heard stories that in the 9/11 situation, nowhere near all of what was contributed by people to them actually went to that specific crisis, but rather went into a general kitty for all emergencies worldwide, from which only a portion was disbursed to the 9/11 situation. I cannot confirm that for certain, but other people have stated this online. It’s fine to save money up for worldwide crisis, but if people give thinking that their money is going to THIS specific crisis, and it doesn’t… Well, I don’t know if that’s exactly a good thing.

    As for state-organizations, I don’t know… Is the State doing a great job in the area right now, i.e. in ANTICIPATING ahead of time this crisis, and then dealing with the reality after the event? If not, how confident should you feel about giving them even more of your money? Bureaucracy and politics is the name of the game with government institutions worldwide.

    I am keeping my ears open. As and when I can find out who might be a good organization, I will pass it on. Really though, if you feel deeply moved to give and to give NOW, you should do whatever you feel is right; even to the above-listed.

    They would just not be MY first choice, that’s all I’m saying.


  8. It is hard to imagine in a country like America-that boasts to be the super power – could not get food and water for more than 4 days after the disaster. Is this because they are poor. What kind of democracy is this? I don’t buy the excuses that govenment agencies could not get to them – then how come the reporters did?
    I agree that giving to organizations may not reach the people in particular disasters but give we must. I have seen Red Cross being the first one to respond before any government could providing the basic necessities.

  9. Hurricane Relief Resource List

    The Reuters Foundation ‘Alertnet’ just has referred me
    to a very helpful resource for small business owners
    and entrepreneurs who want to provide help to
    hurricane survivors.

    It’s a comprehensive web site that not only details
    what relief organizations are currently engaged in the
    Gulf coast region, but also describes the scope and
    scale of their activities.

    I’d like to encourage you to go over this list, read
    about the missions each one of these groups is involved
    in, select one you feel an affinity towards and make
    a contribution today

    Recovery from this disaster will be a long, multi-stage
    process, but there is an immediate need right now to
    provide food, water, and medical attention to the people
    who have lost their homes and means of support.

    This is the best list I’ve found of groups that are
    in the region and doing what needs to be done right now.


    Please copy and paste this message to friends, family
    and colleagues. Time is of the essence.

    Thanks Rosella.


    A comprehensive source of fundraising advice
    for small business owners and entrepreneurs
    interested in helping hurricane relief efforts

  10. My thoughts? What wind, fire and water didn’t manage to do, has been accomplished by man (and it seems mostly that gender too). I read of rapes and shooting and gangs and ache that the last shred of dignity has been taken from these poor people, many women and children.

    We have horrific floods here in China and I wonder if they face such a thing. After the tsumani we heard of bandits and pirates.

    What kind of negative energy do we muster, the collective we, to allow such things.

    Can we use our energy to try to turn the hearts of the evil doers as well as to show compassion to the innocent? I hope so, or we are all doomed.


  11. Hello Brothers and Sisters and Dear Asoka,

    I am new to Ashoka and his sharing so what I wish to share my not be anything new to most of you. If so, Please forgive me and consider my intention
    and wishing to be of service.

    We have all received so-o-o many requests for help in regards to “Katrina”.

    Everyone’s intentions and information are good.

    I can feel the desperation, anger, confusion of so many everywhere.

    So many wonderful suggestions have been offered to help and I would like to share something that DEFINITELY makes a difference for me …

    It is called,


    I, like many others on this forum, have been trained in so many alternative techniques but in the past my ‘worry’ was often greater than the ‘prayers’ visualizations, symbols, etc.

    It was not until I personally experienced Holding the Perfection and began seeing what some called miracles take place that the ‘worrying’ disappeared and the TRUTH replaced it … the remembering of the truth.

    I wish I could access EVERYONE to help them remember the ‘TRUTH’.

    Not everyone believes as I do, so what I share could sound cold and uncaring because it is ‘detached’ and, not all know how to be so, or even want to detach from loved ones.

    They equate it with callousness, etc. when actually, being in that space is where we can do the most work, be most effective, energy efficient.

