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by Matthew Webb


Any action first arises from the decision to act. Every decision is based upon a shift of intent within, before it is carried out. This is as true of shifting into higher states of consciousness, as it is the lifting of a pen, or walking from one room to the next. Therefore, the essence of enlightenment is found through the Mastery of Intent. Gaining greater degrees of enlightenment, (or spiritual realization and embodiment) is first undertaken merely through the decision to do so. Intent then carries this decision out by applying it to daily life.

To master intent to greater and greater degrees, it is first necessary to realize that it already exists within. We need not FIND intent through a psychological process. It is something with which we were born, and which we will carry with us after the death of the physical body, as souls. We are consciousness at our foundation. Everything we do is made possible by this consciousness which we are, and which the universe likewise is. Of the three components of consciousness which compose God, soul and body alike, Intent is the guiding element of Creation. In meditation we can isolate the Intent within, as the very source of creator and created. By observing intent within, we learn how it transforms and causes action. Watch carefully the moment before any decision is made. Therein you will see intent in action.

Intent can refine itself just as awareness can. In the WMS Chakra meditation, (see below) we learn to focus awareness back upon itself. Awareness of awareness then generates progressively greater clarity. But when we meditate upon intent, the agency, which directs awareness, is then Seen. Intent can then intend itself into higher levels of being. Intent then becomes both a tool and a means for its own self-building. This fact is the personal equivalent to what God does in the act of generating life and refined matter. By Intending higher, (spiritual) levels of intent, we raise our level of consciousness in the most direct fashion. Therefore, the greater mastery of Intent produces enlightenment to unlimited degrees. It is a self-transformation of the most fundamental kind.

As above, so below. By transforming the intent we have within, (which determines our state of consciousness and daily actions) we directly access our unlimited potential as conscious beings. The same is true at a global level. ALL world problems can be resolved through a transformation of World Mind Intent.

World Mind Intent is the source for the collective desire, focus and will, of every human being who now lives. Like personal intent, world intent carries with it some inertia. Just like a stone, which rolls down a hill, World Mind inertia CAN be deflected to new courses of travel. War and division can be transformed into mutual aid and unity, by adopting the appropriate Intentions. Through a shift of global intent our species can move into new vistas of evolution, unlike any ever previously known.. Knowledge of the consciousness within, as well as Natural Laws, facilitates this.

Intent is the primary force of universal action. For this reason we are a part of the Comic Intent, ("God"). The World Mind as a sum total of human consciousness, is but a minor tissue in the larger multi-galactic organ of God.

This tissue of global consciousness goes through transformations and self-induced trials. God, (Cosmic Intent, Awareness and Energy) learns Its own lessons from Its lesser parts. Our trials and errors thus function as a learning vehicle for That which resides throughout the Cosmos. Our experiences serve as a refinement of the Self knowledge of God, (Intent at Large). The same is of course true of an unlimited number of other inhabited worlds. Much of what is being learned by God from the Earth at present, may be placed accurately in the category of, "How planet-wide group minds function under conditions of self induced stress, and misapplication of Natural Law". Such knowledge informs the Intent at Large, how better to generate and guide life, in the evolutionary process of self-development.

The crisis of the modern condition may thus be understood, as the inappropriate use of intent. "Inappropriate" is defined as that which is not in accord with Natural Law. The ONLY REAL solution to the dilemma humanity now finds itself in, is therefore a spiritually oriented transformation, of both personal and collective intention. It is necessary that this transformation be made of our constant life focus as a species. The refinement of Intent must become our first priority, as the central objective of society and daily social relations. Toward this end, the current intentions of greed and chaos which underlie materialism must likewise be dismantled.

To reach within and transform the self in ANY WAY that is natural, is a matter of reconfiguring ones’ moment-to-moment intention. Intent flows in an unbroken stream within, and is always functioning. Our "intent stream" is therefore much like a stream of thoughts or feelings. One intent flows into the next, just like the changing of thoughts, creating new conditions for the mind, body and environment. . Just like thought and feeling streams, our constant stream of intent can be re-directed at will. In the modern world we make the mistake of addressing personal change by manipulating thought or emotion, but these are just the symptoms of underlying intentions. To address them as causal to personal behavior is to not address cause. Thoughts and emotions are something our intent DOES, not something which we actually ARE. Intent alone is the wellspring of thought, emotion, psychic effects and societies. All forms of existence both personal and collective, owe their existence to it every moment. Therefore the study and mastery of Intent is the ultimate study.

