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written by Wistancia Stone


Forgiving Planet Earth and Ourselves: Loving and Forgiving the Material Bodies

Becoming Guardians of the Garden

One of the Main Keys to Ascension on Planet Earth at this time has to do with Becoming a Guardian of the Garden of Mother Earth. Another way to say that is becoming a Care-Giver to Earth. Humanity is responsible for the present condition of Her soil, Her water, Her air, Her ozone, and Her pollution and toxicity. We need to forgive ourselves and our ancestors for any contributions made to the present day reality of the degradation of our environment. We need to forgive ourselves and our ancestors, move beyond that, and begin taking care of our planet. Planetary remediation is possible and New Science and Technology is present on the planet that can transmute global pollution, toxicity, and hydrocarbon suffocation into renewal, resurrected harmony and purity, and restoration beyond our wildest dreams. Lifeless parts of our planet can now be brought back to life.

For all of us who live upon Her surface it is really time to truly love Her. Many spiritual seekers and lightworkers have focused 'leaving' Her. She is a most beautiful and mighty Cosmic Being and has been called 'The Emerald Planet,' 'The Healing Planet,' and 'The Garden Planet' by the Masters. Many of us have been preoccupied for a long time on ascending from Her and the limitations we equate with life on Earth. We have wanted to move past the vibratory field of the planet, the level of consciousness, linear thinking, and level of dimension of Earth. I understand that! We have wanted to move away from the pain, destruction, judgment, polarity, war, abuse and betrayal that has existed on Her surface and been played out by races who have lived in Her shelter. Many of us or aspects of us have wanted to leave the karma created on the planet. The thing is Humanity created a lot of that karma. Humanity also is responsible for the condensing of the physical vehicles on Earth. Humanity is also responsible for the state of the atmosphere, water, soil, ozone, to name a few. Mother Earth did not do anything to us. But many of Her citizens have been angry with Her. Many of us have had little regard for Her health and well being.

In our galactic memories, we might remember a time when Heaven on Earth was depicted here. Separation theories were introduced. When there is a widely held myth of separation in the collective consciousness of a planet, fear is not far behind. Negative ego separative thinking led to many faces of fear. Belief systems of being separate from GOD and cut off from one's I AM led humanity toward feeling apart instead of all one. If one feels afraid, unsupported, in lack, and disconnected from Source and Self, it is easy to move toward a private agenda. When GOD is being ignored, a private agenda, separate from GOD's plan will set in. Within that private agenda, greed can easily surface. You will see that to avoid the emptiness that comes from feeling separate, many will try to fill up by taking from others. Many cycles of separation led to the dropping of density on our planet. Then a different kind of abuse began to happen to Mother Earth. Her population, feeling estranged from the Divine Plan, GOD, the Masters and their true purpose for being alive, created ways to make their lives easier in the short run without seeing the long term effects on the planet. The production of petrochemicals and hydrocarbons in the air that have come about since the Industrial Revolution, which did bring progress in some ways, did not take Her Health into consideration. Short-sightedness and irresponsibility prevents humankind from always seeing what they are in the process of creating.

One of the keys to the full awakening process is to turn and notice the planet for WHO SHE IS

For many years most of the planetary population did not even consider that She is a living, breathing, Cosmic Being on a God path. We were not aware that we were cutting off the same branch that we were sitting on, when we began to pollute and destroy Her body. She was something that you walked on and built your house on and when you left the body, you were buried inside of Her. Your garbage was just dumped on certain parts of Her body and it didn't matter.

Humanity has begun an enormous awakening process. And one of the keys to the full awakening process is to turn and notice the planet for WHO SHE IS. To a large degree, this is in the grids now, as they say. It is in the collective consciousness.