    If we could all remember…

    We are Spirit
    Nothing can hurt us
    or make us sick, or afraid.
    Because, Spirit is God. God cannot be sick, hurt or afraid.
    We are here to manifest our true selves Through our bodies, NOW!

    That is our real, true, self living inside a human body, our spacesuit, that makes us visible. The human self is the one in pain, fear, full of anger, dying.

    So many are getting angry at the ‘bad guys’.

    If we knew how to ‘speak’ to the spirit of the ‘bad guys,’ we could trigger a change.

    If we knew how to ‘speak’ to the spirit of the ‘victims’ we could give them peace, courage, understanding, etc.

    If we knew how to ‘speak’ to the spirit of the ‘helpers,’ we could energize, calm, and encourage them.

    The sad part is, it is so-o-o easy to do, if one knows how and if one CHOOSES to do so.

    When one does so, there is peace in the middle of chaos and observers can’t understand why?

    One’s human body, spacesuit, can appear, hurt even tortured yet display nothing but love, peace, forgiveness in the eyes…

    It is so-o-o easy.

    If each of us could hold …the looters, reporters, politicians, police, the elders, children, EVERYONE… in our minds the same way we hold our loved ones in our minds,and
    (there are now cameras that can take pictures of your thoughts!)

    Dear ones, You are peace, courage, strength. (whatever you feel they need) No matter what your physical body looks like, or acts out, you are perfection. (Yes, even the bad guys are – at their core)


    Nothing can make you sick, hurt, or afraid.

    Repeat as often as desired.

    Do the same for yourself.


    You WILL feel the difference.

    From that space, you can be of greater service.

    While thinking the words, visualize, if you can (if not, pretend)
    twinkles of light, pink and purple,

    (Pink for universal love and purple for transformations-changes negative energy into positive)

    going from your mind and heart to the whole scene, to the individuals, the earth, the animals, everyone and everything.

    It changes the whole picture because we are holographic energy.

    EVERYTHING I THINK, SAY OR DO takes place inside you and everyone else at that exact instant. It is not at the conscious level, but it does happen.

    I’ve gone on long enough. I just had to share because so many feel so helpless, and hopeless, witnessing history in the making.

    Some of you already know how to do what I suggested. Those trying it for the first time will feel relief, empowered, grateful with being to help in SOME way.

    Amazingly, it is a BIG way.
    What should we do physically? What would LOVE do?
    Do that.

    I also send LOVE’S GREATEST GIFT
    to all involved.

    One uses it to mentally connect with loved ones anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

    I would love to to share with everyone. I don’t know it if is appropriate in this forum but if it is is and readers wish to have the story I will email it as an attachment. emailto:[email protected]

    It is a true story about a 6-year-old boy healing the pain of separation from his dad.

    None of the above information, which is hard for some to comprehend, is in this story. It is such a simple, wonderful story that facilitates healing and heals the pain of separation caused by death, divorce or distance.


    Where 2 or more are gathered in My name, There I AM. How many of us are there holding the perfection, sending LOVE instead of judgement, etc.? Take whatever that number is and square it (at least) and that is the power we have…

    What would LOVE do?

    Let’s do it … whatever LOVE asks.


    Caroline McIntosh, S.E.TM Spiritual Electrician
    Reaching into people’s hearts to turn their light on!

    Author of “The One Question ~ What Would LOVE Do?”

  12. Katrina ….. with the K from Kyoto Protocol ….

  13. I have had the fortune to be able to assist the Red Cross here in Dallas as the evacuees arrived at Reunion Arena. My pledge was to do whatever was needed. I served warm meals to faces that at first had vacant eyes. Later I was able to sit with some of the people and encourage them to tell me what happened, so that they could get this experience out of their lives. The stories were all much the same. Horrific. The worst of humanity is what they experienced, and at the same time, the best of humanity. So few people in life have that kind of experience. It was my hearts greatest gift to hear how these people have come through the worst part of their struggles, but at the same time, I realize how much lies ahead for them. We who have not been through such a life changing experience in this bountiful country of ours, must reach out that send pure love and creative solutions for these people who were not well off to begin with, but find themselves at a crossroads.

