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Welcome to the Amrita Healing Energy Prayer Group. I created this group in response to personally witnessing the power of prayer in my life and that of my mother.

Through the prayers of hundreds of people worldwide, and excellent medical attention of course, she came back from the brink of death after an extremely difficult cancer operation. It can only be called miraculous. The doctors were all amazed.

My Mother Amrita (with Hermes my cat); brought back from the point of death through the power of prayer.

You can read the full story here of what happened to her.

It is my hope that this healing prayer group can do the same for many other people. Health challenges can be frightening, confusing and very lonely experiences, especially for the person as well as for all concerned. This healing prayer and energy group is here to make a difference in just those situations.

How To Submit A Prayer Request

If you, or someone you know, is undergoing serious illness, surgery, bereavement, or is close to suicide at this time, and you are in need of prayer/healing energy to be sent, then please feel free to Contact Us and submit your  prayer request. Important: Please give as much detail as possible about the situation that you need support with. You MUST submit:

(1) your first name and surname, as well as the first name and surname of the person being prayed for;

(2) the city and country of the person being prayed for;

(3) the specific condition/situation that prayer is being requested for.

This is NOT to be intrusive. Getting a prayer request from “Joanna”, asking us to pray for her “sister-in-law” is FAR too vague (and this sort of request happens all too often). It’s a big planet.

Note that this prayer group does NOT exist to help you get a better job, or find a new girl/boyfriend (although these are perfectly wholesome objectives). It is here purely and simply for those in desperate need with health crises.

Obviously the name of the person needing prayer/healing energy is important, as is some brief description of the challenge being faced. This information will then be shared by email with the people who have pledged to pray and send energy to whomever asks for it. In general, your email address is NOT shared. However, if you would like to receive some direct email support and encouragement, then feel free to supply your email address and state that you give me your permission to share it with the healing group.

The Mystic Visions Discussion Board also has a section where prayer requests may be posted directly. If you prefer, you can post your request here. The reason for the board is that it allows members of the healing group to also post messages of encouragement back to the person in need, and allows you to interact by giving up to date information. You can either post direct to the board or, when you email me your prayer request, you can  give me permission to also copy it to the board for others to see. However, there is NO obligation and you can just as easily have your request circulate privately by email to members of the healing group.

Submit A Prayer Request

Join The Healing Energy Prayer Group

This group is run primarily through email. It is for people who wish to pray for others and/or send healing energy in order to benefit them (it is NOT for people asking for healing prayer/energy: to submit a prayer request, use the link above above).

Apart from the great benefit to the person(s) being prayed for, there is also tremendous karmic and spiritual benefit for the person doing this compassionate work. No matter where you are, or what your circumstances, you really CAN benefit a needy person greatly. There can be no greater work than that in my opinion.

To join, all you have to do is to enter your details below:

Very Important: Your email details are private and will NOT be shared with anyone else. Also, please note that you will receive an email almost immediately asking you to CONFIRM your desire to subscribe. If you do not respond to this email and confirm, you will NOT be added to the list!

I shall endeavor, as much as possible, to get updates on the situation from the person involved and keep you informed of the situation as it progresses.

Important: Rest assured that joining this group will not add to the spam in your email box in any way. First, I will receive all prayer requests myself and vet them before submitting them to the group. Hence, nobody can contact you directly. Second, this list will receive messages from me only. It is not a general discussion list where everyone can post to everyone else. Therefore, the situation is strictly controlled and the possibility of spamming is virtually zero.

Please do join the group if you are able. There is no greater gift than giving help and support to others through the power of prayer.

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