All Is Karma!

Karma is explored in this video from the point of view of it being a universal law of Nature, namely the Law of Cause & Effect. The Law of Karma’s relationship to the Law of Attraction ( a favorite new age self help topic) is also briefly discussed.

Far from being fatalistic in nature, the law of karma demonstrates that we are ultimately responsible for everything that manifests in our life from birth to death. This responsibility for our lives incorporates the concept of reincarnation; namely that we have lived many past lives (often accessible via past life regression).

Karma is explained as being created by our every thought, word or action. Moreover, it is karma that colors even the way we think, the reactions we have, our emotions, and what we attract into our lives. It is pointed out that our karmic debt stems from countless lives, and only some of it ripens in this life. Likewise, we are creating karma in each and every moment which, along with the karmic potential created in countless previous lives, will manifest in this life as well as all future lives we shall experience.

Every effect has a corresponding cause and this is what the law of karma states, both at the personal level as well as the international political level, e.g. events like 9/11. Although politicians like to pretend that there are effects without causes (e.g. terrorism), in fact there are NO effects without causes. The latter exist but may be hidden from our eyes, even as our own karmic burden, created in past lives, is currently invisible to us. Nevertheless, karma manifests in our lives for good or ill.

At the end of the video, some recommendations are given. We should take responsibility for our lives just as they are, realizing that we basically created them that way through karma. We should take responsibility for every thought, word and deed. Moreover, we should seek out karma cleansing methods to start to rid ourselves of the almost infinite karma that we have accumulated over infinite previous lives.

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