The Key is to Begin to Truly Love and Forgive Her

The Masters have been saying that this important key to ascension may be one of the last keys to ascending from this planet in a physical ascension. The key is to Begin to Truly Love Her. To Mother the Earth. It is like finding a certain contentment about Living on Her and with Her and picking up the Mantle of Responsibility for Clearing the Earth's body as we clear our bodies. It has to do with Integrating with the Body of the Earth, Loving Her, Freeing Her, and then opening up the Pathways for Transcendence. We need to clean up the mess we have made, before we are 'going' anywhere. And we need to forgive Her for what we have accused Her of. She didn't take us out of the Garden of Eden. We need to clear our anger with Her and come into Love with her. We share ascension with Her. We need to develop a right relationship with our planet and the time is now. When we truly begin to Love Her, we will see an important key to our next GOD step. Their message is to find Your Way to Love and make Peace with the Planet.

I cannot emphasize this enough. It is one of the last and most difficult keys to attaining God consciousness, ascension, enlightenment and spiritual evolution. How can we picture moving up the rungs of Jacob's Ladder of evolution while trampling upon the body of the planet that supports us? If we do not develop a planetary consciousness and conscience, how are we ever going to truly connect with our solar consciousness and our galactic consciousness and our universal consciousness? GOD runs all the way through the dimensions, the time frames, the levels, the realities and the universes. The Mahatma's Synthesized Body containing all 352 levels of the Godhead includes the planet Earth. Humanity has been desecrating one of GOD's bodies and didn't even know it. No one who hates their planet and what it stands for is allowed to ascend from it. Ascension is never about leaving something behind that you want to escape from to go higher. Ascension always begins in the heart. And the heart that is Christed loves the Wholeness/Holiness of GOD. No part is left out. No stone left unturned. Earth is one of those stones that cannot be unturned. She is staring us in the face with Her compassion now. She is totally committed to Her evolution and is fast forwarding at an accelerated pace. All She asks is,

Are you with me? Will you take the time to feel the earth beneath your feet? Will you now tune in to My heart?

Her heart is a garden where she still holds the immaculate conception of perfection, purity and love, even while the pollution and stench suffocate Her breath (her winds). Even though stories of destruction stored in her fossils (Her bones, her rocks, Her mountains). Even though Her bloodstreams are dirty (Her water). Even though Her skin has been defaced (Her soils). And even though Her energy fields have been depleted (Her ozone).

Without Truly Loving someone, it is hard to keep his/her best interests at heart. Without Truly Loving our planet, it has been hard to keep Her best interests at heart. The time is now to begin this love affair with our planet.

Could it be that we need to see forgiving Earth as a final step in our process?

Could it be that that we need to see Forgiving Earth as a final step? Could it be we are being asked to become responsible stewards for the planet? Could it be that we cannot run away from this mantle of responsibility any longer because the planet is suffering and it is a key to our ascension as well? Could it be that someone loves us so much that we are being forced to respond because we are masters anyway? Could it be that we are being asked to See and then Know and then Become Cosmic Gardeners in this precious Garden of God's heart, this Earth?

Could it be that we are being asked to look into the face of Matter and love it? Could it be that our lesson is to look at Matter and see that It matters! Could it be that as we live in energy-matter bodies, we cannot just love the energy, but we need to love the matter, too? Could it also be that when we begin to love the matter, we will then increase the energy and be able to spin appropriately out of the matter continuum and into higher and higher energies? Could Someone have designed it so that we would have to become Masters on the Earth in order to leave the Earth? Could it be that to be a True Master, we must Love all the way through. Could it be that we must love our planet, too? And forgive HER?


The Divine Mother's Thoughts on Forgiving Mother Earth

'The difficulty on Earth is that there are few echoes that tell you to Love the smallest that you be and see God there. God is everywhere in all things. So in order to leave you must love yourself free and, in one sense, forget leaving and begin to really enjoy yourself where you are. Then you shall ascend. Many riddles are going on now. Many forces have said to only open to the highest and many of them did not recognize the cosmic proportions of the Earth. Now other information is being sent in an echo. You are asked to come into a feeling of love with the Earth who supports you.

Always bring Mother Earth into your heart and into your meditations. Forgive yourself for looking only at the lower vibration in the third dimension. Forgive everyone who felt it was too coarse to live on Her. Forgive yourself for all the times you felt that you wanted to leave Her behind and get on with the real process of evolution. Forgive Her for welcoming so many laggards and despondent races and becoming burdened with the weight of karma.

