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inner peace

 written by Wistancia Stone

Important Update on Physical Ascension Process

Last night I underwent a whirlwind of transformational/transitional energy shifts during the night. I felt a re-alignment from head to toe that was very intense and somehow familiar. It seemed as if a current of energy was sent in, throughout, and around my physical form and it shot throughout the whole of me. I was energy wrapped in a very fast spiral the length of my physical body that took less than a second or two to complete itself. Some thing happened. I then saw a window with moving letters spelling out something that I could not quite read. I could not make out the letters although they were given one by one by one. They were either in a different language than I know or it was not yet time to read these scrolls.  I was asked to write a letter on the Internet to share my experience with all of you because we are ONE.

 We are going through a very accelerated Time of Radiance and Time of Expansion. We have all known and viewed it through different lenses and referred to it in different languages and in different ways. Maybe we called it physical ascension; maybe we called it transfiguration; maybe we called it transformation. Maybe we referred to it as transmutation. Whatever words we placed on it and however the words lined up to evoke pictures of different and differing realities or similar realities: it is Upon Us Now!!

 We are entering a deep part of what has been referred to as the Photon Belt. It has also been referred to as the Limitless Light of the Ein Soph coming down into our subatomics. It has also been called Massive Dimensional Shifting. It has been called Bridging Heaven and Earth. And it has been called raising the frequencies of the Earth to a higher Octave. Whatever it has been called does not matter. Regardless of how we view it or how it feels right to each of us: We are in it. It does not have to involve three days of darkness. It does not have to look like anything we ever anticipated before. We have been traveling with these spirals of higher light for a while now. It is not new. We have not entered something that wasn’t there before. We are Within Inside of a Moving Picture of Reality that is upgrading the planet and causing massive shifts on the surface, in the core and in the fields of the planet’s body. It is affecting our surfaces, our cores and our fields also.

 What is happening is new to Planet Earth because this one Eternal Moment is unveiling itself and unwrapping itself. It has never been before. What has occurred in our past does not have to re-occur. History is not compelled to repeat itself. What we have seen in visions of the Future also is not compelled to come to pass. Things are changing dramatically and what is now needed on the Earth Plane to assist Her transition into a Higher Dimensional footing is not going to comply with what we have glimpsed, what we have been told, what we have imagined or thought it had to be. Something new is being born. The speed of this new reality is very very fast. It is causing many to feel like they are spinning like tops. It is causing many to feel that the ground beneath them is shaking. The earthquakes are within people now. They are shaking up realities that have congealed.


It is important to know that you are not alone

 It is important to know that you are not alone. I get a lot of letters asking what in the world is happening. No one is alone. There is no such thing. And to the extent that we feel alone and not ALL ONE, we are experiencing terror attached to that thought. It is time for all of us to once and for all remember our unity and let go of our divisions.

We are being asked to be very authentic and to be very real with everybody, although it is always wise to use discernment. While it is not necessary to tell your whole story to the mailman, for instance, it is becoming important that the family of Humankind share their experiences with one another. This will create unity and dismiss fear of the unknown. A lot of “unknowns” are beginning to rise to the surface. Experiences, memories and challenges that we do not remember or “know consciously.” Sometimes it feels that we are stepping into an abyss. If we go through these experiences without a good support team, it can feel very strange. We need one another now more than ever and it is a very good idea to make sure that there is time for Holy Company in our lives. We need to be able to express what the transition period feels like as we go through it.

We are not going through the steps of physicalizing our ascension process without Feeling it. Many feelings are rising to the surface in all the bodies. A lot of it is intense and feels extreme in some people. Depending upon one’s sensitivity and one’s amount of clearing that begs to take place, it can feel and look like an arduous journey. It is not. Things are moving quickly now. The process is to take conscious steps toward the goal of release, the goal of letting go, the goal of raising consciousness in all bodies, and the goal of helping the physical body to catch up to the consciousness of the other bodies.

