An Amazing Story….

An amazing thing happened the other day…

As the preamble to this, I think I should mention that I am VERY
protective of my two cats, Hermes and Shelley. Anyone who knows
me probably thinks I go to absurd lengths. However, they are
basically my sons, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

One thing is that they never go outside by themselves. I take
them for walks in the garden with a collar and lead. The rest of
the time, when they want to be outside, they can stay out on the
two balconies of the house’s upper floor.

Anyway, here’s what happened…

It was close to midnight, and I had just changed into my pajamas
to go to bed. I’d left Hermes, my eldest, out on the front
balcony by himself and so I went out to call him in. However, he
was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw to my horror that the balcony
gate, opening onto the staircase down to the garden, was ajar.

Hermes had disappeared in the middle of the night!

I rushed frantically back in and got dressed. With torch in
hand, I rushed down to the garden and started calling for him. We
have a pretty big garden, and I searched everywhere to no avail.

I thought, maybe he has gone down to the main road (which would
be dangerous with all the cars, and the fact that he had never
been down there by himself). So, in pitch darkness, and with the
torch failing already, I made my way down there.

My state of mind was anxious. Not only does Hermes not go out by
himself, he does not know the area outside of our garden well,
since we moved to this house from elsewhere. By contrast, Shelley
DOES, because he came to us from this area one night, as a stray
or abandoned cat.

Anyway, no Hermes. The Utterly Beautiful & Extraordinarily Intelligent Hermes

I returned to the house, getting really anxious by then. And
then, just as I came through the entrance drive, I saw him
crouched down at the corner of the house. He’s an incredibly
smart boy, and had probably never left in the first place. As he
saw me coming, he disappeared again, which prompted another
minute of concerned searching until I finally located him on the
staircase leading back to the balcony.

He led me back up, I closed the gate, and all was well. He got a
big hug and kisses, and a mild telling off about how worried I
had been. When he came into the house, Shelley rushed to greet
him. Hermes then lay down full length on his side in the corridor
and remained like that for five minutes or more. I imagine that
it had been stressful for him too, or else he was concerned by
the level of agitation he had caused me.

However, here’s the eerie thing, and the whole reason for telling
you this story…

I was thinking about how dark it was outside, and the fact that I
would never have found him out on the land. Then I asked myself,
but isn’t there a moon today? Then I recalled that the news had
said there would be a total lunar eclipse that night.

I wondered if it had begun or was still on, or was finished. So I
searched for the moon and, sure enough, there it was… a dim red

Then I realized something really amazing. I had been searching
for Hermes precisely during the period of totality of this lunar

Now, apart from the fact that the gate being open remains a total
mystery to me, as it definitely hardly ever happens… apart from
the fact that the last time Hermes had been accidentally out by
himself was in October 2003 (i.e. almost never)… and apart
from the fact that total lunar eclipses are extremely rare… and
apart from the fact that there just happened to be one that
very night…

Hermes had gone missing and I had gone hunting for him precisely
during the period of totality! What are the odds of something
like that happening by chance?!…

And as if that was not enough, it just so happened that March 3rd
2007 was my mother’s 75th birthday too! It’s also the day her own
mother was buried thirty one years ago.

Honestly, this is synchronicity at its most uncanny.

It’s like every so often, the universe decides to remind you that
there is more to it than meets the eye. It’s like I’m being
reminded that this is truly a universe of meaning, of
intelligence, of inter-connection. Perish the thought that it is
just a random bunch of molecules and energy, governed purely by
the laws of chance!

If you have eyes to see, you can truly open to the psychic nature
of the universe.

This incident was a reminder to me of all of this, as well as the
need to take the time to value those we love as, at any minute,
they could be taken away… even by the most unlikely sequences
of events.

I share this story with you in order to give you some inspiration
that we do live in a universe of meaning. Ponder it for yourself.

This means that it is capable of responding to you, in line with
your predominant thoughts and wishes. A story like this, and
those you experience for yourself, will hopefully inspire you to
live with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the mystery that
surround us in every moment of our lives.

Copyright 2007. Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

About Asoka Selvarajah

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose.Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. Hi Asoka,

    I’m very glad that Hermes was safe!

    What an amazing story! It’s true that we all too often take things for granted or don’t stop to appreciate the complexity of which we are a part.

    Everything is truly related and intertwined with everything else. It’s an incredible universe. 🙂

  2. Smart Cat. Beautiful cat. Interesting garden.

    Maybe he wanted you out watching the eclipse. Stranger things have happened. We were socked in by weather.

  3. Dr. Khalil Rashad-Alaji

    I was delignted to hear this story. It reminds me that we are all given the natural equipment to really take advantage of the synchronicity and responsiveness of our meaningful universe . This equipment I speak of, is our human ‘instincts and intuition’. In my upcoming book, I share some practical ways to mindfully tap into this dynamic duo of power, spirit and personal transformation, which will help us tune into our “universe of meaning”.