You are here now and I believe that you are all beginning to see the Light of Her! You are beginning to see how much She loves you. That she is a mother who has carried you.

How much do you love Her? Will you mother Her, care for Her and then let Her care for you? Will you now see the angel in the Earth and see the Earth in the angel, because the Angel anchors God all the way through. The angels are God's presence in all Places at All Times.

You came to Her Shores to learn or refine or teach something more about being a Christ. You came to say 'Let me find out in the middle of density, in the middle of karma, in the dance of limitation, in the dance of separation - How can you be separate from All that IS if All that IS is All That Is? How can you be apart and distant from that? Within the illusion pervading on Earth, how marvelous that you would find your way into mastery yet again with these lessons, with these parameters, with these forces, with these spiritual tests. You checked your most beautiful mantles of mastery at the door to the Earth Club, and still have managed to make your way to the Christ. I believe that is an accomplishment. I believe you are almost there.

You said, 'Check this coat. I will be back for it at the right time. Then you began wandering around, feeling cold, feeling that you forgot something.
And NOW here you are! --Blessings to you, The Divine Mother


The Other Part is Loving and Forgiving the Material Body

Forgive our material bodies

As we enter the Golden Age and become Earth stewards, it is important to Be In Our Divinity. Yes, it is imperative that we love our planet, forgive Her and integrate with Her body. The other part of mastery is loving and forgiving our material bodies.

Loving the Physical Body

We need to remember who we are and love ourselves and see that our physical bodies are part of the physical face of GOD. Just as we have had a love/hate relationship with our planet, we have also had, for the most part, a love/hate relationship with our physical bodies. This has ranged from wanting to leave the body, feeling it is less divine because it is condensed, wanting to change physical features that we have, judging and comparing our bodies to others, judging our body's strengths and weaknesses, and even hating our bodies and wanting to look like someone else. The range of dislike and dishonor to the earthly vehicles that house us run the gamut. It is experienced in our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings and in our spirituality. Many humans living on the Earth want to leave their bodies as much as they want to leave the planet because they are uncomfortable living on and within both bodies. That is not a good reason for ascension.

Our bodies have been called temples because we need to develop a sacred feeling about them

There are many reasons for not loving our bodies. Some of it has to do with not understanding that it is God's body, not ours. We do not own it. We are here to work for God. We are here to carry God consciousness outward into creation. We have come to master the Earth and inspire God consciousness. The human vehicle did compress and now it shall expand! It has been a temporary condition. But who we are is infinite and not temporary. We are not our bodies, but we need to love our bodies. Our bodies have been called temples because we need to develop a sacred feeling about them. This is important in order to attain enlightenment, spiritual evolution, ascension and God consciousness. How could we be in God consciousness if we did not know that God lived within us? How could we be in the consciousness of God and have a false consciousness? We would need to have remembered our fullness. Remembrance of our fullness would have led us back into the consciousness that we are Sons and Daughters of God, carrying the seed of God locked within inside of us that is intact. We are here as carriers of that seed and to seed that consciousness wherever we go, in whatever body we go there in. And to know that all the bodies we have ever worn, for a God purpose, have been holy because God is holy.

Could it be that God consciousness implies that we are in the consciousness that we have a Source? Could it be that that consciousness has, as part of its experience, that there is only ONE behind ALL? That within the material body we can glimpse that we shine with an eternal light? That somehow within that consciousness we can trace OURSELVES back to Source, even if we can't prove it, even if we can't see the whole picture, even if we don't believe it every second of every day - but that We Are IT! Could it be that God consciousness is a consciousness that is knowing deep deep deep inside that it couldn't be otherwise. And that all of our past journeys and all of the bodies we have held and the ones to come, no matter how subtle or dense they may be, are all of GOD? That is IS nothing else? Could it be that if you can experience that and sit in Source while INSIDE a material, dense body and learn to See the God in you and live as if that GOD exists, that then you will Realize God and be in the consciousness of God?