The physical body is the densest vehicle that we live in. Please do not blame it for its density. Forgive it its density. Its density is a story unto itself. Now is the time to come to the aid of the physical body. To love it and allow it to catch up to the other bodies. That is what the physical body is undergoing now. A tremendous escalation to catch up to the frequencies that are coming into the planet now. Remember all of the bodies are detoxing but the physical body is the densest body and therefore the slowest body to de-tox. All of the bodies are receiving upgrades and corrections. But each body is impacted in its own unique way. It is time for each of us to become our own master. To listen to our bodies. To dialogue with our bodies. To become familiar with our intuition. To move from the heart. To attune to our bodies and their needs. Our physical body is no longer what we once thought it was: it is not a shelter for our soul or a discardable unit that simply houses our soul.

In some spiritual contexts the body was considered a lesser vehicle. In some spiritual circles the physical body got cut out of spiritual exercises. There were divisions between the lower chakras and the upper ones. There were divisions between the lesser bodies and the higher ones. We were taught to ignore the physical. You are not your body. While this is true in some ways, our bodies belong to God. They are temples. The altar to God, or the Holy of Holies, may sit within the temple walls, but if the temple is not protected, neither will the altar be. It is all one. Holy ground is the altar, the temple surrounding the altar, and even the temple grounds that surround the temple. Where does the holy ground end or stop? Where is the threshold where it becomes ordinary? Is it ten feet from the temple or twelve feet?  Wouldn’t we be much better off if we didn’t make those divisions? Wouldn’t we be better off if we saw the Holy Grounds as being all the way down the Temple Street and out into the city? Wouldn’t it be better if we looked through the eyes of God for a moment and saw Only Oneness? And if we looked into the mirror of Unity and saw that all structures can support one another? How far does holy go? What is holy? What is sacred? It is said that we build a sacred spot to focus on God. That then spiritual energies come in. Or vice versa. What if we began to see that We were the sacred spot? That we were a foci of God because the Eternal Light Seed of God was intact within inside of us? That we, as carriers of God’s DNA, in a sense, were always carrying something precious wrapped up in the blanket of our physical body, wherever we went. The sacred heart, the sacred soul, the sacred us is within the body, yes? Where does it end? Is there a line where it drops off? Like the temple grounds, at what point does it become ordinary and less sacred?

The masters say that when we begin to view our bodies as sacred sites of God then they will be loved properly, cared for properly, and furnished and nurtured with the best that Heaven and Earth have to offer.


we need to treat the whole person with the ascension remedies!

Our physical bodies can no longer be looked at as garments that house the real us. They are part of God, too. And within the parameters of The Gates of Physical Ascension, whose gates are opening up now, We need to look at our whole structure of bodies as a Whole and in a holistic way. We were made in the image of God and we carry the potential of God beings within us. We carry the potential in our DNA of a full complete Christ walking and talking in a body. We carry the potential of our temples of flesh shifting into temples of light. Our physical bodies are involved in the Great Shift just as much as everything else is. The shift of the ages involves every particle of Life on Earth. Everything is being retuned.

Everyone is interested in DNA these days. It is something that can be carried into the courtroom as a profound explanation and study. The DNA tells a certain level of truth that has fascinated humankind. The subject is newsworthy and noteworthy. It is of interest to scientists as well as spiritual teachers and lightworkers. It is a major key that has been overlooked and is now being looked into. Many channels have brought through information that the manipulation perpetrated on Earth had to do with certain beings messing with human DNA. Scientists have researched that old information is recorded in the DNA. That huge bundles of DNA hold massive levels of information within each cell. It is as if each cell carries a huge on-going library. A lot of what we are seeing is that we are uncovering the cobwebs that have covered the DNA. We are un-doing or un-learning what we have learned and done to the potential of humankind. We are great beings of light that have been living in shrouds of dimmer light. Scientists are saying that our DNA is essentially identical. They are saying that All DNA are tuned to the same frequency. They are saying that our DNA is de-spiraling very fast and that that is causing the aging process and the drop in health. They are saying that our environment, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the soil it grows in, the water – are all toxic.


the DNA sings a song!

Scientists are saying that All DNA have exactly the same genetic sequence code. That the strands are the same lengths and that the strands are tuned to the same frequency. Some scientists have even brought attention to the fact that the DNA sings a song! That there is a sound produced by everything, EVERYTHING – from solar system to sun to planet to the DNA. That the DNA is singing a song. It is singing An Oldie But Goodie, you might say, a Blast From the Past, you might say, that is starting to get through to us. Stored in its memory banks is a Song of Freedom. On top of that was added songs that lost the quality and frequency of the higher notes and dropped down the scale, so to speak.


