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As some of you may know, it’s the Chinese New Year coming up, and it’s the year of the Fire Pig. Now, this might have been purely incidental information for me if it was not for the fact that I have begun studying and practicing Feng Shui.

For anyone whose been living under a rock all these years, Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging your home or office in such a way as to be conducive to attracting positive energies from the universe to aid you in your life, both personally and professionally. It is about creating a harmonious environment that becomes a symbolic representation of what you wish to manifest from the universe.

The basic theory of Feng Shui is that the Qi, the universal energy of life that flows through the universe and all living things, also flows through your home and business environment. Hence, by arranging these in a way that attracts and strengthens the Qi, you will attract good fortune to your existence, and simultaneously minimize the effects of illness, misfortune and disaster.

Cynics might say that there is more than a small element of Sympathetic Magic about it, i.e. the notion that by affecting a representation of something, you similarly affect the thing itself. However, if you do subscribe to the idea that there is more to the universe that meets the eye, and that all things accord with spiritual principles, then Feng Shui does make pretty good sense.

Even for the materialistic skeptic, it can still be argued that the psychological and symbolic effect upon the psyche of putting your living or work space in order, as if it were your very life, must be very strong.

It seems that it’s not just ex-hippy New Agers who are into Feng Shui. Major corporations in the West now employ Feng Shui consultants, for sizable packages, to advise them about the construction of their buildings. Of course, this has been going on in China for thousands of years.

I’ve been putting myself through a crash course in this subject, and I have to say that it’s a pretty complex subject to grasp all at once. It’s also an enormous task to put one’s home to rights, according to Feng Shui principles.

For a start, there is the sheer amount of physical “stuff” in the house to move or get rid of. This alone can take weeks, months or even years. However, the bigger clutter takes place in the mind. There is so much stuff that, despite the fact you have not touched it for years, you just do not WANT to get rid of!

Sentimental stuff. Things that “might” come in useful one day. And stuff you just can’t bear to do without… for no good reason at all!

The Feng Shui attitude is that if you’re not prepared to let go of old spent energy, then you cannot allow new energy into your life.

That’s easy to say… but you should take a look at my library sometime! The Feng Shui approach to books seems to be that if you haven’t used a book in the last two years or so, then the chances are that you never will, and they have therefore become “clutter”. Feng Shui practitioners aim to reduce their books by at least one third to one half.

Well, I have to say this this is a major point of resistance for me! Some? Maybe. But one third? Not going to happen! At least, not this year.

Feng Shui does have a lot going for it though as a spiritual and mental discipline. There is little doubt in my mind that your environment does affect your mind and body, which in turn affect your success in life.

Anyway, as I proceed with this, I’ll keep you posted on how I am getting on. So far, I’ve been busy putting up Feng Shui “cures” and “activators” in preparation for the Chinese New Year. I have to admit that, for me, it’s still a fairly quaint process that has me laughing out loud at times (in a good-natured fashion).

Then again, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! So let’s see what comes of it. Right?

Let me know your thoughts about Feng Shui below…

Note: This article was written prior to the Chinese New Year of 2007. It is reproduced here as the information contained is still perfectly valid.

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