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Spiritual growth

written by Dr. Joshua David Stone

One of the most important understandings of the entire Spiritual Path is the understanding that Earth is a Planetary Mystery School, and that every single thing that happens in life is a Spiritual Test. Planet Earth is a Spiritual School to teach Souls to become "Integrated Ascended Masters and/or God Realized Beings." Every single thing that happens in life is a teaching, lesson, challenge, and opportunity to grow. Most people do not realize, or they forget that each and every moment of our lives, we are being Spiritually Tested. Every thought we think is a Spiritual Test. As Edgar Cayce said, "Thoughts are things." The Course in Miracles states in the lesson book, "There are no neutral thoughts." What this means is that every thought that enters your mind from within or without is of GOD or is of the negative ego. Every thought that you think stems from the Christ / Buddha Consciousness or lower self consciousness. Every thought you think stems from oneness or separation. Every thought you think stems from Love or fear. All day long, even when we think, we sleep, and dream, thoughts are coming to us from within and without. Every single moment of life is a Spiritual Test to think only GOD Thoughts.

The same is true, my beloved readers, with every feeling and emotion you create. This is a Spiritual test. Your feelings and emotions are caused by your attitude, perception, interpretation, and belief system. This is an indisputable fact and law of the Universe. We each cause our reality by how we think. If we think with our Melchizedek / Christ / Buddha Mind, we will create only Spiritualized, positive feelings and emotions. If we think with our negative ego/fear based/lower self mind, we will create negative feelings and emotions. Every moment, even when you are by yourself, is a Spiritual Test to see if you can keep your emotional body in a God Consciousness and positive state, at all times.

Every word you speak, every moment of your life is a Spiritual Test. Are your words coming from the negative ego or are they coming from the Heart of GOD? What is the mental motivation of your words? Are they Sourced from the selfish, self-centered negative ego, or were they motivated from true God Consciousness? What is the feeling tone of every word? Is there any attack energy, anger, or criticism, or do they carry the feeling tone of unconditional love and non-judgementalness. Every moment of your life that you speak is a Spiritual Test.

My beloved readers, every action you take no matter how small or infinitesimal is a Spiritual Test. Is that action coming from and motivated by GOD and God Consciousness, or by negative ego and separative/fear based consciousness? Is that action adding to your Spiritual Path or decreasing it? Is that action a waste of time or a good and balanced use of your energy?

My beloved readers, every use of your energy, no matter how small and infinitesimal is a Spiritual Test. Is your energy helping self and others, or hurting self and others? Is the use of your energy adding to your Light Body or decreasing it? Are you wasting energy or are you using every particle of your energy for a greater Spiritual purpose, for Love, for balance in a larger perspective and for healing self and others? Every moment of your life is a Spiritual Test to see if your can use your energy to only serve GOD and not to serve the negative ego, fear, the lower self, lower self desire, the carnal self, separative thinking, and victim consciousness.

My beloved readers, in every situation of life there is an appropriate response or an inappropriate response. Every moment of life is a Spiritual test to learn to respond appropriately from the way GOD would have you respond. Who gives us the guidance on how to respond? This guidance comes from our Higher Self, our Mighty I Am Presence, the Holy Spirit, and our own Melchizedek / Christ / Buddha ideals that we have taken on consciously and programmed into our subconscious mind. Every moment of life is a Spiritual test to see if we can respond in a balanced manner instead of an imbalanced manner.

Every interaction with another person is a Spiritual Test to see if we can remain in unconditional love, forgiveness, nonjudgementalness, patience, service, oneness, and egolessness at all times. Every interaction with an animal, plant, or mineral is a Spiritual test to stay in harmony with GOD with His three lower kingdoms.

Now, my beloved readers, what happens if we do not always pass these Spiritual Tests every moment? The answer is nothing in the sense that everything is forgiven and everything always remains in unconditional love. Mistakes are positive not negative, and every mistake can be turned into a positive if you gain the golden nugget of wisdom from that mistake. GOD always forgives and it is just necessary for each person to forgive themselves. I will add here however, that every moment of life is a Spiritual Test and Spiritual Opportunity to realize GOD or not realize GOD. When you think a negative thought you lose your realization of GOD on the mental plane in that moment. When you allow yourself to feel a negative emotion, you lose your realization of GOD in that moment on the emotional plane. When you behave inappropriately you lose your realization of GOD in that moment on the physical plane. Now it is important to understand that it is impossible to never make a mistake. It also cannot be emphasized more emphatically that mistakes are positive and part of the learning process. 

