Einstein & Vegetarians

Here is what Albert Einstein had to say on the subject of Vegetarianism:

“Our task must be to free ourselves . . . by widening our circle of
compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its
beauty.” – “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of
survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

He became a vegetarian towards the end of his life. I know how he felt. I became a vegetarian a few months ago, and don’t look back for a minute.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Post them below…


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  1. Yes, I definetly agree. I became a vegeterian a year and a half ago, maybe two years, can’t really even remember myself eating animals)…but I definetly it has improved my health and the way I percieve the world… I think becoming a vegeterian is a great choice to make, and congratulations for making the choice)))))

  2. I to have been a veggie and slipped for awhile,but now I’m back and glad to be.Eating dead meat and all the toxins only poison my blood and caused more problems that it was worth.I just wish everyone could experience the health benfits.PEACE.LOLA

  3. I became a vegetarian 10 years ago. Prior to that I thought that if I did not have meat on my table that the meal was incomplete. Then, one day, I read a book about how much animals suffer because of the way they are raised and by the way they are slaughtered. I decided never to eat meat again. Today I enjoy remarkable health, look as if I were in my late twenties, and I have never experienced the health calamities faced by my contemporaries.

  4. Just a curiosity, Asoka. Here in Italy tv often says a vegetarian diet is dangerous for health.
    What are your informations about this ?

  5. That’s interesting about Albert Einstein. I’ve been tempted to become a vegetarian for awhile now but not sure I’m willing to cut it out completely. While I rarely touch red meat, I do enjoy eating fish and is one of the healthier types of meat to eat.

  6. after working on my spiritual path for a short time I too became a vegatarian
    at times I will pass a coment about food but there are a lot of people who just don’t care where it comes from or what they actually consume no wonder big business has a field day

  7. There’s nothing wrong with eating meat.
    God gave it to us but unfortunately as usuall we take it for granted.

    The muslims eat meat (Halal) which means they are humanly killed.

    What about the plants? They too are living. They have feelings and emotions. Like that saying if you cut a tree/plant all or part it really does feel it!

    Just because it doesn’t have eyes,legs,arms, doesn’t mean it’s not an actually living entity.

    We are a living entity and we take on human form,
    the others take on form of animals, plants, rocks (crystals), elements etc…

    So the question should be from all that we learnt, do we really need to eat? If we are all that, that we are told? I don’t know if you’ve heard about this but there are some who just live off pure sunlight. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?
    But from all we have been taught and learnt this concept really isn’t that crazy.

  8. I too think that everything is alive on this planet. The uprooting of a carrot is just as bad as the shooting of a cow but they both help sustain us as humans. I am under the impression to give thanks to all I eat because it all, plants and animals, are sacrificing themselves to give us nurishment.

  9. Reverance for all living beings is key. For that reason, I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years. Over the years I’ve tried going vegan, or went back to bouts of fish or chicken . But always return to a vegetarian diet. (vegan right now.)

    To be a veggie, it requires blessing your food 🙂 And eating organic, close to nature as possible.(no packaged/low-nutrient/fake food) Tempeh is a great protein source – yummy. As is nuts, legumes, and protein powder. Learn to eat a “rainbow on your plate.” Remember that tastes are ACQUIRED! The more you “program your tastebuds” to a sugar free, whiteflour free, flesh free diet, the less you will like it. I won’t touch the stuff now! no kidding (use to binge on M&M’s and rack of lamb).

    Vegetarianism takes time, so be patient as you wean off the toxic load. And you will enjoy AMAZING health and vitality! And feel pure, knowing you are not contributing to the immense suffering of innocent animals due to commercial exploitation to feed the public’s insatiable appetitie for what advertisements “tell us we should eat”. Watch Kapax the movie to see how many slaughterhouses choke the US alone. Read Fast Food Nation. As Einstein says, evolving to vegetarianism may be the step that saves our own species from extinction. (Einstein is my hero) Blessings to all.

  10. I am an on again, off again vegetarian. I can’t cook meat, so the decision comes only when eating out. And depends a lot on the cuisine which is available. I think the more compelling argument to leave meat is to realise how much voilence is involved in acquiring it. So when you are having that peaceful chicken sandwhich at Subway remember it came from an innocent chicken which was kept in cages where it can barely stand for months before being slaughtered. I won’t even go into the cruelty with which cows are slaughtered in the meat packing plants. So each time you thank for having a sumptous meal remember that you are not thanking the voilent means that were used to acquire it.

    The more interesting question is that are we not being voilent to the plants when we are vegetarians. I guess plants were the nature’s way for providing food to all animals, because if u don’t eat a fruit when it is ripe, it will fall off and will be of no use to either the plant nor to anyone else. As long as you don’t cut off a nurturing tree itself, the fruits it provides are plenty, and sooner of later weather it is consumed by animals or become part of waste it will eventually fall off. It is also good spiritual lesson about detachment, the tree holds a fruit just long enough and eventually it falls off, it is consumed by someone who throws away the seeds which eventually results in more plants. The nature’s way of doing things works, or else the earth would have been not in existence.

    So being vegetarian is like being with nature, also it is said, we are what we eat. If we constantly eat products which came out of acts of voilence, we eventually imbibe the same qualities. So being vegetarian makes us the peaceful self we all should be. And don’t fool yourself with the fact that you did not kill it, the fact that you are in the market for meat is the reason why all these practises are in place. The moment you remove that contradition you are at least responsible for one less killing. The demand definately serves the supply here.

    Just my two cents.


  11. I had a hamburger and hotdog for dinner last night and two ears of corn and some beans. Boy, was it good! I gave thanks to all that was on my plate – not just the meat because they were so violently killed. The Indians of long ago (North American Indians)lived off of the land and loved the land. They would hunt buffalo, for example, and before the hunt they would have dances in honor of the buffalo for its sacrifice. Then they would go out on the hunt the next day and kill what they intended on eating. When they would stand over the slain buffalo they again would give thanks for its sacrifice and honored them for what they gave to them and honor the great buffalo spirit. Killing anything is an act of violence. Just like the farmer with his chickens. He holds onto the chickens for their eggs and keeps them in a coop then one day he kills the chicken and eats the meat. That is barbaric in itself when you think about raising chickens, getting to know them, steal their eggs, and then one day ring its neck or chop off its head and eat its meat. I like to consider myself one with nature (arent we all) but there are some things that go on in this world that need to happen in order for the world to continue. Imagine if all the world just ate vegetarian. Imagine all the chickens running around getting killed by cats, or dogs or snakes. Is that not barbaric, to just sit back and watch the chickens get killed? What about the cows? If we didnt eat cows then we would be overrun with cows and people would wind up shooting them just to keep the population down like some do deer now-a-days. There has to be a balance. For the people that are veggy’s to say that people who are not veggy’s are not one with nature is silly. Everybody and everything on this earth is here for a reason. Some are veggy’s and some are not and I suspect that that may be in place to perserve the delicate balance of the planet.

