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How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci  - Seven Steps To Genius Everyday

Michael Gelb. 322 Pages. Publisher Delacorte

Have you ever wondered how one man could be Painter, Sculptor, Scientist, Architect, Inventor, Musician, Poet and Visionary - all to the highest degree of achievement possible? How can one man seemingly live several dozen lives within the span of one and achieve more expertise in a dozen disciplines than most of us ever achieve in one?Book Cover Photo

Leonardo Da Vinci was the name of this man. By all standards of judgment, he was the greatest genius in history. Now, in How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, you get the answers to these questions as well as powerful principles, derived from his life, by which you to can aspire to release the genius within you. This book is unlike any other personal development book, in focusing upon the unique genius of one man and extracting from his life powerful principles that can help us all. 

This unique book gives you a life history of Leonardo Da Vinci as well as extracting seven key principles that governed his thinking - principles that you can put to use straight away. You are also given practical exercises to build upon what you have learnt and help put each principle to work in your life. The book is well illustrated with many of Leonardo's drawings and paintings, and is packed with useful thoughts and ideas to inspire you. Perhaps not many of us can aspire to the heights of Leonardo, but practical application of this book will at definitely help each of us to make make maximum use of what we have got, as well as discover new depths of talent that we never knew we had. 

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The Mind Map Book

Tony & Barry Buzan. Publisher Plume

Mind Maps are a revolutionary method for unleashing the power of the Human Brain. They have worked miracles for even the most ordinary people. More than a mere system of note-taking, Mind Maps utilize words, image,Mind Map Book Cover Photo color, numbers and more to stimulate both sides of your brain for creativity and genius. You can certainly use Mind Maps as a vastly improved note-taking system for your learning. In this capacity, they will enable you to learn faster, remember more for longer, be genuinely interested in what you learn and turn every note-taking experience into an opportunity to really exercise your brain and train it for ever greater levels of genius. 

However, Mind Maps also function as a brilliant tool to enhance your creativity, to solve challenging problems, to teach others important concepts, to strengthen and improve you memory, and to make superb presentations and give excellent talks where people will retain far more of what you say. Children have used Mind Maps and have been transformed from mediocre to straight A students. Large corporations have used Mind Maps to engage in long-term product planning, improve employee relations, and boost profitability. Best of all, learning to Mind Map is challenging and fun. Once you have this essential brain skill, you will find endless uses for it throughout your life. There is nothing quite like the Mind Map! Try it!

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Natural Brilliance - Move From Feeling Stuck To Achieving Success

Paul Scheele. Published By Learning Strategies Corporation. 186 Pages.

If you have ever wanted to achieve great things but found yourself stuck at the first hurdle, this book is definitely for you. Natural Brilliance is written by esteemed brain/mind expert Paul Scheele, creator of the powerful Paraliminal tape technology which is producing dramatic change in the lives of thousands of people.

From his experience in countless seminars and workshops, Paul Scheele has developed the Natural Brilliance model for producing rapid and dramatic transformation in your life - literally enabling you to find your genius, release it and use it. He describes a simple 4-step approach to overcoming "Stuck states" - those mental states where you want to do something to advance yourself but some part of you prevents you from taking action. 

In this book, you will learn how to relax deeply to release built-up inner stress, how to access your other than conscious mind to create the changes you want, how to break through the inner obstacles that keep you from experiencing the success you desire, and how to learn faster and better than you ever thought possible. Most important, you will be shown exactly how to befriend the parts of yourself that actively prevent you from succeeding, and how to integrate them back into yourself. 

Natural Brilliance is a process you can put to use to improve any area of your life immediately. You will truly release the genius within!

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