We need not change governments, we need only change intentions.

From Intent all actions flow, far and near. So too are they sustained and destroyed by it in turn, once their evolutionary usefulness is exhausted. This is how we, (and all life) are the Clay of God. Our species will be preserved only so long as we maintain our usefulness for the evolution of the Cosmos.

Creation is a matter of intention at all levels of existence. It resides within the atom and the galactic group, and from soul to unified field. God, (consciousness) is what all beings have in common at their foundation. Through consciousness, (intent, awareness and energy) we mutually create every moment in tandem, along with the rest of the world. This fact is confirmed through meditation, and any meeting of two or more persons. Every time we interact with others, intent is at work. The quality of any interaction is then determined directly by the type of intent used by each person, in each moment that passes.

Intent is the essence of the soul just as it is the essence of God, in any part of the multi-verse.

To gain Self Mastery, the study of Intent through direct observation is essential. Whether or not one calls this "meditation" or "prayer" is irrelevant. The individual who sees the essential self as Intent in each moment, also realizes their membership in the body of God, or in other words, The Intent at Large.

Consciousness is a fluid substance, in that it easily melds and co-manifests, much like waves which form via particles of water. Our World Mind functions much like a great psychic ocean, to which every human being is a particle, as well as the generator of waves. Humanity’s connection with this ocean is continuous and unbreakable. The Unified Field described by Einstein which is composed of consciousness, is always unifying the result of our intentions. It is consciously accessible through meditation.

One aspect of being a Master, is to be able to reach out with ones’ intent into the fields at large, and cause an expansion of consciousness therein, just as such transformations can be Intended into place in the chakras, mind and body. Groups of meditators may accomplish this with even greater ease and competence, because of the natural law known as the group mind principle. Both of the consciousness expanding qualities of love and clarity for instance, can be intended into place around the globe. Without an intimate understanding of intent, such a task is made far less effective. But with such knowledge, global and group meditations can be made far more potent than is commonly imagined.

The survival of our species, as well as our Planetary Enlightenment, rests primarily in the study of group mind Intent, (and how it manifests, according to the collective interactions of individual consciousness). That knowledge is best gained through direct observation and experimentation. Our on-going Global Group Mind Meditations, (described at are one such experiment, and are in accord with the intent of the cosmos, in the expansion of personal, group and planetary consciousness. From knowledge of intent comes the potential for planetary transformation, and therefore true wisdom. Group meditations are thus very useful, because they are mutually strengthening. High intent begets high intent, reciprocatingly.

Consciousness is That which runs through grassy fields and galaxies alike. It is THAT which is responsible for the act of ongoing evolution in all parts of existence, just as is THAT which reads these very words. Our purpose, (like all life) is ultimately to facilitate the ongoing creation/evolution of the Cosmos. To facilitate evolution is to expand consciousness. Consciousness recycles upon itself…

Consciousness is That which runs through grassy fields and galaxies alike…the motions of God are a circulating phenomena of Causal Force. Creation refines creator, which then creates more perfect creations…. This is Cosmic Self Development. We are but one player on that infinite stage.

Humanity is a product of the Intent at Large, as is all life in the multi-verse.. Know God by knowing the consciousness within. Observe God/Consciousness via the study of Intent. Intent is behind each and every action, each and every moment.

The greater Mastery of Intent is the refinement of the soul, especially when the purposes of God are clearly perceived and adopted. To know this is to remember the essential purpose of incarnation. Likewise, to refine inner intent is to progress along the Path of spiritual Mastery as an incarnated soul.

The cosmic ways and means are known as Natural Laws. Natural Laws sustain God just as they sustain each soul. They may not be broken profitably, but can be used in creative ways, yielding an unlimited array of potential thought-forms, life-forms and physical creations. This is how evolution proceeds. It is the privilege of human beings to proceed along this evolutionary path at will.

The human race may return themselves to Right Intent and Right Living, by recognizing self as consciousness, (soul-intent). We must also recognize our species as a part of God, (the Intent at large). In so doing a person may fulfil the soulic purpose of spiritual Mastery, as well as the Cosmic Purpose of planetary evolution. Through such focus, may people regain that sense of Divinity and Genius, that is their natural birthright. We are decidedly NOT the small thoughts and images which currently circulate through modern society. Going beyond the norms of society to the consciousness within, is to gain a cosmic perspective and unlimited potential.