    May the spirit of the universe embrace them.

  14. I would like to throw in a gentle reminder that I have read numerous times from Asoka and that is, “what we focus on expands.”

    My heart goes out to all the victoms of this great atrocity but I dont think that by me watching all the news all the time (all the news that is reported is of Bad/Negative things, at least 90-95%, in my opinion) is going to help anybody in that situation at all. It will, however, give my attention to all the negativity thus fueling the fire of anger and hate at things which would be hurting the human consciousness and adding fuel to the fire of the “darkside”, for lack of a better term.

    Instead, dont spend hours being glued to the tv watching the news thus concetrating and focusing your attention on the bad things of life.

    Rather focus your attention on the good things that life has to offer and rest assured in the confidence that in the ultimate end of it all things will be ok.

  15. My city is drowning

    I turn on the tv. I want to know what is happening. I don’t know how to feel . . . what to feel. I see. My city drowning. I see my people black and bruised and begging and screaming and dying. The faces are all familiar. Voices all heard before. There is violence and desperation.
    “I hear they are looting for food, and water and passing it out to other people” someone says.
    The pretty blonde news anchor scoffs at the remark “Makes them sound like modern day Robin hoods . . . right.”
    A tiny laugh.
    She shakes her head, her stomach full, her clothes clean, her environment air-conditioned, her bathroom works.
    News continues. Looters. Anarchy. My people are shown plastered against the screen. Violence shooting black bodies baked by the sun. The camera zooms in the sound cuts out, like some damned discovery channel special. But we are people, humans we are beings. I can see them cry. My youngest sister is trapped in the once proud convention center. People are dying all around her. A mother gives birth. A three month old is starving. The mother mal nourished and sick cannot produce the milk to feed her child A diabetic goes into shock an old woman faints the smell of shit and rot stifles the hot humid air. A woman sits besides the body of her dead lover wrapped in a white sheet. Still, clinging to the past despite the one-hundred and five degree heat.
    And she cries
    -and i cry
    And she screams
    -and i scream
    Help us!
    -i am helpless

    I call. Circuits are down, signal busy. I cannot get through
    so I wait
    for the phone to ring
    endless hours
    tick tock
    loudly by
    And finally Mother calls from Baton Rouge. She is safe and with family. Everything lost. Everything is gone. This woman who raised my brother and me on her own, this woman who shed tears of blood and sweet to own her own piece of land to make a life, a better world for her children, my hero, my Saint, lost everything. She doesn’t cry. No tears are left
    So I cry instead.
    She tells me of a woman whom I’ve known since birth. “She was screaming because the glass was breaking all around her. I told her to get into the bathroom. She was screaming just screaming.
    She tells me of the man who called her early in the morning to tell her to get out. He didn’t leave himself.
    “The water is rising in the house,” he says his island accent strong
    “Get out,” she cries
    “The water is rising in the house”
    “Get out. Get to the roof. Get out”
    “It’s to late for me to leave the water rises.”
    That is the last she has heard.

    She is 56 she has to begin again
    Everything is lost
    but she is lucky
    she is blessed
    she is alive

    Finally Brother calls. A friend made it out but his grand mother stays behind.

    I see the view from above. I know the street. I’ve walked it. I know how the streets run with water in the gentle rains and how it flows like a river in the heavy storms. I know the roofs of the houses barely visible swallowed by water.

    Big Sister calls. The man whom we share as a father made it . . . he had to be dragged away from his business. It was the world to him. It was his life. I wonder if he will recover.

    PaRaine calls. “I don’t know where my daughter is, her husband the grandchildren?”
    “Did they stay behind?” I ask in tears.
    The answer is simple
    “I’ve heard nothing”

    I make a list that grows longer and l o n g e r.

    Where are they? Did they make it?
    On the news I watch them spray painting Ds and Xs over housed. The dead are here – do not enter.
    But are they alive? Did they make it?
    Dead bloated bodies tied to stop signs. People walk past trying not to see, trying not to stop.