We have to address our Cell Self

We are rising again! You can call it the Phoenix Rising. You can call it restructuring. You can call it Resurrection. Calling up all the goodness that was with God before the world was. Before humanity on Earth dropped their frequencies and lowered their vibration. We can call it anything we want, but something is happening. Our cells in our bodies have to go up the scale, too. Our cells have to go into the higher dimensions. Our cells are being fitted for some 4D clothes. It is inevitable. It is upon us.  We have to address our Cell Self. Our Cell Selves are going through the ascension also. And our cell selves may be screaming out because change is not something that a body will always embrace.

We are being shown and taught that Sound via Vibration is the beginning point of Everything. In the beginning was The Word… Sound creates Light which creates Creation is what Lord Gabriel has told me. When the physical body is being addressed it has many different layers in its “garment.” There might be a certain note that the heart organ itself will respond to. But a tiny cell of the heart requires a different Harmonic of the Heart Song. It requires a music or sound that has a more refined frequency. The part doesn’t always respond to the sound that the Whole responds to. It has to be broken down for the part.


Our bodies are being re-tuned

Our bodies are being re-tuned. They are reaching out to HEAR the sounds that will shift them and change them and transform them so they can comfortably become Light. Our bodies are being re-spatialized at all levels, including the cell level. That means that the Space in our bodies is shifted. The New Songs make for New Spaces. WE are essentially opening up the space within us. We are creating situations so that there is more space between our molecules. We are taking ourselves up the spiral, up an octave; to where a different song will sung from the heavenly body that is our body. Going up a notch. We are moving from compression to expansion. It doesn’t matter what we call it or how we refer to it: It Is Happening. We are now stepping into those octaves. You might say we are beginning a physical ascension process. You might say we are becoming Whole Notes. You might say we are spiritualizing our bodies. The higher frequencies are faster frequencies. I always say this is in the sessions I do. That is why it is sometimes hard to see angels. They move so fast. They are moving in a part of the spiral that is faster. It is also harder to hear them. They are speaking fast and at a different frequency. That is why it is so ludicrous to think that 4D life is going to necessarily be captured on a 3D camera in space.  There is more than meets the eye. There is so much more and until it meets the eye, we may think it is not there. It is just that we have not yet seen it.


a vote about ascension for the planet

I am seeing through many dimensions inside of myself and all around me. I am aware that the dimensions on Earth are crossing now. It is profound. I am aware that this influence is affecting all life on Earth, including our physical forms. I am also aware that it is not going as quickly as many would want. At the beginning of the year on the inner plane there was a vote about ascension for the planet. At that time the compassionate vote was not to speed it up so fast that so many of us would not be able to make the adjustments or readjustments. The vote was to go with Unity as much as possible and those things that would truly separate Humanity, might have to go on hold, so to speak, for a bit of time.  Our teachers, guides and overseers on the higher planes are rooting for the Earth and the people on Earth. They know that it has been difficult. They remind us that this is the 11th hour and that the promise of God to fill the Earth with Glory is close at hand. They know how long and arduous the path has seemed. They know that it is going as fast as it can be. They know that we are here to learn mastery and control of our thoughts, words, actions, feelings and emotions. They are assisting as much as they can, but they are honoring our decisions to become Christed Masters. They know that we need to live mastery. That we can’t simply be rescued and restored.  They have the technology to assist us and to refine us and possibly to retune us, but the bulk of the process lies with us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

 They also look at the Earth and insist that the physical Earth be restored and resurrected, as our own bodies seek restoration, healing and cleansing. I was watching Twilight Zone with Joshua the other night on television and there were two people standing on the deck of a boat unabashedly tossing garbage into the ocean. I remarked to him that when that movie was made the ocean wasn’t even considered alive. It was just a big whole to get people from point A to point B. There was no consciousness about the life in the water or the water’s life. The people were smoking and bringing pollution into their bodies on screen, and then throwing the wrappers into the water. Maybe we have come a long way. You wouldn’t see that in a movie today most likely. But the truth is that our life system is polluted on Earth.

