Feng Shui Decluttering

As you may know, Chinese New Year occurs a bit over one month after Jan 1st. And for those who follow the ancient art of Feng Shui, this is an important time. It’s a chance to let go of old energy and let in the new. And it’s also a chance to thoroughly declutter your home and by doing so, declutter your mind as well.

However, you don’t have to just do this once a year. In fact, you can do this anytime you wish, and actually should do so regularly.

If you’re interested in the subject of creating mental space by clearing the physical, I came across a really useful guide called Declutter Fast.

Basically, this idea of decluttering your home, office, garage or wherever is also a mainstream business principle. You can find it in business books and seminars (e.g. David Allen’s Getting Things Done system).

The author of “Declutter Fast” says “Decluttering releases the bonds that have been holding you back. Decluttering ignites the fires of energy within you – energy you didn’t even know you had! The stress in your face and body will ease and your confidence will return. “

If you think that every piece of junk holds a tiny space in your subconscious mind, i.e. something you are planning to get around to but never do, then you can readily see how this principle works. So much of our clutter are like a visual “to do” list; things you mean to get around to but never do, sometimes for years.

The spiritual and mental benefits of decluttering are that you clear that clutter out of your mental space as well as the physical, thereby freeing up your mind for better things. And of course, it can’t be too bad to make your home or work space look better as well, can it?

So, whether you are into Feng Shui or not, the idea of doing a good declutter of your surroundings and hence of your mind as well is a valid principle. So, take some time over the next few days to engage yourself in a good declutter of your surroundings. If you have never done it before, I think you will be in for a very pleasant surprise indeed!

Best Regards,

Asoka Selvarajah

P.S. This process has great benefits and it does not have to take ages.

If it helps you to have an expert guide to help with it, the author of Declutter Fast says:

“This is the easiest read, and the quickest solution to your clutter. It is the only book that is especially designed (with my own private methods) to light a fire in you. I promise to make decluttering pain-free, even for those who hate to part with their things.

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