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About Mystic Visions

Mystic Visions is the brainchild of human potential researcher, writer, and teacher Dr. Asoka Selvarajah.

Here, you’ll find essential spiritual, metaphysical AND personal development information – ​integrated into one common body of knowledge. In essence, there should be no division.

We aim to provide you with ​the richness of the metaphysical and mystical traditions. ​We also integrate powerful practical everyday skills available through the superb Personal Development teachings available today...

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You always have information that is pertinent and edgy without  being over the top. I find that I can use your wisdom in my personal life and my business life.  

I don't need to sit at my computer  reading for two hours to get to what is the point of the week's article.  In my busy life, that is all important. And because of the length, I love sharing your articles with friends, clients and associates. Thank you for being an inspiring part of my life!!

​Joy Perlow, Holistic Counselor, NY, USA

I look forward to each and every issue that comes out, your perspective and thoughts on topics motivates me and provides me with "food for thought". Your ​newsletter is one of the very few that enhances my life.  I know that I can stop my daily work or worry for 5 minutes and read an article from you that lifts my thinking to a higher level and put my life into perspective.

 Ashton Eibeck, Yeppoon,Australia

​Each time a new email comes, I feel as though it was meant for me, so timely is this age-old wisdom. I love having the opportunity to be reminded of what is truly important in life, because no matter what we may think we know, we need a mentor, a coach, a guide to gently and lovingly bring us back to where we peace and love.​

This newsletter and your website connects the world in a very real and loving way.  Never stop the good work! You are doing wonderful work and others should know.

​Ava Jean Lunn,B.G.S. (Psych),Calgary, Alberta, USA 

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self help ebooks

3 FREE EBOOKS... ​Inner Light Outer Wealth,  As A Man Thinketh AND The Jealously Guarded Secret (To Getting More Done & Freeing Up Your Precious Time) 

Aspire to Wisdom FREE Newsletter

Packed with strategies for you to achieve spiritual and material abundance. Manifest YOUR dreams... starting today!

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