Our teachers, guides and overseers say that Earth needs to be restored to a pristine planet. She is sacred. Somewhere along the way we need to wake up to the fact that the Whole Earth is the Temple Grounds. That we are ONE. That as She weeps, so weep I. That as long as our planet is sullied and tarnished and defiled, we have work to do, before we can step up the ascension ladder. We cleanse at the cellular level and talk about cell regeneration, cell rejuvenation and clearing at the subatomic level. This awareness is excellent. It speeds up the entire process. But just as our cells have to go to the fourth and fifth dimension, our physical planet has to clear Herself also of toxins.

We are going through this process with each other and with our planet. And there is a lot of work still to do. But time is speeding up and awareness is spiraling and it is do-able. I was asked to share these feelings because we are One. If I am feeling them, than you may be feeling them as well.

The physical ascension process of our material forms is not the same for everybody or every body.

The physical ascension process of our material forms is not the same for everybody or every body. Some of us are going through parts of it with what you call pain. Others are not feeling pain in the body. Some of us are aware of the changes; others are not. I think we need to all be careful. However you are going through the process now, it might change later. Whatever we might be “judging” today might be our very own situation next year. We need to go through this process with compassion for self and compassion with others and leave judgment aside. Many of us are judging ourselves and asking, “What’s wrong with me?” We are saying things like, “I should be way beyond this point now. I shouldn’t be feeling pain anymore.”

We didn’t design this process and none of us has been given a complete look at the Divine Plan. We do not know exactly how it is playing out in the bodies. Most of us are not clear enough channels to get absolutely clear information on this subject of what is happening to the bodies, and to be honest, it is information that is CHANGING moment to moment. How many of us can keep up with that? You cannot take a pat answer and fit it into the physical ascension process of a body. It is different for each body. And different for everybody. Maybe, in all seriousness, God is waiting for our compassion quotients to rise higher before this process moves any more quickly for us. What good would it do to have certain higher abilities, certain avatar abilities if our compassion hadn’t skyrocketed also? The cart cannot be placed in front of the horse, as Djwhal Khul says. That way you can only go so far and you will hit a wall or come to an otherwise abrupt stop.


like the story of the Three Bears. It has to be done JUST RIGHT!!

Everything is being engineered just right and perfectly. All the different layers and levels are taken into consideration. It’s like the story of the Three Bears. It has to be done JUST RIGHT!! Be gentle with yourselves as you lose your balance. As you forget what you did yesterday. As you clumsily steer yourself right into a wall and don’t see it coming. As you feel pain in your joints, spine, head and legs. As your heart goes through palpitations sometimes. As your vision gets blurry. As you cannot sleep or you cannot wake up. As your toxins come spilling out. As you feel things you thought were long gone in you. As little negativities boil up to the surface to be cleared. As the brain frequencies coming on line in the brain cause you to be temporarily OUT OF ORDER. As the logic in you subsides and the intuition in you rises. As you volley between feeling ageless, eternal, younger than springtime and too old to make it up the stairs. As you find yourself uninterested in food or eating everything in sight. As you find people removing themselves from your life. As you find that your robotical activities are off line. As you find that you cannot interface in the old way with people, places, situations, and ideas. As you wonder who in the world you are becoming. As you feel the rush of heat as you come into the company of higher light beings. As you feel the dramatic hot/cold sensations during the night and during the day. As you lose your taste for things and can no longer imagine them as part of you. As you wonder if you are descending or ascending or having a descension. As you wonder if you are a walk in or a walk out? As you feel the pain of sharp edges in you being worn down. As you feel certain cells screaming out in fear of change and annihilation. As you feel the tug of war at the cell level and begin to doubt your own sanity. As you begin to feel you are not the person you were yesterday, doesn’t anybody get it? As you feel disorientation, re-orientation and all of a sudden you shift and begin to see through the dimensions a whole New orientation of life. 