  4. Greetings from Belgium Asoka,
    I really felt for you and am glad that Hermes was safe and sound. I have a 15 year old cat, Sputnick, who hardly goes out but he has also ‘disappeared’ occasionally, giving me a near heart attack. I agree that we do need to appreciate things in life (even our cats – although to some people it may seem stupid), we never know what is round the corner. It was a strange but beautiful evening, I watched the eclipse (the weather was clear for once) and it was wonderful. It’s good to hear from you again – you seem to have taken a ‘back seat’ recently. All the best and I look forward to your next e-mail.
    Kind regards,

  5. I am happy that Hermes was fine. we, too, have a 14 year old cat and use a leash to walk her.

    You are correct. everything and everyone is connected at some level.

  6. Animals are a good source of metaphysical energy. I can relate to your feelings about your cats because that is exactly how I feel about my dog. Her name is Sonja Sunshine and she truly is my daily dose of “goofy, comedic” sunshine. God Bless You All!!

  7. Hi Asoka, I’d like to tell my own story of synchronicity. I’m a writer and had just finished the third book of a trilogy for young adults entitled “The Eye of the Mandala”.In the second of the series which was called “Secret of the Scrolls” the heroine is given a set of 8th century Tibetan scrolls by a Tibetan lama which she brings home to England for her adopted sister who is half Tibetan but since she was adopted by English parents doesn’t speak Tibetan. I had set the “Mandala” in the future where religion is banned and so these scrolls are looked on with great suspicion by the authorities,they are even more suspiciious when the young adopted sister suddenly finds she can miraculously translate these 8th century scrolls.
    Weeks after finishing the first draft I was invited with other writers to explore the archives of Northampton museum to discover an item we could write about and have our creative piece exhibited next to our discovered item.
    At first I could find nothing of interest to me but was drawn to a box labelled ‘Amulets’ and asked to open it. At the bottom of the box under layers of tissue paper lay a two foot long leather bound set of 8th century Tibetan scrolls about which the museum had no knowledge, it was a complete mystery to them how came to be there and wasn’t even catalogued. I would like to send you the photograph of the scrolls which I photographed and sent up to the British library for translation but don’t think I can attach it here. Margaret.

  8. Dear Asoka,

    I am so very Happy that All Is Well That Ends Well!

    Hurrah for Hermes – we have 3 Cats = Children = Adorable Babies! We, also, are Most Protective of Tobie, Timmy, Cacahouette … Tammy (in Spirit).

    Super Sharing, Asoka. Thank You!

    God Bless!

    In Loe and Light



    Rev. Dr. Garry
    Pastor, Metaphysician, Life Coach, Psychotherapist

  9. I totally agree with you that nature has her own mystic ways of doing things. Its great that you saw synchornicity, at times we go without detecting it. What more to say animals are the most sensitive to nature.
    May God bless you

  10. I see alot of 3s there. To me 3s are a sign of a higher power. March 3rd, your mother’s birthay,and your grandmother death. See what you would have missed if Hermes hadn’t got out. Sometimes we do need a wake call to tell us to stop and smell the roses. My daughter was murdered 10 years ago and I get busy with life and forget to value the little things. Then something happens like getting this E-mail from you with your amazing story. That little nudge.I loved it! I have a beagle dog and he is like a son who puts me a state when he takes off.Thanks

  11. What a beautiful cat. I think he is spoilt very much. I have one who has tuxedo markings also, only he is dark grey, runs the house. His name is Oscar.

  12. hi asoka that was a very interesting story about hermes , as we know cats are very pychic and do things unexspectadly we had alovely russian blue who was very affectionate he used to sit on our knee and in five minutes was right under our chins licking our faces . he also used to bite our ankles when we came back from holidays just to show us he did not like us going away , they do have an affinity with us . ron

  13. amazing!!! i had no cat but dennis died on 2006. before his death his mom came and warned me. it was bright morning at about 5-40AM all are in the house wake up except i . i usually wake up6-30AM. his mom nudged with nose on my elbow i wake up found denis vomiting worms.he died on april 16th . his mom died 10th april 2004

  14. Hi Asoka,
    A thoughtful insight from Hermes for you. Sounds like you needed an active reminder to me. I have two cats, in years much younger than me, in wisdom they own the crown. Its good to reflect as lesson’s are learnt. We speak of complexity,synchornicity,mysticism etc yet eaisly forget just how simply life flows. I’m pleased Hermes is safe for your sake but by the sounds of it was never in any danger in the first instance.Wishing you many more years of companionship together x

  15. Hi Asoka, I can totally relate to your experience with Hermes because I have a 17-year old cat named Smoo who loves to visit her neighbors. When she visits the neighbors she always goes to the darkest areas of the yard or hides underneath the bushes.

    Remember, even though we can’t see on a moonless night, cats are hunters and can see very well in the dark.

    She is my dollgirl kittycat Miss Smoo! 🙂

    I am glad Hermes was safe, and you were relieved from anxiety!


  16. That’s it Dr. Asoka Selvarajah.
    The astonishing “coincidences” (yes I know there are no coincidences – so the quotations marks) who happens in our lives in a daily basis and many times in the most insignificant details remind us that exists a background frame, and now with all the readings in sites like yours, I acknowledge it is due the fact that all is connected.

    And now about cats.
    I have neither dogs nor cats (or better to say: I have no dogs and I’m not owned by any cats – because cats don’t have masters, they have staff) but I always considered the cat as a unique being able to have a behaviour superior to many people.
    Many great classic writers penned great phrases in praise of the cats, and I don’t resist to cite one by Mark Twain who somewhat matches my opinion:
    “If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.”

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