So the Spiritual Path for everyone is up the mountain five steps, and down four, up three down two, up three down one. I will say however, the more overall integrated Spiritual Mastery you gain, the less mistakes you will make and the quicker will be your Spiritual progress. The nice thing about GOD is that He always welcomes His Sons and Daughters home like the Prodigal Son, no matter what they have done in past lives, or this life, as long as they are willing to change their ways. One does not have to be perfect to evolve. If you truly want to realize GOD however, at the highest level, then you must be unbelievably "joyously vigilant" over what you are causing and creating on every level I have mentioned in this chapter. 

Every time you allow yourself to slip and give into the negative ego or lower self there is no judgement from GOD, however, you will have lost your opportunity to realize GOD in that moment. You all know how much better it feels to realize GOD every moment on all these levels. You also know how terrible it feels to be out of harmony with GOD and out of harmony with Love. It is also important to understand that the continual positive choices on your part to continually realize GOD on all levels will build your Love quotient, Light quotient, and Power quotient. It will also speed up your Initiation and Ascension Process. It will also cleanse your karma. Every right choice speeds up your Path to total God Realization and is creating and cementing good habits into the subconscious mind. It is also helping the planet and helping your Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, for all minds are one. It also helps your Brothers and Sisters in an outer sense by demonstrating Melchizedek / Christ / Buddha consciousness at all times. 

If you are truly responding appropriately at all times then your entire life will be a selfless path of service as well. You will not need to be selfish that often because you are whole and complete within self and are one with GOD in your realization in each and every moment. Hence every bit of energy on every level of your being can go to loving and serving others. Once God Realization is achieved on a Spiritual, psychological, and physical Earthly level, one's only purpose to be on Earth is to serve. In saying this one needs to stay balanced and integrated and to enjoy one's life. With this context, one's total joy in life is to serve, because "true pleasure is serving GOD." Never forget your Brothers and Sisters are incarnations of God as well, even if they do not realize it.

True Spiritual Testing does not take place just when things are going well. True Spiritual Testing of an individual takes place when emergencies, crisis, stress, and attacks occur. Anyone can pass Spiritual Tests living in a cave or never leaving your house. The true test of a Spiritual Master is to get involved with Earth life and relationships with people of all kinds. This is where the true testing occurs. Can you stay out of your negative ego and remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness when raising children? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness in a romantic relationship? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness with family members, extended family, parents and in-laws? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness with your boss, business partners, business associates, and/or employees? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness with fellow Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Lightworkers, Spiritual competitors for clients or students in your field or profession? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness when people attack you, get angry at you, or judge you fairly or unfairly? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness if someone slanders you publicly or professionally? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness if someone steals a large sum of money from you? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness if your spouse or relationship partner doesn't want to make love and/or have sex? Can you stay out of your negative ego and remain in the Christ / Buddha consciousness if your spouse or relationship partner is in a bad mood and emotionally off-centered and is taking it out on you? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness if you or others around you are making tons of mistakes regardless if they are large or small? Can you stay out of your negative ego and in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness watching the news, watching opinionated politicians and/or reporters, or reading the newspaper? Can you remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness when physically sick or during extended chronic health lessons? Can you stay in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness when someone you are close to passes on to the Spirit world? Can you remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness during a traffic accident or when getting a ticket? Can you remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness during a messy divorce or fight with your partner? Can you remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness and out of the negative ego when someone is holding a grudge against you? Can you remain in the Christ / Buddha Consciousness and out of your negative ego when everything is taken away in your life like Job in the Bible? Can you retain this Christ / Buddha Consciousness during a natural disaster such as a major earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, flood, or fire? Can you retain your Christ / Buddha Consciousness and stay out of your negative ego if you lost all your money, had a divorce, your physical health broke down, and you lost your job?

