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As some of you may know, it’s the Chinese New Year coming up, and
it’s the year of the Fire Pig.

Now, this might have been purely incidental information for me if
it was not for the fact that I have begun studying and practicing
Feng Shui.

For anyone whose been living under a rock all these years, Feng
is the Chinese art of arranging your home or office in such
a way as to be conducive to attracting positive energies from the
universe to aid you in your life, both personally and
professionally. It is about creating a harmonious environment
that becomes a symbolic representation of what you wish to
manifest from the universe.

The basic theory of Feng Shui is that the Qi, the universal energy of life
that flows through the universe and all living things, also flows
through your home and business environment. Hence, by arranging
these in a way that attracts and strengthens the Qi, you will
attract good fortune to your existence, and simultaneously
minimize the effects of illness, misfortune and disaster.

Cynics might say that there is more than a small element of
Sympathetic Magic about it, i.e. the notion that by affecting a
representation of something, you similarly affect the thing

However, if you do subscribe to the idea that there is more to
the universe that meets the eye, and that all things accord with
spiritual principles, then Feng Shui does make pretty good sense.

Even for the materialistic skeptic, it can still be argued that
the psychological and symbolic effect upon the psyche of putting
your living or work space in order, as if it were your very life,
must be very strong.

It seems that it’s not just ex-hippy New Agers who are into Feng
. Major corporations in the West now employ Feng Shui
consultants, for sizable packages, to advise them about the
construction of their buildings. Of course, this has been going
on in China for thousands of years.

I’ve been putting myself through a crash course in this subject,
and I have to say that it’s a pretty complex subject to grasp all
at once. It’s also an enormous task to put one’s home to rights,
according to Feng Shui principles.

For a start, there is the sheer amount of physical “stuff” in the
house to move or get rid of. This alone can take weeks, months or
even years. However, the bigger clutter takes place in the mind.
There is so much stuff that, despite the fact you have not
touched it for years, you just do not WANT to get rid of!

Sentimental stuff. Things that “might” come in useful one day.
And stuff you just can’t bear to do without… for no good reason
at all!

The Feng Shui attitude is that if you’re not prepared to let go
of old spent energy, then you cannot allow new energy into your

That’s easy to say… but you should take a look at my library
sometime! The Feng Shui approach to books seems to be that if you
haven’t used a book in the last two years or so, then the chances
are that you never will, and they have therefore become
“clutter”. Feng Shui practitioners aim to reduce their books by
at least one third to one half.

Well, I have to say this this is a major point of resistance for
me! Some? Maybe. But one third? Not going to happen! At least,
not this year.

Feng Shui does have a lot going for it though as a spiritual and
mental discipline. There is little doubt in my mind that your
environment does affect your mind and body, which in turn affect
your success in life.

Anyway, as I proceed with this, I’ll keep you posted on how I am
getting on. So far, I’ve been busy putting up Feng Shui “cures”
and “activators” in preparation for the Chinese New Year. I have
to admit that, for me, it’s still a fairly quaint process that
has me laughing out loud at times (in a good-natured fashion).

Then again, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! So let’s
see what comes of it. Right?

Let me know your thoughts about Feng Shui below.

Copyright 2007. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved

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  1. I’ve used this for years – and have just gone through an online course to apply it to my office area. The first night after I arranged my office space (which is at one end of our master bedroom) I could not sleep there was so much energy in that room – it took a couple days to get used to it. It is something you need to keep doing and redoing as we tend to clutter where we’ve cleared – think its the people/packrat problem.
    I am a firm believer that it works. and I highly recommend it. JMHO

  2. Dear Asoka, I began trying to embrace Feng Shui several years ago… I started out with a huge house filled with mountains of “stuff” (waaay too many books!). I used to make my living buying things second hand, so had run into numerous bargains “too good to pass up”, plus being raised with packrats often makes one. lol Anyway, in joking while I was getting ready to unload some of this stuff, I said out loud “I know! I’ll pretend I’m moving cross country and can only take a van full!” This idea was preposterous with my bogged down lifestyle, so I had a good laugh and proceeded to weed out quite a bit. About exactly one year later, I was in a van, moving cross country. I’ve learned we need to pay very close attention when sending intentions out into the Universe! LOL Since then I have moved about ten times and have just moved again, with about a car load and a few pieces of furniture. I am excited to hear about your progress because with all of my shedding, I haven’t had the chance to get back to Feng Shui! So, I will be learning a lot and welcome every detail! With Loving Light & Laughter, LeiTara

  3. Well, the more I learn, the more I have come to understand that everything, the books, the lighting, the way your door faces, this is all related to and effected by energy. And according to Quantum Physics, everything IS energy. The whole physical Universe seems to be energy with spaces in between.
    So is it important to consider how energy moves through our lives? YES!

