Achieving Live Psychic Intuition

I gradually realized that what is called the Occult is only an extension and wider perception of the powers we know, and that everything is attainable if we leave off talking and get down to business.

Do not let your mind spread and splash over. Concentrate on one resolve and exclude others. Take time to be solitary daily. Avoid people who disturb you. Have the body in such training that it no more dares to interpose than a highly trained dog. Cultivate will and perseverance as you can never do with an undisciplined body. The world has had examples of what concentration can do but has not realized the source. It is by such thoughts and practices that man is put in touch with the force of the universe; and he becomes a channel of the sort of power on which he has chosen to concentrate–bad or good.

So I learned that the trained mind becomes a form of reason, and reason blends into the psychic, and delimitations are destroyed so that it becomes difficult to say where each dominion in the trinity of body, mind, and spirit which is man begins and ends.

From “The Way Of Power”, by Lily Adams Beck –

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  1. Yes the “Occult” actually means “hidden”. The hidden powers within all of us. When we focus and channel our energies to a desired outcome, it is of utmost importance that our thoughts our clear and pure of heart. If we unintentionally bend the will of others, then it could cause a bit of a backlash that we didn’t expect. I always try to send out love and healing….I figure you can’t go wrong with that!

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