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  2001: Spacing With God Through The Medium Of Meditation

 By Wistancia Stone


As we enter the year 2001, spacing with God is essential. What I mean by this is creating space in our lives for Spiritual Communion with God within inside of ourselves, for the purpose of simply residing “In Source.” The purpose is to have a “real” experience of Divinity embedded within us, so that we can take up residence in the heart, become a Citizen of Source, merge into an experience of something Eternal, and access Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek/Divine Mother/God Consciousness within us in a deeply revealing real way. It is time to actualize the God Experience that we talk about, teach about, and believe we know about. It is time to study just how far that knowledge goes inside of us. With so much going on inside of us and all around us, it has never been more important than now for each of us to have a true, simple, pure, and real experience of Meditation in our lives. To balance with all the external shifts, transformations, and evolutionary patterning that is occurring in our lives, our bodies, and on our planet, the Internal experience of peace, simplicity, bliss, consciousness, enlightenment and God ecstasy is calling for our attention. It is time to pay attention to the Still Small Voice. It is time to pay attention to The Quiet. It is time to be with God, without trying to “do” anything, find anything, see anything, understand anything, channel anything, or change anything. In the Year of 2001 it will be important to simply Space With God through the medium of True Meditation. In this way we can fill up with Peace and Perfection in cups that will overflow and pour into the patterns of our unfolding life, pour into what will be required of us, as we pass through many Eyes of Many Needles along our planetary and evolutionary path.


There is a Treasure in our chest and it is our Heart

 There is a Treasure in our chest and it is our Heart. The Divine Mother knows the Natural Resources of the heart. She knows that we are living the Transition and the Revelation now and must have a direct experience of GOD to go along with it. She knows that internal technologies and energies are being directed to our bodies and turned on within our systems. We are each being re-tuned to higher and higher frequencies by Ascension spirals, energies, waves and Rays. The Cosmic Beings of Light are directing many Ascended thoughtforms into our fields and opening up the vibratory fields of our bodies to the maximum, in answer to our calls and in answer to the events that are taking place on Planet Earth. The Divine Mother also knows that certain ancient practices have withstood the test of time on the planet and are still valid. As the year 2001 approaches, it is time to Space with the Actual Experience of True, Silent, Meditation in the Heart.

It is time to follow in the footsteps of Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Yogananda, Kwan Yin, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, El Morya, Mary Magdalene, and all those who have achieved Earth mastery and Ascension in physical bodies. They knew the stillness of the mind. They knew how to still the mind through meditation. They achieved a state being called constant meditation. The heart became fixated on God and on Truth, on Love and on Light, and on the One Reality. This attention to God needs to be paid in this, the eleventh hour of our evolution and Ascension. As we enter the year 2001, spacing with God through true meditation is essential. It is the only way we will be able to hold our minds, bodies, and emotions steady during the Massive Time of Transformation. It is the only way to pass easily and with an open heart of enthusiasm through constant reconfiguration of our space.


Re-formatting the Disk of Ascension

We are in the process of reformatting the Disk of Ascension. Residing in Source and taking up residence in the Heart will assist us greatly in relying upon God and resuming our relationship with our Angels and our Divine Teachers. This time is about relating to the Holy Spirit; it is never too late. This is the time of re-balancing everything in our lives, from the feminine to the masculine, from the inside to the outside. It is the time to consciously discover our re-union with our Creator. To possibly re-write (re-right) our contracts. To experience R & R, or all the R’s of Resurrection, as well as rest and relaxation. To rest in Truth and relax into Perfection. This involves keeping an eye on God and enjoying the scenery all along the way.

This is the time of re-tuning or bringing in a higher octave and softer God song to every part of us. We find ourselves involved with re-unification with our parallel realities, past life successes, truths, and Love, Wisdom and Power. We are re-connecting with solar, galactic and universal parts of ourselves and bodies. This is also the time of re-moving karma or what I call moving the mountain aside. We are re-setting our energies and rejuvenating the bodies, while we reclaim our God identities. We are also releasing toxins, blocks, old habits, old paradigms and limitations. On top of that we are re-calibrating our networks of Light, tightening upon the sheaths, building our transfer bodies, and regenerating our vitality, prana, while we empower our cells to carry more hydrogen to allow for more consciousness. If this were not enough, we are re-defining are brain frequencies, bringing higher awareness and faster brain transfers of knowledge on line, and beginning to open to sending and receiving thoughtforms of the Masters. In addition we are re-inforcing our Adam Kadmon bodies and our Christ Overself Body and re-spatializing the molecules of our bodies, spacing with our Families of Light, and feeling Innerspace and Outerspace. If that were not enough, we are re-structuring our bodies, cells, the very foundations of who and what we are, our self image, and watching our physical body shift its shape while Time collapses and dimensional space expands all around us. Yesterday’s “important” things are dismantling and dropping out of our lives.

