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Western Mysticism Books


The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self  

by Dr. A.K. Selvarajah. Published By M. I. Resources Inc. 230 Pages.

This book fills an important gap. It is the ONLY book distilling the secret wisdom of the ages AND modern personal development techniques into seven understandable and practical steps YOU can use to contact the Higher Self. 

There have been many books on contacting your divine inner wisdom. However, few of them give you so many practical strategies to achieve this union. The emphasis is upon doing; bringing the Higher Self into your life through practicing these seven secrets. Also, it is not a "monks only" book, i.e. for the super-spiritual. The seven secrets can be used by anyone, no matter how busy.

In researching the book, Dr. Selvarajah delved into areas as diverse as Mysticism, Buddhism,  Mind-Body Science, Meditation, Esoteric Christianity, and even Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Indeed, it is the skillful interweaving of ancient teachings with modern personal development strategies that sets the book apart and makes it so powerful. 

As Dr. Selvarajah stresses, there is no ONE way to your Higher Self. Instead, there are many paths up the same mountain. With "The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self", you are given an excellent roadmap to the summit. You can choose the one that suits you, and pursue it at your own natural pace. This is a book that will grow with you, and that you will want to read many times to access its deep resources of wisdom. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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How To Know God

Deepak Chopra. Published by Harmony Books. 319 Pages.

In "How to Know God", Deepak Chopra does an excellent job of tackling one of the toughest subjects of all: communion with the Almighty!

Whilst this never really reads as a "How To" manual, it is nevertheless packed with fascinating metaphysical insights on a wide range of subjects. As ever, Dr. Chopra displays his wide knowledge of a whole variety of fields, ranging from Quantum Physics to the Rishis of Ancient India.
The basic proposition of the book is that we can only really know God through ourselves. Whilst this is generally true of ALL reality, it is particularly true of God. The level of spiritual development we have achieved will determine the kind of God we see and interact with. According to Chopra, there are seven key stages of spiritual growth, and thus seven "types" of God we will see. In ascending order of spiritual awareness, these are the God (1) the protector; (2) the almighty; (3)of peace; (4) the redeemer; (5) the creator; (6) of miracles; (7) of pure being.
In part, this explains why people's views on God differ so widely, and why nobody can agree as to what God is. The book is clearly argued, fascinating in its breath of insight, and takes the reader on a wild and exciting adventure into the heart of the Divine. Your views on God will never be the same again.

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Esoteric Psychology - The Seven Rays  

Dr. Douglas Baker. Published by Baker Publications. 211 Pages.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that all things are composed from seven rays. Each ray represents the following qualities; Power, Love-Wisdom, Abstract Mind, Harmony Through Conflict, Concrete Mind, Devotion, Ceremonial Order & Organization. Madam Blavatsky once said that knowledge of the seven rays brings power to the knower.

In this book, acknowledged Theosophy expert Dr. Douglas Baker gives one of the best and most visually appealing expositions of esoteric teaching on the Seven Rays. Each ray is discussed in a dedicated chapter and both its esoteric and applications and everyday manifestations are clearly discussed. Although the subject is complex, the language used is simple and comprehensible throughout. Lavish detailed color prints give further clarification and make the whole book a visually appealing experience. In the final section of the book, examples of Ray Analysis are presented in order to help you determine what your own Ray composition is within your present incarnation. By discovering this, you unlock vital knowledge regarding your life's purpose and what you came to learn and perfect this time around. Highly recommended book.

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Invocations To The Light

Wistancia Stone. Published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. 176 Pages.

This book is literally inspired by beings of light and cosmic consciousness. Invocations to the LightWistancia Stone is an inspired channel and a talented writer who makes this subject come alive for you. Invocation is the art of enlisting divine assistance from higher beings to aid in your spiritual growth. Along with prayer and meditation, invocation truly puts you in touch with your own Higher Self and others timeless beings who wait to help you. The beautiful invocations that fill this book are gently, sensitive and poetic. They will inspire you and lift your spirit. You will learn to invoke safely using the invocations in the book, as well as create your own appropriate to your situation and needs. An important and often neglected subject. Highly recommended.

