Everyday Karma & The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” A famous
person said that, and you doubtless know who it is. Often called
the Golden Rule, it forms the cornerstone of every major

Does it sound like nice advice, if you had the spare time, or if
you are planning to be a saint? If so, it may astonish you to
discover that, not only does this make sense from a spiritual and
altruistic viewpoint, it is also good advice if you are acting
from purely self-serving motives. It actually makes sound
business sense too, although very few businesses operate that

The reason for this is that the universe operates according to
strict law, and not according to chance or luck. One of those
laws is that of Karma, also known as the law of Cause and Effect.
In the material world, it has its equivalent, and this is
enshrined in one of Newton’s laws of motion; namely, “To every
action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Thus, the Golden Rule is not just nice advice, if you can find
the time and energy to get around to it. It is actually essential
to your long-term success, spiritually, mentally, emotionally,
and materially. Let us examine why this is, and how exactly the
law works.

You may have heard of Karma, and believed that it only deals with
reincarnation and past lives. Actually, it has a much more direct
application here and now, and that is what the Golden Rule is
really all about.

At its essence, the universe is pure energy; the energy of
creative intelligence. Moreover, YOU are a thinking center, and
can form thoughts that radiate out into this creative ocean of
intelligence. You are like a magnet, drawing to yourself whatever
circumstances and people are in harmony with the vibration of
your dominant thoughts. Your mind is like a broadcasting and
receiving station for thought waves; of specific vibrational
frequencies that you are free to choose. It is much the same as
tuning your radio to a specific channel.

Now you can better understand why it is that what you put out
into the universe must come back on you in the end. That is the
“selfish” basis of the Golden Rule. It’s not just about “being
nice”. It’s got a hard-edged reality about it. You see, WHATEVER
you put out – for good or ill – comes back on you eventually by
infallible law. That is one excellent reason why you definitely
want to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Let’s take a practical example. Let’s say you are angry with
someone, either at home or at work. According to this rule, you
would do best to treat that person with kindness and forgiveness,
and NOT engage in retaliation, back-biting criticism, revenge or
character assassination. The reason for this is twofold.

First, even if the person is wrong, and is fully aware of the
fact, no one takes kindly to being attacked. No one lies down and
plays dead. Hence, your own attack, however justified, will only
provoke a similar or greater reaction. If you speak ill of this
other person, you can bet that person will find something bad to
say about you, even if it is a lie. From the Golden Rule
viewpoint, what you put out on that person will directly and
pragmatically return to you.

Second, consider the effect such behavior has upon you. In truth,
regardless of external consequences, whatever you put out comes
back on you directly via your internal psyche. Every thought you
think modifies your psyche, and hence your essential character,
for good or ill. You have a choice between a base response or one
that is noble and high-minded. Whichever you choose will modify
YOU accordingly. The next time you meet other such situations,
you will be more likely to react in the same way. It will happen
more naturally and more swiftly until it eventually becomes

These are the reasons you must do unto others as you would have
them do unto you. In a very literal sense, you ARE doing unto
yourself whatever you are doing unto others in thought, word and

If you react negatively, you modify your inner psyche in a
negative manner. This sets up negative vibration in your
thoughts. If you do this often enough, the negative vibration
becomes coherent, laser-beam focused, and begins to attract into
your life other things, people and circumstances of harmonious
vibration to itself. Karma does its work.

Conversely, reacting in a positive manner, as dictated by the
Golden Rule, sets up a positive vibration within you, and this
attracts other positive vibrations into your life. So, in a
sense, you could say it is good, practical, SELFISH advice.

This explains another matter that often confuses people. They
expect that if they help another person, a positive return should
result from THAT person. No. That is not how it works at all. You
may get nothing back from that specific individual. However, you
do modify your own psychic vibration in a positive manner, which
in turn attracts other vibrations of similar frequency. In turn,
that manifests from the universe many circumstances and events of
like vibration. You benefit, but not necessarily from the one
whom you benefited.

In other words, the good you will receive is guaranteed. However,
the Infinite Intelligence will deliver it from a source of its

Hopefully, this has helped you to see that the Golden Rule is not
some sort of naive, wishful thinking theory. It is an essential
and key secret to life. Imagine what the world would be like if
nations could practice this attitude, as well as individuals.

In truth, the Golden Rule is the fundamental spiritual law by
which the universe works. If you live in accordance with it, you
will manifest all the good that you desire, now and forever.

Copyright 2003. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.


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One comment

  1. Ok… This is something I’ve heard all my life.
    But can somone please explain to me how, if this is true, bad people who do bad things seem to keep getting away with it…going on with their lives, making money, having families, etc? Meanwhile, people who do good are hurting and poor and having to ask for handouts from the other bad guy, who’s not willing to help them? I see this over and over.
    As an example… let’s take me. I’m not perfect. I get mad just like anyone. But, more often then not, when I do, it’s because of intense frustration at how badly someone is treating me, and I finaly can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried to be helpful and treat people with understanding and compassion all my life. Othen, it has just gotton me used and abused. I’ve taken a real beating in my life, and keep thinking things will get better. I grew up poor, with angry fighting parents. My father doesn’t care about me at all. My mother is co-dependant and overprotective. I was in a car wreck in 1992 that left me partialy disabled. Why? Because I tried to get out of someone’s way and I ended up the victim of road rage. I tried to just shrug that off and go on living. Didn’t work. My mother barly lets her out of her sight. I don’t drive and rarely leave home. I’ve been in so many abusive relationships with men it’s unreal. Each time I tried to do the “right thing”, and help them, because I saw why they were doing what they were doing. All my efforts to help got me raped repetedly, and has made sex with the man I am now engaged to (who has a heart of gold, and is the only thing that’s right in my life) very difficult. I had a friend from high-school who was in an abusive marrage. I tried to interviene and counsel her husband. He ended up slaughtering her and their 2 little boys, and killing himself. (I know that did not happen To Me, but I feel guilt anyway.)

    How many brownie points do I have to rack up to get a break in this life? All I ever worry about is that I’m screwing up and ticking God off, buy not being a counselor or something. That’s not what I want to do. I can’t seem to accomplish ANYTHING. Even when it seems the universe is handing me an opportunity, and I act on it, it all falls apart. This is superfical and shallow of me, but one of my little goals was to someday own an Infiniti. (that’s a car) I thought, Maybe I can work towards that goal before the bigger, more important ones, and build my self-confidence. Then, this friend of mine offered to GIVE me his 1994 Infiniti Q 45 if I found someone who wanted to buy his house. I worked my butt off for it. I ran adds, clocked hours on the phone, took pictures, made flyers. I found one woman who was interested, but she lived in another state, and every time she tried to come up here and see the house, something would go wrong and she wouldn’t be able to get here. I was getting pretty depressed. Then, a NEW guy called me, who lived nearby, and he LOVED the house! I called my friend and told him, and he told me some guy had basicaly walked in for some other reason, and decided to buy the house. I kept hoping karma would even things out, and the contract would fall through or something, but the closing date is this Friday.

    This is what ticks me off. (using nice language because I have to). I wish for something, then odd things happen that seem to be leading to me being able to reach whatever it is. I work hard for it, and at the last second, something goes wrong. This pattern has followed me my whole life. It has touched every part of my life. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of working hard and doing the right thing, and still always being a looser.

    What does the Golden Rule have to say about that?

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