Through group meditation/prayer, the World Mind Intent may be elevated. Even a mere group of two, can generate enough High Intent, to alter world events. We may even Intend ourselves into such levels of consciousness as that of a Buddha or a Christ, (and beyond) if our spiritual intention is sufficiently unbending. Such attainment is squarely gained through the mastery of Intent, which is the essence of enlightenment.

Recommended meditation;


The Chakra Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on the feelings throughout the body. Those new to this practice may begin by focusing upon a very small area of the body, such as the tip of the right index finger. Be carefully aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness to spread to the entire finger, then the hand, arm, both arms, chest, torso, head, legs and feet, (not necessarily in that order). Do not avoid any pain, fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in the body. [Such feelings are usually the result of Intentions which inhibit personal growth, and these can be "reprogrammed". Fear can be replaced by love, confusion by clarity, and pain by vibrant energy/positivity.]

As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and return again and again to a feeling-awareness focus, even if this means doing so a hundred times every minute. Chronic, rampant, seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored stress in ones’ being. As the practice of meditation proceeds, stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon this process will gradually diminish. Be patient and don’t let the simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you. Let your awareness travel freely from one area of the body to the next, as it will be inclined to do. Feel every subtle inner detail. Areas of particular stress or activity will attract your awareness, and hold it for longer periods than the rest of the body. Allow this to happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and energy body activity. Don’t be concerned or irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling/awareness-oriented focus within the body, in a relaxed manner.

One particularly notable value of the above meditational practice, is that is can be done any time during the day, at work, at home or in conjunction with any other activity. It can be done for as little as 5-30 seconds at a time, (as daily inner awareness) and it will still render cumulative benefits, though these are usually more pronounced when the eyes are closed, and the body still. It is recommended that the Chakra Meditation, (or others like it) be performed daily just before going to sleep at night, and before arising in the morning, for 20-30 minutes at a time. Daily inner awareness and meditation compliment each others’ effectiveness, acting to improve health, reduce stress, increase psychic sensitivity, clarity and the capacity for love, manifest intelligence and wisdom.

As the meditator becomes increasingly aware of their own inner state of being through meditation, they are also enabled to take greater notice of their psychic environment. The "mood" or "atmosphere" of the workplace is made clearly perceptable to them. The underlying motives and feelings of persons as well as groups, become more and more obvious. Even more importantly, the meditator gains greater awareness of their own patterns of feeling and thought, as well as the Intentions which underlie them. That which is known can be easily addressed, whereas that which is unknown is difficult to change. Self knowledge implies the capacity for self change. The self-aware individual discovers that the task of building a more evolved self, is often easier than expected. They are thus enabled to build a more evolved world with others in the process.

By applying the Chakra Meditation daily, (or others like it) we become increasingly aware of the subtle feelings/Intents in the body, as they exist in each cubic inch of our physiology. This practice then allows the meditator to begin to transform the Intentions held in the body as a residue of past experiences, to ones that are progressively more evolved. Long held fear anywhere in the body, such as in the stomach, (third chakra) or the heart, (fourth chakra) can be transformed to love. Confusion and a scattered focus in the region of the forehead, (sixth chakra) can be turned into greater and greater clarity. A lack of energy in the hips/lower spine, (first chakra) can be made into a state of high vitality. All of these changes of cellular memory and Intent can be transformed in such a manner. The meditator may do this by Intending changes to come about, by employing the following four steps;



(for rendering internal change)


1) Be aware of your current state of body/mind, (this is accomplished through meditation).

2) Gain familiarity with that which is to be Intended, (such as a higher love and clarity) and the Intent to be acted upon is crystallized.

3) The desired state is held steady in the mind, (for at least 5 minutes). Visualize and feel this state as if it already exists, until the body/mind shifts into it.

4) The desired state is "held in place" throughout the body, (or a given chakra). This new state is maintained by treating it as the new reality of the self on a permanent basis.

Subsequent applications of the above four-step process for the Mastery of Intent, render cumulative results. Be persistent. This is the essence of manifestation!

Matthew Webb [email protected]


Recommended Further reading;

The Perpetual Raising series, found in the Library of the World Mind Society at







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