  12. I would like to comment on Chris’ comment. He is right in that blessing the food that feeds us – even when it has been barbarically killed (as is often the case in nature) is a step in the right direction! (and shame shame for us humans for branding to de”humanize” our furry friends, as “beef”, “poultry”, “ham”. They are gentle-eyed cows, perky chickens and highly sensitive pigs).

    We have much to learn from the native Americans as they gave thanks for those that died to ensure their survival (there was no waste, and no torture). But one reason that there is so much barbarism with humans is simply BECAUSE humans DEMAND so much meat. This is the reason there are UNATURAL amounts of cows, chickens, veal, etc being commercially raised. This is NOT the natural order.

    If ALL people became vegetarians (oh happy day) it would solve many problems virtually overnight. There would not be a surplus of chickens running around, or cows taking up millions of miles of pasture. The reason? Chickens and cows and pigs, are raised almost exclusively to feed humans. Deers, however, are not. The surplus of deer is once again due to HUMANS, upsetting the balance of nature (that Chris talks about) by killing off the natural predators of deer.

    If we stop raising chickens, turkeys and cows, the list grows, in unatrually grotesque proportions (violently against the balanced order) to feed the false need of people thinking they “need” to eat them. Then we would instead get to eat the multitude of grains that feed the millions of tormented farm animals. Not to mention, that same grain could feed all the starving people in the world. And the pollution from raising cattle, pigs, poultry (turkeys and chickens have absolutely NO rights, and are therefore horrifically treated) would cease.

    The delicate balance is best served by humans being vegetarians. There is no negative outcome from that…honestly, I cannot think of one! And as Puneet says, by not taking in an animal that suffered from violence, we become more peaceful… naturally. We evolve spiritually…the most important point of all. A society that evolves technologically at a faster rate than its spiritual evoloution, will destroy itself.

    To conclude with another quote…
    “Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
    -Albert Schweitzer

    love and light, K

  13. I don’t consider myself a vegetarian but I do not eat meat of any kind. Some people just don’t get it and unfortunately it’s hard to make someone see what they just can’t see. It’s not a matter of words it’s a matter of consciousness. The problem with most of the meat that is consumed today is in the manner in which the animals are slaughtered. Cows often have their tracheas ripped out while they’re still conscious, chickens have their beaks clipped off while they’re alive and pigs sometimes live their entire lives in unbelievably horrid conditions. Factory farms have bought up millions of family farms and approximately 28 billion animals per year are tortured and traumatized on factory farms every year.

    The fact that at some level we know this behavior is wrong is revealed in the methods we devise to hide it from ourselves and from the general population. I’ve been to factory farms and when animals are tortured like this they actually scream just watching their peers go to slaughter in this manner. This trauma and suffering changes the meat at a molecular level and that’s in addition to the hormones and chemicals that animals are given on factory farms. Cows are injected to produce more milk and chickens are pumped up with hormones to fatten them up as quick as possible. Sometimes they get so fat so fast that their legs are not strong enough to hold them up and they break and the chicken sit in his own feces until death.

    Now, how do we hide what we inherent know is unethical behavior? We put the factory farms in places where the general population will never see them or what is happening on the premises. We give animal flesh fancy names like steak, mc nuggets and big macs. We pack animal flesh to look like it came from something other than an animal that suffered. We create commercials that have nothing to do with what you’re putting in your body or where what they’re selling you came from and how it was handled. All this serves our ability to deny that we are offering this other life form no kindness or compassion. A life form that can feel, form bonds and show affection.

    Yes life lives off of life on this planet but that doesn’t mean it has to be done in manner that causes unnecessary suffering not to mention that the citizens of this country are being poisoned on a daily basis and don’t even know it. In addition human beings are not natural carnivores and certainly we’ve also evolved over time. I don’t know about you but my mouth doesn’t start to water at the sight of road kill. We simply don’t have the jaw strength or the canines to tear fur from flesh in the way that natural carnivores do. Check out a hyena and you’ll know what a real natural carnivore is.

    The Indians indigenous to this country did hunt buffalo but they were much more respectful of the animal. They not only used the Buffalo for food, nothing went to waste having killed an animal they revered. This animal they respected because it sustained them.

    If most people where vegetarians there wouldn’t be as many chickens because no one would be breeding them for slaughter so that point is meaningless. The same goes for cows. There are only as many cows as there are because people breed them for profit. Besides there are just more humane ways to handle animals. Yes there has to be a balance but right now man has thrown the balance of nature completely out of whack.

    Right now one out of every two men will get cancer in their lifetime and one out of every three women will get cancer in their lifetime. We’re spending billions and killing millions of animals in medical testing labs in attempts to find cures to diseases that are being caused by the contamination of our water, soil and air. Millions and millions of kids and adults on medications for depression and other behavioral problems.

    Nearly 50% of the water used in this country is used to raise animals for slaughter. Most of the world could be fed with all the grain that is used to feed factory farm animals.

    Ultimately it comes down to consciousness. If you’re doing something you know is wrong you can’t be in the present moment and what we’re doing to animals is beyond horrid. It’s impossible to be compassionate when you’re in total denial about what you’re doing and when you’re in denial you can’t be present you have to project yourself anywhere else but the present.

    It’s virtually impossible to tell anyone anything because if they could see what you’re trying to tell them chances are they’d already know. So I throw all these views out there with the hope that maybe something strikes a cord even with one person.

    I’m not saying everyone should be a vegetarian or vegan. I’m saying we’re better than what we’re doing and we are also being screwed by corporations who’s only concern is the bottom line. Legally a corporation is a person and the only problem with that is that they have no conscience. People at the top can do anything and blame it on the corporation. Meanwhile we’re teaching children to the way to handle behavior that you know is inherently wrong is to create distance between yourself and your actions. That’s a pathetic lesson.

    For all these people joking about their hot dogs and burgers I just hope they know that the only reason their dog or cat isn’t on the menu tonight is cultural. Would you torture and traumatize your dog? If the answer is yes then you have other issues beyond just food and animal abuse. We teach our children that killing certain life forms with no regard for their pain or suffering is okay while with others we shouldn’t do that, over time the lines become blurred and soon it’s okay to kill people.

