Feng Shui Unblocking

A Happy Chinese New Year to you!

This is the year of the Fire Pig for the Chinese, which they
consider to be especially auspicious. Let’s hope so. The
world can use a little good fortune right now.

Anyway, on with my latest findings and activities in Feng Shui…

It’s actually a pretty complex subject and I don’t pretend to be
an expert, but rather a student. Also, without making certain
specific Feng Shui calculations, individual for each person and
each residence or work place, it’s impossible to say a vast

That said, there are still certain Feng Shui principles that are
universally applicable, and we can certainly discuss those.

One is the notion of clutter and not holding onto old things.
Holding onto stuff you no longer need symbolizes holding onto the
past, or else not being willing to let new fresh energy into your
life. When you hold onto hold stuff, you are not making space for
new things in your life. You are closing down the flow of

Take your attic, for instance…

In Feng Shui, your attic symbolically represents your future.
However, most people stash a pile of old junk in their attics!
What do you think this has to say about their future? That is
quite apart from the fact that the sheer volume of all this old
stuff blocking the free flow of Qi energy through the area of
your home that is supposed to represent your hopes and dreams.

Clutter throughout the house also blocks free flow of Qi energy
through your home and your life, according to Feng Shui. Even
psychologically, and quite apart from any Feng Shui concepts, we
can understand that a blocked environment could have a blocking
influence on the mind, and hence on one’s ability to perform well
at life or work.

I remember when I bought my first home outside the UK, and went
over to live there for the first time when it was totally empty.
It was a unique experience, probably never to be repeated. For
the first, and perhaps only, time in my life I was totally
unencumbered by the enormous weight of possessions. No computer,
No crowded bookshelves. No wardrobes stuffed with suits, shirts,
and jeans. Nothing, apart from what I had brought over in one

It was an extraordinarily “light” sensation, like being liberated
from heavy shackles. Maybe we’ll feel this way just after we die?
i don’t know… but maybe.

Anyway, even if you can’t get bear to get rid of much, try
starting small. See what you CAN dump without regret. Remember
that if your hand is clenched tight gripping onto something, it
can’t be open at the same time to accept whatever the universe
might be offering.

Take a good look at what is in your attic. If it’s there in the
first place, it means you are not using it much. Will you EVER
use it? If the brutally honest answer is no, then think of
getting rid of it. In general, according to Feng Shui, it is best
to keep the attic as empty as possible. If you have an out-house
such as a garage of some sort, maybe you can store your stuff

Take another look around your house. What could you do without?
How about those old clothes in your wardrobe? You know the ones I
mean. The nice stuff that’s three sizes too Small. But you keep
it anyway because…. who knows… One day, you just might fit in
it again!?

As you unblock your house and get rid of clutter, consider that
you are symbolically unblocking your life and freeing the energy
of the universe to flow freely once more. What stronger incentive
could there be than that?

About Asoka Selvarajah

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose. Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. Yes Asoka, clutter does create blocks. It is like being unfocused, having too many things in mind and not being able to any. People when they climb Himalayas (Everest) are able to reach the top as they are focused. Many die as they come down as they are having so many cluttered thoughts – a) I will be honoured b) People will take my autograph c) I will be called to talk to people d) and so many that this clutter does not focus where I am putting my leg and many lose grip only to slip to the ground (death)

    Remove clutter, increase focus – have better energy and achieve.

    Ajit Kaikini

  2. This is true and you can understand from the following example:

    A guest entering cluttered house, may change his mind state from unblocking to blocked state.

  3. Today was a perfect day for this!! It came right along with my situation! I am waiting for papers to finalize with a new job. Waiting a long time for something that I really want. Some days I handle the wait better than others. Today was not a good day. When I am frustrated I clean, I throw out what I don’t need, sometimes I even throw out things I discover that I need later!! It helps me feel in control when I have situations I cannot control. And it makes me feel like without clutter, I can see things more clearly!! I am going to go clean my closet now. Thanks

  4. How true this is. From my own personal experience I am renovating my house, I have had a few too many, and it was always the same! Every house came to a standstill because of collected or kept old stuff. It took ages to move on. I remember when I started, no junk and collectables, the houses were a dream to do, BUT, when I collected old stuff and kept them – (never using anything) I was amazed how the jobs slowed down. I never thought of it in the way you say. I now now better I am doing this and its working.


  5. Hello all,

    Thanks for the feedback. Do keep it coming.

    In answer to Debbie (whose post seems to have disappeared for some mysterious reason. Sorry.) who asked, what do we define as clutter, and what about the stuff we value that was given to us by people closest to us?…

    Like I said, I am just a student of Feng Shui, not an expert, and I’m just sharing my insights as they come along.

    For me at least, clutter is stuff that has been hanging around for a long time, that serves no purpose, that I may even have forgotten was there, or that I am really done with but keep anyway.

    It sounds like that stuff would just automatically vanish, but you would be surprised how much of it is still around. Check out your bathroom and you’ll probably find all sorts of cleaning agents that haven’t been used in years. Or your kitchen, and you’ll probably find expired foods tucked away at the back of cupboards, or items that never get used… ever.

    When it comes to things given by people we value, it’s tougher. Maybe it’s something we don’t want to and shouldn’t have to let go of. For example, I have a Buddha statue that my grandfather came me. I only ever met him one time in my life for a few weeks when I was about six years old. There’s no way I would consider that clutter.

    However, how about stuff from former relationships, long gone, where people are just hanging onto it for no good reason? That might be a case where holding onto the old prevents something new and fresh coming into that person’s life.

    It’s an individual thing. Even if something is best got rid of, it might not yet be the right time for the person involved to do so.

    I still have some clothes from way back that I have not dumped. Part of it is that where I live, there are no second-hand shops and they are too good to just throw in the bin.

    Anyway, there’s room for improvement in every home without going overboard.


  6. I guess besides the old items in the house, a house FULL of furniture reflecting the homeowner’s desire to make it beautiful at every cornor also adds up to the clutter. I visited a house recently that had a lobby and rooms surrounding it. There were three rooms entries almost blocked by the sofas put in front… the lobby looked good but surely not convenient to the people living in there. Does’nt that block energy flows?

  7. You’re dead right it does. Sounds like most of the life energy will remain in the lobby. Sofas and other such items that block entrances definitely block Qi energy from entering it.

    They would be well advised to re-position the sofas, and even allow a fair degree of space into the middle of the rooms, in my personal opinion. The people in this house may well be feeling some blockage and frustration in their lives, and moving these sofas would help a lot.


  8. A good way to help decide in letting things go is to ask yourself: Do I Love it? Do I have more than one? Does it bring me joy? I recently got rid of a picture of my husband and myself. It was somewhat difficult to do, as it was a “good” picture of us, however the circumstances of the evening that the picture was taken were not good and I always thought about that when I saw the picture. I decided it did not give me joy to see that photo… I threw it out and I do feel much better for it… symbolicly letting that evening go felt very good. People, don’t hang on to something just because you think you should. If it brings up past hurts or unpleasantness… get rid of it!

  9. Dear Asoka Thank you for all the emails and info.
    You always sound so up and happy. As you know most people on earth are older or getting older. And how to get good health or stay healthy is always a great topic. How about woman with all the hormonal problems they face with help not always being there for them.This is a good topic to dicuss or email people about. writting about business is good, but one must have good health and happiness first. How about telling us how feng shui can help us at home for health or family stuff. You always email good stories. How about sending emails with some great pictures of things. Thank you, Den

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