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The Healing Power Of Mind - Simple Meditation Exercises for Health, Well-Being, and Enlightenment.    

Tulku Thondup. Shambhala Publications. 208 Pages.

Whether you are new to meditation, or are already experienced, this book has a lot to offer you. Tulku Thondup - Tibetan Buddhist monk of the Nyingma tradition - offers us an intensely practical and compassionate look at meditation. Focusing on the stresses and strains of daily life as it does, "The Healing Power of Mind" is perfectly tuned to the needs of the modern world.

As the title suggests, this is primarily a book about using the mind, via meditation, to heal yourself of a range of mental, emotional and physical conditions. The early chapters discuss the ability of the mind to heal, and give you practical instructions on how to commence a meditation practice. From there, a well-balanced mixture of Buddhist teaching and practical
meditation visualizations is given. The emphasis is always intensely practical, i.e. how to use meditation to improve the down-to-earth quality of our lives. 

Topics covered include developing confidence, dealing with physical ailments, how to deal with problems, techniques for releasing healing energies, how to use the Buddhist practise of Mindfulness to approach the daily life in a healing manner, and much more. A variety of different meditations are given for each situation. "The Healing Power of Mind" is written simply, and you can easily understand and put its teachings into practise. Your life can be transformed completely by putting the power of your mind to work to heal. Try it for yourself.

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Fundamentals Of Mainstream Buddhism

Eric Cheetham. Charles E. Tuttle Co. 332 Pages

This is a good basic book on the primary tenets of Buddhism. It is straightforward and clear. The material is drawn straight from the Buddha's own teachings, and from the early major texts and commentaries written within a few centuries of the Buddha's death. An extensive section tells the life story of the Buddha. The pain of the cycle of endless rebirth, Samsara, is clearly explained, as is the Dharma - the essential body of teachings necessary to liberate yourself from this cycle of suffering and attain enlightenment. Throughout, "Mainstream Buddhism" is presented, without getting into doctrinal differences or indulging in technical jargon. An excellent introductory book for anyone looking for a clear explanation of Buddhism.

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Joyful Path Of Good Fortune

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Published by Tharpa Publications.

This work is a complete presentation of the Buddhist path to Enlightenment. It is both easy to understand and implement. The essential meaning of the Buddha's wisdom is presented, and enriched with many stories and illustrative analogies. Full detailed guidance is given on all the meditations leading to full enlightenment. The author is Tibetan by birth, and is an accomplished meditation Master and teacher of Buddhism, as well as the author of many acclaimed books on the subject. If you practice the teachings in this book, you will transform your life, expand your human potential, and discover for yourself your infinite capacity for peace and happiness.

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Understanding The Mind

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Published by Tharpa Publications.

Understanding The Mind provides a practical explanation of the mind that combines Buddhist philosophical concepts with practical modern psychology. You will learn what the mind is and how it works. Through this understanding of the mind and the process of cognition, you can attain a lasting state of inner peace and happiness independent of external circumstances. the whole emphasis of this book is not simply to present dry academic information, but to relate it to our lives and enable us to transform life situations into a dynamic spiritual path. For in truth, "If you realize your own mind you will become a Buddha; you should not seek Buddhahood elsewhere."

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The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying

Sogyal Rinpoche. Published by Rider Books. 448 Pages.

Taking the Tibetan Book Of The Dead as his starting point, master teacher Sogyal Rinpoche takes us deep into the world of Tibetan Buddhism and tackles the touch subject of Death. He shows us how to enrich our lives in the face of the reality of our own death. Through teachings on karma and reincarnation, he gives us hope and leads us to see death more as an opportunity than as a thing to be feared. He teaches us to see the part of us that survives death and remains truly timeless. This is also a valuable book to have if you have to care for a dying person, as he explains how to give them the love and compassion that they need to complete the process. With this book, you can transform your daily life, come to terms with the reality of Death and help the dying.

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Old Path White Clouds - The Life Story Of The Buddha

Thich Nhat Hanh. Published by Rider. 

This is a gentle quiet story, told in a sensitive way. It is the story of the Buddha and the wonderful teachings that he gifted to the world. Told in simple language by an author in love with the subject, this book is a beautiful introduction to the Buddha and his teachings. It is also a wonderful piece of writing that has much to inspire the experienced Buddhist practitioner. At last, one of the greatest human stories has been told in words that can draw us near and touch our hearts with its power, sensitivity, and value to our lives. A great work of fiction and a wonderful spiritual inspiration at the same time.

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