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Ancient Civilizations Books



Lost Civilizations Of The Stone Age

Richard Rudgley. Published By Touchstone. 320 Pages.

This book is one of the most fascinating accounts of lost civilizations that you will ever read. A people who buried their nobles in clothing containing thousands of mammoth-ivory beads in 25,000 BC. A Neanderthal man - blind in one eye - who underwent the successful amputation of his arm over 46,000 years ago, and lived for many years after under the care of his tribe. Evidence of humans burying their dead 90,-100,000 years ago. A sculpture of a woman that is between 233,000 and 800,000 years old. Strong evidence that Man was making ocean voyages 40,000 years ago or more. This book is full of fascinating revelations like these that will totally absorb you. 

Richard Rudgley reveals a world very different from the one you know. There is a certain poignant sadness in realizing how much of our human heritage has been lost forever. Recorded History began only around 5,000 years ago, but this book makes it clear that Man has possessed many of the attributes of civilization for countless millennia.  Lost Civilizations Of The Stone Age does NOT follow the Atlantis/Antarctic hypothesis, but presents a less speculative approach. It argues for a long history of human development over tens of thousands of years, leading up to the "sudden" appearance of civilization around 5,000 BC. Truly a fascinating read that will change your view of the Human Race forever.

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Lost Cities And Ancient Mysteries Series

David Hatcher Childress. Published By Adventures Unlimited Press. 6 Volumes.

The six volumes in this series total over 2,500 pages on a subject that utterly enthralls us all - lost cities, Lost Cities Book Covercontinents and civilizations of the Ancient World. Author David Childress has literally traveled the entire planet to bring you stories to thrill and fill you with wonder. Atlantis, Lemuria and far more. The books are a fascinating combination of factual information, and personal travel log. Travel deep into jungles, across parched deserts and up windswept mountains in a fascinating quest for hidden treasures. You feel like you are on a voyage of discovery, like a latter-day Indiana Jones. Also packed with intriguing maps, photos and illustrations, these books are the definitive works available today on the lost worlds of the past. Rediscover them today!

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Lost Cities Of Atlantis,Europe & The Mediterranean

Lost Cities Of China, Central Asia And India

Lost Cities Of Ancient Lemuria And The Pacific    

Lost Cities And Ancient Mysteries of South America

Lost Cities Of North And Central America

Lost Cities And Ancient Mysteries Of Africa And Arabia



Forbidden Archaeology

Cremo & Thompson. Published by Bhaktivedanta Institute. 914. Pages. Forbidden Archaeology Cover

Have human beings like us lived on this earth for millions of years longer than conventional archaeology would have us believe? Forbidden Archaeology takes you far back into time on a quest for Man's origins. We are shown the huge range of evidence that traditional archaeologists have swept under the carpet. You will be shown fossilized footprints, apparently made by modern-looking shoes! Human and dinosaur tracks in the same area of rock. Man-made tools that pre-date any acceptable date for the beginnings of human activity by millions of years!

The authors make a convincing and fascinating case that we are far more ancient than we ever believed. The conclusions could shatter everything we think we know about the origins of Man.

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Heaven's Mirror - Quest For The Lost Civilization

Hancock & Faiia. 336 Pages. 

Graham Hancock is the world's leading proponent of the theory that a major world civilization of great technological and spiritual complexity once existed far beyond the dawn of prehistory, and Heaven's Mirror Cover helped create the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Mexico and the East. Heaven's Mirror is by far his best book on the subject to date. Packed with stunning color photographs and including the most up to date information on the subject - including the  gigantic megalithic stone structures recently discovered off the coast of Japan - this book presents the most compelling evidence for the Atlantis civilization ever compiled. Ranging across Mexico, Egypt, South America, Cambodia and the Pacific, this fascinating book discovers fascinating relationships between the different cultures of the ancient world, and makes a compelling case for a common source of origin in a civilization that vanished from history in 10,500 BC. Recommended!

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The Temple Of Man

R.A. Schwaller de Lubitz. 1088 Pages/2 Volumes. Published by Inner Traditions. 

This monumental work is THE single most important study on Ancient Egypt from the esotericTemple Of Man Cover symbolist perspective. Translated into English for the first time, The Temple Of Man represents the culmination of twelve years of intensive fieldwork on the Temple of Luxor by one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. This work reveals the mathematical, medical and metaphysical sophistication of Ancient Egypt. It demonstrates clearly that Ancient Egypt, not Greece, was the cradle of Western science, culture and civilisation. Moreover, Schwaller de Lubitz was THE first to propose an advanced pre-existing civilisation before Egypt, and to suggest that the Sphinx is water eroded; which has only been scientifically demonstrated beyond doubt in the last few years. If Sacred Science and Ancient Mysteries fascinate you, if you want to delve deep into the secrets of Ancient Egypt, then Temple Of Man is indispensable. It is the grandfather, the sourcebook, for most of what has been written since about Ancient Egypt from the esoteric perspective. Highly Recommended.

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Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

Peter Tompkins. Published By Budget Book Service. 432 Pages.

Secrets Of The Great Pyramid is considered to be THE reference work on the Great Pyramid from an esoteric point of view. Was the Great Pyramid merely a tomb for a Pharaoh or did it serve another purpose altogether? Is the precise mathematics so evident everywhere in its construction pure chance or was there a more advanced science at play than we ever believed possible?

Modern Science is now recovering the secrets of the Ancients. Knowledge previously attributed to the Greeks is finding its proper origin in the sands of Ancient Egypt. Secrets Of The Great Pyramid takes you from the earliest inquiries about the pyramid through to the very latest scientific findings. It is now known that whoever built the pyramid knew the exact circumference of the Earth and the length of the year to an amazing level of precision - information that was not known to us until the 17th century! The book is filled with beautiful photographs, maps and illustrations, and its coverage of the subject is broad and panoramic. History, measurements, numbers, famous persons like Napoleon and Alexander the Great, are all here. Truly an encyclopedia on the subject, Secrets Of The Great Pyramid is a book you will savor and refer to time and time again.

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