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Secret Teachings Of All Ages

Manley P. Hall. Published by Philosophical Research Society. 254 Pages. 

First published in 1928, Secret Teachings Of All Ages remains an undisputed Secret Teachings Of All Ages Cover classic in the study of the Ancient Mysteries. Lavishly illustrated with drawings and diagrams, this book is an essential reference to any serious student of Ancient Wisdom. Topics include Atlantis, Alchemy, Mystery Schools of the Ancient World, Ancient Egypt & the Pyramids, Pythagorean Theory, the Qabalah, Rosicrucian Teachings, Mystic Christianity, Mythological Symbolism, Tarot, Freemasonary, American Indian Symbolism, and much more. This is a scholarly but highly readable work that will provide you with much food for pondering and meditation.


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The Secret Doctrine

H.P. Blavatsky. Published by Theosophical University Press.

This is the book that helped create the Theosophical Movement and inspired the writings of other leading occultists such as Alice Bailey, Annie Bessant, and Douglas Baker. Towering in its breadth and depth, this is undoubtably one of the greatest occult classics ever written. Many of the predictions made in this book over a century ago were later verified by Science. No brief review can do justice to the importance of this work in shaping the modern western mystical tradition over the last century. Truly a classic whose riches can be studied for a lifetime.

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A Course In Miracles

Published by Viking Press. 1296 Pages. Hardback.

This legendary work was first published in 1976 and has sold over 500,000 copies. The book is a channeled work. It presents perennial spiritual principles in a way that is meaningful and relevant to us today. The course is designed for self-study. working with it helps to alter your perception of reality, the meaning of events and people in your life, heal your mind and transform the way you live and move in your world. To experience miracles in our life instead of problems, all we have to do is beware of the presence of love at all times. The course aims at "removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance." As the introduction states, the Course In Miracles can be summarized as: "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists." Required reading for the spiritual seeker.

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Eternal Echoes - Exploring Our Hunger To Belong

John O'Donohue. Published by Bantam Press. 304 Pages. 

John O'Donohue is an Irish poet, steeped in the rich Celtic spiritual tradition. He has a unique and beautiful way of distilling that profound ancient wisdom to you in a way that sinks deep into your heart and enriches your soul. Like any excellent poet, he uses words and images to transform consciousness. But this is not a book of poems. It is a rich treasury of short passages - gentle meditations - exploring a wide range of issues we face in our harsh daily lives.  Eternal Echoes exposes the hungry longing deep within our hearts - the desire to belong. It takes us past the hungry, fragmented world we know too well to the magical, wonderful, sensitive universe that exists within our own hearts. The Celtic spiritual tradition is revealed here in all its mystical wisdom, bringing deep rewards of peace, contentment, compassion, dignity and love into our lives. A truly beautiful book that you will treasure and turn to throughout your life for deep inner nourishment.

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The Jewel In The Lotus

Dr. Douglas Baker. Publisher New Leaf. 217 Pages.

Jewel In The Lotus CoverOne of the greatest modern teachers of Ancient Wisdom, Dr. Douglas Baker expertly synthesizes the classic teachings of Blavatsky, Bessant and Bailey and the great Eastern Masters in a way that is uniquely his own. All his books are lavishly and beautifully illustrated with drawings and paintings drawn from classic mythology and history, as well as colorful charts demonstrating deep esoteric  truths. These books are not merely an interesting read - they constitute a vital course towards spiritual attainment and a true inspiration to help you begin and continue the journey.

In The Jewel In The Lotus, Douglas Baker presents the essential truths of the inner journey. You are taught the seven fundamental postulates of Ancient Wisdom, as propounded through the Mystery schools and esoteric religions throughout history. You will learn about the nature and origin of the seven rays and thereby be given the basics tools leading to understanding of Esoteric Psychology. You will also be given a basic introduction to Esoteric Astrology. The fundamental question of why you are here and what your ultimate destiny is will also be answered. A wonderful introduction to Esoteric Wisdom, The Jewel In The Lotus will reward you each and every time you study it.

