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The Healing Sound Of Music  

by Kate & Richard Mucci. Published by Findhorn. 159 Pages.

Music plays continually through all aspects of our lives. Yet, for the most part, we remain unaware of its potency and value. In this wonderful new book, authors and professional musicians, Kate and Richard Mucci explore all aspects of music in a way that is gentle, fascinating and immensely practical at the same time. The writing style is friendly and accessible throughout.
You are given a brief tour of the history of music, and then taken into the main theme of this book; the gentle therapeutic power of music to effect all manner of healing and restoration in your life. Music can help you combat serious illness and disease; it can assist you in controlling your emotions and neutralizing negativity. Sadness, depression, or high stress can all be alleviated through the healing sound of music. As wonderful as all of this may be, the right sort of music is also an excellent way to create a peaceful environment within which to nurture inner tranquility and joy. The book gives you clear suggestions on how to do that too.  
Best of all, a 14-track, 50-minute music CD called "Millennium" is included! It contains beautiful and gentle works, created and performed by the authors Kate and Richard Mucci themselves.  Kate plays the 36-string Gothic Harp whilst Richard plays 12-string guitar. 
Throughout the "The Healing Sound Of Music", frequent reference is made to the musical works on the CD, thus transforming the whole into a practical and effective course in achieving the perfect harmonious state of Mind and Body that you dream of. "The Healing Sound Of Music" is an insightful read that can really bring the power of music alive in your life to benefit you. However, with this excellent CD included too, it really is a must if you have ever wanted to make music a more active part of balancing and healing your life.  Highly Recommended.

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At A Journal Workshop -  Writing to Access the Power Of The Unconscious And Evoke Creative Ability.

Dr. Ira Progoff. Published by J.P. Tarcher. 422 Pages. 

At A Journal Workshop CoverFamed Mythologist Joseph Campbell describes the Intensive Journal Process  as "one of the great inventions of our time". This book uses one of the oldest self-exploration methods - keeping a journal - to take you to the very core of your own life in an ever-deepening way. You gain a deeper perspective on the meaning of your life and the events in it. In the process, creativity is evoked, spiritual renewal is born and many beautiful insights begin to emerge. This book is structured and practical, beautifully written, and free of technical jargon. If you truly wish to know yourself and deepen your life experience, then At A Journal Workshop comes highly recommended.

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David Kundtz. Published by Newleaf. 208 Pages.

This is a book for our times. Hectic, pressured, unclear about the future, all of us  need to STOP. This book is not about slowing down, adjusting our pace. It is about Stopping. This means doing nothing at all for a period of time - anything from a few seconds to a few hours to even a week, a month or more. Immensely practical, this book shows you how to begin to integrate sweet drops of silence and peace into your daily routine, no matter how frantic it may be. It shows you how these moments, as they accumulate, will help you to re-focus and re-dedicate yourself to the things that really matter to you, and indeed to begin to recognize them at all, perhaps for the first time. This is a book of immense wisdom but written in a simple accessible way with really practical advice on how to deepen your life without undermining it. 

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Permission To Succeed - Unlocking The Mystery Of Success Anorexia   

Noah St. John. Published by Health Communications Inc.  252 Pages.

In this ground-breaking book, Noah St. John concentrates upon and identifies the peculiar condition that prevents otherwise talented and intelligent people from achieving their highest success potential in life. He calls it "Success Anorexia". He cuts through the traditional motivational approaches to reveal an original and highly effective solution to this strange condition that affects so many of us.

Almost like a doctor of success, he first explains the situation under which this condition arises, and then goes on to details what Success Anorexia is, what causes it and how it manifests and blights our lives. From there, he moves rapidly to the solution. This solution is presented in seven clear, powerful, effective, and highly original steps. You are given exercises to locate and root out the particular form of Success Anorexia you suffer from. The final section of the book presents us with a fascinating discussion about what Success is and is not, and the causes of human failure.

Noah St. John is the founder of the Success Clinic of America. He appears regularly on radio and TV shows, and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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The Essence Of Success - 163 Lessons From The Dean Of Self Development

Earl Nightingale. Publisher Nightingale Conant Corporation

Earl Nightingale was one of the established master teachers of self development. His regular radio messages were broadcast to millions. He was one of the great founders of the Personal Development field and all the great motivational teachers of today still recognize their immense debt to Earl Nightingale.