Could it be that it is time to Forgive ourselves for the Fall into Limitation and any part we might have played in that?

Could it be that it is time to forgive the gross material plane and the gross material body?

Could an important Key be to know that the body IS a Temple and sacred, no matter how condensed it is? Could it be that it is time to forgive ourselves the Fall into limitation and any part we might have played in that? Could it be that it is time to forgive the gross material plane and the gross material body and know that INSIDE there is something that is Everlasting and Eternal and Infinite anyway? That connecting with means becoming God Conscious?

Could it be that in God Consciousness we understand 'Sh'ma Yisroel: Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad'? We understand that the Lord Our God, is ONE. And that all parts of us, even our physical bodies are blessed to house the Living Lord and the Oneness and be part of the unfolding Divine Plan?


How much do we believe and experience that our bodies are Divine?

I believe that one of the keys to ascension is integrating the Goddess. I believe that one of the keys to integrating the Goddess is to come into our Divinity and love our selves as if we were Divine and discover that we are Divine. This means unconditional love for self. I believe that Forgiveness is the Ultimate Key to be able to do this. It frees up the Pathways to the Heart and pulls open the DNA Potential locked inside. Then the Radiant Christ can walk out! We have said these words. How many of us demonstrate this love for our bodies?

How well do we care for the surface of our bodies? How well do we care for the inside of our bodies? How well do we care for our breathing and the air that we breathe in? How well do we nourish ourselves? How well do we bathe ourselves in the company of Spirit and in the holy company of others who nurture us and nourish us? How thoroughly do we see God in our brothers and sisters?

Let us do an exercise to clear Our Procession to the Earth.

Clearing the Procession

Take a breath.

We ask your Guardian Angel to stand behind you. We ask your angels to draw around you like a mist, settling over the foothills of a mountain range.

As we moved down our journey through all of the spiraling spheres coming out of the Field of God, of Unmanifest Source, all 352 levels of us spiraled. As we spiraled forth, we lived in many many different kinds of bodies. Deep bodies of light, filmy bodies of the most translucent forms of light, barely visible, all levels of lightbodies, etheric, partially etheric, and partially physical bodies.

We call forth to Mother/Father God, the Holy Spirit, and The Office of the Christ. We also place this in the hands of Lord Melchizedek, Metatron, The Mahatma, The Divine Mother and Divine Father, and the Elohim. We ask for a blessing from All Archangels assigned to this quadrant of this Universe. Please clear all 352 levels of Our Being. Clear any geometric motions that were too fast, any reverberations that may have been picked up through galactic or universal currents of disharmony, any galactic war energies, anything unclear that we picked up in our fields from any level as we spiraled down on our journey into physicality. Please bless the Whole Progression and Procession down through the spheres.

We ask the Beloved Masters and Angels for a Full Restoration of Our Four Body System. These bodies have been through so much. They are like reservoirs that have held dimensional traumas. We ask to Heal and Forgive all traumas of the past. All traumas of all galactic wars, of the Orion Wars, and any other negative situations stored in our genetic memories. Forgive it all now.

In the Company of the GODFORCE, let us Forgive our Planet, Forgive our Selves, Forgive the Past, and Give a Sharing of this Clearing with Goddess Mother Earth!!!

Let Forgiveness Rain Golden Drops of Mercy upon us! May Forgiveness set the
Pathways of our heart and the Heart of Goddess Mother Earth FREE!


building self esteem

Wistancia Stone is a telepathic voice channel and representative for the inner plane Planetary and Cosmic Masters and Archangels. She is also a spiritual teacher and author. Her new book Invocations to the Light, has just been published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Through the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Ashram and Academy she specializes in ascension clearing, activation, channeling the masters, dimensional journeys and spiritual counseling. You can contact her at her personal line 818-706-8533 or email her at [email protected]. You can also connect with her work through the website Please feel free to call the MSLA to request a free packet of information on the upcoming Wesak Celebration in Mt. Shasta , May 12-14, 2000 and the activities of the academy. You can request this by calling 818-706-8458.

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building self esteem





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