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Through Embodying Conscious Thinking, Conscious Feeling, Conscious Speaking, and Conscious Activity

 By Wistancia Stone



We have all come to understand the truth that “Thoughts create our reality.” However, within the picture of wholeness, our feelings, emotions, words and activities also “create.” You cannot simply “think” your way into Heaven. You cannot “think” your way into meditation. You cannot simply think “unconditional love” and have it become real. One part is creating the “ideal” and another part is “making it real.” Unconditional Love must be felt. It is a very high emotional state. It is a state of Be-ing, not a state of thinking about. It opens the doorway to the DNA, so the resurrected Christ in you can walk out. The potentiality of the Completed Christ Experience is held in a pattern within our DNA imprint. It is already there. It was seeded a very very long time ago and is a pattern within our potential. Even if it is not yet realized, it still holds the energy signature of Christ Consciousness. The higher emotional states of forgiveness and unconditional Love unlock the Christ Compartment within our patterns of life. Forgiveness cannot be a thought. It has to be beyond that become a “true feeling.” It has to become a passion in order to unlock the treasures stored within the DNA. It has to become a “real” emotion. The Goddess knows that there has to be passion behind the feeling, otherwise, it can be simply a simulation. The mind is very good at simulating an experience. A Spiritual Master that I once had showed me that the mind can even simulate an experience of “light.”

The one thing the mind cannot simulate is “reality.” To have real effects, there has to be a real (true) experience. There has to be more than the thought of reality. Afterall, “reality” is not a thought. It is not an idea. There can be the thought of Enlightenment, but Enlightenment is not a thought. It is an actual experience that is experienced in all the bodies, in the nadis, and even results in an alteration of our biology. Peace is also not a thought. There can be thoughts of peace, but the experience of peace is, again, an experience that must be felt to know peace. When the Masters speak of the “Peace that passeth understanding” they are referring to an actual, real-life experience of that God quality, that is beyond comprehension in the mind. It is, however, experienceable. It is merging into an experience of the Peace of God.

 The experience of The Christ is a state of being. God Consciousness is a state of being. What is inferred is that one has to feel one’s way into it. The Goddess understands embodiment. The Goddess understands “becoming merged with.” It understands filling in the spaces, like water does. In a true Goddess experience, the Goddess could “unify” with the Earth and become the Earth. She could merge with the wind and become the wind itself. There is no separation. It is truly an experience of unification and Unity Consciousness. This experience was once experienced and realized by living Goddess energies on our planet. It was lost, but it is being resurrected. Goddess energies beyond our planet know this energy of unification.

In some ways a thought is like a “mind-word.” The poet Bob Dylan sang about what he called, “If my thought dreams could be seen…” Thoughts are freely “seen” in telepathic societies. On present day Earth, they are more often invisible energies. The way they are “seen” is in the power of manifestation that they wield. Thoughts emit voltage and energize the cells and bodies into directions of movement of energy. The electrical current radiated by thoughts magnetize events, conditions, lessons and energies to us to “complete” our picture of reality. It is said tat the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality. Where we place our attention, is where our energy goes. What we place our attention on is what we bring to ourselves. While this is certainly true, it is only part of the story.

In the act of manifesting something in life, it takes more than just conscious thinking. It takes conscious feeling, conscious languaging or speaking, and conscious activity, also. It takes the four-body system all headed in the same direction toward the object of manifestation.

The Goddess path understands the Power of Manifestation. We have explored this thoroughly in this book. The path of the Goddess knows that the object to be manifested must be felt. For example, if someone wants to manifest abundance, they cannot “feel” poor or needy, or it will deplete the energy of manifestation of prosperity. They must slip into “prosperity consciousness” during manifestation to manifest abundance. If someone wants to manifest a sacred relationship, the Goddess way is to feel into the energy of “having a relationship,” “being in a relationship,” and the fullness of a fulfilled joyful relationship, and not feel the energy of aloneness, emptiness, lack, limitation, or neediness. At one time I felt that this being dishonest with God, but it is not. After all, I argued inside myself, I wouldn’t want to “manifest” something if I already “had” it. The “honest truth” about manifestation is that it is connected with consciousness. It is energetically tied to the emitting and embedding of thoughts, feelings, words and activities. It involves the entire four-body system. Again, as Djwhal Khul says, the four children must walk together, hand in hand, in one direction, toward their common goal. Otherwise, the energy is dispersed. Otherwise the bodies are not integrated. Otherwise the “creation” of the manifestation becomes diverted, distorted and divided.

