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Announcing New Psychic Powers Blog!

I’ve started a new blog about psychic reading, and psychic
power etc. It’s going to have a combination of posts about the
subject, fascinating book excerpts, as well as links to articles
about psychic powers on other sites.

Although I am still developing the site, there are already quite
a few posts on it. You can see an interesting example here:

Psychic Health, Psychic Ability, & The Buddha

and you’ll also find links to the other posts so far on the
right-hand side column (you have to scroll down a bit). I would
also love YOUR psychic stories, anecdotes, or anything else
related, and I’ll post this to the blog too! Just email them to
the usual address on the aksworld.com website.

By the way, if you have a blog software program (e.g.
FeedBurner), you can subscribe to the blog to be automatically
notified of new posts to it! It will be updated frequently.

Best Wishes,

Asoka Selvarajah


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  1. A number of people have said that they have had strange visions. What does it really mean? Should they feel special? It might be a state of the mind or something different.

  2. I had a vision about things larger than myself and did not know what to make of it. Someone said that it was devine inspiration, others said that it was just a dream, others still, that I had finally awakened. I thought that there should be some scientific explanation for it.

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