    People are spiritual beings. Animals may not be but they are sentient beings and there is spiritual energy present. Animals feel and we know that for a fact. Animals scream and cry and they remember their connections. At a certain point if you have any consciousness at all you have to stop and reflect on what you’re empowering through your actions and how much unnecessary suffering are you causing. In addition, you might want to ask yourself if it’s a good idea to be absorbing all this pain, suffering, trauma, hormones and chemicals into your own body on a daily basis or is it related to the current conditions and patterns evolving in society today.

    Any person with even limited perception can see that the balance of everything is out of whack. The ocean is polluted, the air, soil and water is contaminated. We’re an over medicated society to say the least and we are at war fighting a concept called terrorism. Meanwhile many corporations are plundering the earth in ways that are unspeakable. In fact because they are legally people they justify their actions because they’re required by law to be focused on the bottom line even if that involves breaking the law as long as it’s cost effective.

    Farm animals deserve far better treatment and wild animals deserve it as well. So many animals are going extinct or they are near extinction and no one gets it. When the earth can’t support them we’re next.

  14. Dear Chris, just a quick comment regarding your assertion that if everybody was vegetarian we’d be overrun with cows and chickens. It’s an oft-repeated assertion, but it’s just not true. If nobody ate cows and chickens any more, farmers would just stop breeding cows and chickens. These cows and chickens wouldn’t be born in the first place, so there would be no danger of them over-running us.
    All best, Tracy

  15. In nature you have many many animals and some are herbivores some are carnivores and some are omnivores. These animals dont have a choice in what they eat, they are just pre-programed that way. We humans do have a choice as to what we want to eat. I am a person that is in the process of developing his consciousness and trying to become more aware of the present moment. I guess when I see a steak or burger or hotdog I just look at it and my mouth waters. Is that a conscious decision or a pre-programed decision. It certainly isnt conscious whereas I have to think to myself theres a burger go ahead mouth and start watering…..no its probably a decision that is pre-programmed. Moreso, its probably a decision that has been taught to me from my early days in this life and is now instinctual. See a steak and mouth starts watering….if I’m hungry at the time.

    Being a person that is trying to live through my consciousness now rather than my ego, which was also taught to me as a young child, to live through the ego, I should be more aware of the origins of the meat, how it got to my door, than just see it all nicely packaged ready to eat, mouth watering.

    I was just being silly when I said that cows and chickens would overrun the earth. I agree with all the comments above and thank you all for sharing your ideas with me. I especially agree with the comments on corporations and with the upbringing of the children now-a-days. I am getting fed up with this country and see it going in a direction I wish not to go. I have been considering a move here of late and Brazil is looking better and better by the day.

    Just as a side note – last night for dinner, before even reading this, I had rice, beans, and brocoli and boy was it good. Again, I thanked everything on my plate. See, I dont eat meat everynight and perhaps its time to think about making it so…..

  16. I feel that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and opinions. However, after a painfully slow recovery from very poor health after 6 years of being vegetarian, I believe that in order to build optimal health, each person must acquire all the nutrients for which they have a genetic need. These needs have developed over countless generations. Those who could not adapt to their local conditions did not survive and those who did survive, passed on their genes to the next generation.

    Some people opt for vegetarianism for spiritual reasons. The origins of religious beliefs have occurred in certain geographical areas which, by their nature, provide specific types of food. Many religions of the East, for example, advocate a no meat diet. Indeed, the natural foodstuffs of those regions provide an ideal diet for the types of metabolisms which have developed over generations to be naturally suited to that environment. But, how well could the Eskimos survive without flesh in their diets? Because the Eskimos must eat meat to survive, are they automatically excluded from spiritual development? If the Eskimos were to eat a no meat diet, they would quickly become ill. Are lack of energy, degenerative disease and all manner of mental and emotional aberrations conducive to spirituality?
    From this point of view, it may be argued that in order to develop good health and even have a chance then, for spiritual growth, the Eskimo must eat meat!

    The bottom line is that if there was such a thing as a “one size fits all” healthy diet then it would have been discovered a long time ago.

  17. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and opinions that much is true. Unfortunately if you rely on beliefs and opinions you will inevitably find conflict because of the dualistic nature of the physical realm. Religion is based on belief systems that are grounded in books written by men with various agendas throughout history. Spirituality is about knowing. You can know for your SELF but you can’t know for someone else. Knowing comes through a self generated transparent realization of truth and although the physical realm is precious truth cannot be found in the physical realm, only relative truth so truth can’t be conveyed to someone else through the conventional means of communication. If you tell someone else you have to alter what you know just so you can communicate it to someone else and now you’ve reduced truth down to a concept an idea and you’re promoting a belief and if that person believes what you’re saying they still don’t know they have a belief in you.

    Everything issue in life cannot be resolved through a materialistic approach being that we are spiritual beings. More religion, more technology, more data, more research, more study, more wars, more weapons, more, more, more, etc. None of this will provide what everyone longs for. The nature of the physical realm is impermanency and that in and of itself creates a longing for something more reliable for permanency itself. Only knowing permanency through transparent realizations of truth and permanency can provide what everyone yearns for.

    Now, seeing that we are all spiritual beings it can be understood that the mind, the body, the brain and even the genetic make up of all life forms changes and can be altered. Many different species exist because of this reality. The main problem isn’t that people eat meat. The main problem is in how little kindness and compassion we offer the animals that sustain those who eat meat. Like I said in a previous email. The fact that at some level we know a behavior is wrong is revealed in the methods we devise to hide it from ourselves and from the general population. I’ve been to factory farms and when animals are tortured like this they actually scream just watching their peers go to slaughter in this manner. This trauma and suffering changes the meat at a molecular level and that’s in addition to the hormones and chemicals that animals are given on factory farms. Cows are injected to produce more milk and chickens are pumped up with hormones to fatten them up as quick as possible. Sometimes they get so fat so fast that their legs are not strong enough to hold them up and they break and the chicken sit in his own feces until death.

    Now, how do we hide what we inherently know is unethical behavior? We put the factory farms in places where the general population will never see them or what is happening on the premises. We give animal flesh fancy names like steak, mc nuggets and big macs. We pack animal flesh to look like it came from something other than an animal that suffered. We create commercials that have nothing to do with what you’re putting in your body or where what they’re selling you came from and how it was handled. All this serves our ability to deny that we are offering this other life form no kindness or compassion. A life form that can feel, form bonds and show affection.

