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"I've been a true advocate and student of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Deepak Chopra.  But "The 7 Golden Secrets" is a powerful and energetic course that will transform you and give you a better insight of the magic of life. Five stars out of five!"
Michael Berggren, Wiesbaden, Germany

Mystic Ph.D Researcher's Amazing Claim:

"At Last! You're Just 7 Golden Secrets Away From Knowing Your Higher Self Today..."

Access Your Infinite Inner Wisdom To Enjoy Peace, Happiness And Life Purpose, AND Blast Away Obstacles Frustrating Your Most Cherished Dreams...

- Dr. Asoka Selvarajah

"What is required by people like myself is a written reference source that can be continually accessed to provide the needed guidance. This is provided for in your course, and I am gaining a deeper sense of purpose in my life. Thank you again for providing this guidance for society, which is very much required at this moment within the Aquarian cycle"
Steve Greenway, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Dear Friend,

If you've always craved inner spiritual wisdom and outer material prosperity, but life's daily grind has kept you forever grounded, this could be the most important letter you ever read. 

Here's what it's about...

Everyone wants joy, happiness and life purpose. But the problem is, most people are looking in all the wrong places. Career. Money. Relationships. Power.  Yet, esoteric teachings claim all answers lie within you. They describe a secret jewel inside within the heart. The treasure of infinite value. The divine essence called... The Higher Self.

"From your inspirational course, I have learned to truly "let go" and let that power within me take its course, and now I am more abundant in the area of finances, spirituality, and mental capability.

In the areas of spiritual and mental, people around me have benefited from the words of wisdom I share with them, and the testimony I share with them regarding my life. 

This course has given me insight on many things!  Thank you, and many blessings to you."

Natalie Manning, Bennettsville, SC 

Here are some glimpses of what your life will be like when you access this Higher Self...
You're tuned to your inner guidance. Whenever you need the perfect answer for any life situation, you simply turn within. Without fail, you receive the wise guidance you need. The days of watching others make great strides, whilst you stand still – trapped by everyday circumstances – are gone.

Abundance flows to you - emotional, material, financial and spiritual. You're as wealthy as you decide to be. If you need money, it finds its way to you. Paying bills, financial lack, "making a living"? History. The secret of manifesting what you need, as you need it, is yours...

The Higher Self perspective leaves you calm, peaceful and resourceful; no matter what your external circumstances may be. You can't remember the last time you worried about anything. In fact, you've become an inspiration to others. Your friends now come to YOU for advice.

You're not disheartened by others boasting of superior visions, or debating complex metaphysical questions, with that know-it-all attitude. In touch with the Source of All, you've nothing to prove!

Sounds like an absurd fantasy? It shouldn't. All this IS possible for you. It's your birthright. And finally, you're on the threshold of claiming it at last...

Introducing A Powerful Integrated System For Contacting Your Inner Wisdom

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self gives you simple effective strategies to break free forever from the deadlock holding you down.  You'll gain complete abundance and empowerment; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. If you take these golden secrets to heart, and use them consistently, you'll transform your life into a shining jewel; the wonder of all who know you.

"Oh, really?", I hear you say. "I've read a ton of self-help books, and attended more seminars than I remember. So what makes this so different?"...

"On starting to read The 7 Golden Secrets, I just knew that this was what I had been looking for. Over the last few years I have read many books & it was as if everything previously read & learned began to come together &
make sense - the course, in its simplicity, was just the perfect key. I always used to feel guilty wanting to be on my own so the section on solitude was perfect - no longer do I feel guilty. 

I have also started to journal...  I finally understood the connection & relevance of Journaling & now it is so much part of my daily life.
I particularly liked the section on visualizing & since applying positive goals & directions to my life, my personal achievements have been amazing to put it mildly."

Lynda Smith, South Australia

First:   This course is an integrated system. All the parts work together synergistically , like the power-packed training system for a Michael Jordan. 

You're getting the essence of thousands of years of wisdom, from the world's greatest spiritual and personal development masters. Ramana Maharshi, Buddha, Blavatsky and others.