My beloved readers, these are the true Spiritual Tests. Can you live in the "marketplace" and be fully involved in Earthly life and relationships of all kinds, and keep your Spiritual Mastery and balance? This is the true test of a full-fledged Ascended Master and God Realized being! It must be understood that 100 percent perfection is not required to pass these tests. Some of these would be extraordinarily difficult. Mistakes are positive and we do not want to practice any kind of negative ego perfectionism that expects us to be perfect at all times and never make mistakes. This is impossible and unrealistic. The main purpose for this exercise is to just be clear as to what the ideal is, and to strive for it. Going through an exercise like this can be a preparation for maintaining the proper attitude and perspective when lessons like these come. 

This is a blueprint in a sense for the potential Spiritual lessons and tests people on Earth often face. My Beloved Readers, I highly recommend setting your attitude and perspective now, almost like programming your conscious and subconscious computer so you will not be knocked off balance when these things do happen, and you are mentally and emotionally prepared to respond from your Christ / Buddha mind to the best of your ability. Again, perfection is not required. You can actually achieve Ascension by balancing only 50 percent of your karma. The key point however, is the more you can learn these lessons, the more you can realize GOD psychologically in that moment. So Earth is a school to practice. There is no such thing as death and we are allowed to come back as many times as we need to learn all these lessons and other ones on the Spiritual Path. My suggestion however, is to take advantage of this incarnation and aim as high as you can on a Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical / Earthly Level to realize GOD on all levels. By doing this we not only help ourselves, but by doing so we are helping others as well.

Now, my beloved readers, there is one more series of "Spiritual Tests" that are the most severe of all, and where most lightworkers and initiates "miss the mark and do not pass." The Spiritual Tests I speak of here are when a person or lightworker moves into a position of Leadership and/or Spiritual Leadership over others. What I am speaking of here is when a person has become a Master of some degree and has become successful in an inner and outer sense. They have lots of clients and students. They may have become very financially successful and also may have become very famous. They may hold positions Spiritually, or in the world, of great Spiritual Leadership. They may have very large followings. They may be in positions of great worldly and Spiritual power over others. They may give extremely large workshops, seminars, classes, and may be on television, radio, be authors, and in newspapers and magazines. My beloved readers, I think you get the picture. It is now, that the true Spiritual Testing begins.

If you or others have made it through the first two lists, now the real Spiritual Testing begins. Does the power the person now has, go to their head? How do they treat others? How do they treat those not in their league? How do they treat their employees? How do they treat people who call them on the phone? How do they deal with other Spiritual Leaders? Do they let the fame go to their head? What is their true motivations for doing what they are doing? Do they put GOD before money? Do they put GOD before fame? Do they put GOD before power? Do they have sex with all their students? How do they react when criticized? Do they practice what they preach once they are off the stage and out of the limelight? How do they react if someone tries to take away their position of power, fame, or money? Are they the exact same person they were before they were graced with this power, fame and wealth? Are they on a path of true Christ / Buddha Consciousness or has self-aggrandizement taken over? Has their channel remained clear or has it been corrupted by negative ego? Have they truly retained their GOD purity and egolessness or have false GODs and symbolic idol worship of negative ego attributes taken over? How do they treat their students or disciples? Is their true motivation to fully empower their students or is it always to retain their position of authority? Do they truly put everything on "The Altar of GOD?" Have they allowed their channel or teachings to become clouded by personal selfish agendas? Do they have Spiritual ambition or negative ego ambition? Is the focus of their work about themselves or about GOD and the Masters? Do they co-create with other Spiritual Teachers and Leaders, or are they islands unto themselves? Are their books, channelings, and teachings focused on telling you how great they are, or really on selfless service? Are their teachings continuing to be balanced on a Spiritual, psychological, and physical Earthly level, or has the negative ego begun to fragment and create lack of balanced integration in the teachings? Do they continue to maintain Mastery over their mind, emotions, behavior, lower self desire, inner child, subconscious mind, sexual energy, and energy in general or have they let down their standard, now that they have achieved their Ascension, Seven Levels of Initiation and have climbed to the top of this particular Planetary Mountain?