    A best friend calls. Her mother. My second mother makes it out of the hospital after walking through raw sewage and shit and rot through a river of death and decay she makes it out

    The phone stops ringing.
    Night falls
    another day begins
    I watch.
    The president denies the aid of other countries
    I seethe, I cry, I scream
    I watch
    rape and death and birth

    “Where are you?” they cry to God and Country “Help us! Help us!”
    Goddess, God, Lord and Lady help them I cry help them!
    Where is their Home Security now?! Are they left to die because they are poor and black . . . like me? Are they to be washed away and forgotten? The rich sit on leather couches watching HD tv screens, shaking their head, sipping their cocktails. “What a shame. ” Remember you once came to play in my city you walked my streets of magick and mystery and now it drowns and where are you
    Where am I?
    Curled inside a bottle trying to forget trying to hide trying to run.
    At least for a little while.

    I turn off the television
    I go to get a drink of water to clear my head but as soon as it touches my lips I am full of guilt for those who have not this luxury.
    I can’t sleep in my bed because there are those that have not this luxury
    I turn out the light

    They scream
    I scream

    “Where are you my Country,” They scream
    Where are you Aunt Grace, Uncle Robert, Troy, Ms Miles, Ms Oubre, Aunt Diane, Alethea, Susie, Mrs. Guevara, Sondra, Angela, Dawn, Katie, McClain, Cathy, Mike, Ashley? The list goes on and on, rolling out adding more and more
    Help Us
    Help Us
    Help US
    Help them!
    My city drowns
    My people die
    Some say we can never go back
    But I will
    I will stand on the ashes.
    I will touch the wreckage of what was once my home.
    I will make my peace
    and honor the dead
    My city will live in me

  16. I wish to remind everyone that this hurricane is a natural balancing event that is part of our ascension, and Gaia’s ascension process.
    I feel that the souls that chose this event to depart the Earth did so consciously, and those that remain have agreed on a soul level to partake in this experience. Are the people effected by this event ‘victims’, or souls that have consciously and bravely chosen to be part of it for the learning of all mankind? That difference in perception is a major shift in consciousness. If we view those effected as empowered souls choosing this event, what power would that hold?
    As I send healing now to those still effected, I do so with gratitude that they chose (at a soul level) to experience this event.

    I know that this is an event in the ascension of the Earth and mankind and those of us that are able to perceive a bigger picture are responsbile for holding the Light and not descending into fear.
    As the Earth balances herself, assist her. As you send healing to the people effected, also send it to the Earth herself. We chose (on a soul level and consciously) to help in anyway we can. Let us keep our thoughts as closely aligned with empowerment and positivity as possible.

  17. My sentiments exactly, I could not have written this any differently.

    As long as we remember in earnest prayer each day and remain thankful in our hearts for our own good fortune.

  18. I just want people to awake and be informed that the monies the RED CROSS issued to the people in New Orleans (the 2000.00 dollar credit cards)those monies were issued with the understanding at a 21% interest rate and to pay back the Red Cross this money within 24-48 months.

    The people who recieved these credit cards had to sign a paper stating that they will pay the funds back….This is just one fraud that is going on .

    Monies issued from the Red Cross are privately funded? So why is the Government regulating the donations that are pouring in for the rebuilding of this state? LOLA

  19. What can I tell you?!…

    I feel that my hesitation in recommending the officially endorsed charities has been totally vindicated.

    Contributing to FEMA is like contributing to yet another highly incompetent government organization. You might as well simply hand the IRS more of your money at the end of the year than they require of you. As for the Red Cross, they face justified criticism on several fronts.

    Then again, one must also be careful about the smaller charities, and be sure that you have done your due diligence. Sadly and cynically, there is a lot of Hurricane Katrina charity fraud going on, i.e. fake charities set up to cash in. For instance, don’t give your card details over the phone to anyone calling up and claiming to be part of a Katrina relief charity. Chances are they are not.

    In general, aim for smaller but established charities, with a good reputation. Avoid the big, bloated and most obvious.


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