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Mythology Books



The Mythic Image

Joseph Campbell. Published by Princeton University Press. 552 Pages. 

"Imagery, especially the imagery of dreams, is the basis of mythology." This quote from author Joseph Campbell summarizes the theme of this work. This fascinating book covers the myths of the great spiritual traditions, with particular emphasis upon the artistic imagery they have produced. With over 400 photographs, accompanied with detailed explanations, The Mythic Image delves deep into the mystery traditions of the world. Joseph Campbell, the world's foremost expert in Mythology, and intellectual mastermind behind the "Star Wars" films,  gives you fresh insights into how Man has sought to understand and express the Divine in Art, and how you can benefit from the power of myth and symbolism in your own life.  

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The Masks Of God

Joseph Campbell was the foremost mythologist of the 20th century and the person most responsible for bringing Mythology into the popular imagination. Although he was a leading university academics, his books are extremely readable. Campbell had an amazing capacity to communicate his message about the power of myth and its relevance in the lives of normal people in a way which excites and captivates the imagination.

The "Masks of God" was his master work. In four volumes, he covers the whole world of Mythology from distant past to present, from East to West. In Volume 1, Primitive Mythology, he examines the beliefs stories and art of prehistoric man from across the world. Volume 2, Oriental Mythology, covers the religions of Egypt, India, China and Japan. Volume 3, Occidental Mythology, studies the mythological themes that underlie the art, worship and literature of the Western World. Volume 4, Creative Mythology, ties the whole series together by examining the inner story of modern culture - our entire philosophical, spiritual artistic heritage  since the Dark Ages - and shows how modern man creates his won mythologies. 

These books truly bring Mythology alive and demonstrate its relevance to you now in a way that only Joseph Campbell can. Read these books and come away enriched to understand our world, our culture and your unique place within it all.

1: Primitive Mythology                                              2: Oriental Mythology      

3: Occidental Mythology                                            4: Creative Mythology


The Golden Bough

J.G. Frazer. Publisher Simon & Schuster.

Frazer's great work on Mythology remains one of the all-time classics and a book that inspired the likes of Joseph Campbell and others to pursue this fascinating subject. Originally published in twelve volumes, it has been condensed into one for public consumption and thus represents the best and most fascinating of Frazer's life work. Here, myth, magic and religion meet from around the world and across oceans of time.

The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature comments: "...equally remarkable for its vast assembly of facts and its unusual charm of presentation. Few men of such learning have written more attractively."

In this one work, you will learn about the Rites and Trials of Kings, Tree Worship, Magicians, The Myth of Osiris, Myths of the Corn & their relationship to Christianity, Ancient Festivals, Human Sacrifice, Myths of the Soul, Taboos and more. Some of what Frazer has to share is so exotic and unusual as to totally defy belief. In this book, you will read of the heights and depths to which the human race can aspire in their beliefs and actions.

If you are interested in Mythology, you simply cannot do without "The Golden Bough"!

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The Power Of Myth

Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers

In "The Power Of Myth", Bill Moyers conducts a series of fascinating interviews with the late Joseph Campbell. This book is essentially the complete transcript of the highly successful TV series of the same name. A masterful overview of Mythology and its relevance to our lives is presented. Moyers, himself deeply knowledgeable on the subject, extracts the very best from Campbell. Their discussions range from the first storytellers to the archetypal symbolism of "Star Wars", from stories of the Goddess through to profound teachings on Love, Marriage and the Inward Journey. Most importantly, all the discussions are intensely practical and focused upon the relevance of Myth in our everyday lives.

Lavishly illustrated throughout, in both color and black and white, "The Power of Myth" will be a valuable addition to your library; one that you will refer to continually. It will deepen your knowledge of Myth and therefore your insight into your outer and inner life.

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