How To Achieve More Than You Ever Believed Remotely Possible!

Henry Ford once said that if you believe you can do something, or you believe you cannot, either way you are right.

Most of us achieve far less than we are remotely capable of simply because our belief filters get in the way of actions and performance. This is strange and sad to see in adults when you consider that each of us was a child once. When you watch a child, you do not see the same kind of fears, insecurities and belief filters. No, we adults have to impose those in order to get them to think just like us.

There are many people walking around who, if they had possessed the same belief systems as they do right now, almost certainly would never have learned to walk in the first place. Yet, we always consider adults to have a better level of understanding of the world and what is possible than little children do.

Do you ever say to yourself, “Well, I could never do that”? Do you ever consider yourself untalented by comparison to this person or that? Do you ever give yourself excuses regarding your age, color, gender, education or whatever else?

If you do, then realize that the limit is right there, not in external reality.

I know that I have stopped myself countless times in my life from reaching for my dreams, and instead settled for the “realistic” route.  Some of it was parental and societal upbringing. Some of it was just plain fear of stepping out into a new direction. Whatever the reason, the path well trod always seemed more pleasant than the unknown road.

Yet, if you think about it, pretty well everyone who ever achieved anything extraordinary had to challenge themselves, face the unknown, face fear, and still persist through to an achievement hitherto unprecedented.

If you have no experience in what you are contemplating, then that can be a source of real fear. However, it need not be an unsurpassable barrier. You doubtless have many successes in your life that you are simply discounting or forgetting about altogether. One key strategy you can use to overcome the barrier is to make a comprehensive list of your past successes, recall them with full sensory awareness (i.e. really get yourself worked up emotionally with the memories of your victories), and then apply that feeling to the challenge you face before you.

The fact is that when you recall your many victories, when you recall things that are easy for you now but once seemed impossible, then the hurdle before you does not appear nearly as high.

You must also seek to compete with yourself, not with others. This means that you stop making negative comparisons with others that only inspire you to give up. There are two things to remember about this situation. The first is that the person you are comparing yourself to did not reach that standard of performance overnight. There was a time when he/she was just as poor at it as you are now. Secondly, nobody is great at everything. There are almost certainly several thing, and most probably many things, that you are far better at!

Yes, each of us (even the most accomplished) seems to have a programmed failure mechanism deeply embedded within. The key is to ignore it and act anyway. People who take action and achieve do not necessarily have lower fear levels than you do. They simply pay far less attention to that sort of negative program, place more attention on remembering their successes, and take action anyway.

Often, we may say, “Well, I don’t know how to do it” and give up for that reason. This probably stops more people than virtually anything else. I know it has discouraged me at various points in my life. However, you need to remember that very often, people who accept daring challenges have no idea how they are going to fulfill on it either! They just get used to saying “Yes!” and then find a way! Do they fall flat on their faces? Perhaps sometimes. Do they often succeed and make far more progress than the person who would say “No!” in the same situation. Almost certainly.

Possibility Thinking is always about thinking what might happen to help you and drawing upon your full resources as a person, as well as the resources of the universe itself. That might sound rather mystical. Yet, the truth is that when you commit to a challenge, you will be exposed to all sorts of solutions and opportunities that would not have revealed themselves if you had not ventured forth in the first place.

I don’t know how many times each baby tries to walk and fails, before finally succeeding. The attempts must run into the many thousands. Now ask yourself, when was the last time you tried and failed  at anything many thousands of times… before finally succeeding? Would the answer be zero, perhaps?

Hence, if you feel frustrated at your lack of progress, do you really have to look much further than that? Author Robert Ringer has a book out titled, “Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.” I am sure the book is very good, but don’t you get pretty well everything you need to know from the title itself?

We challenge ourselves too little We take too little action. We persist too little. As a result, we reinforce the failure mechanism, receive paltry results, and have even more reason for not trying next time around. Instead of all this, reverse the cycle. Stop looking at results. Focus on taking action and repeating that until desired results eventually manifest. As Grant Cordone maintains, most people grossly underestimate the level of action required to achieve any goal. It was longer and harder than you might have imagined to learn to walk, talk, write and drive. It is the same for anything else you strongly desire to achieve. Believe you can have it and you are 90% of the way there. Take adequate action with faith and persistence and the remaining 10% will seem positively easy. Let your mind focus on reasons why you CAN succeed, not on reasons why you must fail.

Success will be yours, and you can add that triumph to your list of successes to review for the next time you tackle and even more daunting mountain! Simply, rise up and success can be yours.


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