In this unique book is assembled the very best of his teachings into 25 subject categories. Examples are Relationships, Goal-Setting, Creativity, Writing Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Image, Effective Communication, Power Of The Mind, Finding Happiness and much much more.  The book is a labor of love from the company that bears his name, and includes wonderful teachings discovered hidden away in the archives for years. With this book, you will better understand how to successfully navigate the river of life. Your will discover your unique purpose, how to make the very best of what you have, how to overcome obstacles in your way and how to truly succeed in all areas of your life. Tap into the immense store of wisdom and advice that Earl Nightingale can offer you. This is a book you will return to again and again just when you need that specific tip or that extra bit of encouragement. Savor it!

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I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was - How To Discover What You Really Want And How To Get It

Barbara Sher with Barbara Smith

Have you ever had that feeling? That deep sense of purpose, that your life has some great meaning, and yet you have no idea what? Many of us can identify with the title of this book. 

In this New York Times Bestseller, Sher and Smith tackle these issues head on and give you really practical advice on how to go from this state of confusion and dissipation to leading a life of purpose and fulfilling your destiny. They deal with the problems of resistance, fear of failure, negative internal dialogue, fear of success, inhibitions from childhood, having too many diverse interests to focus on any single one, the job you hate which pays the bills and more. You will learn how to design the ideal job for yourself, how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in life, how to even know where you want to be, how to recover from devastating loss, how to overcome inner and outer negative criticism, and much more.  More than just an inspirational read, the book is packed with practical pen and paper exercises to help you uncover the truth and gain deep insights you can then use in forging a positive path for the successful future you deserve.

If you feel that your life lacks purpose and meaning, is on the wrong track, that you were meant for something much better, but don't have the faintest idea how to even to begin to go about looking for it, then this book is for you! Don't even hesitate - click the link below. 

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Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill. Publisher Plume

This incredible bestseller more or less single-handedly created the self improvement industry. Moreover, it is every bit as powerful today as it was when it was first published in 1937. Many of the major leaders in the Personal Development field today have read this book not once, but dozens of times over. Countless millionaires owe their success to the secrets that they learned in this book. It really is that powerful.

In the early part of the 20th century, multi-billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie - who had himself begun as a penniless Scottish immigrant to the United States - commissioned Napoleon Hill to study and research the secrets of success. Carnegie wanted to benefit ordinary people and show them how they too could become extremely wealthy. The deal was that, although Hill would work for no pay, Andrew Carnegie would arrange introductions for him to the wealthiest and most successful people in the United States. From countless such meetings and many years of intense research, the classic Think And Grow Rich was born. The incredible success of this book, and the others that followed, made Napoleon Hill  both wealthy and famous and created the Self Improvement movement as we know it today. If you do not have Think And Grow Rich, you MUST own it! Click below:

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Unlimited Power

Anthony Robbins. Publisher Fireside. 424 Pages.

The first of Anthony Robbins' bestseller books, Unlimited Power, was a runaway success and truly created the foundation for his future success as THE motivational coach of our times. It has also changed the lives of countless people incorporating, as it does, the latest findings of Science and Psychology into the way we think and thereby create our reality. It can definitely do the same for you!

You can do, achieve or create anything you want. That is the promise of this book.  You will learn how to:

  • Reprogram you mind AWAY from fear and phobia and TOWARDS Success;

  • Transform Your Body so that it is always filled with energy and vitality essential for Success;

  • How to develop superb communication skills and develop magnetic rapport with anyone you choose;

  • How To learn the lessons of Success from others to help you get all you want from life;

  • Uncover the five powerful steps to wealth and happiness;

  • How to understand how your brain works and use it to make all your fondest dreams come true

an a lot lot more besides. As Tony Robbins himself once said, "To change the world, we must first change ourselves." The techniques in Unlimited Power will enable you to do this to the nth degree. 