If that were not enough, some of us are re-winding the Age Clock and beginning to use science and spirit to dispel the burden of the physical body to lift up, enlighten, and revitalize itself. We are assisting one another in re-storation of an ingathering of facts and figures, and re-searching Sacred Knowledge that has stood the test of time within the best of past lives. We are entering re-membrance of our membership in the many councils of Light on Earth and in Heaven, and linking up with sisterhoods and brotherhoods. Our systems are being re-wired. Our cells are undergoing re-electrification which brings the Light in further than before. Some of us are engaged in re-hydration, which is building the bridge to the creation of more oxygen for the containment of greater hydrogen in the body in order to assist rejuvenation and resurrection.

It is easy these days to catch The Reflection of Transition in the mirrors that are all around us. Humanity’s eyes are opening! They are! Now it is the time for all masters and masters in training to turn once again, or deeper, into the inner experience of meditation. Then, at the close of the dimension, we will more likely be able to maintain Spiritual equilibrium, equipoise, and balance between what is going on inside of us and outside of us. We will become masters of the balance between internal/external, feminine/masculine, being and doing, love and power, and Heaven and Earth.  We will be able to say at the close of the dimension, “We did it together. It was a co-creation!” We didn’t have to be part of some rescue mission. We will restore the balance in our lives and walk the tightrope of life, in balance and integration. We will see that our missions were to restore ourselves and move through the resurrection, constantly restoring ourselves as we were receiving the energies of restoration.

We are individually and collectively re-establishing a format for Ascension, braiding the ancient with the new, and embracing New Heaven/New Earth while weaving in Ancient and Timeless Wisdom.

Re-Eternal-ization is a fancy word for “consciously combining with The Eternal”

Sananda calls this The Time of Re-call. The time to call on God first and remember to do some re-Eternal-ization, which is a fancy word for “consciously combining with The Eternal.” With so much going on, how in THIS WORLD are we going to do it all in an integrated and balanced way? I believe that we need to reformat the Disk of the way we live our Lives. We need to start fresh from the loopholes, glitches, old programs of the past, become aware of the things we have avoided and why and come into a New Frequency of GOD within us. This is the time to Re-right our Wills!  We are like butterflies in a cocoon undergoing massive re-chemicalization. They enter the cocoon to restore the right chemical chain of events for recreation of a species. We are re-creating also! As the butterfly co-creates in the cocoon, she does it in a sleeping state. We are doing it in a wake full state. We are spinning our destiny and spinning out our density consciously. We need all the help we can get.


We need to re-side in Source

There is no getting around it. We need to re-side in Source and let Source do it, with and through us. We need to Space with God and let God expand through us while we hold steady in a God environment that is pure and full of the promise of Oneness.

A long time it was said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all else will follow.” “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” “Knock and the door will open.” This is as true today as it was before. It will never not be true. God lives in our heart and most of humanity is not going into the region of the heart where God lives. They are looking for God outside of themselves. Even though massive change is occurring “outside,” there is conscious massive changes to make on the inside. Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven change happens from the inside. Always. And All ways. This does not  change. It remains the same. That is why the alternative to evolve or to “ascend” humanity from a space ship is only a poor alternative. It is only a contingent plan, if all else fails. If humanity does not look within and find God there. Perhaps there is a plan set up to refine our process, to refine our evolving plan and to refine our “Ascension” plan, but, for the most part, the bulk of the work still has to come from Humanity. From us. It still remains for Humanity to “Find” its internal connection to God on the inside, through the doorway of the heart, so that it is real for each one of us.

Now there is a movement of resurrection underway on our planet to restore the feeling nature of humankind. It most definitely took a backseat to the thinking nature of humankind. For a long time the mind has ruled and the mind, by the way, likes to rule. It does not want to give up that position easily. Let’s consider the heart. It was always there, just covered over.


