Elvis, Fame & Fortune

Yesterday, I watched a program called “The Last Days Of Elvis”.
It seems that he had an addictive personality, was hopelessly
hooked on a wide variety of drugs, ate incessantly, and was
totally fed up with being Elvis. He was also terribly insecure.

Bob Dylan once said that people don’t value their anonymity
enough. In other words, there is enormous value in being able to
walk into a crowd and have nobody know who you are. It seems that
once you have lost that, you can never have it back. And that’s
when you really miss it and find yourself “trapped” in your own
celebrity status.

In his recent autobiography, “Chronicles”, Bob Dylan says “what I
was fantasizing about was a nine-to-five existence, a house on a
tree-lined block with a white picket fence, pink roses in the
backyard. That would have been nice. That was my deepest dream.”

In other words while you or I dream about being like Bob Dylan,
he’s dreaming about being just like you or I.

Interesting, isn’t it? Many of us want to be famous and adored,
and rich. Yet, it does not always bring the happiness we imagine
it will.

We always imagine that things are better on the other side of the
valley. Our society tells us how important it it to be rich,
famous, popular, beautiful, fashionable, or whatever. THEN, we
will be happy.

Really? Not according to two of the most famous men of our
generation. Elvis was fed up with being Elvis. And Dylan dreams
of being just like us.

That’s why I always stress the importance of being HERE, present
in THIS moment. Try to enjoy THAT fully. Having wealth, fame,
looks and more will not necessarily improve the present moment.

It may even make it worse. Much worse. Who you are inside
determines how well, or how badly, you handle it. Simply having
more money or more celebrity status makes no difference either

It’s also vital to be well connected with your inner being –
Higher Self, Inner Genius, whatever you want to call it. The
ultimate source of all happiness is through being well-integrated
with the Source.

My course, The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self,
enables you to do that.

These are thoughts to ponder on, don’t you think?…

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  1. Dear Askola and Readers:
    I work in the Arts & Entertainment industry every day of my life, but from a different aspect. I do everything from Zero financially and it is very very tough. What those huge entertainers are trying to pass on to you is true. One must know themselves and love themselves before they can possibly survive within the “craziness” of what suddenly becoming a big music or hollywood star does. That world is a surreal-unreal world of media following your every blink or stink (aha just joking but pretty much true). The problem with people today is that they think that if they become a “STAR!” all their problems will be solved. They do not realize that it takes a lot of hard work by a team of people to create what you see in media as a “STAR”. Behind that “STAR” is a real person, with real feelings and real joys, sorrows and fears. That’s why they say, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I can say these things, because I am a multi talented artist who has not made it yet, who is working towards making it. However, my version of making it, is to have that life that they are talking about which I do not have. I am a person living in poverty and working towards making it. I am very lonely in my quest and I am looking for others who want to join in and I can only think of one word play. Because, you see, I found out, after digging and going to personal courses etc. who and what I am and I found out how to love myself and what I want to do. I’m basically doing what I want to do, but get stretched by the “multi” talents which I have. My frustration is in not having the money to do the very foundational things one has to do to get to that next step. So, if anyone wants to “play” so to speak, I’m ready and willing to play, which really means, work together. Win-Win, Teamwork, United We Stand-Divided we Fall is where the real true “STARS” stand. I hope you enjoyed my comments and Askoka, I really like your ezine and your blog. A friend, Sheryl Ann

  2. Thankx for this post about what one might want.=To the person- Sheryl who commented from her heart and life.

    Though my talents are just now being shown to me again, in different ways, I to am an entertainer- singer, actor, writer, liver ( not chopped) of life.
    Have had a few friends who are considered stars in music and acting. Me, I have always done a great job in my roles, had a few lyrics that have been taken and used to wide appeal, but me always something held me back.
    Had increadible life experiences, met great and profound people from every possible configuration of life- rich, poor, getting by. I always seeked, searched for things that made sense or what needed too.
    Now, once again I am on another learning path which has brought me more joy than ever expected and power within myself. As far as money, i’m poor as far as a future- security it is not showing itself, if I look and judge or compare with society, I’m just not making it.
    I am learning that comparing does no good and staying on track in the moment helps more than could be imagined, but if your test is through others eyes- you will always be wrong. It hinders you in so many ways. Look forward, live now, take action, be present, see, visualize, love, care, laugh, give, help, smile, embrace your breath and rest in your peace of being alive and all is possible.

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