    Just because a particular religion dictates something doesn’t make it the optimal thing to do. If religion and the human mind where the answer to the world’s problems all of humanity would be free right now. In terms of geographical location that like everything in the world of form is in a constant state of change and people are moving to different geographical locations all of the time so to use geography to justify behavior will eventually be fruitless. One must remember that if we’re discussing Eskimos that even they have choices and they are creating their own movie and it’s not up to us to change that movie. Eskimos also treat their animals differently and there’s a certain amount of respect and honor involved in killing a whale or whatever it may be. They understand the cycle of life. So-called progress and technology may have made it so Eskimos can no longer live in the ways they’re grown accustomed to and the same can be said for many people in various parts of the world. It’s unlikely that Eskimos must eat meat in order to have a chance for spiritual growth. It would be more accurate that someone is an Eskimo and subjected to life as an Eskimo good and bad as a result of their own spiritual growth and besides like I said Eskimos understand the importance of treating other life forms especially those that have sustained them with respect and dignity. In parts of Africa there is a famine every so many years and it’s almost like clockwork. No one really knows whether the shift in the weather and the temperature changes are being influenced by man but it’s happening, it’s also happening for many Eskimos. They’re acutely aware of the problems associated with global warming. I have a sneaking suspicion that man has thrown the balance of nature our of whack and is in constant denial of this fact. Man has influenced the balance of nature, driving many species to the point of extinction, others are completely extinct. Man is busy polluting the air, water and soil. No one really knows how man’s behavior is affecting the earth’s climate, global warming and related issues. I was contemplating this issue this morning.

    How would the Earth do without human beings? Let’s just say we weren’t here and it was just the planet with the wild animals. Something tells me that balance would return, the waters would cleanse themselves, the air would eventually heal and the soil would return to a healthy state. That’s says something about man’s interference and over indulgent and over consuming ways. If you look at wild animals in Africa for example it can be observed that there is an animal for every need. Some animals live to be prey while others are predators and it’s a dance that’s been going on for millions of years. The prey animals know instinctively just how to move to attract the predator. There are animals who just like the meat portions of a kill, while others like just the bones and even some that are only interested in the leftover scraps. Nothing goes to waste and no more is killed than is needed. Man on the other hand plunders, over consumers, pollutes, abuses and contaminates all in his path and then moves on to another location. We can learn a lot from animals but we think they’re unimportant and less valuable because they’re different. Animals have no hidden agendas but people often have hidden agendas and even keep them from each other. If an animal is a carnivore it does nothing to hide that fact. Man on the flip side and in particular in the US is driven by the bottom line with no regard for the cost to others or the earth. Yes life lives off of live at least at a physical level that seems apparent but that’s not the issue. The issue is the lack of kindness and compassion we offer animals and then how we suffer and find that kindness and compassion often seems absent in our own experience of life. Is it really any wonder that it would be difficult to accept kindness and compassion from others or from other life forms if you aren’t able to offer it yourself? Is it surprising that we seem to be always involved in a war thinking that force is the answer to all dilemmas?

    What’s the antidote to our current dilemma on this planet?

    The fundamental flaw is in our approach to life itself. The reason why we do what we do when we do it and how we do it rests in the human mind and the human mind is more often than not flawed and filled with imperfections, indoctrination’s and distorted belief systems. Our current approach to all challenges on this planet is physical. Somewhere along the line we’ve been convinced that man is a piece of meat with a finite existence and no soul. Somewhere along the road we’ve become convinced that the world of impermanency where we experience reality is all that there is and it is real. This is the primary point that is responsible for our suffering. This is where we went off course. All problems emanate from behavior and interaction. Even climate changes and natural disasters may be occurring more often due to man’s treatment of his environment. The issues people face daily are all related to survival and what they’re willing to do in order to survive. In some cases there are people who are unconsciously trying not to survive but that being said all behavior is related to survival and most is related to the prolongation of the species.

    The only real problem is a big problem that touches every aspect of life and our quality of life. The real problem is that there is no recognition or confirmation of man as a soul as a spiritual being and thus all solutions are seen to be somewhere in the physical realm. This is the basic diversion from actual reality that must be re-aligned if we are to have any chance as a species. Human beings are more than just bodies, minds, brains, emotions and memories. Human beings are actually spiritual beings and in order to solve our problems that all emanate from behavior and interaction we must address the spiritual being and not the physical being. The answers we seek are not to be found in a pill, a chemical formula or a better diet. The answers we seek are not going to arise through education or study. More data will not resolve our conditions. The answers we seek will not be found in a computer or any mechanical device. The answers we seek will not be found in a religion, in meditation or concentration. The answers we seek will not be found in war or in killing. All attempts to solve our plight through materialism will ultimately fail and we will slowly evolve into an enslaved planet with the techno-elite at the top and the medicated slaves going about their business in a robot like fashion.

    The only antidote to our situation is a spiritual awakening. Each person is responsible for destroying their own mind made constructs and seeing through to the actual reality that is permanence itself. No amount of money, weapons, computers, studies, research, religion, medications, data, or any thing in the world of form can provide us with what we yearn for. Everyone longs for truth and permanency even if they have no conscious awareness of it at this moment. Deep within is an intangible invisible seed that can awaken in any moment and one can have the transparent realization of truth and permanency in an instant. No one can do it for anyone else and that wouldn’t even be necessary if we were each focused on our own self-realization.

  18. Very well written Paul I just have one thing that I would like to share. I agree that we are spiritual beings having a human incarnation and that the ultimate goal for us is to eventually see through the illusions and find our true place with God. That we can both agree on, huh?

    Well, if thats the case then maybe we are exactly were we are supposed to be at this time in life. Maybe the earth and its balances are were they need to be at this time. It is an evolutionary process that we and the earth are going through. If God had made the “master plan” then how can it be wrong? How can things be out of balance if it is all controlled by the All Mighty?

    You are were you are supposed to be and I am were I am supposed to be and others too. The earth and animals are were they need to be also. Just as friends come and go into ones life so to do the animals on this earth. When friends leave us its because we have grown or moved on and no longer need them for the experiences and the lessons they provided. That logic can be applied to animals of the earth.

    Maybe the humans are a result of global warming but then again maybe they are not. Maybe the earth has been through these climate changes many times before, before we humans were even around.

    All I am saying is that maybe things are the way they are supposed to be right here right now so enjoy. I have faith that everything will fall into place when it is time for it to be so.

  19. Thank you for your feedback Chris. I hesitate to use the word God because people have managed to reduce even that down to a finite concept. I prefer to say that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. I’m not saying that’s what the infinite force is, I’m saying you can’t reduce infinity down to a concept or idea to be understood by the human mind from a finite prespective. That which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless transcends ordinary understanding. Trying to contain the infinite with words that act as containers will never meet the occasion. The best we can do is to be as descriptive as possible. At least that’s how I approach the challenge.

