Chinese New Year 2011 (But Valid EVERY Year!)

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I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Rabbit.

Coming as it does so soon after our own traditional New Year, I find the Chinese New Year to be like  a second chance, a prod in the ribs, if I have fallen behind on the goals I have set myself for the New Year. Actually though, this principle can work at any, time of the year. There is no reason to ever give up on your goals or wait until the following year to set new resolutions. You can make any day your own personal “New Year”, i.e. the day that you decide to start afresh and really focus on achieving what means the very most to you.

The other thing that is most useful about the Chinese New Year, for me at any rate, is the Feng Shui aspects to it. I have been practicing Feng Shui, the art of placing items in strategic places around the home in order to maximize beneficial influences and minimize negative forces (e.g. the Three Killings and Grand Duke Jupiter), for a number of years now. Now, whether you are skeptical about the efficacy of this practice or not, the fact is that it does focus the mind and gives you rituals to perform that symbolically tunes your mind towards what you want to achieve in your life. It turns your home into a symbolic and sacred space. Esoterically, it reinforces that YOU are the center of power in your life, and that you can conduct and use the invisible spiritual energies around you to manifest in the physical world, for good or for ill.

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Hence, for the spiritually-oriented Chinese over the millennia, the New Year was not just a time to eat, drink and be merry. It was a time of deep spiritual significance. Of course, the Chinese New Year is based upon the lunar calendar and each Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon. This is why, unlike the traditional New Year which is based on the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year always begins on a different day each year. New Moon is traditionally seen as an excellent time to initiate a new enterprise as the symbol of the waxing moon moving to fullness is auspicious for any project begun on that day, which will hopefully do precisely the same thing.

There is a lot of power in correct Timing for any enterprise. Esoterically oriented people are very aware of this. New Years are thus particularly good periods for beginning new projects and endeavors. This is doubtless the origin of the traditional “New Year’s resolution”.

I find that in doing my Feng Shui at this time, although it is physically exhausting because there is so much to do, I am putting my physical body into symbolic service to my goals and my life in the wider sense. By placing these symbolic objects around the home, I am understanding that my inner being works off of a deeply symbolic way of functioning, as evidenced by the fact that our subconscious mind speaks to us in our dreams purely in symbols and stories. I am putting myself in tune with that greater energy and communication mode by which the universe itself communicates. In a real sense, I am communicating back to the universe via my Feng Shui in a language that it can interpret and understand. As my mind, body and spirit commune together in this highly symbolic ritual performed at a highly significant time period, I am cooperating with spiritual principles and energies to maximize my chances of success and minimize whatever negative energies may be set against me.

All of this means that one is being conscious and mindful of ones life and one’s interaction with the unseen forces that lie behind it. However, whether you wish to practice some sort of spiritual ritual like Feng Shui, or just want to recognize the benefit of a new start demarked by a time period such as a New Year, the benefits of being deliberate and purposeful and finding an excuse to do so in order to move your life forward are many.

So, I wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year and every success for your goals and dreams in this Year of the Rabbit!


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