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The Alphabet Versus The Goddess - Male Words & Female Images

Leonard Shlain. Published By The Penguin Press. 464 Pages. 

Leonard Shlain pondered the question of why the ancient reverence for the goddess traditions died out and the high role of women in society declined. He observed that it coincided exactly with the era in which mankind was developing the skills of reading and writing. Could it be that the adoption of these strongly left-brain activities fundamentally altered the structure of the way we think; emphasizing left-brain modes of thought over right-brain ones? If so, we have gained the present benefits of civilization at the expense of the emphasis on imagery, and the role of the female in both a literal and symbolic sense. 

The result is a fascinating and thought-provoking book that will challenge your assumptions about the basic structure of our culture. The chapters examines the books  theme in the contexts of  Yin/Yang, Islam, Birth & Death, Ancient Greek Mythology, Christianity, Sorcery Vs. Science and much more. Highly Recommended.

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The Illustrated Brief History Of Time  

by Stephen Hawking. Published by Bantam Books. 248 Pages.

Professor Hawking is without debate one of the greatest living scientists in the world today; in the same league as Albert Einstein and Richard Feynmann. This book has been translated into thirty languages and has already sold over nine million copies. The latest version is packed with beautiful color illustrations and photographs that have led many people who owned earlier copies of the book to buy it over again.

In this book, you get a tour of the universe as it is known today to scientists; from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the vastness of the Cosmos. Sometimes it reads more like science fiction than fact. Wormholes, Black holes, Big Bang, Super-strings and Quarks. You also get to learn about what scientists know of the future of the universe, the Arrow Of Time, and the possibilities for time travel.

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Wholeness And The Implicate Order  

By David Bohm. Published by Routledge.

In this book, David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein and a leading theoretical physicist, proposes a theory of Quantum Mechanics that incorporates both matter and consciousness in one seamless whole. He looks deeply into the implications of Quantum Theory - the science of the sub-atomic realms - and deduces that it clearly implies a higher order to the universe. He calls this the Implicate Order. It is the place from which our entire experience of reality, both matter and consciousness are enfolded together, and from whence they then proceed to manifest in our everyday reality.

This book is not a light read, but it is free of technical jargon and therefore quite readable even if you have no detailed knowledge of science. It is a truly refreshing change to see a scientist of the highest calibre tackle these vital questions and bring to them a professional credibility that is often lacking  in books of this nature. If you want to go beyond a superficial "everything is one" sort of approach, and really get to grips with what Science has to say on the matter, this is the classic work on the subject.

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The Self-Made Tapestry - Pattern Formation In Nature  

by Philip Bell. Published by Oxford University Press. 248 Pages.

Similar patterns form in Nature and seem nothing more than coincidence. In the shells of microscopic sea creatures, you can see the same angles and intersections as you will find on the walls of bubbles in a foam. A streak of lightening mirrors the shape of rivers and trees. Ripples of desert sand closely resemble the stripes of a zebra.

This book gives you a detailed explanation of why these correspondences are not mere coincidences. Instead, we see self-organization at work. The same principles of interaction between component parts are used throughout the universe; whether these components be grains of sand, living cells, inorganic molecules or stars. Moreover, the results of these self-organizing principles are always similar - spirals, spots, stripes, honeycombs, branches and so on. 

Philip Bell, Editor of Nature magazine, uses numerous photographs and charts to give a clear, fascinating layman's explanation to one of the most fascinating mysteries of our world. He examines water, curved space, micro-organisms, rocks, living cells, trees, rivers - in fact, just about everything, and reveals the hidden underlying principles that give rise to the self-regulated order we see. A fascinating and informative read that will have you looking at the world with totally new eyes.

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The Language Instinct - How The Mind Creates Language 

by Stephen Pinker. Published by Harperperennial Library. 496 Pages 

How is it that very young children can learn complex languages rapidly at a time when their brains are not sufficiently developed to be able to comprehend the rules of grammar? Why is it that with very little formal training, human beings are able to put words together intoThe Language Instinct complex combinations they have never been taught, whilst the most powerful computers are still struggling to master the basics of language? Could it be that language is an innate faculty of the human brain?

If you have ever wondered about the mysteries of Language, you are in for a treat with this book. Stephen Pinker, truly one of the leading linguistic researchers in the world today, provides a controversial and yet strangely satisfying explanation for how we come to communicate through the medium of language. The book is written in an entertaining way that will hold your interest, and contains enough solid discussion to be worthy of the attention of the most distinguished academics in the field. You will gain a whole new perspective on the miracle we call the human brain, and the equal miracle we call human language in all its complex diversity. As Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene said, "Reading Stephen Pinker's book is one of the biggest favors I've ever done my brain." 

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The Tao Of Physics - An Exploration Of The Parallels Between Modern Physics And Eastern Mysticism  

by Fritjof Capra. 

In what has become a classic in the genre, Fritjof Capra presents a detailed comparison between the latest findings of Science and the ancient teachings of Eastern Mysticism. We are given a whirlwind tour of the New Physics, Cosmology and  the Quantum realm. Einstein's theory of Relativity, and its resulting consequences for the nature of Space-Time are fully discussed. We are taken into sub-atomic realms to examine the endless dance of newly discovered fundamental particles and the strange paradoxical world they inhabit. Then we examine the vastness of the dynamic expanding universe - the product of an incredible Big Bang many billions of years ago.