    I can find some agreement with what you’re saying about the fact that we are where we are suppose to be. That being said we have a responsibility to take care of the playing field. This planet and the life forms on it whether we like it or not is where we play our games and realize our inherent divinity. When you say God made the “master plan” you are implying separation which from my perspective is impossible. Let’s say we call that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless GOD. If that is so then GOD is infinite, GOD is omni-present, GOD is all. What then can exist outside of all. That means that you are GOD, I am GOD, everything is GOD for all that matters, even the illusions themselves have their origin in GOD. Evolution is related to the physical realm and the physical realm is temporary by its very nature. That which is real is forever, was real, is real and will always be real and that is truth, that is GOD, or whatever you decide to call it. You can only know this for yourself. People can claim to know a lot about things but that’s quite different from actually knowing. Knowing is the result of a transparent realization of truth and a self-generated knowing results. If you try to convey that to someone else you must reduce it down to a concept or an idea so you can apply labels to words in order to communicate that which words can never convey the magnitude of anyway.

    I’m not saying it’s wise to get lost in every linear cause that comes along. I pick my causes carefully and I never elevate linear causes in the world of form above that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. What you would interpret as GOD. I put it that way because one must realize that everyone has a personalized view of what the word God means to them. When you use the word GOD you have to realize that it more than likely means something entirely different to others than it does to yourself.

    Saying everything is the way it’s suppose to be leads to irresponsibility and chaos and also removes the entire aspect of free will. In general and I mean no offense by this but people who rely on faith and hope are people who are living in fear. You only need faith is you don’t know and you only need hope if you’re not sure. Even from a religious perspective if God is omni-present and God is all then God is all. All is all, the eternal now is all, permanency is all. It doesn’t matter how you slice it. Even though the shared reality we experience is a temporary dream that doesn’t mean it has to be a nightmare! It’s similar with people who have a one lifetime mentality. They get to a certain age and then sometimes they say, “I don’t care what happens I’ll be dead soon anyway”. What a shock when they’re right back to deal with their own mess. I can agree that we are each where we are suppose to be in terms of what we need to awaken to and if you haven’t noticed if you don’t get it if you don’t wake up then things tend to get tougher. The environment itself has a way of impinging on anyone who ignores the fact that they are responsible. One can deny that they are responsible but they can’t deny responsibility. Eventually it catches up with anyone who ignores that reality.

    The transparent realization of truth results in a certainty of what and who you are. If you rely on others to interpret what it’s all about for you then all you’ll have is a belief in them and that’s quite different from knowing. The world of form can offer many things but all temporary in nature. Through transcendence and transparent realizations one can realize the joy of being which is very different from happiness. Happiness is the result of something. There’s always a reason and unhappiness is always lurking around the corner due to the dualistic nature of the physical world. Joy on the other hand is an extreme measure of happiness with no opposite and joy requires no reason. There’s just the joy of being.

    Thanks again for your comments. It’s a very challenging task to attempt to communicate that which transcends words and language and to do it in a short blog is a very daunting challenge. I’ve spent my entire life from the time I was 7 or 8 years old looking into what this is all about and I’ve been fortunate enough to get real answers. They just didn’t come in the packaging I had grown accustom to and that took an adjustment on my part.

    Certain manifestations in the world are rather easy to observe. The amount of kindness and compassion you’re able to offer others including animals tends to have a direct correlation to the amount that you can accept and will receive in your own life experience.

    Rather than having faith or hope that things will fall into place I much prefer the state of knowing and I’m confident that we all will realize truth and permanency. Truth is truth and never was untrue and never can be untrue and that in and of itself assures your liberation as well as everyones. That being said we each have a responsibility in how and when that happens. We can’t be self realized for someone else but we certainly can bring a different vibration to the table no matter what the environment. That comes with working on oneself and having realizations and awakenings. The antidote to all suffering is the transparent realization of truth, the eternal now. The realization that you never could, never were and never will be separated from that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. It’s an awakening to the actual reality that you never left the home you have always longed for.

  20. I must say that, that is another very well written and thought out response that you have written.

    When I use the word God I mean the same thing as you. God to me is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. For the lack of having to type all of that I just simply use the word/label of God and most people understand of who I am talking about. I agree that a lot of people have different interpertations of God and if they ask I will be glad to elaborate. I agree that God is not out there somewhere waiting for us to arrive to him upon death rather he is right here with us right now. That goes back to the point of getting rid of the illusions so we can see our true nature and be one with God, which we already are but dont know or at least some of us dont know. Our mission then is to become a vessel to let God work through while we are on this earth. One can only do that with an open mind and open heart. Also, one must not live through the ego but rather live through their consciousness. That is our true nature, that little voice, and when we rid ourselves of the dominating ego voice then the other voice does not become so little anymore. How this relates to eating meat I will get too further down. I agree that, as you said, eating meat is geographical just like religion is geographical. Or they both were geographical but now-a-days not so much with the advent of the internet and books.

    I am glad that you agree with the statement I made that we are were we are at this time. I agree that we need to take care of the playing field. Given that, we must be able to agree also that some people have no reverance for human life much less animals or the earth. All we can do, as you stated before, is worry about ourselves. Work on our own awareness and treat all life with compassion and dignity. I try my hardest not to hurt anyone or anything but yes I do eat meat. I will step over an ant on my way to the grill to cook my burgers as I give thanks to the cow spirit for its sacrifice. I feel very very bad about the suffering that the cow went through to get to where it is, on my grill, and that I wish things werent the way they are but they are. I love the cow for its meat and nurishment it brings me and it tastes good to boot, especially with cheese. If I could raise a cow in my back yard, treat it humanly, then when it is time, kill it humanely then I would but that is not possible. If I didnt grow up eating meat as a child then I wouldnt love hamburgers and steaks but I did. I am slowly “evolving” to a more vegetarian diet but it will take time.

    Evolution, I believe, is not only a physical trait but also a spiritual trait. If our spirits/souls were perfect would we be here in the first place, on this earth? Furthermore would we be discussing these ideas on a computer to a limited few. Or would we be as Jesus and Buddha preaching to the masses? From my point of view we are evolving spiritualy and, as I said before, evolving to our rightfull place with God. Unmasking the illusions to find the truth. Look at all the people who have no concept of their souls and live strictly through their egos. I was one of those people but something inside of me, that little voice, started telling me this wasnt the way to live. This wasnt the way to treat others and myself. You can say that that little voice inside of each of us is God. Some, unfortunately, cannot hear it or do hear it and just ignore it. From the sounds of it you heeded that little voice at a young age which I and a lot of others did not.

