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Eastern Mysticism Books


Meditation - The Theory & Practice   

Douglas Baker. Published by Baker Publications. 252 Pages.

Dr. Baker's book is an excellent course on meditation, gleaned from many decades of personal practice. It not only gives excellent material for the beginner to commence meditation practice. There is much deep wisdom for the extremely experienced practitioner too. Yet, all is explained in a most accessible manner that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject.

 The book goes much further still. It is no less than a course on things esoteric. Dr. Baker hails from the Theosophy tradition. However, he has made countless additional discoveries and shares much accumulated wisdom, culled from literally decades of occult research. You will be given many meditation techniques, as well as numerous objects for meditation. You will also learn about the chakras, about keeping a spiritual diary, will learn how to totally withdraw your senses into the inner world, and much more. The book is lavishly illustrated with both color and black and white drawings.

This is a book that will grow with your practice, as it has been written by a master of meditation.

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Wheels Of Life - A User's Guide to The Chakra System

Anodea Judith. Published by Llewellyn. 528 Pages. 

This practical and down-to-earth book is one of the best practical introductions to understanding and working with the chakra energy system within your body. With this book, you are given a complete course in opening up the energies of the chakras within yourself and thereby transforming your consciousness and your physical well-being. Each chapter covers a single chakra in depth and from a large variety of perspectives. Mantras, physical postures, and meditations are provided to accelerate the development of the chakras. This is a beautiful, artistic, lavishly illustrated, book written with great sensitivity and practical wisdom. You will definitely benefit. 

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The Heart Of Yoga - Developing A Personal Practice

T.K.V. Desikachar

Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya lived to be nearly 100 years old and was one of the greatest modern yogis. Amongst his students are numbered such major spiritual lights as Iyengar and J. Krishnamurti. His son, the author Desikachar, studied his father's teachings and now teaches them to a new generation of students.  The Heart Of Yoga holds Krishnamacharya's  fundamental principle sacred; namely that of viniyoga - yoga adapted to the needs of the individual.

In this book, you are given a complete step-by-step approach to developing a complete yoga practice that is right for YOU.  You will learn all the poses, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga philosophy that you will need. Most importantly, you will be shown exactly how to tailor these concepts to your state of health, age, and lifestyle. There are numerous photos of the Yoga Master Krishnamacharya himself illustrating the poses.

This book also has a major bonus. The spiritual foundation of Yoga derives from the ancient revered scriptures called the "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali." In Heart of Yoga, section 3 gives you the complete text of this great work both in the original Sanskrit and the English translation PLUS detailed commentary on the verses by Desikachar, incorporating the wisdom and insights given to him by his father. Thus, the book is truly complete in giving you the practical teachings of Yoga from true masters of the practice, as well the profound spiritual teachings underlying it. A wonderful book to learn and refer to continually.

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From Here To Nirvana - The essential guide to the yogis and gurus, ashrams and temples of spiritual India

Anne Cushman & Jerry Jones. 416 Pages. Riverhead Books

If you ever dreamed of escaping to the Himalayas and pursuing your spiritual path in an ashram or temple, then you will DEFINITELY need this book! From Here To Nirvana is basically an in-depth directory of all the ashrams, gurus and spiritual teaching centers in the continent of India. All the entries are very in-depth. You will be given a clear description of the form of teaching, the chief teacher/guru, food, facilities, how to get there, contact details and fees. There are also quotes from the masters, fascinating stories, and a powerful first section that details the philosophies of India as well as practical daily details indispensable to anyone living there for a sustained period of time. 

If you are planning a spiritual pilgrimage to India, or if you would simply like do it one day and need more detailed information, then this is the book for you.

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The Life Divine

Sri Aurobindo. 1113 Pages. Lotus Light Publications

This is truly one of the spiritual classics. However, be warned that it is for the serious reader only. Sri Aurobinodo was one of the foremost thinkers and philosophers of his age - Cambridge University educated - and extremely profound in his spiritual teachings. He will stand well amongst any of the great philosophers of history. All the great spiritual themes are dealt with in this book profoundly and intensely. The Life Divine does not make easy reading as it was not written for light entertainment. It requires deep concentration, study and contemplation. In fact, you will probably only manage a few pages a day. However, if you are serious about deepening your spiritual insight and making true progress, then we heartily recommend The Life Divine.