Consider the heart and Go God Direct

Your heart is there revealed to you. Open it and go inside. All the secrets are in there. What people sometimes want the masters to tell them, they received from having a direct experience of GOD. We need to talk about having a direct experience of GOD, if we want to consider changing consciousness. We don’t have to call it God. We can call it expanded consciousness, Oneness, Divine Revelation, Christ Consciousness, or The Eternal, but something truly needs to be experienced, in us, by us, and for us, once and for all. Consciousness implies wakefulness, mindfulness, and connection to All That Is. That is what we are talking about when we talk about consciousness. Higher worlds and higher evolutionary beings have a much-raised consciousness, overall, than those on Earth. But that is changing. As you know a multidimensional consciousness holds many perspectives. It is like a House of many Mansions, not just one. A 3D consciousness has a limited lens and not a truly accurate one. It just doesn’t see all that is on the horizon of Life. But this is changing also.


Let’s consider Buddha

Consider the Buddha. Remember really that Buddhahood is a station that you arrive at, as is the state of The Christ. It is a function. It is a certain consciousness. It is not really just one being. But let us look at Lord Buddha and how he sat under the tree, figuratively until he had a direct experience of GOD, face to face. Direct. He didn’t have something we do not have.  Except he did have total commitment and total desire to connect with it inside him. To make it happen. He was committed to unlocking the treasure that he knew was inside of him. He had total commitment. He knew that he had to leave behind some things and move toward other things and make it happen. He understood Mastery. He knew that his goal was Enlightenment. He knew that everything outside of that was false. He wanted to live a true life and live in Truth. He would sacrifice himself on the cross of time and space for that. He had commitment and it was true.

He realized that if He was to become God Realized that God would have to become REAL to him

He didn’t look for someone else to do it for him. He went into the chamber of the Living Heart. He realized that if He was to become God Realized that God would have to become Real to him. So he set out to Make God Real.

We all have to have a REAL experience of GOD. 

How do you make GOD real? You have to have a REAL experience of GOD. Today very few are really after a Real Experience of GOD. They want a Fast Food God. They want someone to do something shiny for them. They want sensational this and sensational that. They will notice if an Angel manifests in the living room or a ship lands in the backyard. They will not stop to listen to the beating heart of a bird. Or to their own beating heart. To the still small voice within. It is not impressive enough maybe. Now Humanity wants the Masters to come and give everything, to step through the veil? We have all the same equipment that Buddha had. We have what Jesus talked about. We have a whole canopy of Heavenly hosts pulling for is. There is a way that enlightenment can be achieved on a planet such as Earth in the state of consciousness that She is now in.

Some people want the Ascended Masters to come. But we are here to become a Master. Not to have another Master come. We are here to adore that which we truly are. Not simply to adore the masters who have been through this road before. It is not really for them to show up, but rather for the master in us to show itself. This is the real design. Otherwise how many would become a leader and not again, another follower? If they could do it for is, would we do it? This is the time for Self-Mastery. If we were walking openly among all of them, would we follow our hearts or would we follow them? Even if we said we would follow the heart, most of is would follow them, and not the heart.

Many or most have forgotten the art of true meditation

The reason is because many or most have forgotten the art of true meditation. In meditation you have an experience of Truth. No one can give you Truth. No one can speak Truth. Truth is not contained in Language. Even if someone can “open you” in a most profound way, the thing for you to do is to be in meditation and receive the opening. We need to internalize the experience and make give it life within us. We need to hold it inside of us as it is precious.

No one can give us Truth because Truth is not in words

We need to access the Heart and find the treasure, for it is there. God left it there intact within us. It has always been there. Always was, is, and always will be. Nowadays everyone wants to look the other way. Or have it handed to them. No one can give us Truth because Truth is not in words. It is never in an idea. It is never going to be shared in language. When we get to language, it is already so removed from the true experience. It is a description.

Sacred geometries and the Language of Light are different. These “languages” and “geometries” are raining down on our world. They are saturating our bodies. They are coming into our atmosphere. They are shifting us, whether we know it or not. They are encoding each of is and our biology is being triggered to wake us up and further awaken us, if we are already awake.

Enlightenment and God is an Experience, deep within the heart. No one can give you that. Someone can share knowledge with you, but you alone can become Wise. Knowledge only becomes Wisdom, when we make it real for us. When we balance knowledge and bahaviors, internal and external, Power and Love, and the Heart with the Mind.