Manifestation is an act of creativity. As Sons and Daughters of God, we know this innate activity, but have greatly forgotten its power in us. The true Goddess path understands the Power of Thought, the Power of Emotion, the Power of Language, and the Power of Activity. It understands that a master takes control of the four bodies and chooses every thought, word, feeling and action.  They each speak and each direct our “reality.” They are all tied to manifestation.

Let’s explore how feelings, words and activities create our reality, as we have long known that thoughts do. A lot of books have been written on how thoughts accomplish this by influencing our feelings, words and activities. Let’s explore a little bit deeper at this time, within the heading of manifestation.


How Feeling s Create

To begin with, “Reality” with a capital R is never an idea or a thought. While it may be born as a seed-thought, it must blossom into a true experience to be “real.” The experience of Spiritual Truth is the same. Buddha did not sit under the banyon tree, exemplifying for Humanity the power of thinking his way into Enlightenment or into Heaven. He had a true experience that he felt. He had an experience whereby he felt the Presence of God wash over him. The Presence of God is a presence that must be felt.  When someone is in our presence, there is a definite presence in our space. Buddha had a certain openness of heart. He called in Love. He connected The Above (celestial realms) with The Below (his placement on Earth). On Earth he felt his way into Heaven. He opened up the circuits by his passion and feeling to connect to Truth, God, Nirvana, the Sacred heart, or whatever we might call it. His thoughts put God first, but he also engaged himself so that he would feel his way into the arena of God, the heart. This allowed the opening that he needed for God lives within inside of our hearts. His passion for Truth and Freedom within God opened up the circuits of the “inner net” you might say and put him On line with God. For a time he soaked in the Presence of God. Again, an actual total feeling state was achieved that he called Liberation or Nirvana.

 The higher emotional states of feeling are very important to the art of manifestation. Within those states of being, all things are possible and no-thing is impossible for the heart is the doorway to God. In our example, Buddha immersed himself into the silent sanctuary of God, in his own heart, and entered the Kingdom of Heaven within himself, until he merged with and had an actual experience of Light, Unconditional Love, and the Oneness of God. The ideal became his reality. He discovered the Universe within him. He explored the microcosm and the macrocosm. He felt the reunion with The Beloved. He entered God’s world for an experience that shifted his Reality totally.

The Goddess path is to embody God. To merge into God and to enter God’s World. It does not want to stand on the outskirts of town and talk about it or think about it; it must experience it. The Goddess path is to breathe in God and become fulfilled with God Experience. This Buddha accomplished. He embedded into God and energetically fused with God. This is true meditation.

Conscious feeling means feeling one’s way into the heart. Sananda calls the heart the doorway in and the doorway out. He said the kingdom of Heaven was within our hearts. We have to enter inside ourselves to enter God and when we do, we leave behind limited awareness, limited experience and limited consciousness. We become expanded, merged, transformed, resurrected and ascended. We cannot simply think our way into Ascension; we have to embody the heart. That is the seat of Unconditional Love that sets us free.

As creators, when we manifest, we create the potentials of what we want to create in our world by our thoughts and feeling/emotions becoming joined. When we emit feelings, grand electromagnetic charges are emitted from our beings. Electricity, you could say, actually is emitted from our cell bodies. Energy is “moved” into a rhythm and a “song” you might say is created. What we move dictates what kind of song it ends up being. Our cells contain this electrical current or vibration. We are electromagnetic beings in the midst of becoming a new species of Light. We are emitting a lot and effecting a lot of change in our electromagnetic environments. This electrical energy carries tremendous potential for shift. When we feel the passion of the higher emotional states we are moving energy forcefully in a particular direction. We are moving energy through our bodies. When we are Consciously Feeling, we are directing this God energy, this electrical current, this power that we possess in a pattern that “creates our reality” electrically. These feelings are electromagnetic charges that charge out into our life carrying our intentions. Like voltages of electricity they carry a certain amount of power. If we want to change something in our lives, we need to move this energy through our bodies in a conscious way and direct this energy. That is why sincerity of feeling is necessary in producing a powerful experience of prayer.

The power of manifestation requires of us that we feel what we want to create, as if it has already happened.  The feeling of it must be embodied to make it happen. We must also integrate our new and revealed understandings that have to do with the power of emotion. These understandings teach that emotions create the vibratory template and the energy tensions to create or manifest change. We are seeing the healing quality of colors and recognizing the power of feeling into colors. What does blue feel like? We are not talking about the lower emotional body, but the Higher states of the Higher Emotions such as Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. These higher states of emotions, from the higher Emotional Body, act as triggers or key switches that literally turn on dormant DNA or genetic encodemens, also known as the resurrection encodements, within us. We are all carriers of these codes. The Goddess frequencies understands this, as it understands the perfect placement of Divine Passion into the creation of our Evolution and the manifestation of our part in the Divine Plan to move ourselves into God freedom and evolution. After all, our mission is to further the mission of God. Our Spiritual missions are to further God’s Creation in the dimension in which we find ourselves.