    Everything is the way its supposed to be does not lead to irresponsibilty in my eyes or eye. As I stated above, everybody has that little voice inside of them and some choose to ignore it and some do not. I cannot do anything about those that do not except tell them what they are doing. Then it is up to them to try and listen or not too, to the voice. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. You can tell people that having sex with minors is wrong and should not be done but some will ignore the advice and keep on doing it. You can tell people that cigarettes are bad for them but some keep smoking. You can only rely on yourself and count on yourself and if you, like I, want to live a life with compassion, integrity, love, forgiveness then it is ultimately your choice, nobody elses. That is were free will takes over. Each of us has the power to choose how we will react, respond to certain things every day, every minute, every second of our lives. We have the power to heed that inner voice or not. One day people will wake up to their little voices inside of them and start heeding it. Thats the master plan. We are all on our own individual master plan as well as a master plan for humanity. What we can do to help humanity is live through our own little voices inside of each one of us. I cannot do that for anyone else, wish I could though. So far, my little voice has not said stop eating meat. It does say to give thanks for the things I eat and that I do.

    Faith…..I have faith that the sun will rise tommorrow morning whether it be cloudy or clear sky. I have faith in knowing that even though I may go through some rough times in my life that it is for my own good, my growth, my evolution. I have faith in the things I read and learn are for my betterment. I have faith in a lot of things that I do not fear. I have faith in a lot of things I know to be true. I have faith that one day I will achieve the spiritual awareness that sits me beside God even though I am now but have not reached that evolution in my spirit yet to see. Faith is not fear based, it may be from your perspective but not mine. No offense taken, by the way.

    I agree with the duality statement. To be happy or unhappy, loved or unloved, to be in joy or to be joyless. They are all words or labels, if you will, just as God is a word or a label. Its all semantics if you ask me.

    “Rather than having faith or hope that things will fall into place I much prefer the state of knowing and I’m confident that we all will realize truth and permanency….”

    So you have faith that we all will realize truth and permanency, huh? Or is faith and confidence two entirely different things? Its all semanitcs I tell ya.

    “The antidote to all suffering is the transparent realization of truth, the eternal now. The realization that you never could, never were and never will be separated from that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. It’s an awakening to the actual reality that you never left the home you have always longed for.”

    I couldnt have said it better myself. It is a pleasure conversing with you Paul and you have been a stepping stone in my evolutionary path to the realazation of the truth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    May you walk in Peace my friend.

  21. Thank you for your kind words Chris. In essence what you said about words, labels and semantics is right on. That’s really the whole point and I’ll use your word for the sake of time in regards to typing because you know when I say GOD I mean that which is really nameless, changeless, formless, motionless, formless and boundless. Words just don’t meet the occasion when one is discussing that which transcends all words, labels, ideas and concepts in the world of form. When I use words like changeless, formless, boundless, nameless, motionless, etc, I am being descriptive not definitive as you can’t define that which transcend all language with a word. The real deal here is don’t try. Don’t try to understand what I’m saying with your mind with your brain. Don’t try to understand that which will never be understood within the context of ordinary understanding. The vast majority of people do live through their minds as their minds and through identification with their mind they come to believe that they are their mind and their mind believes that it is them. In actual reality you are not your mind, not your body, not your memories or your emotions, you are you and you are at one with GOD right now, you are at one with that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. Through transparent realizations one comes to know and understand the truth of their inherent divinity. More data, more books, more study, more religion, more words, more labels, more war, more medication, more, more, more and none of these things can provide what you long for. The impermanence of the temporal world is reflected in its unreliability so everyone in their heart longs for permanency and reliability.

    In regards to eating meat I give you credit for being consciously aware of what you’re doing while you’re doing it and at the very least you can honor what your are gaining from this animal. Unfortunately because of man’s interference you may be getting more than you bargain for but that’s another subject. And you’re right many people have been raised on eating meat and indoctrinated into certain ways of thinking. Of course, we are each responsible all the way down the line because it’s our movie and we are always seeking to reveal to ourselves what at some level we already know. In these emails as an example, I’m not imparting anything new to you or any mysterious secrets I’m putting things out there that approximate truth because that’s the best we can do in the physical realm. Real truth is permanency and in the physical realm all truth is relative to time, place, form and/or event. I’m using words primarily in a descriptive manner in order to help you to help yourself. Ultimately they could just as well be your words. I put things out there but you impose into them what you will, you response the way you decide to and everything I say means to you what it means to you. It’s all you.

    Now everybody does have a little voice within and I can agree with you to some degree. However for some people sometimes that voice is filtered through a very disturbed mind and what they often manifest in reality is not always positive for the majority of concerns. If a person lives as their mind through their mind then words, labels and language become very important. Because thoughts have physical universe energy words have a vibrational quality and can have a great deal of influence over a person’s experience of reality and the kind of reality they’re creating. If a person is living as SELF and has had a transparent realization of truth then that realization informs them of their true nature and their realization of permanency provides comfort and certainty in here and now. The eternal now is what is real, permanency is the eternal now. The past is in your mind and the future are in your mind. Awakening to the truth of who and what you are is a choice made in the present moment and in an instant you are realize your oneness with GOD. Being that you are one with GOD one with permanency you have never been and never will be separate from GOD but you can trick yourself into believing that you are by using your mind for purposes other than what it was created for in the first place.

    Faith . . . What is the sun? What is faith? What is tomorrow? What is weather? What is growth? What is spiritual awareness? What is the ego? What is consciousness? What is God? All of these are man made labels. In the end they are only what you impose into them. I take no offense with your viewpoint. For me it’s about me and for you it’s about you. Like you said it’s all a matter of semantics. This is mind activity and the mind wants words, labels, ideas, concepts, dramas, problems and things to organize and compartmentalize. The spiritual being knows and the mind evaluates. That’s how you can know if you’re being SELF or busy becoming through your mind. Just like we impose our personal agendas on other life forms if we live through our minds we often impose our human agendas on our real SELF our spiritual self. We have the free will to decide and make choices to realize our spiritual inheritance or we can play our games and sometimes we’ll get lost in the matrix of mind made illusions. One must never fear because permanency is always present in fact it is the present and regardless of when or how everyone will awaken to truth. I don’t often use the word faith because it has religious connotations for many people. Religions are beliefs systems and if you are living through your mind as your mind then everything is what you believe it is, at least for you and if you don’t believe that then that’s what it is for you. It’s a vicious circle. Whereas many people have faith because they believe something I have confidence because I know and that’s the real difference between the two terms. It’s all semantics as you said and I would caution anyone to never get lost in the words but instead feel the message and the vibration that is behind and beyond the words and labels. In terms of the mind in the world of form there really is no opportunity to know anything only things to know about. There’s a big difference between knowing and knowing about. One can read a million books about any subject and know a lot about it but that doesn’t mean they know anything. They basically know about a lot of other viewpoints on a particular subject.

