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Numbers Books


The Universal History Of Numbers

Georges Ifrah. Published by John Wiley & Sons. 663 Pages.

This book is the most definitive history of numbers ever attempted. Packed with fascinating illustrations and tables, it takes you on a journey through the civilisations of the ancient world.  You discover how numbers originated and developed, as well as how they have shaped our thinking processes right up to the present day. You are taken on a voyage from Europe to China, from India to Arabia, and also touch down in Mesopotamia, the Classical world of Greece and Rome, and South America too. Learn how the Sumerians did their sums, how and when alphabetic numerals were invented, the amazing numerical achievements of the Ancient Maya, the birth of modern numerals in India, and much much more. This is an important work in understanding the human race, both past and present, and learning how numbers and counting concepts have shaped our civilisation right up to the present day. (It is also intended for non-mathematicians.)

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Numerology - The Complete Guide

Matthew Oliver Goodwin. Newcastle Publishing Co.

If you want to learn the fascinating discipline of Numerology, you need look no further than this superb 2-volume work, Numerology - The Complete Guide. It truly is the master work in the field. Yet it is organised so clearly that a beginner can readily get to grips with the subject matter whilst advanced students will find plenty of material to challenge and extend them. Goodwin teaches by example, and so you will find plenty of case studies that will bring this powerful esoteric science to life for you. You are taken progressively and in a structured manner from learning the basics to artfully weaving the various threads of the subject together into a masterful analysis of any person or situation.

We could go into details about the chapter contents but if you are knew to the subject, it will not mean a lot. Instead, let's say that you will receive all the in-depth step-by-step tuition you need - backed by numerous charts, tables and case studies - to truly master Numerology and even set up as a professional Numerologist yourself, should you wish to do so. You will gain so many unique and powerful insights into your own personality and destiny, as well as that of your friends and family. The time cycle analysis and progressed readings are particularly fascinating - learn how to see the trends of the future in your life and even pinpoint dates for significant life changes. Numerology is truly an absorbing study with ancient roots. You will be glad you took it up and will refer to these volumes throughout your futures studies. 

Numerology: Volume 1                                Numerology: Volume 2




Behind Numerology - Complete Details On The Hidden Meaning Of Letters And Numbers

Shirley Blackwell Lawrence. Newcastle Publishing Co. 263 Pages.

This is a wonderful work of numerological research that will really deepen and enrich the experience of those who have had some exposure to Numerology. The author incorporates information from the Kabala, the Essenes, Physics, Music, Pythagorean Philosophy, Eastern Mysticism, Western Metaphysics and much more. This is a lucid and clear written book - written to be easily understood - but its subject matter is profound. Through charts and diagrams, you will be shown profound relationships between number and ancient systems of thought - between the ancient Kabala and modern philosophy. This is a splendid book that fulfills a need with Numerologists for a source work that takes their subject to the very core of the mystical tradition of East and West.

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Numerology - Tantra, Ayurveda & Astrology

Harish Johari. Inner Traditions International Ltd. 

Harish Johari is a Tantric scholar steeped in the teachings Hindu teachings of Ayurveda and Astrology. So this is a very different type of Numerology book. It is really for someone who has already had some exposure to the subject. For each individual number, Johari discusses the appropriate planet within the Hindu Astrology system, discusses the Ayurvedic health conditions related to that number, appropriate mantras for reciting, relationship to the appropriate Hindu deity, strong/weak periods of the year, good and bad days, appropriate meditations and so much more. The traditional numerology interpretation is also given in full detail, but what makes this book special is the powerful correlation that the author creates with the Indian systems of Astrology and Ayurveda. If Numerology interest you, this is a book you really must have. 

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