Throughout all of this, close comparisons with Eastern teachings are constantly revealed. We learn how the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and the I Ching appear to have anticipated, by many millennia, the discoveries that Science is now making. Could it be that they are both describing the same reality from totally different perspectives? Rather than undermine the book, it appears that the progressive revelations that Science has made in the years since its initial publication only serve to add more weight to its profound and revolutionary theory! A truly fascinating and highly readable book that will expand your mind into realms undreamed of.

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The Presence Of The Past - Morphic Resonance & The Habits Of Nature 

by Rupert Sheldrake. Published by Inner Traditions Intl. 416 Pages. 

In this provocative book, Royal Society biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake proposes that there are no rules of nature, but rather deeply ingrained habits. Things are the way they are because there is a memory of their own past. 

He proposes that this memory is carried by a non-material medium called a "morphogenetic field". Thus rabbits are "rabbit-shaped" because they tune into the morphogenetic field and through a process of "morphic resonance" produce offspring that are also rabbits! The same is true of the shapes of molecules, the propagation of ideas, and the formation of ice crystals. Also, once a habit is broken, it becomes easier for others to do the same through this same morphic resonance. This is why, after Roger Bannister first broke the 4-minute mile, many hundreds of other athletes did the same within a year. A new "habit" was established.

It is definitely unusual for a mainstream scientist of Sheldrake's calibre to come out with such a challenging theory such as this. However, he backs it up with numerous examples from the whole realm of nature. If his ideas are correct, they give a scientific basis mystical concepts that have existed for millennia.

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Gaia - A New Look At Life On Earth  

by James Lovelock. Published by Oxford University Press. 178 Pages.

Is the Earth itself alive? That is the startling proposition puts forward in this landmark book by Dr. James Lovelock. He proposes that the entire ecosystem of the planet - including animal life, vegetation and all inorganic natural processes form a complex interlocked, but self-regulating system that could be defined as a single living organism! It actually defines and maintains the conditions necessary for life to continue through an incredible sequence of interlocking relationships that are only know coming to light. This has come to be known as the Gaia hypothesis.

Since the book's publication in 1979, many of Lovelock's predictions have come true, and this has led to his ideas being debated in serious scientific circles. A fascinating theory that at last justifies the beliefs of Ancient Wisdom, or a crackpot notion? Decide for yourself....

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Turbulent Mirror - An Illustrated Introduction To Chaos Theory And The Science Of Wholeness 

by John Briggs & F. David Peat

One of the most fascinating directions in Science of recent years has been the advent of Chaos Theory. If you have heard the phrase and want to know more, this book is an excellent and entertaining introduction to the entire field.

With the aid of super-computers, scientists are able to penetrate behind the seeming disorder of stock market movements, weather patterns, ocean waves and see depths of order present that had never been dreamed of. In fact, it now appears that Order and Chaos and merely different sides of the same coin. With numerous illustrations and simple lively discussion, the authors take you on a comprehensive tour of this mind-boggling new reality that is being revealed. You will dive deep into complex beautiful mathematical patterns that seem to forever repeat themselves at different levels, and then be taken to vastness of the galaxies to see Chaos at work there too. It is truly an "Alice In Wonderland" reality that we live in. This book will reveal it all to you.

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You Can Remember Love - Contemplations On Science & Spirituality

by Odete Martins Bigote    Published by 1st Books Library. 175 Pages. 

As Odete Bigote herself says, this book is about remembrance and forgiveness. It is about rediscovering the Self, and using the classroom of life with all its varied lessons to establish Love increasingly powerfully in your life. 

The authoress draws upon her deep knowledge of spiritual traditions, from The Course In Miracles right through to the Hindu Upanishads, to give us a rich medley of inspiring thoughts and lessons to contemplate. The book also draws extensively upon Odete Bigote's live workshops and the practical emphasis is very evident. Numerous real-life stories and conversations abound, and profound subjects are expressed in a warm and human fashion. The book's style is an accessible and conversational throughout. It invites the reader to ponder, wonder and speculate. 

Topics presented include Meditation, the Origin of Evil, Healing, how to turn enemies into friends, the Course In Miracles, and more. Particularly special are the book's spiritual contemplations upon the findings of modern Science. Odete displays a thorough knowledge of the scientific content she discusses, and skilfully interweaves this with metaphysical thoughts on spirituality and the Soul. She takes us into exciting realms of possibility in our lives. Thoroughly recommended.

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Man's Search For Meaning   

Viktor Frankl. Published by Beacon Press.

With 4 million copies sold, this book stands as a powerful classic of our times in many respects. First and foremost, it is a terrible document of the sufferings that the author endured and survived in four separate concentration camps including Auschwitz. If any of us ever feel tempted to feel sorry for ourselves and our lives, we need to read this book to find out what true suffering is and how bad it can really get.

However, this is also a book about Hope. It is a book about the triumph of the human spirit against the worst odds and the most hellish conditions imaginable. Dr. Frankl's book is, at heart, about the search for meaning in our lives. He contends that this is our primary drive, and this conclusion derives directly from his camp experiences. Indeed, this principle was the basis of a new form of psychotherapy that he founded, Logotherapy, is discussed in depth in this book. He tell us about the Will to Meaning in our lives and how, without it, all sorts of dysfunctions can present themselves. It is a fascinating and insightful revelation of our modern condition. Deeply compassionate and wise, this book is a MUST read for anyone  who calls themselves human.

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