The course definitely works because it's based on timeless wisdom, made accessible and practical for you. Some of the strategies revealed are rarely mentioned anywhere else. 

Second:  The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self combines Ancient Wisdom's secrets with dynamite strategies of the modern success coaches. People like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra and others. These teachers have spent years transforming lives from despair to joy. 

These guys get RESULTS. So, combine their best ideas with the power of Ancient Wisdom, and you get a system guaranteed to (a) expand your imagination of what's possible for you AND (b) enable you to achieve it too.

Third:  The system you'll learn is simple and effective. You don't need a Ph.D in Esoteric Spirituality. You don't need to be superhuman, a genius, or a hermit. The bottom line is: YOU CAN DO THIS! 

That's important. Much of the stuff out there simply isn't practical for normal people. You'd need to become a monk and disappear into the Himalayas! But this system is tailored to the lives of busy people like you.

It's especially designed to clean out the parts other courses can't reach. The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self  is packed with effective strategies for neutralizing the negative part of yourself that prevents you from achieving your dreams. 

The course reveals who the Higher Self really is, and why it's crucial you achieve union with it. When you discover who you really are, you'll realize why living life the ego's way is not in your best interest.

Who am I to make such bold claims? Let me introduce myself...

How You Can Be Certain This Course Delivers 100% On Its Promises...

Asoka Selvarajah
My name is Asoka Selvarajah. You may know me as the publisher of the monthly internet ezine, Aspire To Wisdom. Or you may be reading this as a result of my 14-day LifeBreakthrough E-Mail Course. They've  transformed the lives of countless people. 

My  free E-Book, Inner Light Outer Wealth, helped one reader so much, he translated it into Russian, for the members of his spiritual group over there! My articles have been published in Magical BlendPhenomenews (Michigan's premier New Age magazine), and in dozens of internet locations, including the website of New Age Journal.  And my work has also been featured on radio, such as the Sydney, Australia show, Out There.

So what? The point is, people are experiencing profound inner empowerment in their lives from these teachings. And so can you. This isn't theoretical stuff for academics. In The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self, I share a practical integrated system for spiritual growth.

In fact, to gain some of the insights you'll be learning, I traveled to the world's power centers – Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India, Israel and more. I've visited the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, India's renowned enlightened sage. And been privileged to have a personal audience with the Shankaracharya of South India - the "Pope" of Hinduism, and considered by many to be a living god.

In addition, you'll get many valuable insights from Science (I have a Physics Ph.D) – right from Chaos Theory through to Jungian Dream Analysis. Science and Metaphysics are moving ever closer, and it's valuable for you to grasp their interconnection. It's gently and enjoyably woven into the course.

So let's get down to talking about what you'll be learning...

The Power Of Focused Thought Can Manifest ALL You Desire In Your Life TODAY!

Here's a profound but simple secret... The key to spiritual success is Intent – Focused Will. All great Masters know this. As Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich , once said:
"What the mind of Man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Successful entrepreneurs know how to create a goal and work towards it. That's how they achieve so much so fast. But can their strategies be just as powerful in the spiritual field? Definitely!

The 7 Golden Secrets system adapts their techniques, and teaches you:

1. How to use goal-setting techniques in your spiritual practice (Learn key secrets to focusing your Thought and Will - it's like sitting on a Saturn V rocket heading straight for your dreams). 

2. SPECIFICALLY WORDED goal statements to draw the Higher Self ever deeper into your life. (Use them and feel the joy of creating spiritual results fast. Correctly harnessed Intent and Thought, MUST create maximum results from your inner work. Without strenuous effort, and in much less time).

3. How to access a sacred inner oasis of calm and tranquility - and escape the hell of a harrowing day. (Go there whenever you wish, and be nurtured in a place of perfect harmony). 

4. A powerful 4-step method to easily attract anything you want into your life. (Boost your spiritual growth, create the abundance mindset to attract financial riches, experience previously unknown levels of happiness and joy, or whatever else you most earnestly desire from life). 

5. How to easily manifest your heart's desire, through the power of thought (and bid farewell to everything holding you back from expressing your fullest potential). 