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A Search In Secret India

Paul Brunton Publisher Samuel Weiser. 336 Pages.

This classic book has sold over a quarter of a million copies. Deservedly so. It is the fascinating journey of the spiritual mystic, Dr. Paul Brunton, who is credited by many as having first introduced the West to Yoga and Meditation. A Search In Secret India details his fascinating voyage of spiritual discovery through the Indian sub-continent in search of his own personal guru. Here you will hear firsthand his experiences of Meher Baba - the silent Messiah, Shri Shankaracharya - the spiritual head of South India, Hazrat Babjan - the woman fakir, Vishudhananda the Magician and many more. Astrologers, magicians, snake charmers and enlightened teachers all tumble forth from this evocative book that captures a side of India that most people never see. Most interesting of all is Brunton's encounter with Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great sage of Arunachala, whom he finally accepts as his guru. 

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A Search In Secret Egypt

Paul Brunton. 288 Pages Publisher Samuel Weiser.

Hear the breath-taking account of a night spent alone in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. See the wonders of Egypt's magicians and fakirs - men buried alive for weeks on end to finally emerge unscathed, a man who can plunge a genuine knife into his body without any trace of blood or harm. Be amazed at the amazing powers of Hypnotism on the human body. Visit the temples of Ancient Egypt, hear about the Ancient Mysteries, and see secrets hidden from the everyday explorer. All this and much more awaits you in the spell-binding A Search In Secret Egypt. Intrepid explorer and spiritual mystic Paul Brunton is your guide on a tour of a lifetime - a journey that will take you behind the veil to the heart of Secret Egypt.

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I Ching - The Classic Chinese Oracle Of Change

816 Pages. Published By Element

If you have had any reasonable exposure to esoteric teachings at all, you will know of the I Ching. The I Ching is the revered ancient oracle of China. It focuses on change, which is the only constant in the universe. Its answers continually adapt to your unique insight and situation. 

This edition of the I Ching is a powerful new translation, which has been inspired by the work of C.G. Jung, and is the result of over forty years of research. The I Ching is presented here primarily as a psychological tool to help with your inner growth, stimulate your creative imagination, put you in touch with your inner archetypes, and continually guide and help you throughout your changing circumstances.

The first section of the book goes into an in-depth explanation of the theory and practice of I Ching and how to ask questions and get the answers you need. The rest of the book is devoted to the oracle itself, and is backed with numerous commentaries and scholarly guidance. A comprehensive concordance is also included at the end of the volume to help you cross-reference words, phrases and relationships. This is easily the best edition of the I Ching that has ever been produced and it will enrich your spiritual growth and soon become a valued friend and advisor.

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The Key Of It All - An encyclopaedic guide to the sacred languages and magickal systems of the world. Book One: The Eastern Mysteries.

David Allen Hulse. Published by Llewellyn Publications. 614 Pages.

Magickal codes have been preserved throughout history in all major traditions for the minds of initiates to contemplate and benefit from. These alphabet codes, from both Eastern and Western traditions, are presented in this unsurpassed two-volume reference series The Key Of It All. (Book Two: The Western Mysteries is discussed in the Western Mysteries section of the Bookshop.)

Both books contain many hundreds of pages of totally original research - tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations and extremely lucid commentary. Although the subject matter is very advanced, Hulse has also written with the beginner in mind and gives thorough introductions to each and every section, and plenty of advice as to how to proceed. No previous knowledge of any sort is required to learn from these books.

The Eastern Mysteries volume covers the following ancient magickal language keys: Cuneiform, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese. Each section is extensively cross-referenced to other relevant sections to create a web of inter-locking relationships between the mystical systems of the world.

 The Key Of It All is a powerful powerful reference. It presents information that it would take you many years and countless other books to come close to reproducing. It is NOT light reading. It is scholarly, challenging and uplifting for the serious student of the mystical and occult and will raise your understanding to new levels.

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