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Pearls From White Star

  by David Gaughan

"You are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery. From the
moment you separated from the Source you chose to go through
certain experiences in order to learn and develop through
these trials. It is not wise to seek the end of the journey
prematurely. There is much to be gained along the way. Become
engrossed in the excitement of your quest and you will suddenly
realise that you are a Co-Creator in the Divine Plan. You create
your own reality. You re-affirm your reality through your
beliefs. If you dwell on the negative, you will manifest that
negativity in your life.  Similarly, if you concentrate on the
positive, you re-affirm that reality, in your personal life,
and throughout the universe."

"Every individual has the potential to heal the planet and to
help unify the people in cooperation and understanding. Every
individual has the power of creative visualization. Each of you
has the potential to use your power of thought to bring about
change in your own environment. There is power in numbers and
the more people who project positive thought-forms at the same
time, the more powerful the effect. Now, the future is in your
hands. Put a little effort into creating the future that you
desire and you will achieve miraculous rewards.
It is up to you!"
"Every living thing in creation is a manifestation of the
sound current. Everything and everyone has their own tone or
note. People have their individual tones also, but it is a far
more refined frequency. It is a sound that resonates from the
inner planes, so one can only hear that sound by retreating
from the outer world for awhile and going within. It is only
through meditation that you will hear the higher sound current."
"There are several parts of your Essence living simultaneous
lives. A part of you will always remain in the higher realms.
This is your Higher Self, which is a spark of the Essence that
permeates all of creation, and which is the Creator. You are
all Sons and Daughters of this Essence, Co-creators of all that
you see and experience."
"If we take some water from the ocean, the small quantity of
water becomes a separate entity. It is no longer an ocean, but
it is the same in essence. When we toss the water in the air,
it separates again into individual drops, each experiencing a
separate reality. Some fall on plants, nourishing them. Some
fall on fertile ground, bringing forth growth and new life.
Some fall on rocks and are evaporated by the sun. Eventually,
through evaporation and condensation in the form of clouds,
then rain, all will merge back with the ocean, and by doing so
they won't lose their individuality, but will expand their
awareness and become limitless."
"One of the fastest routes back to the Source is through this
dense physical realm. You must remember that physical life is
like a dream or a movie. We only make it hard on ourselves when
we take it too seriously."

"There is a misconception, where many of you believe that you
only live once. This, however, is not so. You are
multi-dimensional beings. The physical body is not the real
you. Within the mortal body is a spark of Divine Essence,
and you are that spark, unlimited and unrestricted to any one
form or locality."

"I know it is difficult for you to understand, but it is
possible for several parts of your Higher Self to be
experiencing physical life simultaneously, sometimes in the
same time frame, sometimes in different time frames -
what you would term your past and future."

"What may seem a reality is but an illusion. Your true essence
is above the physical. When the Higher Self is confined within
a mortal body it is like a death to it. Consequently, when the
physical death finally comes, it is like a rebirth. It is often
harder for those forced to witness a disaster than for those
who actually lose their lives, because the victims are released
very quickly from their bodies."
"See through the illusion of physical life. It is a dream
and you are the dreamer! Always be careful not to get too
wrapped up in your own dream. Physical life is nothing but
a fleeting moment, a blink of an eye when compared with the
great cosmic clock."

White Star


**White Star is a character in David Gau-Ghan's books, The
Blue Star Millennium and Quest for Genesis.

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