    I am confident because I know for myself. I can’t know for you. I can’t be self realized for you. I’m confident because I know that truth was never untrue and can never be untrue. If I had faith I would be saying that I need faith in order to be confident. Yes I’m confident and more than that I’m joyous to know that you are that which you seek. At your very core you are the peace, love, joy and permanency you seek. These are not things outside of you. You are one with permanency not a temporary thing like a chair or a desk. You are correct to say it’s all semantics and as I’ve stated before what you call GOD and what I call that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless is beyond all things and transcends all ordinary understanding. It cannot be reduced down to a concept, an idea, a label or a thing.

    I don’t want to jump into a whole other gradient but I will tell you that you are one with GOD, and never are you in the world of form, not really not in the way we would think of in the world. GOD that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously and it’s center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. I am the center of GOD you are the center of GOD. Never under evaluate your value and self – worth, it’s an insult to the nameless force that you call GOD. You are not worthy and valuable because of what you own, what you do for a living, what kind of car you drive or your educational level you are worthy and valuable because of what and who you are as a spiritual being. What can be more worthy and valuable than that?

    Life is a game and it’s also full of traps. There are no evil people just people with screwed up minds and those people live through their minds as their minds and because of that fact they are willing to do what is interpreted as evil things. It comes down to choice and you can make that choice whenever you like it matters not because it is always the eternal now. When is presence absent? Never! When has permanency ever been impermanent? Never!

    It’s not so much about evolution as it is about recognition and realization. Regardless of what is taking place at the physical level one can take comfort in knowing that the essence of who and what they are remains untarnished. Being that you are one with GOD what can be added to you through your efforts here on earth? What can be subtracted from you? Being that GOD is that which is nameless, changeless, motionless, formless and boundless and you are one with GOD you can know that your are one with a perfect static. In essence you are a perfect static. So that being said what are you evolving toward? How does one change that which is changeless? What spiritual evolution does a changeless, static entity go through and if it is always the eternal now when does this evolution take place? Evolution requires time and time is an illusion.

    It is true that you can’t tell people what they can’t see because if they could see it you would have to tell them in the first place. Neither force nor threat really work when it comes to making someone behave differently. This is all very evident in our society today. However, by giving your attention to the present moment you can create the potential to have transparent realizations of truth and having done so you will travel through your linear daily life with a vibration that will send out ripples throughout the universe. A person who is aware that they are grounded in permanency creates a different reality and although it is a temporary dream it can be more than just a process of enduring. A person who believes they are grounded in impermanency often experiences a very chaotic life because everything at the level of form in the world of impermanence is in a constant state of change and in constant motion. Imagine being attached and identified with something that is always changing always moving. Now that makes for a challenging life.

    Peace is permanency and can never be threatened. GOD is peace, GOD is love, GOD is truth, GOD is joy. GOD is all. What then can threaten all?

    Have a great day today and everyday and thanks again for your kindness.

  22. Paul – Thank you for sharing your views with me and the rest of the people that read this blog.

    You say that one can read a lot of things and have only others perspectives on that subject that they are reading. Not that I disagree with you in what you have written but I must ask, how did you come to attain such knowledge and wisdom? Was it through reading others words and then getting to a point were you meditated on what you read and thus the real truth presented itself to you? Or were you just born an insightfull person and didnt have to read or do anything and it all just came to you one day? Who were you before you started on this path of unmasking the illusions? Were you living in the life of the illusions and something inside of you said that there has to be more to life than this?

    My point to these questions is to illustrate to you that you, I, and others are changing, growing, or evolving to a point were we no longer need to change, grow, or evolve because we finally get “IT”.

    We are finding out that we are that which we seek. We are already home and have never left. We are all Godlings having fun with ourself by percieving and experiencing. But to get to that point we must first be able to learn and grow with an open mind and open heart. We must evolve so we can change our perceptions.


    You say how can one evolve if we are already “IT”. If thats the case then what are these illusions that you speak of that we must see through to find our true nature? Furthermore, whats the point in seeing through these illusions if it were not to change, grow, evolve?

    If all is God, like peace, love, truth, and joy then following that logic then so to is war, hate, lies, and unhappiness. If thats not the case, then is not our job, mission, to change, grow, evolve to see that God is peace, love, truth, and joy? Should we not evolve, change, or grow, to a point where we see the real truth and not live the life of the mind, the ego where the hate and lies and divisivness originate? Then once we get to that point no further change is necessary. We see that we are changeless, formless, boundless, nameless, motionless, etc. and thats when the game ends. We realize that we have been like a dog chasing its tail and we finally got “IT” and now the circle is complete and we can now walk in peace and be confident of our permanancy.

    Once again, I am in agreement with you totally. I am just pondering all the other possibilites as I navigate this maze. Isnt “IT” a-MAZE-ing, this thing we call life.

    Have a great life my friend. Once again, Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  23. Chris, thank you for your comments and feedback. Real knowing isn’t based in knowledge about things it transcends knowledge in the normal way we think about knowledge. I have read many books over the years and many where insightful and inspiring. I never said that these things in the world of form were of no value. I said that ultimately the answers you seek will not be found in those places. How I came about what I know (not what I know about) is through my own intimate transparent realizations and wouldn’t apply to you or anyone else. I can tell you that I recognized at a young age that I enjoyed self inquiry and reflection. I have always enjoyed looking behind and beyond what is commonly called reality. The whole point is that awakening to truth is a transparent realization and if you attempt to verbalize your own realizations you must reduce what transcends words and language down to a concept, an idea. I am who I am who I was and who I always will be. The realization of truth is a matter of choice. Now many of us have made choices in this lifetime or another that we are no longer aware of at this moment. That’s what makes things difficult for some people. They made a postulate a decision as a spiritual being and at this time they are living through the agenda they’ve created as a human being. Sometimes these two agendas are quite different.

    Change, growth and evolution all take place in time and space. You as a spiritual being are never in time and space but you are able to create a location and pretend that you are and thus you can have a linear experience of life. Time is an illusion. The past and the future are in your mind but the eternal now is presence itself. Actually if you remove time from the equation there is nothing to resolve, no evolution to achieve, no growth that needs to take place. If you see yourself as needing to evolve, learn, change then you are living as your mind and your entire reality and experience of reality is a result of the filter of your mind. The mind desires learning about things, the mind desires drama, problems to figure on and to contrast and compare. The spiritual being knows and no figuring or analyzing is required.