Conscious Languaging

In manifestation we also need to use conscious languaging. Our words need to reflect the meditations of our hearts. There is a prayer that says, “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to Thee.” Our words are important. The power of the spoken word is very powerful, as seen in the power of decrees, invocations, and spoken prayer. If our words do not reflect the highest good, they will dissipate the good we are attempting to manifest. If our words do not in the same direction as our thoughts and feelings, they will divide our intention of manifestation and the energy of manifestation will leak out. Again, if we want to manifest abundance in finances, for example, we cannot speak “I am poor.” First of all the words “I AM” are creative words that carry inherent power. Whatever comes after those words will magnetize similar energy. We need to be careful to embody the manifestation and not stand outside of it. When we stand outside of it, it has less power to come to completion. Standing within it, the four bodies go in one direction, powerfully.

 If we talk about limitation while we want to manifest unlimitation, the energy gets divided in half and moves in polarity. Language and words are a lot like the etheric body, or energy body. In the four-body system the four are interlocked and impact each other. In truth, we are all One, so of course are close body systems are in “oneness.” The truth is that even the stars and galaxies are “connected in” to our body systems. We are ALL ONE and connected by fibers of Light and/or Fibers of God. The etheric body is like a huge memory field or reservoir, holding tons of impressions, dogma, beliefs, consciousness programs, imprints, past life “artifacts” and memories of abuses, betrayals, manipulations, to name a few. It also stores what we call the “good” impressions and memories! It needs to be cleared, of course.

In conscious languaging, one feeds energy of manifestation toward what you want to manifest, not toward those things that once were manifest and are held perhaps in the etheric storage compartment.

The Goddess path is very clear about “say what you mean and mean what you say.” In conscious languaging, you can even write or create codes for yourself to steer away from precarious situations that might be created by unconsciously speaking. You can monitor the things you say, watch yourself go by, and immediately delete, or edit, what you say, as if you are at a computer. It is like word processing, but it can be fun. It is not meant to be self judgment or overly processing, but simply regaining command of what we want to say. You can push the delete button, the undo button or the edit button, or whatever creative button you want to use to take control of your speech. The Masters are more concerned with what we do after we become conscious of what we have said, then with never letting an unconscious word slip out. We can always shift the energy if we remain like a silent watcher over ourselves. We can immediately rearrange, substitute and replace words, if we monitor our speech.

Invocations are an example of very powerful methods of directing language and words into Spiritual activity. When we invoke the help of Light Beings, Masters, and Angels, we need to consciously qualify the energy that we are asking to co-create with. We need to be specific, in other words, so that we know who we are inviting to our Light Party. Conscious languaging also finds its place in the actual calling forth of the names of God and the Masters and Angels. We have all heard that in the beginning, there was the word. Words are vibrations of energy carried on sound waves. We know now that Sound heals. We recognize that Sound created Light which created the Creations. The correct “sounds” of the names of the Masters brings their Spiritual signatures in in a Sacred way. This doesn’t mean that we need to be overly concerned about how we pronounce their names. It is just an indication that we want to be sincere and diligent about what vibrational patterns we invoke, because even the names of the Masters carry voltage. The safeguard is that if we are truly coming from the vibration of Love, we cannot do any harm.

It is also important, while on the subject of Sound and Language, to develop an understanding of the Language of Light, the Language of the heart, and the Language of God. Divine Sounds open the templates of our mind/brains. In fact what we call fire letters, in the Hebrew tradition and alphabet, are really energy sounds. The Divine Names stand for Divine Attributes and carry intricate patterns of Perfection and Expression. When you see the relationship between Sound and Light and how they together co-create, it is easy to see the power of Names and of Words. Divine names are expressions of God energy. Mantras that have been handed down through the eons are expressions of the Divine Names. They carry and emit energies that can then be embedded into our own energy fields to uplift us and bring us into manifestation of a Higher State of awareness. If there is any doubt about the power of certain “sounds” or “Divine Languaging” I invite you to chant what is known as the Names of God and feel yourself shift your reality. This is also the power of chanting that results in raising one’s consciousness. It is not the actual words, as many would think, but the energy that is behind the words that is transmitted.