My beloved readers, these are the true tests of the Spiritual Path. Most people have a hard time passing the second list in this chapter. Many Spiritual Leaders reach this third level or list before they have mastered the second list. Even those who have mastered the second list, in my Spiritual observation, do not pass the third one. The Bible speaks of the Spiritual Path being "a straight and narrow path." In my Spiritual observation as a Spiritual Leader, Spiritual Teacher, and Spiritual Psychologist, most do not meet this high mark and high calling. The usual cause is that they are more developed in their Spiritual Body than they are in their Psychological Body. Lack of proper mastery and integration of the psychological level will always ultimately corrupt the Spiritual Level. You cannot live on the second floor of a building when the first floor is falling apart or has become corrupted. My beloved readers, in all humbleness and without absolutely no judgement in my heart, I cannot tell you how many Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Channels, Spiritual Scientists, and Spiritual Friends that I have seen fall from grace and become corrupted. It is mind boggling! It is why the inner plane Ascended Masters have asked me to focus so much work on the concept of "Integrated Ascension." Spiritual Leaders, Channels, Spiritual Teachers, and lightworkers are achieving their Ascension and Seven Levels of Initiation, but are not integrated. When the true Spiritual Tests come in lists two and three they are not able to pass them. 

The most amazing thing is that even though they are falling from grace, and corruption of the negative ego is happening on a massive scale, and they are even tumbling down the mountain Spiritually because of this corruption of the negative ego, they do not have the slightest awareness that they have fallen. This is the extraordinary delusory nature of the mind and the negative ego. They are in a negative hypnosis and realize it not. The main cause of this is not because they are bad people, for there is no such thing. They just have not received the proper psycho-spiritual training, before moving into such positions of Spiritual Leadership and power. I have said this over and over again and I will say it again. The world does not need more channels, it needs more trained Spiritual Counselors and Teachers who can train large numbers of people around the world how to master their mind, emotions, body, and behavior, and most of all master the negative ego thought system and replace it with the Christ / Buddha thought system. If this lesson is not learned all Spiritual practices will ultimately become corrupted. This statement is not meant as a judgement but just as a simple statement of truth. The negative ego has infiltrated and contaminated religion. It also is to a great extent infiltrating and contaminating the New Age Movement. Lightworkers must be aware of this and have great Spiritual discernment within self and in regards to others.

In conclusion, be Spiritually discerning as to the Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Channels, Authors, Healers, and Spiritual Scientists you work with. There are good ones out there. Make sure they are meeting the "High Calling and True Mark" of a true Spiritual Master. The lesson is not to be judgemental, but it is to be Spiritually discerning. This is a Spiritual quality that needs to be much more developed in lightworkers.

In final conclusion my beloved readers, strive for the highest level you can of "Integrated Spiritual Mastery and GOD Purity." It is indeed a rare quality in this world. This chapter is meant to give you the "Divine Blueprint" and roadmap of the Spiritual Tests you will face and need to pass to truly become an "Integrated God Realized Being." Be forewarned that the negative ego thought system is incredibly tricky, slippery, and seductive. It is going to take a 100 percent effort on your part, and you are going to have to claim and cultivate an enormous amount of "Joyous Vigilance and True GOD Purity" to pass all of these Spiritual Tests. Half the battle is having the Blueprint and knowing what the Spiritual Tests are. My Beloved Readers, the rest is up to you. Do not settle for false Gods and idol worship of such paltry gifts such as power, fame, money, and sex. If certain things come to you, so be it, and thank GOD for it, but do not make a false God out of these things. GOD has given you the understanding and abilities to master and learn these lessons. All that is required of you is great Spiritual focus and dedication. This chapter has been written to make you aware of the Spiritual Tests that are present in your life and that may be coming. This chapter has also been written to "Spiritually Challenge" you in this moment, to dedicate your life and every ounce of your energy on every level of your being, to become the "Highest and Most Pure Integrated God Realized Being" you can, in service of GOD on all levels, every moment of your life! This, my beloved readers, is the "Noble Calling and Mission we have all Incarnated to Fulfill!"

spiritual growth

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