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How To Develop Absolute Courage

Courage is the backbone of man. The man with courage has
persistence. He states what he believes and puts it into
execution. The courageous man has confidence. He draws to himself
all the moral qualities and mental forces which go to make up a
strong man. Whereas, the man without courage draws to himself all
the qualities of a weak man, vacillation, doubt, hesitancy, and
unsteadiness of purpose. You can therefore see the value of
concentration on courage. It is a most vital element of success.

The lack of courage creates financial, as well as mental and
moral difficulties. When a new problem comes, instead of looking
upon it as something to be achieved, the man or woman without
courage looks for reasons why it cannot be done and failure is
naturally the almost inevitable result. This is a subject well
worthy of your study. Look upon everything within your power as a
possibility instead of as merely a probability and you will
accomplish a great deal more, because by considering a thing as
impossible, you immediately draw to yourself all the elements
that contribute to failure. Lack of courage destroys your
confidence in yourself. It destroys that forceful, resolute
attitude so important to success.

The man without courage unconsciously draws to himself all that
is contemptible, weakening, demoralizing and destructive. He then
blames his luck when he does not secure the things he weakly
desires. We must first have the courage to strongly desire
something. A desire to be fulfilled must be backed by the
strength of all our mental forces. Such a desire has enough
commanding force to change all unfavorable conditions. The man
with courage commands, whether be is on the battlefield or in
business life.

What is courage? It is the Will To Do. It takes no more energy to
be courageous than to be cowardly. It is a matter of the right
training in the right way. Courage concentrates the mental forces
on the task at hand. It then directs them thoughtfully, steadily,
deliberately, while attracting all the forces of success, toward
the desired end. Cowardice on the other hand, dissipates both our
mental and moral forces, thereby inviting failure.

As we are creatures of habits, we should avoid persons that lack
courage. They are easy to discover because of their habits of
fear in attacking new problems. The man with courage is never

Start out today with the idea that there is no reason why you
should not be courageous. If any fear-thoughts come to you cast
them off as you would the deadly viper. Form the habit of never
thinking of anything unfavorable to yourself or anyone else. In
dealing with difficulties, new or old, hold ever the thought, “I
am courageous.” Whenever a doubt crosses the threshold of your
mind, banish it. Remember, you as master of your mind control its
every thought, and here is a good one to often affirm, “I have
courage because I desire it; because I need it; because I use it
and because I refuse to become such a weakling as cowardice

There is no justification for the loss of courage. The evils by
which you will almost certainly be overwhelmed without it are far
greater than those which courage will help you to meet and
overcome. Right, then, must be the moralist who says that the
only thing to fear is fear.

Never let another’s opinion affect you; he cannot tell what you
are able to do; he does not know what you can do with your
forces. The truth is you do not know yourself until you put
yourself to the test. Therefore, how can someone else know? Never
let anyone else put a valuation on you.

Almost all wonderful achievements have been accomplished after it
had been “thoroughly” demonstrated that they were
impossibilities. Once we understand the law, all things are
possible. If they were impossibilities we could not conceive

Just the moment you allow someone to influence you against what
you think is right, you lose that confidence in yourself that
inspires courage and carries with it all the forces which courage
creates. Just the moment you begin to swerve in your plan you
begin to carry out another’s thought and not your own. You become
the directed and not the director. You forsake the courage and
resolution of your own mind, and you therefore lack the very
forces that you need to sustain and carry out your work. Instead
of being self-reliant you become timid and this invites failure.
When you permit yourself to be influenced from your plan by
another, you are unable to judge as you should, because you have
allowed another’s influence to deprive you of your courage and
determination without absorbing any of his in return so you are
in much the same predicament, as you would be in if you turned
over all your worldly possessions to another without getting
“value received.”

Concentrate on just the opposite of fear, want, poverty,
sickness, etc. Never doubt your own ability. You have plenty, if
you will just use it. A great many men are failures because they
doubt their own capacity. Instead of building up strong mental
forces which would be of the greatest use to them their fear
thoughts tear them down. Fear paralyzes energy. It keeps us from
attracting the forces that go to make up success. Fear is the
worst enemy we have.