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Awaken The Giant Within - How To Take Hold Of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical And Financial Destiny

Anthony Robbins

This is Anthony Robbins' second book and some of his best work ever. It is a giant book and it has to be, because it's packed with the latest cutting edge strategies for self-transformation presented with Tony's unique brand of inspiration and dynamism. You will learn:

  • How your decisions give you the power to transform your life for the better;

  • Belief Systems: The Power To Create & the Power To Destroy

  • How to create massive positive change In your life in an instant;

  • How the questions you ask determine the quality of your whole life;

  • How to create a compelling life through the power of goals, and how to make yourself follow through;

  • How to use life metaphors to destroy obstacles and fear that hold you back

  • How to elicit your essential values and rules that will shape who you are what you become in life

There is so much more in this book that you will read it again and again life an essential reference on Life management. True to the Tony Robbins style, he packs the book with practical exercises that you can learn to do; not once for the sake of the chapter, but time and time again to transform you life and take a quantum leap to the next level of performance and happiness. You will be glad you read this book! Get it!

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The Work We Were Born To Do - Finding The Work You Love, Love The Work You Do

Nick Williams. Published By Element. 381 Pages.

Apart from being one of the best job/career change books, what makes The Work We Were Born To Do special is that it takes a holistic spiritual approach. Often, life transitions can be difficult and painful. This book examines these anxieties and shows you the way through them. It teaches you to undo your socially and culturally conditioned attitudes to work and helps you to see yourself and your potential in the widest possible sense. 

Nick Williams has identified twelve key principles for finding the work you were born to do. With the aid of many written exercises and examples, he teaches you these principles and opens your mind to possibilities that you may never have considered before. You will be taught how to identify the work that you were born for, how to bring spirit into the workplace, how to gain a true perspective concerning money and financial worries, how to use your work to bring real contribution in the lives of others, how to welcome transformation and change, ways to bring out your true creativity, and how to experience success in the true meaning of the word. Packed with rich insights, this is a book you will want to read several times over as you face the challenges of an uncertain world and overcome them on your own terms.

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Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams - The 15 Power Secrets Of The World's Most Successful People

Steven K. Scott. Published by Simon & Schuster. 272 Pages.

If anyone knows about achieving impossible dreams, author Steven Scott certainly does. Having failed in nine jobs running after leaving college, he went on in the tenth to found with his partners a dozen multi-million dollar companies from scratchy with total sales of over a billion dollars! He is also the author of A Millionaire's Notebook.

In Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams he first examines the six chains that prevent you from launching full blast to your destiny, and gives you specific things you can do to start breaking them today. Then he teaches you about the many "booster engines" you can access to get your rocket of success into orbit At the end of each chapter is a Power Secret (15 in all) that you can use immediately to put into practise what you have used. You will learn how to dream and achieve impossible dreams, recruit mentors and partners to make your dreams come true, communicate effectively and persuasively, re-program yourself for success, overcome your own lack of know-how and resources, make the very most of your time, and a whole lot more. Insightful and intensely practical, this book is also down-to-earth and full of real life illustrations to inspire you. You will love it!

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Grow Your Own Love - Planting Spiritual Seeds For Fulfilling Relationships

Kathy Sanborn & Wayne R. Ricci. 56 Pages

It has been rightly said that without Love, we are nothing. This is a book about Love and Relationships in all their diverse forms. It has the particular advantage of being co-written by a male and a female, thereby giving both perspectives on these often complex issues. Kathy Sanborn is an internationally recognized recording artist. Her partner, Wayne Ricci, is a motivational counselor who runs self improvement workshops alongside Kathy.

"Grow Your Own Love" interweaves a spiritual basis into the practical matter of relating to others. The authors frankly discuss everything from sex to meditation, from intuition to belief systems and the nature of reality. Kathy and Wayne frequently give their own individual insights about a specific topic, thus giving you a very interesting balance of the male and female perspectives. At the end of each chapter, there is a section called "Meditation Seed", which gives you the essence of the chapter for your personal pondering. What is particularly refreshing about the book is that it gives you the essence of each issue, stripped to the core; the chapters are short and to the point, thereby focusing your mind beautifully on what really matters.

You will gain many wonderful insights from this book and, if the meditations are faithfully performed, it will actually make deep subtle changes in the way you look at the whole subject of Love.

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