Broke Your New Year Resolutions Yet?…

How are your New Year resolutions going?…

Well, it’s halfway through January as I write this. So, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably already given up on your New Year Resolutions. And that’s if you set them in the first place!

Why do most New Year Resolutions FAIL?…

Why do people set out to do better for themselves, go at it with gusto. And then… simply give up?

Psychologists can probably give us several complex answers. And there are doubtless lots of research studies done over the years to cast light on this mystery. But surely, one possible reason could be this one?…

At a deep enough level, people just don’t really see it as possible for them. In other words, it’s in fundamental conflict with who they really are inside, or who they picture themselves becoming.

If you fundamentally see yourself as a fat person, then no amount of dieting will make you thin for very long. Why? Because it is not who you are. This means that if your goals and resolutions are in fundamental conflict with your inner image of yourself, then they are unlikely to be achieved.

And that of course, eventually spells frustration, loss of self-confidence, and less energy for succeeding at what you set for yourself next time around.

So, if this idea is true, you have two possibilities to resolve the matter, it seems to me:

(1) Change the self-image within so that it is congruent with your goals and dreams.

(2) Change the goals and dreams so that they are congruent with the self-image you already have.

Most self-help programs focus on (1) and that’s fine. However, there can be a huge amount of value to (2) as well. And not so many people talk
about that!

You see, there are some things that come naturally to you. Things that are easy for you, that you think nothing of, but would make other people shake with fear. Much of the time, our educational system gears itself on focusing on weaknesses. You may get little appreciation for things you do well, from parents and teachers, but a lot of focus on what you do poorly.

So, we get this idea that we should do everything well. Not so. Some people are simply better at certain things that others are. So, really, they should focus upon that i.e. strengthen your strengths and get other people to do what you are weak at for you.

The problem is though, that not many people truly know themselves in an objective way. And getting feedback from others can also be problematic. It’s can be filled with bias and hidden motivations.

For myself, one tool that has shed immense light upon my inner being is Numerology. I first did my own analysis out of a book, and was astounded by how insightful and accurate it was. It really described the whole of me, better than I might have done myself.

The first step to really setting goals and resolutions that will work, according to method (2), is to find out who you are, what your purpose is here, and what your skills and talents (and weaknesses) are. But how?

Well, I do an extremely powerful Personality Profile and Forecast Numerology Report that can do just that.

Once you have this information, you are then well set to setting goals and resolutions that resonate with you and make sense to your inner being. Why not give it a try?

Yes, it may seem a bit zany to some people to turn to Numerology to better understand yourself. But the fact it, it’s hard to find a more accurate and perceptive system. I’ve done other psychological personality assessments over the years. But the results from Numerology stand up there with the best of them.

If you don’t believe that, check out all these comments other people made about their reports. And like I said, knowing yourself truly leads to setting better goals and new year resolutions; the kind you are more likely to follow through on!

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