There are few people that really know that they can accomplish
much. They desire the full extent of their powers, but alas, it
is only occasionally that you find a man that is aware of the
great possibilities within him. When you believe with all your
mind and heart and soul that you can do something, you thereby
develop the courage to steadily and confidently live up to that
belief. You have now gone a long way towards accomplishing it.
The chances are that there will be obstacles, big and little, in
your way, but resolute courage will overcome them and nothing
else will. Strong courage eliminates the injurious and opposing
forces by summoning their masters, the yet stronger forces that
will serve you.

Courage is yours for the asking. All you have to do is to believe
in it, claim it and use it. To succeed in business believe that
it will be successful, assert that it is successful, and work
like a beaver to make it so. Difficulties soon melt away before
the courageous. One man of courage can fire with his spirit a
whole army of men, whether it be military or industrial, because
courage, like cowardice, is contagious.

The man of courage overcomes the trials and temptations of life;
he commands success; he renders sound judgment; he develops
personal influence and a forceful character and often becomes the
mentor of the community which he serves.

Taken from “The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga” by A. P. Mukerji.
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  1. Today’ “Aspire to Wisdom” opens with Quote For Thought that states “When your sense of self is no longer tied to thought, is no longer conceptual, there is a depth of feeling, of sensing, of compassion, of loving, that was not there when you were trapped in mental concepts. You are that depth.”
    Eckhart Tolle wonderfully depicted the reality that I have sensed recently DUE TO YOU, dear Asoka. I sensed myself as in the heaven due to our correspondence, to your support and guidance that enlightened my humble path. Your hearty concern with unknown prior to all disabled from Lithuania created the miracle and reflected the spiritual light that is the key to the mystery of the courage that is discussed in today’ article..
    There I have red lots of truthful of it self statements, however, no one convinced me fully. We need the courage indeed today as never before, but the courage is very abstract concept. Personally I perceive it as a natural reflection of the joy for the life we have, as the instinct of men who isn’t alone. However, courage can’t be a goal of itself. It is impersonal feature that means nothing of itself when questions what for is all this arise. When such questions arises, I recall “Aspire to Wisdom”, I list my archives that hold your replies to all my inquiries, and by sharing a story of our knowledge, dear Asoka, I become incredibly courageous because of the realization of the essential spiritual oneness of the humanity. When the eternities are not physical things but the spiritual values, courage becomes inseparable part of us like a shadow or the footprints we leave behind.

  2. Great article. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. I’ve written a related articel called “The #1 Way to Eliminate FEAR: Chant This Mantra Daily!” and can be found at http://radicalhop.com/blog/2006/06/15/the-1-way-to-eliminate-fear-chant-this-mantra-daily/

  3. Alfredo J. Martinez

    Great article. I seem to remember reading a few years ago about a Yoga practice for developing courage. Basically, it was to block your left nostril, and breath through your right one a few minutes each day.

  4. Amazing! This is exactly what i needed to read right now. Lessons in courage. Only a week ago i called myself a coward. And now this advice. 🙂 However, sometimes through our very creative meanderings in life some situations demanding courage tend to be messy! So how do we handle these situations with the kind of courage that allows us to grow in spirit and in truth?

    Example: what if you know your courage to face a sensitive situation with your truth would cause another emotional harm ?
    Is it more courageous to not speak your truth or, to speak your truth with courage while knowing that your choice to speak out will harm another?

    i have been battling with this moral/spiritual question for a while now and I come to the same conclusion every time. I cannot knowingly cause emotional pain to another. In this situation it is ‘nobler of spirit’ to put other’s needs above your own selfish desires.

    i have learned – the hard way seems to be my preferred route – that acceptance of the situation is vital. Sounds cookoo but it is true. I have had to muster all my courage to just look at the situation and accept it. Every part of it. My choices and the consequences. I have had to face and accept it all. Those self debasing thoughts that have a tendency to sneak up on me and pull me down have to be faced courageously and overcome.Then I release it to the Universe, to God and ask him to heal the situation for the best for everyone concerned. I try to live each day in kindness and gratitude. The situation will be resolved in God’s time, but I no longer have to destroy my mind’s potential growth with muddling and worrying and stressing about it.

    Am i the cart leading the horse, or the ostrich with my head in the sand??

  5. Very interesting!
    Eudaemonia = purpose for the soul. If one understands one`s purpose than courage follows suit.

    jp (knight-errant)

  6. RE: concentrating on courage?????Concentrate on eudaemonia and courage will be emminent. To concentrate on courage, however, detracts from one`s purpose. Therefore courage or rather the concept there of falls into the category of end product rather than the beginning of any means.



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