Humanity closed down the heart. Humanity still worships the mind. Emotions are not understood and thoughts are over valued. When is the heart going to come back on line? This is what needs to happen.

This is the Time of the Holy Spirit. This is the Time of The Divine Mother. She is coming back to bring the Heart. To show that GOD is a Presence that all Sons and Daughters of God can feel their way into. Then something real can happen.

When we do something real, we can have a real result and then a real effect. Someone can come and talk to us all day long, and that may not change anything. It will only give us an arrow. But we have to follow the arrow. We must go down the path. We must follow the yellow brick road. We have to walk the walk and Become a Master. This requires something. This requires tenacity. It requires something big. We have to feel worthy again. We have to find out who we are and why in the world we are here. We have to find out how we could be a God Being. We have to discover why we are to love ourselves? We need to find out what Love is and Who we are and Who and What God Is?

 Where do you find these things out? Only within inside in deep meditation.


In the words of Djwhal Khul:

 Truth is not a belief.  What if you do believe it? You than still have to Make it Real. That is what Realization means. It has to become real for you. That means you need to embody it. A “belief” is only like a cloud. It is not a realization. You need to make it your own. You can’t take our word for it. You need to have it emanate from your own heart. The ideal must become real to you. Otherwise it is just talk. There is enough talk. But humans don’t like to change. Humans talk about change but they are afraid to change. You have everything within you now that can make radical changes in every body and in all aspects of your lives, yet you can easily remain similar throughout your life. You have all the right stuff to make severe changes. To turn everything around. To wake totally up. There is nothing stopping you from exploring the heart. The heart is the way in and the way out. Who stands in the doorway of the heart? What lion blocks your way?

Ask yourself, What do I know is real? I say: Realize Source Within you

Your purpose on Earth is to wake up within the circumstances of your life. It is to be triggered to wake up and discover from the inside out, what is real. What is real? What do you know is real? What do you really know? Your purpose is to Become the Christ in action. In words. In silence. In everything. How do you do that? You need to quiet the mind and explore the heart. You need to go back to Source. To realize Source within you.

There have been a million books written on meditation and on finding God within. There are a million Spiritual books available to anyone who wants to read one. There are a lot of teachers. God has always supplied a Master to come to awaken the others and turn them back to GOD. Now your Earth is filled with Masters who can do that. It is important that they do that. It is important that a Master from another dimension not come and do what you can do now. Why don’t you do that? Why don’t you make God real inside of you and then go tell the others? Why don’t you make God real and demonstrate that in every thought, word, action and feeling? That is how it will change on the Earth. That is how it is already changing. One by one by one by one equals 111. There is only ONE. From our perspective, this is happening.

The Masters you each want to come and reveal themselves all did something on the planet or some other “world” to make it real. What is perfect is God and that is on the inner. What we did was realize something on the inner and let it saturate to the outer. We saw that there was no difference at some point. We were not all perfect in body. We did not have perfect health. But we realized our cherished ideals and transcended something. This is for each of you to do. It is time for your planetary population to do it now and they are doing it. To do what others have done and become the Masters that they truly are.  Why do you think everyone wants to talk with us? Because we did something. We achieved something. We attained something. This is not ego. We made something real. Some of us were not healthy and many of us were poor. But we did it. This is for each of you to do. This is the time of the Collective Messiah. This is the time of Christ Consciousness.

Then we can come!

Each one must live up their own Light. Even though all is One, each part of The One must do something. Each must make it real. Otherwise they have not achieved Earth Mastery. They have not mastered the Earth. They have not become a Master. They have not developed conscious control over the four bodies. It is not easy but it is do-able. It is for each one to accomplish.

I trust in the evolution of the human species and I see this same species turning into pure Light. It is the natural progression. It will happen. It is only a matter of time. And then, time is not real. Why is it not real? Because it changes depending upon where you are. It is not a constant measurement. Focus on what never changes. God will always be in your heart.

Change must be from within, Beloveds, not only from without. The Without will reflect what is within. If someone is balanced in the mind, then their activities will be balanced. If the mind is scattered, then the activities will be scattered. It is always true. The outside reflects what is inside. The internal castle is the one that needs to shift, and then the outer world will shift automatically. When the consciousness raises even more, then you will see the whole thing shift. When there is a certain amount of Light, then the whole thing shifts.