Your friends will see all the dramatic changes you've achieved, and will desire the same for themselves. Best of all, these techniques bring out your special insights, and give them full expression. But there's still more...

"I'm on Chapter 8 of your awesome course and I'm eager to establish consistency with my spiritual practices in quest for the God in me. You've really done an awesome job of laying the ground work to understanding why journalizing, meditation and visualization are vital to restore peace and balance in one's life and I thank you again."

Angela Jones, Brooklyn, NY

"Before reading The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self, I was quick to judge others, and quick to make any decisions. After reading it and practicing the meditation techniques I noticed a calmer inner self. No more judging and all my important decisions are now made THROUGH meditating. Thank you so very much for helping me on my journey through this lifetime of mine.."

Diana Whery, Reading, PA

Your Own "Conversations With God" Today- True Guidance For All Life Situations.

Perhaps you've read books like Conversations with God, A Course In Miracles, the Seth and Lazaris material? And they just leave you wishing you could get answers as easily as these people seem to...

Well, you can...

You won't necessarily hear voices, or find your hand writing automatically (although you may!). And it may not be Channeling. But  you WILL learn exactly how to receive the guidance you most need:

"What is required by people like myself is a written reference source that can be continually accessed to provide the needed guidance. This is provided for in your course, and I am gaining a deeper sense of purpose in my life. Thank you again for providing this guidance for society, which is very much required at this moment within the Aquarian cycle"

Steve Greenway, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

  1. How to distinguish  the ONE true voice of the Higher Self from the many other false voices within.  Learn a sure way to recognize your Higher Self, without fear of wrong guidance. Always go direct to Source. 
  2. The one common attitude guaranteed to totally destroy your link to the Higher Self. Do you make this mistake every day? Eliminate it and enjoy a deep relationship with Source. Experience guidance and peace continually, not sporadically.
  3. Two proven methods of commencing the inner dialogue with the Higher Self today.  
  4. Learn why Cognitive Dissonance is a sure sign you're making tremendous spiritual progress.  
You don't have to go off to a monastery either. A full spiritual education is available right where you are. The life you're living is nothing less than a university degree course in spiritual practice. Here's why...

How To Overcome Recurring Life Problems & Go From  Victory To Victory In Your Personal Growth...

Do the same problems keep repeating in your life? New place. New people. SAME problem! Many people experience this, and there's a definite reason for it. But to break that vicious cycle, you need to know what's really going on... 

" I have found your 7 Golden Secrets course to be very practical in that it gave me insight into things that I have been studying for a long time. It reaffirmed a lot of things about meditation and success that I had questions about or wasn't sure of. Thanks for a great course filled with knowledge and practical tools to use."

A. Patrick Desrosier, Beale, CA

In ancient days, there were places of learning called Mystery Schools. Here, chosen initiates underwent intense esoteric training. They mastered subtle energies and traveled inner realms. They gained complete mastery of themselves, and were possessed of amazing powers.

Under the guidance of your Higher Self, your life and everyone in it is a Mystery School of the highest order! Everything that happens to you is a deliberate lesson, created by your Higher Self. By consciously entering this Mystery School, you'll gain maximum benefit from your everyday life experiences.  Understandings known to very few can be yours.

Here are just some of the key secrets (amongst many others) revealed to you in this chapter alone:
  1. The MOST powerful visualization ever for karmic purification of thought, word and deed. Just this one method alone will cleanse you of ALL negative psychic debris dragging you down. Be spiritually fit, liberated from fears of any kind.
  2. How the Astrological description of Mystery Schools reveals the hidden truth behind your daily challenges. Discover the esoteric significance of your star sign, and gain insight into your specific task in this life.
  3. Discover the ONE and ONLY purpose you really have. Simplify your entire spiritual quest - focus on the ONE thing that really matters. Gain inner peace and spiritual growth FAST, totally untroubled by what others around you do.
  4. The power of ancient myths and legends - their direct relevance to your life. Discover how metaphor, symbol and myth pervade every part of your life. See the symbolism and teaching behind the most everyday events, challenges, & obstacles. Feel empowered and in control of all that happens to you.
  5. How to use Evocation and Invocation in your spiritual quest. Access spiritual masters and ancient ashrams to accelerate your progress still further.
  6. Why viewing your life as dramatic fiction can totally transform you in every way.
  7. Be careful what you wish for! Learn how you often unwittingly call down hellfire upon yourself!! This insight alone can save you much suffering.

