Donald Trump Said WHAT?!…

So today, Donald Trump delivered yet another terrible bombshell.

Donald Trump said WHAT?!

Some people are ecstatic, some people are livid.

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing we can all agree upon is that he is almost certainly the most controversial president in American history. And he seems pretty happy with that situation.

And of course, you either get all worked up at this latest outrage. Or else, you are nodding with glee because he “says it like it really is.”

Either way, we all get very vexed about things and people we cannot possibly affect, but which seem to make our lives more meaningful, because they give us things to like and stand for. And just as importantly, things and people to hate.

Speaking personally, I gave up on politics over 20 years ago. I think the last time I voted was in 1997 in the UK election that brought Tony Blair and the Labour Party in. What a disappointment he turned out to be in the long-run. (Yes, Americans friends. Believe it or not, he is loathed by half of the UK population!)

For me though, it was just part of a pattern and the final straw. I don’t personally regard the UK democratic system, or any democratic system for that matter, to work well enough to be worth bothering with. But I guess that’s just me.

So, where am I going with all this?…

Well, politics is another system of entertainment and distraction. It gives us the illusion that we have power, and that we really matter to the powers that be. So, you may waste hours queuing up every four years to exercise your “power” only to end up disappointed as always. The opposite is generally the real truth of the matter: you have no real power, just the illusion of it.

Whenever we take our minds off of what we can really affect, which is basically ourselves and our own personal growth, and focus it on externals –  be it politics, improving other people, the latest blockbuster movie, or whatever – we give away our power and distract ourselves.

When you focus on your mind, thoughts and behavior however – THERE, you have real power if you could but learn to recognize and use it.

Really, what higher purpose could there be than to be the very best you can possibly be? Could there be anything more worthwhile than perfecting your own skills and talents and bringing them to the world for the benefit of all?

Instead, the world teaches us to dribble away our power and attention on things that we cannot change, e.g. Donald Trump. If you really want to develop Your Inner Greatness, there are skills to doing that. You have to let go of fear, build self-confidence, create a clear vision and pursue it, and more. All of these can only develop if your mind focuses on what really matters, not on extraneous externals.

That should be your goal and purpose. Is that really so difficult?


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  1. Well I have been with AKS world right from 2001. Then, I had been in and out like that on certain periods and even now I get a mail occasionally from AS. In my earlier years I used to participate in the “discussion forum” related to personal development. I still remember one topic which AS himself initiated in the forum” why dumb guys get rich and smart one’s remain poor” It was really interesting. I added up that the smart one’s finally end up working for the dumb guy.

    • Asoka Selvarajah

      Paul, I replied to you in more detail via email. Hope you get it. Thank for your kind words here! Regards, Asoka

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