  4. Ashoka, I had tried Vastu here in Bangalore, India which I had not heard about. I am from Mumbai. It has changed my entire business. It has multiplied many folds.

    More weight on SW and open area on the NE. Water tank and a height at SW etc. make a lot of difference. Sleeping with head towards the south is also very important. Opposites attract and thus, when north is with north, it repels and is a strain. Our head is north and thus, when it is at north while sleeping, we get nightmares etc. causing strain.

    Hope in the limited time/ space, I could give a bit of my experiences.

    Ajit Kaikini

  5. Hello Asoka!

    The energy of places can affect us so much…and just by making a small change like place a plant on the corner or have a big tree at the garden to be seen when you open the front door, can make a change. Thank you for reminding us that less means more… we don’t need so many material things. What we have inside us is a world of knowledge to be discovered!

  6. Feng Shui does work. I use it regularly. I too, found it very very hard to say that my books were clutter -they were very dear to me. However, I did reduce 3 cane bookshelfs to 1 in January, and I am now reaping the rewards. Remember, that with Feng Shui you have to create the space. You can’t get good new books, until you get rid of your good old books.
    Even in the last week, I have been passed 2 excellent books that I wouldn’t have thought to read, and that came from sources I wouldn’t have expected.

  7. I have begun to use Feng Shui also, starting in my beroom, and in the Money corners of my rooms.
    I have felt the difference. Feels really good.

  8. Hello Ashok. I have no idea about Feng Shui but am willing to learn coz i know its going to help me after going through your article. Hoping to hear from you soon.


  9. Hi Asoka,

    As you know, I am a student of Chinese philosophy and many energy practices; I have actively practiced traditional Chinese feng shui for about five years.

    Traditional feng shui is about environmental energy, an energy practice that could be compared to ‘Preventative medicine’ for you and your home. You already know that the energy of your environment has a decided impact on your life and health; feng shui helps you make good environmental decisions based on the energy of your birth date.

    I have started a feng shui series at Phoenix Qi I hope you will visit and take a look at traditional Chinese feng shui.

  10. Hello Asoka, It’s really good to hear from you again – I was wondering how you were and wether you were OK. I was very interested in Feng Shui just a few years ago and sort of started trying to ‘clear my clutter’ – but I was somewhat defeated because not only was there my stuff but a large part of the contents of my parents’ bungalow from the UK (they both passed on and the house was sold). As I didn’t have much time to clear everything out there, I brought lots of it back to Belgium, where I live. A few years on and it’s still all in boxes in the garage…. What with work and one thing and another, (becoming a Reiki master for one)I got diverted and Feng Shui has taken a back seat. Your article has inspired me into thinking it’s time I looked at it again. I recently retired – so should have the time and am quite discouraged at the state of things that need sorting out. I really do believe that Feng Shui works (from others who practice it) – so I will get down to it – thanks to this memory jolt from you! (although, the books….that will be a real challenge!). I look forward to hearing your follow up (and any new articles you send).
    Kindest regards, Ann

  11. Yes its true! The way we arrange things to draw energy has an over-all effect on our lives. Clutter has always been part of my life, but it is changing now and even though I have known this for awhile, the necessary rearranging of our life’s collection is coming to fruit only in the past few months. For those who have not tried this, DO IT! you will be amazed!! Thanks Ashok!
    The Best to You,

  12. While reading I was remembering your article “Clearing A Mental Space For Your Life” where you textually wrote “Your mental clutter is individual to you, as is your physical clutter. And by the way, the two are very closely related. If you want to get some clues on your mental clutter, take a look at your physical junk!”.

    Since about 15 years ago and even without an Internet connection, I have had many ideias who somewhat match what I saw splendidly exposed in that Article “Clearing A Mental Space For Your Life”. I had thoughts like “It’s impossible to arrange a room full of garbage” and “When the trash is thrown out, what is valid becomes more clear”. I even call it for myself: Theory of Clean Platforms. The basis was that the physical order induces the mental order. I always acknowledged a correlation between physical junk and mental junk, and that the outer space who surrounds us has a great influence in our state of mind.

    I beg your pardon for so much talking about your above cited article but it had been one I had always remember and I think it is in line with this one.

    But returning to the topic and in accordance with your opinion I realize that Feng Shui has a enormous potential in our personal improvement and I’m interested in learn more about it.

    Antonio Jose

  13. I think many aspects of all this have to do with definitions. Define clutter, for example. I mean, I certainly do understand that things we have not used for a long time and will potentially not be used in the future could be clasified as clutter– but what about stuff that has an emotional value to us? Things that are precious to us because they were given or made to/for us by a dear person, maybe even marking a special moment… what would you say about that?

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