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Creating Space For Your Life.

If you are like most people, you may be suffering from mental
clutter. This is a mind filled with stuff that does not serve you
and drags you down instead of lifting you up.

While most people are aware of what is meant by physical clutter,
and the negative psychological effects the presence of such
physical junk can have, fewer people are aware of the clutter
contained between their ears. Yet, it is precisely this mental
clutter that can thwart so many of your dreams before they even
have a chance to be born.

Is your mind full of stuff that does not really serve you and
takes you nowhere at all? Or is it clear, targeted and focused?
The difference between these two states of mind is as different
as night and day. Only you can really tell where your mind rests
right now.

What is mental clutter anyway?

It can be many things…. To-do lists you insist on keeping in
your head. Grudges against other people. Mental shortcuts that
don’t serve you, such as a tendency to instantly jump to a
negative judgmental way of thinking in the face of any new
challenge. Subtle ways of short-circuiting your energies, such as
thinking of all the things that could go wrong with a potential
new venture, and therefore not even commencing it in the first
place. Habit patterns inherited from people long forgotten that you

nevertheless faithfully follow like one hypnotized.

Moreover, mental clutter also arises from the necessities of
daily living; everyday worries and concerns, holiday and house
plans, too much TV, and a ton of other things that people
unconsciously allow to fill their brains.

The conscious mind can only take so much. Once it is is filled
with garbage, there is little or no room left for the good stuff;
the stuff that really gets you places. That is one major cause
for people remaining exactly where they are in life.

If you ever take time out to examine the contents of your mind,
you will probably be amazed at just how much mental clutter there

What can you do about it?…

(1) Get clear that the clutter is there in the first place.

This means that you must be willing to take a good hard look at
your habitual thinking. What are your thinking habit patterns?
If you continually feel mentally drained, WHY? What is draining
your mental and emotional energy? Where is it being drained off

(2) Identify the mental clutter that is present.

Honest self-examination is the only way. You have to be willing
to take time to examine your own internal mental states. What is
your mind full of? Practical preoccupations and fears?
Insecurity? Deep-seated grudges against people and society?

It is different for each person. What is holding you back? Just
as physical clutter cleaning requires you to go about the house
and identify stuff you haven’t used for years, that is lying
there and gathering dust, so too does the process of mental
clutter clearing require a similar effort.

Your mental clutter is individual to you, as is your physical
clutter. And by the way, the two are very closely related. If you
want to get some clues on your mental clutter, take a look at
your physical junk!

(3) Take definite steps to reduce and finally eliminate your
mental clutter.

This is easier than it sounds. However, it can be done. Becoming
aware of your clutter is critical, because you cannot remedy
something you do not know exists. Once you are aware of it,
retain that awareness in your mind and watch for the clutter
whenever it comes up.

You may wish to use some sort of meditation or visualization
process to remove the mental hang-up. There are many such
available. Also, many of the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (NLP) can be very useful in this respect.

This step will definitely take time, as our minds are far more
occupied with junk than we dare admit or imagine. As you chuck
some of it out, more will rise to the surface. In a sense, this
is a never-ending life task…

(4) Continue back to step (1).

In other words, continue to identify the mental garbage and
unhelpful habit patterns. Frankly, just doing a simple process
like this will place you way ahead of the vast majority of the
population, who have little or no idea of the heaps of festering
stuff lying dankly between their ears.

If you can clear your mental clutter, you create space within you
for wonderful things to happen. That is why it is a vital
activity, and one you need to commence today and continue forever
throughout your life.

Remember that the quality of your life begins with the quality of
your thoughts. Make sure that your mental life is the best it can
be. You will surely see the results in your outer life as well.

Copyright Asoka Selvarajah . All Rights Reserved.

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