True evolution is stimulated from the inside out. The thirst leads one to quench the thirst. Water is not sought until there is a thirst. Someone can jump up and down talking about water but until one is thirsty they will not seek water. When one begins to seek, then they find. Then they know. This is how it works.

Your hearts are doorways to GOD. This is the truth. While all of you are at different levels, yet part of the Oneness, the heart is there. It can be accessed. It is the way in and the way out. The heart is the Hall of Records. Everything that is searched for Outer of you, can be found on the inner. You just need to shift directions. Look inside more. Seek and find more. The Truth is never concealed. It cannot be, for God is there. It is not a secret if you know where to look and when an embodied soul is ready to seek, the arrow comes up.


The Natural Resources Of the heart

What prevents anyone from the resources of the Heart? It is just that the thirst is not great enough. There is a thirst for money and a thirst for power and the thirst for love has been hidden. There was an imbalance created between the Mind and the Heart, between Power and Love. Now Humanity is making its way out of that maze. The heart is still there. It contains the secrets of everything. All Masters and all Angels live there in the heart. They are not hidden; they just require going and finding out.


The internal connection needs to be strengthened

We believe that the internal connection needs to be strengthened. We believe that the negative ego needs to be harnessed, so that Spiritual competition and Spiritual materialism is not the result.

 It is the time to study God on Earth. This you are doing at various stages. The various stages are revelatory. Much is learned from them. Study God on Earth and learn. Rediscover your original memories. As soon as you awaken, there is another dream to awaken from. It is like fractal dreams.

 The days of darkness and the details of darkness will soon be forgotten. They are like yesterday’s cloud, moving on through the Spiritual sky. Enjoy this transition. It has much to reflect to you. Look into it as you would a still lake and catch the Reflection of Transition. I like that. The Reflection of Transition.

So please breathe in God and let God fill you from the inside out and from the outside in. You are living the Transition and the Revelation. The Ascension and true birth is inevitable.

-- end of Djwhal Khul’s excerpt

In summary, it appears that many in the New Age are beginning to understand that meditation is not connected with the Old Age. It is Timeless. It is a balance. As we stand on the brink of yet more magnificent transcendence, our world can be seen as definitely shifting on the outer. Many of us are increasingly becoming aware of expanded realities, dimensions, and existences.  This is also a reflection of the internal shift. The borders of the inner are expanding as well. Some of us are even beginning to see the spiral that exists between the inner and the outer realms. That they are the same. That they are micro/macrocosms of each other. That there just might not be any real separation anywhere.

I believe when there is a lot of external shift, it is even more important to make sure we are spending quality time on the inner, with God, in peace and quiet. Why? Because it is an experience of Perfection that is constant. Because we can get thrown off during massive times of chance. Fear of change can arise, even if we do not think this can happen. Times of great change can also be stressful times. Our climate is changing also. Our magnetics are changing.  There are also external changes that still need to happen. Our environment needs to be vivified. We are living amongst environmental degradation. We can still catch the reflections of many corruptions and challenges in the mirrors of our lives. There is still spiritual competition and greed in our world. Political mirrors, economic mirrors, educational mirrors, militaristic mirrors, and ecological mirrors still cast some shadows as we take a look. To keep ourselves pure of heart, it is still important to reach into the Stillpoint within the Breath and find the inner passageways within inside of us, where we can sit, face to face, with God and reside in the Peace of Source. We still need to become card carrying citizens of The Internal Divine, citizens of Source, so that we can remember who and what we are, no matter what is going on around us, and remain humble. Inside of us, in our current bodies, on our current planet, in that humility, we have the privilege of attaining conscious realization of God inside of us.


Wistancia Stone is a telepathic voice channel and representative for the inner plane Planetary and Cosmic Masters and Archangels. She is also a spiritual teacher and author. Her new book Invocations to the Light, has just been published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Through the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Ashram and Academy she specializes in ascension clearing, activation, channeling the masters, dimensional journeys and spiritual counseling. You can contact her at her personal line 818-706-8533 or email her at [email protected]. You can also connect with her work through the website Please feel free to call the MSLA to request a free packet of information on the upcoming Wesak Celebration in Mt. Shasta , May 12-14, 2000 and the activities of the academy. You can request this by calling 818-706-8458.

You can find more articles by Wistancia Stone at:








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