Conscious Activity

It is the same for consciousness within our activities. The physical body must line up with the rest of the bodies to enable a manifestation to take place. We need to remember that our Spiritual assignments, missions, and work is often physical or directly in a physical way. We need to understand, as Lightworkers, that we are learning how to work consciously and actively with higher evolutionary patterns of Light and of Love. We need to understand that actions can be outer or innter. Even meditation is an activity, although many do not think of it in that way. For true meditation to happen, one generally has to set up an environment conducive to it and physically prepare oneself to have an experience. As long as you are in  a physical form, your physicality will still be tied to the activities that you sometimes consider “inactive. Whatever form the work or activity of the Light takes, it can be seen as the actions that you do. It doesn’t matter if you sit on the floor directing energy or you travel to a war zone; it is still activity and it still needs to be conscious in order to manifest the highest truth for yourself, another, or even the planet.

Posture is important; the body has a language of its own. Body language gives energetic signatures of its own into our manifestations. The body speaks. Sighs and facial expressions can delete power. What we do bespeaks who and what we are. So if we want to manifest money, for example, we can not “act” poor and act afraid of money. We need to make friends with money in order to work with it. We need to clear fears around having money and losing money and not having money. We have to place our physical vehicles in the direction of attainment of what we want. If we want to create money, we need to place ourselves in various arenas where money can be made. It might mean getting a temporary job that we do not envision ourselves doing for a long time, in order to buy the things that we need in the present time. Some people don’t want to work because they want to be involved with their missions. This is understandable, but we can never underestimate the mystery of God. In an ordinary job, sometimes the exact right situation or person will come into our life that will bring all the loose ends together. This is, of course, different for every person.

If we want to manifest a relationship, we need to keep the heart open, meet people and physically leave our houses. Generally speaking a relationship doesn’t coming knocking on our doors. It is revealed by each of us following our own Light and our heart into the physical activities that we are drawn to. When we look up, we might then notice that there is someone beside us, with similar interests at the same time and in the same place. If we want to have a true experience of God, we need to dive Spiritually below the surface of the Ocean, so to speak, to where the Peace of The Eternal is. We need to enter the heart and be willing to experience the activity of the heart. We need to learn how to allow the body to follow the heart and become still. We need to physically go sometimes to places of Spiritual nourishment. We may also need to break habits and learn new habits by exploring the physical face of the Earth, traveling, having new experiences and expanding our horizons. Sometimes we need to go to the Sacred site and other times we need to experience that we Are a Sacred site also. We need to monitor what we are doing and what we are allowing into our physical space. Especially within the Time Collapse that is happening on Earth, we need to become very conscious of how we spend our time and what activities we really want to be involved with. Our actions often speak louder than words and are extremely important. They affect our manifestations and they affect our brothers and sisters, and our planet. Consciously choosing harmlessness instead of harmfulness will manifest Christ consciousness on our planet. Our diet and our sleep patterns and the way we interface with nature affect the life that we want to manifest for ourselves. Our actions must clearly be monitored on the screen of our lives so that we shepherd them as God would have it be in the unfolding of our consciousness and the Divine Plan for our planet.


Lord Sananda’s Vow of the Shepherdess/Shepherd

Lord Sananda created what he calls the Vow of the Shepherd/Shepherdess. It is very simple and very beautiful and I use it in the work that I do. He instructs that you envision yourself standing at the top of a green hill, with blue sky and four golden lambs nestled against your feet. The vow is simply to keep the lambs with you at the top of the hill, the crest of the hill or what he calls the “Christ” of the hill. The four lambs stand for your thoughts, your feelings, your words and the things that you do. He says that when one of gets away from your control, just lovingly go and gather that lamb back, like you would do any lamb. A shepherd would not become angry with a lamb that went down the hill (Sananda’s sense of humor). There is no need to ever judge yourself or get angry with self. The instructions are simply to love yourself, forgive yourself, and simply go and bring back the lamb. The vow is to keep the lambs close by and under our control and to get very good at being shepherding our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

spiritual growth

Wistancia Stone is a telepathic voice channel and representative for the inner plane Planetary and Cosmic Masters and Archangels. She is also a spiritual teacher and author. Her new book Invocations to the Light, has just been published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Through the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Ashram and Academy she specializes in ascension clearing, activation, channeling the masters, dimensional journeys and spiritual counseling. You can contact her at her personal line 818-706-8533 or email her at [email protected]. You can also connect with her work through the website Please feel free to call the MSLA to request a free packet of information on the upcoming Wesak Celebration in Mt. Shasta , May 12-14, 2000 and the activities of the academy. You can request this by calling 818-706-8458.

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