Communing With The Universe – The Power Of Oracles

Until recently, scientists were giving us an increasingly
mechanistic view of the Universe. The “billiard ball” model of
reality – namely, that certain knowable causes always give rise
to certain predictable effects – increasingly dominated all
areas of our society. Scientists expected that one day, they
would have a complete explanation for ALL phenomena. God
increasingly became the “god of the gaps” – the gaps that
Science could not explain….yet.

However, the advent of Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory in
particular have ended that dream forever. Instead of speaking
of certainties and laws, we must now deal with probabilities
(i.e. likelihood’s) and a constant interplay between Order and
Chaos. Royal Society Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, now threatens
to upset the established scheme even further with his theory
that there are in fact no “Laws of Nature”, but rather
ingrained habits built up through countless repetitions!

So everything in Science is in a dramatic state of flux – one
that has yet to feed down to the layman. Most people are still
caught in the 19th century hangover of Scientific Rationalism.
This loosely states that the only things that exist are those
that can be verified experimentally, and that logic is the only
valid function of the brain for determining true knowledge
about reality. This notion still pervades all areas of society.

However, it is an utterly false one. In truth, the universe is
increasingly revealed to be a place of profound mystery. The
more scientists discover, the more they gasp at the immensity
that remains to be discovered. In truth, the Universe is
something incomprehensibly complex; from the smallest
sub-atomic particle to the vast dimensions of galactic
super-clusters. It defies the finite capacities of our minds.

Moreover, for those who have eyes to see, the universe is
also revealing itself to be a place of infinite intelligence.
Whether it be Dr. Deepak Chopra telling us about the incredible
wisdom stored within the Human Body, or Geo-Physicist James
Lovelock postulating that the entire Earth can realistically be
considered a single living organism – Gaia – many scientists
are embracing a holistic approach to reality at all scales. 

Within this new reality of the universe as BEING, the ancient
methods of perception emerge once more as potentially valid
ways of examining reality. In particular, the ancient method of
the Oracle deserves our re-appraisal. 

Long maligned by Science as contemptible outdated nonsense, and
by mainstream Religion as the work of the devil, Oracles
nevertheless enjoyed a long and respected history in the
Ancient World and throughout prehistory. Science has rightly
put an end to such notions as the flat Earth hypothesis, and
the belief that earthquakes and storms are the work of
unappeased gods. However, Oracles – such as the I Ching and
Tarot – seem as resilient today in our modern technological
civilization as they ever were. Ironically, Astrology even uses
the latest computer technology to do its work far more
efficiently and quickly than has ever been possible before!

Before we discount this tendency as solely limited to the realm
of the feeble-minded, we should remember that no less a mind
than the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, took Oracle
systems VERY seriously indeed and worked extensively with the I
Ching and the Tarot. It is an indisputable fact that numerous
Investment Banks around the world use Financial Astrology to
assist in their trading decisions. Moreover, the brilliant 19th
century banker, J.P. Morgan – whose bank bears his name and is
today one of America’s most prestigious financial institutions
– is famously quoted as saying, “Millionaires don’t believe in
Astrology. Billionaires do.”

Hence, despite the ravages of Science and Religion, Oracle
systems remain popular and robust in mainstream society, and
are espoused by genius and simpleton alike. Why is this? Why
have they not gone the same way as belief in Santa Claus or

Might the reason for their persistence be that Oracles are a
legitimate and valid function of the human brain? Could it be
that, like concepts of conscious and subconscious, and the
left-handed and right-handed functions of the brain, there is
actually a part of your brain that is hard-wired to receive and
process information in an oracular manner?

This notion might seem revolutionary. However, it is not
at all unreasonable. Recall our earlier discussion about how
Science seems to be revealing the universe to be a place of
Infinite Intelligence and Being. What if the Cosmos really does
function through Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences), as
Deepak Chopra’s SynchroDestiny work and James Redfield’s “The
Celestine Prophecy” suggest? Would it then be unreasonable to
postulate that Nature might have directly hard-wired into us a
means to perceive Reality this way? 

It is not unreasonable at all. In fact, it is quite likely.

This would explain how Oracles thrive despite Rationalism’s
best efforts to eliminate them. You cannot eradicate a
legitimate function of the human brain through argument any
more than you can insist that everyone’s right leg is a useless
physical leftover from a primitive past!

So where does this leave us? Quite simply, the Oracle is where
our individual soul touches the Soul of the Universe. Whereas
logic speaks to the scientific/logical left side of our brain,
the oracle communicates information from the heart of the
universe, through symbol and image, direct to the
artistic/symbolic right-side. Each of us is bombarded daily from
society with logical/scientific input. We need to redress the
balance by stimulating and using the artistic/symbolic right-side
of the brain. This will in turn enhance our overall capacity to
function in life. Oracles systems like the I Ching and Tarot can
help us do that.

In doing so, we need not approach with an attitude of deep
fear, as if we are about to lose our souls. Such fears were
propagated by established religion for purely political
reasons. After all, if you are truly able to obtain essential
knowledge and communion with the Source/God directly, why
would you need the expensive trappings of large buildings, the
priesthood and regular financial donations?

Rather, we should remember that serious scientists like Jung made
studies of the Tarot and I Ching, in line with his studies of
Symbolism and the Human Mind. Moreover, the latest scientific
revelations of the Universe show it to be a place of meaning and
incomprehensible intelligence. Thus, Oracle systems – which seem
so in tune with these discoveries – acquire a legitimacy and
basis of credibility that they could never have had in previous
centuries when these facts were unknown.

Hence, you should choose an oracle and use it regularly. The
Tarot and I Ching are particularly recommended. Write your
results down in your Journal. Regular use will exercise this
vital brain function. Like anything that is exercised
regularly, this brain function will strengthen and improve and
give you increasingly reliable results. In doing so, you
strengthen your intuition and put yourself in direct contact
with the Source of the Universe itself.

Copyright 2000, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.


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