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The Sacred Journey - You And Your Higher Self

Lazaris. 221 Pages. Published By Concept Synergy

Lazaris is a spiritual non-physical being channeled by Jach Pursel. His material is considered to be of the highest quality and is attested to by famous personalities as well as leading teachers in the New Age movement. 

In this book, Lazaris shows you what is possible for the Human Race when each of us attains to the highest within us - The Higher Self. He discusses the New Age, the Four Choices for Growth, and takes us step by step along the journey towards full communion with the Higher Self. The book contains meditations and actions to perform to help you reach your goal. In truth, this is a book all by itself. After all, in attempting to contact a spiritual being, what better guide could you possibly have than another spiritual being who perceives the spiritual world directly and therefore can provide the very best guidance?

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Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson

G.I. Gurdjieff

G.I. Gurjieff is one of the most original mystical teachers of the paste century. Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson formed one of the keystones to his teaching. Gurdjieff's stated aim with this book is:

"To destroy, mercilessly and without any compromise whatsoever, in  the mentation and feelings of the reader, the views and beliefs, by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world."

The subjects dealt with range from the origin of the cosmos right through to the creation of life, the meaning and purpose of life on Earth and much more. Profound teachings presented in entertaining and amusing story, Beelzebub's Tales To his Grandson represents one of the high points of Western Mystical thought and therefore is a must for the spiritual student.

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The Key Of It All - An encyclopaedic guide to the sacred languages and magickal systems of the world. Book Two: The Western Mysteries.

David Allen Hulse. Published by Llewellyn Publications. 586 Pages.

Magickal codes have been preserved throughout history in all major traditions for the minds of initiates to contemplate and benefit from. These alphabet codes, from both Eastern and Western traditions, are presented in this unsurpassed two-volume reference series The Key Of It All. (Book One: The Eastern Mysteries is discussed in the Eastern Mysteries section of the Bookshop.)

Both books contain many hundreds of pages of totally original research - tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations and extremely lucid commentary. Although the subject matter is very advanced, Hulse has also written with the beginner in mind and gives thorough introductions to each and every section, and plenty of advice as to how to proceed. No previous knowledge of any sort is required to learn from these books.

The Western Mysteries volume covers the following ancient magickal language keys: Greek, Coptic, Runes, Latin, Enochian, Tarot, English. Each section is extensively cross-referenced to other relevant sections to create a web of inter-locking relationships between the mystical systems of the world.

The Key Of It All is a powerful powerful reference. It presents information that it would take you many years and countless other books to come close to reproducing. It is NOT light reading. It is scholarly, challenging and uplifting for the serious student of the mystical and occult and will raise your understanding to new levels.

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The Magician's Companion - A Practical & Encyclopaedic Guide To Magick & Religious Symbolism

Bill Whitcomb. Published by Llewellyn Publications. 608 Pages.

This one volume makes available the ancient mystical technologies of the mind used by our ancestors. Whether your interest is in religion, mysticism, mythology, symbolism, or literature, you will find The Magician's Companion to be invaluable.

With this one book, you have access to the Eastern & Western magickal systems without the need to be initiated into a secret order. You can create your own personalized course of study, be able to compare and contrast one religious/mystical system with another, and have more than 35 magickal models at your fingertips, and much more. You are given numerous bibliographical references to further and deepen your studies beyond this one book, should you wish to. You are also given the contact details of numerous societies and organizations that you can contact for further study.

In The Magician's Companion, you will discover Geomantic Symbols, the Planets and the Zodiac, the Qabalah, the Chakras, the Tibetan Elements, the Hindu Tattwas, the hexagrams of the I Ching, Magickal Alphabets and more. There is also an extensive dictionary of esoteric terms.

Truly a fantastic book offering a rich store of wisdom that is a lifetime of study.

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