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by Dr. Joshua David Stone

Before a person can clear the negative ego they must know what the negative ego is. This may seem elementary to some, however, I assure you to the vast majority of humanity, and even Lightworkers, it isn't. As I have already stated in my introduction, it is probably the least understood lesson of the entire spiritual path. Since I have written about this extensively in my first book, Soul Psychology, I am going to be brief here and get right to the point.


Everyone has an ego or personality which the soul and spirit work through which is good. The key idea though is that every person wants to ideally spiritualize their ego and not have a negative ego. The key to the mastering of this lesson is to understand that there are two ways of thinking in the world and only two. This might be stated that there are two distinct philosophies of life that all of humanity fit into regardless of their spiritual beliefs or lack there of. Every person in God's infinite universe thinks with their spiritual, soul, or Christ mind, or they think with the negative ego mind.


In the beginning, prior to creation and just after creation, there was no negative ego mind. God didn't create the negative ego mind, humanity did. It developed as a result of God's sons and daughters coming into matter and physical human bodies and "over-identifying" with them. In that moment when the sons and daughters of God thought they were a physical body rather than a son and daughter of God just inhabiting and visiting a physical body is when negative ego developed.


This is referenced in the Bible as the story of Adam and Eve and the eating of the forbidden fruit and the serpent or snake which was the symbol of the negative ego mind or lower self.


These two philosophies could be called the philosophies of the lower self and the Higher Self. If you listen to the lower self, you live a "low life existence". If you listen to the philosophy of the Higher Self, Holy Spirit, the soul, the monad, the I Am, or the Christ mind, you live a high life existence. To realize God you must remove your attention from the lower self interpretations and perceptions of life, and instead keep interpreting and perceiving life from the Higher Self.


Since our thoughts create our reality, which philosophy you choose will determine what you see. In truth, you don't see with your eyes, you see with your mind. This is why Sai Baba has said that "Your mind creates bondage, or your mind creates liberation." You will have negative emotions if you think with your negative ego mind. You will have positive emotions if you think with your Spiritual Mind. Your thoughts create your feelings, emotions, behavior, and physical health or lack thereof. Psychological health is nothing more than maintaining a good mental diet. As the Master Jesus said in A Course in Miracles, the key is to deny any thought that is not of God to enter your mind. The key is to be vigilant for God and His Kingdom at all times and never to go on automatic pilot.


Whenever a negative ego thought tries to enter your mind just deny it entrance and push it out. Switch your mind like a channel changer to a positive and/or more spiritual thought. This is the concept of denial and affirmation. It is occurring literally a million times a day. You are the executive director of your personality and it is your choice. God and the Ascended Masters will not do this for you no matter how much you ask. This is your job. By denying the negative thoughts and keeping your mind steady in the Light at all times, the negative thoughts will die from lack energy and a new positive habit will be formed in your subconscious mind. And it will become easy to be positive.


It is only hard in the beginning, although vigilance must always be retained regardless of your level of development. The essence of negative ego is fear, separation, and self centeredness. The funny thing is that the negative ego, in truth, doesn't really exist. Jesus said in A Course in Miracles that "the fall never really happened, we just think it did"!!! In other words we have all always been one with God and have always been the Christ, or Sons and Daughters of God. But if we give into negative ego thinking in our own minds, we will live in that state of consciousness even though, in truth, it is not true.


This is much like living in a negative hypnosis, or like dreaming. When we dream at night we really believe and feel that the dream is real. When we wake up in the morning from a nightmare we are so relieved and say to ourselves, "I am so glad that was just a dream." This is what I am trying to say to you now about your normal waking life. You have been dreaming with your eyes open, living your conscious life. You are living in a dream of the negative ego's interpretation of life, rather than interpreting life from your Christ Mind.


It is much like the glass of water: is it half empty or half full. This simple analogy applies to every moment of life!!! There is a way of interpreting life that will bring you inner peace, calmness, joy, happiness, unconditional love, evenmindedness, equanimity all the time regardless of what is going on outside of self. There is another way of interpreting life that will make you angry, upset, irritable, impatient, moody, emotional, unstable, manicdepressive, depressed, and sad! This has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on outside of yourself. It has everything to do with how you are interpreting life.


One example of this that the Masters want me to discuss on this point of how to flow with the universe instead of fighting it, is the "Blessing Method". The Holy Spirit and the Masters would have us bless and give thanks for everything that happens in our lives. Kind of like the saying in the Bible, "Not my will but thine" and thank you for the lesson.