    Yes perception is reality. I have my reality you have yours and everyone else has theirs and then there’s a shared reality. All these realities are temporal in nature and therefore are not real. Could something be real if it’s here today and gone tomorrow? Beyond all the temporary realities is actual reality. Permanency! Permanent means permanent it doesn’t mean more permanent than something else. Permanency is truth and it is permanency forever. No beginning and no end. Don’t try to understand all that I am saying with your mind. It’s absolutely fruitless to attempt to know and understand that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless through your mind with your intellect so that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless cannot be known in the way that we are use to knowing about things in the temporal world. A change in perception will simply create another temporal reality. No change in perception is necessary a transparent realization of truth is all that is required and no more, and it’s not even required it is a choice. Only you can decide to give your attention totally to the present moment. The present moment is in the world of form, time and space but if you choose to give all of your attention only to what you are doing in the present moment you will automatically create the potential to have transparent realizations of truth, permanency, love, whatever label you choose to apply. From what you’ve told me in the past it would be GOD.

    You are who you are who you’ve been and who you always will be. I sense you’re trying to understand all this with your mind with your brain and that will only prove to be fruitless. You may learn a lot about truth but you will not know truth for yourself as your SELF. We’re getting into some complexity here and it’s all really very simple. I will address your questions because I don’t want you to feel that I’m ignoring you. The illusions you asked about are the result of mind made constructs and various choices and group choices made by spiritual beings. It’s a bit of a game. Let me try to paint a picture. In your native state as an immortal spiritual being you know all that you need to know. Now if you weere having a linear experience where you knew everything and the outcome of all events and the outcome of your life, etc, etc, then you would have no game, no unknowns, no unpredictable actions. You are moving into areas where you have questions that only you can answer. If I told you my entire background in this lifetime or even others for all that matters, would you know anything more than you know right now? Not really. You would know more about me and you would know about me based upon your interpretation of what I said and you may even believe some of what I said but that’s quite different from knowing for yourself as your SELF.

    Let me say I really like the last paragraph of your blog. I can actually feel that you do get it but I can see that you are struggling with your mind because your mind really wants to understand it and it’s exasperating to the mind. As we’ve discussed in other blogs. What you call GOD is that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. You are one with GOD I am one with GOD and everyone else is one with GOD. What we call war, hate, lies and unhappiness could just as well be called anything else. Wonder if you saw someone do something terrible to someone else but then you suddenly saw the entire background of each person involved perhaps going back a hundred lifetimes or so? Perhaps you’d feel differently about what you felt was this terrible thing this person was doing. Perhaps it would suddenly make sense. We labeled these things through our minds because we are all one yet we are also individual spiritual beings with free will and a tremendous gift called the power of choice. Because it is always now and presence is never absent you can only awaken now not at some point in the future because when that point arrives it will be now. It’s okay to work on yourself, learn, evolve, whatever you want to call it. As you once said it’s all semantics. That being said you want to do it as your SELF and not as your mind. For example if you take the point of view that enlightenment requires years and years of work, meditation, reading, study, worship, workshops, sacrifice, suffering, etc, then you a setting yourself up for failure because it can only happen now, in this instant. In other words you will always be waiting for some event to come at some point when you’ve invested enough time, suffering, energy, money, etc. At some point in the future you will be enlightened or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately that won’t happen because in the above example you have already decided that it’s going to happen in the future and when the future arrives at any point it will be now. Very tricky stuff!

    As you said it is AMAZING! At the level of mind in the temporal world things can get quite complex but you as a spiritual being are not about any of those things you are a creator of things but not a thing yourself. You are not energy of the kind we find in the physical realm but you can create energy. In actual reality you are so much more than you could ever know through your mind. I don’t want you to get the idea that the mind is a bad thing but it’s designed to be used as a way for you to communicate with your environment. In that sense it can be a very useful tool on the other hand it is not the essence of who and what you are.

    Your mind isn’t really interested in you knowing because GOD or that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless offers no events, dramas, data, past or future, just the eternal now and nothing more. If you STOP right now, get your SELF very still physically and mentally, give your attention to the silence between sounds, give your attention to space. Sense the quality of that arises as a result of giving your attention only to the moment.

    Give your attention to the present moment whether you’re brushing your teeth or taking a walk and you will create the potential for the realization of truth. Many people have had realizations of truth but then they try to understand what happened through their mind and the mind will want to pump you up and tell you how great you are and how powerful the experience was but a realization is not an experience it’s totally transparent and the mind can’t grasp that so will seek to reduce a realization down to an experience that can be labeled, interpreted and understood at the level of mind. The more you fully realize who and what you are the more your mind will resist until finally it releases its grip feeling that it is up against a much more powerful adversary. That would be you and you are at one with GOD, that which is nameless, changeless, formless, motionless and boundless. What is bigger, more powerful than all?

    Ultimately the answers you seek must arise from within your SELF. I can put things out there but it’s all up to you. I will say that acceptance and transcendence have played huge roles in my linear journey. I’m sure you noticed that pleasurable experiences are fleeting and that’s because there’s a desire on your part to accept what IS. Although reality it a temporary dream one would be silly to fight with what already IS in reality because one would be fighting with what isn’t real. On the flip side what we often call painful experiences seem to have more endurance and that’s relates to the amount of resistance you may have towards a certain scenario. When we see something as a negative the mind desires to change it, fix it, alter it or change it. This adds complexity and solidity to this reality and by giving it your attention in this manner you actually give it endurance. Do your best to accept what IS and because the physical realm is always changing even what you interpret as a negative thing will transform on its own.

    The answers you seek will arise from within your SELF and as long as you know that then reading books and doing other things in your pursuit of truth is just fine. For example, you may not get the answers you seek from a book but on occasion there’s a quality to the vibration behind and beyond the words that can awaken a seed that I feel is within everyone. Then you may have realizations, epiphanies, what have you but you must remember you picked up the book, you interpreted the words, you felt the vibration and you revealed to yourself what you have always known.

    I wish you all the best and I can feel you really have a desire and intention to know and because of that you will. It is amazing and a miracle that we can even have these discussions. That in and of itself is reason enough to be grateful.

    Remember it’s not about the words. It’s not even about the space between the words. It’s about that which allows the space to be.

  24. Genesis 3:21 And the Lord God made clothing out of animal skins for Adam and his wife.

    Genesis 9:1:2:3 God blessed Noah and his sons and told them, “multiply and fill the earth. All the wild animals, large and small, and all the birds and the fish will be afraid of you. I have placed them in your power. I have given them to you for food just as I have given you grain and vegetables.

    My opinion is that if God said that it is ok to eat of the animals then who are we to say its not?

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