As you wonder if anyone else is experiencing these profound changes, please know that the answer is Yes. I am. Probably you are or you soon will. If you dig deep enough probably a lot of people are if they are honest enough to admit it. If they are not afraid of it. If they are in support of it. If they understand the profundity of it. If they are pleased to be involved in bringing the light into the dense physical body consciously and watching the process so that they can comprehend it. Our bodies are crucifying; dying to the higher bodies of light. It is as gentle as it can be. Our bodies are crucifying, resurrecting and ascending all at the same time.


we need one another for support

 This is a time when we need one another for support. It is also a time when our animal friends need us for support, as we need them also. They are undergoing great change and they do not have the Internet or the language to explain it.  There are other supports for this time. Probably the most important support is meditation. Putting ourselves into positions where we can join with those who know this process from above this level. Meditation is important now so that we remain in the heart and stay centered in Higher Self. It is important for us now to be meditating all day long, even as we move about our lives and then to also sit within the deep peace and rapture of no-thingness, beneath the waves where nothing moves. It is important to get very good at sitting with Source and building our full acquaintance with God back. It is time for us to experience God and experience Ecstasy, which Gabriel says is the legacy of God. Meditation bridges the dimensions within inside of us. We really need to re-acquaint ourselves with Direct God Connections and the peace that passes the understanding of the mind. The heart needs to be immersed in true meditation.

 Do what you can to supports the entire regeneration, restructuralization and resurrection/ascension process within our 4 body systems. There are many gifts emerging in the marketplace that truly rebalance and energize the physical body so that the body can come back into symmetry and balance and heal. Check them out with discernment; some are truly miraculous, while others are still good. Healing means removing separations that have covered over the glory. Many healing tools, remedies, and formulas have arrived onto the face of Planet Earth in time to harmonize with what all species of life on Earth and the Life of Mother Earth Herself are doing within their ascension processes and formats. The formulas support the ascension process and the process of clearing the way to Glory. They have come at the Divine Right Time. Now that we are consciously “living” our ascension process, we can consciously aid that process by choosing a program of meditation, holy company, formulas for re-formatting the bodies, clearing out old programs within us, and developing a relationship with our Planet by understanding Her needs, forgiving Her what we have blamed Her for, and linking up with Her in a united effort to Assist in the Ascension of All Life on Earth.

 We are well versed in division. Let’s get well versed in Oneness and Unity and in Following the Heart. There’s no time to be socially correct or politically correct all of the time. It is time to be real. To be honest. And to come from the heart.

 I see my celestial mission as being linked to Mother Earth, humanity, and the Planetary and Cosmic Beings of Light, Angels and Masters on all the dimensions. We are all ONE. At this writing, we are halfway through the Year 2000 and have seen that the mutations are not going to stop, the transmutations are only heating up, and everything is accelerating higher and higher and higher; there is no stopping and no stopping us. As long as one bear in China is in bondage, the Buddha in me weeps. As long as the veil of invisible hydrocarbons suffocates the Earth plane, the Mary in me weeps. As long as the glory of the Christ is imbalanced with our bodies and any of us are living the illusion of the Myth of Separation, the Christ in me weeps.

It is time the River of Tears end. Now is the beginning of the time when The Divine Mother catches the tears and creates Rainbow bridges for an exodus out of limitation. But we are not going anywhere leaving a sullied Earth and bodies full of toxins. We have this time to re-tune every part of us to the Song of Freedom. Every cell, every bear, every brother, every sister, every dog, every cat, every body, and the Body of the Earth. We are One.

 I have been instructed to focus on the fear thought-form that says, “It has been too long” or “Is it ever going to end?” If the shoe fits, I guess we will wear it. Distortions can color our shoes. I have been instructed to say that we are Eternal and that all things end. We are at the 11th Hour of Dramatic Change and it may be called The Intensity by some.  I have been instructed in the importance of Balance and how good it is to balance our “doingness” with our “beingness. I have been asked to say that it is important to spend time in The Interior Castle even as we take up residence with The Exterior Castle. In other words, it is necessary to grow or stay accustomed to The Silent Sanctuary of The Divine and to stay linked with the Sound of Silence in balance with the heavy load of “Lightwork” that we may be engaged in. One being said, “You leave your home and go out, but make sure you come back in and go within inside so that you are constantly familiarizing yourself over and over again with The Eternal, in stillness and in activity, in words and in the quiet, in light work and in light play. Meditation keeps us humble and helps us keep a God perspective. So that we continue to see that we are all servants of The One God. Balance is mastery and mastery is wholeness and wholeness is holiness.


