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"What you have put in this short course is the quintessence of wisdom of our sages."

   Natesan Shanmugasundaram, Tamil Nadu, India

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You will learn about self-esteem, goal-setting, the key factor for success, creating tranquility in your life in the midst of turmoil, how to make your dream project a reality,  the master mind principle, and much much more.

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P.S. Still not convinced? Take a look at what people are saying about this FREE course below...

"This course has had a tremendous impact on me.... I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the help your course has provided me in getting moving on my purpose in life.  I don't know how or why I am so sure this is my purpose but, it is clearer than it has ever been.  I have only taken the first step but already many other issues in my life seem to have fallen into place.  Issues that seem to trouble me greatly before, I now know are going to work out fine. It's the most amazing thing to me... It's more than being an optimist... it's like I have received some special ability to lose the attachment I had to what was causing me fear and concern. I now know, my intention is good enough to handle the situation... 

I have been busy all afternoon preparing my presentation outline for the project you inspired me to move ahead with... It involves training parents and teachers the very concepts you are so clearly explaining in your articles....  

I have been to your site in the past, but fear reared it's ugly head and stopped me from taking your advice...  Not this time.  I am committed.  Thank you Asoka!"

                          John Smeresky -  Orlando, Florida


I have just completed the Life Breakthrough Course. What an Inspiring and Growth-Supporting Experience! Each lesson addressed a key aspect that could take us to the next level, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You also offer practical and immediately applicable action to get us going and keep on going to build the momentum necessary, to create a breakthrough.

What impacted me most from this course, was Day #10: Begin Your Dream Project. I have recently started one of my "Dream Projects", (it involves writing); and the strategy you suggested, has given me more confidence in my ability to complete this project; as well as making it a much more enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for the guidance, insight and wisdom you share through The Lifebreakthrough Course. You have truly captured the essence, of what's required to create a breakthrough.

        Jennifer McSween, Montreal, Canada



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