Great Books I Bought & Recommend!

I buy and read a lot of books, and maybe you do too?

Well, I haven't really shared much about that with you. So, I thought it was time to do just that. Don't you like it when someone recommends a great book, and you end up liking it too? I know I do. It saves a lot of time and hassle.

So, in that spirit, I commend these to you. I've bought them all, and even read some by now. Hope you find this interesting.

​Just click on the covers for more information about each book...

Michael Neill is an excellent personal development teacher whom I recently discovered. He has a very spiritually advanced approach to teaching very practical subjects to do with goals, business, success & money. Very refreshingly different and profound. This book is about getting your "impossible" project done, fast. He covers the concepts and then gives you a week by week plan to get it done.

​Great book detailing the 7 Money Myths we subconsciously maintain to keep ourselves poor and needy. How to "rewrite your subconscious programming so that you can effortlessly achieve the rich life of abundance you deserve." Plus, the Kindle version is just $0.99 for a 250 page book! Get it before they change their mind...

​Ever felt like life kicked you in the teeth, and then did it again when you tried to get up? This book is all about defeating that cycle of negativity and self-defeat. With the detailed advice in this book, it really is possible to relaunch your life! Plus, it's a great deal at just $3.99.

​The author has worked for HarperCollins and Sounds True, and has been editor of some very successful self help books. The advice in this book is practical and based upon real-world experience. Anyone who wants to be an author AND get published needs to study this book.

​​A critical book about how self-worth and belief issues affect your ability to attract and handle money in your life. Packed with major insights and also some soul-searching exercises, it will give you a new perspective and maybe even transform your ability to attract and keep money in your life.

​​​I gained many valuable insights from Denise Linn's new book. We all have relationships and people in our lives whose energy and connection is not helping us at all. many maybe in the past, or even dead. But we have not let go of them or what being tied to them creates in our lives. This book compassionately explains it all and provides you with practical exercises and rituals you can do to cut the energy strands in a way that is safe for all involved. 

​​​​Tapping, also known as EFT, is a revolutionary new body-based way to create rapid lasting change in your life in so many different areas: money, health, beliefs, relationships, spirituality, and so much more. it is safe, easy to learn and use. This excellent book teaches you from start to finish how to use Tapping to transform every area of your life for the better.

​​​​​I lost a precious one recently. This book is filled with stories of cats and dogs who have manifested after their passing, to help and encourage their humans.  Hundreds of stories of how they can help us during the lives we are blessed to share with them. They serve as our spiritual teachers in so many ways, IF we are open to the lessons. A great book if you love your cat or dog, and are open to more precious insights.

​Ever got to the end of the year with your goals unfulfilled? Ever noticed how things finally get done when it's crunch time? Well, what if the "year" lasted only 12 weeks instead of 52? That is the concept of this revolutionary book. With the 12-week year, you set and achieve your goals within the much tighter context of 12 weeks instead of 52. That way, you get to do four times as much in the years as you might ever have imagined possible. A systematic and detailed explanation of just how to go about it.

​​OK, so I wrote this one myself! Nevertheless, I think it is an excellent book and well worth your time. You will discover 12 key laws that are secretly at work in your life, whether you know it or not. You can harness them for success in any area of your life. The book details each law in depth, and then integrates what you have learned so that you can apply it and get results.

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