Important Update on Physical Ascension Process

Due to the extreme transmutational symptoms that are rampant at this time, I have been directed by the Masters and Angels to add a little part to this article. Every day people call and feel that something very wrong is happening to them because of the extreme transmutational/transformational symptoms that they are feeling. When they go to doctors, they are being told to take Prozac or they are being instructed to seek professional psychological help. I am not professing to be a doctor or a psychiatrist.  It may be beneficial for some of us to seek psychological treatment. It may be appropriate to quiet our minds and seek a doctor’s advice to rule out any medical abnormality in the physical body. We have to follow our own guidance on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and four body systems at this unprecedented time of acceleration.

My truth is that certain symptoms and ways of feeling are now becoming rampant and when we know this and know that many are feeling these things, a certain serenity is brought into the mind. Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that feel extremely hard on the physical body.


Many of the Symptoms of The Intensity

The symptoms of headaches, extreme fatigue, heating up of the physical body, nausea, dizziness, forgetfulness, irritability, sleeplessness, joint pain, body aches, muscle cramps in legs and calves and shoulders, flu-like symptoms, kundalini experiences, feeling out of sorts, muscle pains, skin rashes, diminution of spatial awareness, clumsiness, feverish feeling, feelings of being there and not being there, loss of visual acuity, memory loss, lack of the ability to concentrate, feelings of moving too quickly, the feeling that they cannot accomplish anything because there is no time, panic attacks that happen suddenly and disappear just as suddenly, and others go on and on.

When we are not experiencing what the masters call The Intensity, we may have a working knowledge of what is occurring. The problem is that when many of us are in the midst of The Intensity, there can be a feeling of loss of hope, depression and doubts that it really is something wonderful happening to us. This is why I have been asked to write What On Earth is Happening to Our Bodies, Part II!

Please remember that there are many beings, under contract, to help us make many polarity shifts in the different bodies. The physical body is not being ignored. It is being included. In the presence of these Light Beings and Etheric Healers and Multi-Dimensional Surgeons, our bodies often experience a Rush of Heat and energy bursts that are not comfortable. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the “symptoms” we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with light. They are bringing in these checks and balances and working with these “controls” often at night or during the night. What is happening is that it is often that we Heat Up at night and cannot sleep. And this adds to our being restless and tired in the morning.


We go through The Christ to get to God

Maybe we need to keep our eyes on the Adam Kadmon Body. The beloved Heart Master, Sananda, as a direct manifestation of God’s Body, as a celestial Creator came in to the life of Jesus on the Earth to seed the Adam Kadmon Body and to seed the processes of crucifixion, resurrection and ascension into a higher form or body. We can call it anything that we want. This Eternal Being has existence at many many levels in God’s Mansion World and agreed to be almost a screen of God. Sananda exists in a lot of different bodies and is called by many names. He took on a form for the purpose of redeeming Humanity on Earth and their bodies into the accelerated Adam Kadmon form.  My understanding of passing through the Christ to get to the Mother/Father God is that we actually pass through a screening process. It is like physical creation needs to pass its coding through a Screen of Light called The Christ or the Eye of Horus, in different traditions. It doesn’t matter what we call it, only that we understand that a refinement process occurs. We come through the process. We become Christed. We receive living energy codes of The Christ. We pass through the Eye of the Needle. We go through a Screen of Light and receive Adam Kadmon codes. We go through The Christ to get to God. Could this be what Jesus meant when he said that others would come through him to get to “the Father”? Could he have been talking about coming through the Christ, through the Screen of God that is The Christ, in order to receive the instructions and the recodements of Higher Light and Higher Evolution? Could it be that physical creation needs to scientifically and spiritually pass through a process so that we can truly embody The Christ Principle? Does our Coding Process need to come up to a higher wavelength so that we can become God Conscious after all?