The negative ego does not interpret things as teachings, lessons, challenges, or gifts; it curses and gets angry when its attachments and/or expectations are not met. The Christ Mind only having preferences, rather than attachments, is happy either way for its inner peace is a state of mind rather than attached to something out side of Self. Bless everything that comes into your life and welcome adversity as Sai Baba has said, for everything that comes into your area of influence happens for a reason and is God teaching you something you need to learn. This is just one example of what I am speaking of here in terms of the two distinct philosophies of life.


My book Soul Psychology is a master thesis explaining these two distinct ways of thinking so I am not going to repeat myself here. If you have not read the book do get it for I have explained this process in one of the most comprehensive yet easy-to-read forms that has ever been put forth in written form. It is kind of like A Course In Miracles made easy-to-understand.


It is essential to understand that every person on planet Earth only has one real problem and that is the negative ego. The negative ego is the cause of all negative emotions, all negative thoughts, all negative behaviors, all physical diseases, all psychological diseases, all relationship problems, poverty consciousness or lack of money. In essence it is the negative ego that is blocking you from God-realization. Sai Baba says, "God is hidden by the mountain range of ego"!!! It is the negative ego in all its infantile variations and manifestations that leaves us open to negative implants, negative elementals, parasites, negative imprints, etheric damage, etheric mucous, astral entities, core fear, gray fields, and negative archetypes. In essence the negative ego could be defined as "imbalance".


Anytime we are getting out of balance it is the negative ego that is causing it. This comes down to which voice are you listening to? Are you listening to the voice of separation, or the voice of oneness? Are you listening to the voice of fear or the voice of perfect love? Are you listening to the voice of self centeredness, or group consciousness? As A Course In Miracles says, "Choose once again."


Every moment of our lives we are choosing either God or ego. I challenge you to make a pact and vow with yourself and God to choose only God and the Holy Spirit no matter what, from this day forward. This vow is one I made approximately seven or eight years ago and is the number one reason I have made the progress I have made in my life. I closed the door on the negative ego and lower self for God, and made a choice I would never It consciously" choose this path again. Perfection is not never making a mistake, but rather never making a conscious mistake. I am confronting you now with the ultimate existential choice of existence. Do you want God or do you want your ego which is a life of over-identification with matter?


As Yogananda said, if you want God you must want Him like a drowning man wants air. You will not find God being indecisive or sitting on the fence. Jesus said the whole commandment can be summed up as, "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and soul and mind and might, and love thy neighbor as you love yourself'. We each, in truth, are not a physical body but the "Eternal Self' living in a physical body.


We all share the same identity as the Eternal Self. Quoting from A Course In Miracles, "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God". In India they call this vow the "vow of the Bramacharya", or the "Vow of Purity". Gandhi took it and it was the key to his success. The taking of this vow will move you forward faster than all the ascension activations in all my books. This is the real key to Self-realization and God-Realization.


Do you see my point now? Lightworkers have been focusing on the spiritual level and making great progress but if this core psychological level is not mastered there is a cancer. This can be healed very quickly for all I am really discussing here is the science of "attitudinal healing". Just because you have achieved your ascension or taken your seventh initiation and broken the wheel of reincarnation doesn't mean your work is done and you are some God-realized Master.


Remember there are 352 levels of initiation to return to Source at the highest cosmic level and the seventh initiation although high for our planet is minuscule in the whole scheme of things. It is when you get to this level the real work begins. If you thought you were going on vacation after reaching this goal - think again. It is just the opposite.


Much has been given by the Masters and much is now expected. The expectation is to, number one, act like God or act like Christ at all times in all situations in all contacts with people. Secondly, the expectation is planetary world service. The form it takes is up to you but this is a requirement to move forward. You cannot move forward without helping your brothers and sisters in some capacity. In truth, this is the only reason you are here.


There are corollary lessons that are also required that emanate out from this initial lesson of denying the negative ego and choosing the Christ Consciousness. The main corollary lessons are: learning to balance the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), learning to integrate the three minds, (conscious, subconscious and superconscious), learning to properly parent the inner child, developing self love and self worth, learning to own your personal power at all times, learning to reprogram the subconscious mind, proper control of sexual energy, psychic self defense, right human relationships, proper care of the physical vehicle, and mastery of desire body.


Imbalances in any of these areas are, of course, because the negative ego programming is still present. Much of these areas I have focused on in my Soul Psychology book so I will not repeat myself here. My friend, however had a very good metaphor for balancing the four bodies which she received from the Masters. They suggested to look at the four-body system as four tubes filled with water. The water actually is energy, but it is easier to understand what happens if you see it as water. Many Lightworkers are top heavy. They are filtering a great deal of their water into the spiritual tube which leaves the mental, emotional and physical tubes depleted. This creates imbalances and leakages and a whole host of problems.


