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Mystic Visions is the brainchild of human potential researcher, writer, and teacher Dr. Asoka Selvarajah.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah of Mystic Visions

Here, you’ll find essential spiritual, metaphysical AND personal development information – all integrated into one common body of knowledge. In essence, there should be no division.

We aim to provide you with all the richness of the metaphysical and mystical traditions. However, we also integrate powerful practical everyday skills available through the superb Personal Development teachings available today. Stimulating articles, a lively discussion forum and blog,  valuable courses and books, plus a free ezine packed with original articles. And much more.

A Brief Biography

I was born in London, England of Sri Lankan parents. My father is Hindu, my mother Buddhist, but I somehow grew up without consciously absorbing much from either of these traditions. During my late teens, I was converted to protestant evangelical Christianity, and remained in this tradition for about five years until its inherent contradictions, and lack of any substantial answers became rather too much to bear. However, it would be a number of years before I would “come home” to embrace the spiritual concepts of my heritage.

In late 1980, I commenced university studies, and worked for six years for a BSc. in Physics, followed by a PhD in Nuclear Physics. My PhD work took me to CERN in Switzerland to work on the huge sub-atomic particle accelerators – anti-matter, gamma rays, all that fascinating stuff.

Ironically, it was around this time that my spiritual interests moved more towards the metaphysical. I became very interested in the I Ching, the Tarot and other such esoteric and “forbidden” matters. Modern Quantum Physics IS incredibly esoteric and metaphysical in many of its conclusions. Parallels between the latest findings in Physics and those of Ancient Wisdom became increasingly apparent to me, as remain so to this day.

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My next adventure was in the speedy, unpredictable world of Investment Banking. I had the rare “fortune” of joining this
industry on October 19th 1987, also known as Black Monday. The day of the Stock Market Crash! Well, I had always told my
friends that if I ever finally made it, they would know because the whole damn thing would come crashing down!

Although my fortunes in this career seemed to fluctuate more rapidly than the most volatile market financial, I hung in there for over ten years and became a well regarded financial market forecaster/strategist. I also got to work for several major Wall Street firms, as well as one multi-billion dollar investment fund.

Over this period, I used a lot of esoteric work in predicting the movements of financial markets to a high level of accuracy. Financial markets actually conform to an incredible extent to the laws of Sacred/Ancient Geometry and also with Astrology.

In 1998, I took leave of the financial industry, apparently for good, and began to pursue matters of deeper interest to me; issues of spiritual and personal growth in the widest possible sense.

Mystic Visions was incubated in the years that followed and came to birth in the year of the new Millennium: 2000.

This website and its associated activities gives me the opportunity of following these major interests in my life, deepening my understanding of them, and sharing my insights with as wide an audience as possible. I am blessed to be able to do it and offer what I can. Although I make no claims whatsoever to being any sort of “guru”, I know I have much of value to offer you, in terms of the life experiences I have gained and the many teachers and systems that I have studied. I hope you will come to feel that way too.

In any case, if your visits to Mystic Visions bring you many blessings in your life, then my purpose will be accomplished.

I acknowledge the same divine spirit in you that is in me.


Asoka Selvarajah

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  1. Umapathy Sathyamoorthy

    Dear Mr. Asoka
    I have been in your mailing list for a very long time but never ever mailed you.
    This is the first time to openly acknbowledge your very valuable contributions to self growth of every individual who studies your articles and your website.
    God bless you with all his Grace. Though I am Hindu, I am a steong admirer of Buddhism. This binds us together spiritually. I will surely intorduce you to my daughter to start with. But then she is a very busy housewife right now, but in due course your website will be of great help to her spiritually .
    I have been contemplating and wanting to share my mystic musings. Your website is an inspiration.

    • Asoka Selvarajah

      Dear Umapathy,

      I am very honored by your kind words and am glad and grateful that you have found benefit from this site and what is offered here. I welcome your daughter and hope that she finds it as valuable as you do. Thank you.

      Best Wishes,


  2. Dear Mr. Asoka,
    Many years ago I found your wonderful book, The Seven Golden Secrets. I have tried to live by the Universal Laws ever since. I love to study different religions and cultures and I have studied many different paths and always come back to this one. Now I would like to teach my grandchildren and great-grandchildren about your work. I am never sure about copyright laws, so thought I would contact you on this site. So glad I found it. Blessings to you and the great work you have done for so many people.

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