I believe that this is true. I believe that our genetics need to go through a process whereby we begin to function on a much HIGHER Wavelength of LIGHT. I believe that we are getting enormous help in this regard. I also believe that to accomplish this Program of the Christ, many masters and angels are dedicated to us to accelerate our energies and biorhythms. I believe that when we are heating up at night and passing through this and that, we are coming through much more subtle spectrums of matter-energy in our matter-energy bodies and that it is all grand, glorious and difficult. I believe that our very Electromagnetic Density is changing and that our matter-energy forms are becoming intensified and electrified, so to speak, to prepare us for life in a Christed Body, life in an Ascended Body, and life in an Adam Kadmon Body. It doesn’t matter what we call it, it is happening. Our Anointed Christ Overself Bodies want to dome with the physical bodies and want to take dominion over the limited physical vehicles we have been wearing.

I believe we are receiving the re-wiring of the brain in order to accept higher knowledge so we can become pillars of Wisdom. I believe that we are being remade in the Divine Image. I believe that our energy blueprints are being readjusted and resurrected.


Heaven and Higher Science is coming to the rescue of Altering Humanity

I believe that the Help of Heaven and Higher Science is coming to the rescue of Altering Humanity to assist in the transfiguration of a whole new bioengineering process of life here. Star Trek machines are coming out all over the place. Higher knowledge and science is coming to assist.  Consciousness energy is being transformed into energy forms previously not known or at least remembered.  Many new living energy forms are here. Many more are coming into being. While our nervous systems are being crucified, resurrected and ascended all at the same time, we are going to receive many new forms of energy that will assist the process. We just need to remain open, use discernment, and follow Spirit with every conscious breath.


We are becoming a New Species of Light

 Our bodies are melting down. Density is leaving. The huge release of tremendous energy is resulting in the changing of our molecular structures.

We are becoming a New Species of Light. We are becoming Crystalline. We are integrating Polarity Consciousness. As the planetary frequencies rise higher and higher, our frequencies are raising higher and higher. We need to let go of the status quo and be willing to change dramatically. That means be willing to stay the entire course, become Multi Dimensional and not worry about who and what is doing it with us, at the same rate and speed and without concern for what it will all lead to in the end? We need to remember there is no end. We are never ending. We are eternal. We are One with God.


Ascension is a fact of our life

 We need to begin to believe in Ascension as a fact. Ascension is a fact of our life. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others, because people ascend differently. It may not be that everyone that you see IS ascending. Perhaps they do not need to. Perhaps things appear to be one way and they are really a different way. We have to have compassion for ourselves and for others. Comparison opens the door to disappointment. We need to accept the Challenge of Ascension because it is challenging. We are beginning to be challenged by it in our bodies. We need to understanding that refinement and lessons will keep coming. There are always new layers and levels to lessons and refinements. What we were ready for at one time, we were not ready for at another time. We are getting ready for more every day. We need to see that many of us are in Ascension training. It doesn’t mean we are better than those who do not appear to be in Ascension Training are. They may be in it in a different way. They may need to do something else. They may go full force into it later. Some of us are here to open the doors of physical ascension. Perhaps others of us are opening other doors. Therefore, we cannot judge anyone based on their ascension symptoms or lack of symptoms. We cannot judge anyone based on the difficulty he/she may be experiencing. We need to stop giving each other pat answers. We need to stop telling our sisters and brothers that pain is always resistance. Ascension is a fact of our lives and it is not easy to do in a physical sense.


The Brink of Discovery

We also need to know that we are not alone. Not on Earth and not in Heaven. Other worlds are ascending also. If we feel alone, then it can feel more difficult. That may be why it is so difficult. If we feel All Is One, it will not feel so difficult. It might feel invigorating. Exciting. Adventurous. Like being on the Brink of Discovery. We need to remember that going from carbon based genetics to a crystalline form is not an easy 1,2,3 process. We are in multidimensional training as well as ascension training. It is all really really perfect.


inner peace

Wistancia Stone is a telepathic voice channel and representative for the inner plane Planetary and Cosmic Masters and Archangels. She is also a spiritual teacher and author. Her new book Invocations to the Light, has just been published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Through the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Ashram and Academy she specializes in ascension clearing, activation, channeling the masters, dimensional journeys and spiritual counseling. You can contact her at her personal line 818-706-8533 or email her at wistanci[email protected]. You can also connect with her work through the website Please feel free to call the MSLA to request a free packet of information on the upcoming Wesak Celebration in Mt. Shasta , May 12-14, 2000 and the activities of the academy. You can request this by calling 818-706-8458.

You can find more articles by Wistancia Stone at:

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