The same can be seen in the chakras. When certain chakras are overemphasized, causing over-activity in some and under-activity in others, this effects the glandular system and causes a whole other manifestation of lessons which I will explore in great detail later in this book. The idea here is to keep the water balanced in all four tubes. Other Lightworkers may be more mental, others too feeling, and emotional, some even too fixated on the physical body. The key lesson is always balance and moderation in all things.


All these issues must be addressed and mastered to truly achieve Self-realization, and complete your ascension fully. It is kind of like you can install and activate your seven levels of initiation prior to really mastering this psychological level, however, you will not fully "actualize " your ascension until you master this area also. This will allow you to become a truly Self-Realized being on all levels.


The rest of this book will be dealing with some of the more esoteric and more refined levels of this process beyond just the psychological level such as how to clear the negative ego archetypes, implants, elementals, parasites, negative imprints, astral entities, psychological diseases, and physical diseases that can develop when the negative ego is not mastered, cleared and transcended.


One more word that describes the negative ego could be the word "duality". In transcending negative ego in its fullest extent one has learned to transcend the world of duality. Another reason this is important is that as one moves into their ascension and seven levels of initiation one begins clearing not only one's own karmic stuff but also the planetary mass karma, clearing on some level the karma from all ones soul extensions from one's oversoul, and the 72 soul extensions from one's monad. As one continues to evolve this continues to the group soul level, the group monadic level, and eventually to clearing on the solar, galactic, and universal levels. If you haven't done it completely in your Self, how can you possibly consider doing it on these larger more expansive levels? In this most accelerated period in Earth's history we are now receiving a more expanded and full understanding of what the ascension process is really about. I think you will agree it is all very exciting!!!


How Do You Know When You Are Out Of Balance

And In Balance?


On the physical level being out of balance may manifest as fatigue, on the emotional level as mood swings, or negative emotions, on the mental level as negative thinking. Improper diet may be another example on the physical level. On the spiritual level it may be meditating too much or too little. A balanced person is a calm person, who has inner peace. A balanced person has detachment but is also very responsive to self, other people and life. Balancing the four bodies is not a point of stillness or nonmovement but more like a gentle teeter-totter or like driving a car where you are constantly making subtle adjustments. The balanced person can feel themselves going out of that subtle appropriate range and will then be vigilant and make the appropriate correction, within an individual body or within the entire organism.


In a sense we live within a group consciousness within our own being. We must strike a balance between our physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, inner child, inner parent, subconscious mind, conscious mind, super conscious mind, our seven major chakras, our Christ Mind over the negative ego mind, our soul, our monad and our personality. Each part has a voice and a place, except for the negative ego in the ideal state, which allows for the full merger with the soul and monad. All these other parts form a vast communication system within us which we must stay attuned to, and honor. When we don't, imbalance occurs which then can lead to a whole host of other problems, like dominoes failing.


One must be right with self, before one can be right with God and right with other people. Each of us as the conscious mind and/or president must be like an orchestra leader bringing them all together in balance like a beautiful symphony, which is called "God realization", every day. It is a good idea to do a super quick inventory of all these parts to make sure everybody is happy. All these parts really want is to be part of the team. Sometimes they can get a little greedy and it is the job of the orchestra leader, conscious mind, or inner parent to demonstrate tough love and be a strong loving president, so to speak, and to let all these parts know who is in charge.


Even though the president or conscious mind is in charge, the president and whole team is totally subservient to the dictates of the soul and Mighty I Am Presence. In the Eastern religion this is called the "satvic personality" as opposed to the tamasic or rajasic (read about this in The Hidden Mysteries in the chapter on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita). It is being in tune with the rhythm of the soul. So I say to you now my brothers and sisters, are you willing in this moment to make a commitment to maintaining this subtle synergistic balance in service of the soul and monad for the purpose of demonstrating God-realization on Earth? This is the challenge and the "Mantle of the Christ", which God wishes us all to put on in this moment, and to demonstrate as a tribute of our love and devotion to Him on Earth. Are you willing to dedicate your life to such a noble purpose? This is the path of all religions, all mystery schools, and all spiritual traditions. God is awaiting your answer!


Before such things as levitation, teleportation, and materialization can even be approached or broached this other aspect must be 100% committed to and demonstrated in your daily life. This has been called in some circles "practicing the Presence of God" in our daily life. Can there be a more noble purpose for us all? Is there anything else in the infinite universe we should be focusing our energies upon? As the Master Jesus said, "Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life!!!"

Copyright 1997 by Dr. Joshua David Stone.
All rights reserved.

self improvement


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