Imagine transforming difficult people/situations into priceless lessons for spiritual growth! You'll not only gain a new outlook on problems, and how to deal with them. Those repetitive negative issues will be dead forever. But you'll also benefit from EVERY life situation from now on. No matter how challenging.

Get The Ebook Inner Light Outer Wealth FREE When You Join Aspire To Wisdom - The Ezine Teaching You Key Ideas For Creating Spiritual/Personal Growth  & Total  Abundance In Your Life NOW...

Important Note: We respect Your E-mail privacy. Hence, you will be sent an email right away asking you to CONFIRM your wish to join.  Please look for it in later and confirm your wish to join, or you will not receive the ezine or the free ebook!

How To Discover Divine Guidance Hidden In Your Dreams

Dreams are a powerful way for the Higher Self to communicate directly with you. Famous Psychologist C.G. Jung spent his life studying tens of thousands of them, and he discovered that a higher intelligence really does speak to us while we sleep. For millennia, shamans and mystics have said the same thing. 

That's why The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self gives strong emphasis to using dreams to access your spiritual treasure...

1)3-step process for actually remembering your dreams.  Everybody dreams. But not everyone remembers their dreams. With the help of this simple technique, you will!

"I have been inspired by the Solitude chapter, but like most people, lead a busy life. Upon contemplation, I realized that I spend little time in nature. Now at night before retiring to bed, I go outdoors, lay down on the grass and just marvel at the stars. Prior to this I had trouble getting to sleep but this practice de-stresses and relaxes me allowing to rapidly drift off to sleep night after night. 

This is just an example of the many simple, realistic and effective ideas conveyed in the The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self.

Brian Spicer, Wodonga, Australia

2) Easy dream interpretation methods to use in your waking life! (Gain profound insights possible in no other way. Learn and grow 24 hours a day). 

3) Discover the explosive wisdom of Jungian Archetypes to finally understand the guidance of dreams and of the Higher Self (Research results  based on tens of thousands of dreams will be yours to benefit from).

4) Discover all about your recurring dream characters , and the guidance they're desperately trying to get through to you! (Hint: they often reveal your key "blind spots" to you. Hence, heeding their advice ensures that your life flows more smoothly and peacefully.)

5) Recognize dreams predicting the future!  (Receive vital information about your future life direction. Or your loved ones. Or a crucial warning about potential disaster).

However, dreams are only one entrance to inner realms. For lasting inner change, you need something more...


Meditation Took The Buddha To Enlightenment - You Can Do The Same...

If you've never meditated before, you're in for a real treat. And even if you've had prior experience, you'll still find the many advanced tips and specific meditations in the course invaluable.

"Your course, The 7 Golden Secrets to Knowing your Higher Self, has been the inspiration in my life to help me:
- find Inner Peace,
- to appreciate the 'still points'  and to show gratitude
- to realize that Love surrounds us and; above all,
- motivated me to find out my purpose here on this Journey!"

Mary Duff, Roodepoort, South Africa

Here's what you'll gain from regular Meditation...

(1) Improved mental focus and better physical health;

(2) Your connection to Spirit is strengthened no end;

(3) Many of the medical markers measuring physical aging slow down, and some even reverse!;

(4) Spiritually, meditation creates the Antakarana; the rainbow bridge between your waking consciousness and the Higher Self. 

As Deepak Chopra, M.D writes:

"Several studies conducted by scientists... have shown that meditation may in fact induce profound change, far beyond the simple relaxation that most people use it for in the West, even beyond the medical applications of relieving stress, reducing blood pressure, and so on."
Quantum Healing, by Deepak Chopra M.D.

Indeed, meditators report unprecedented levels of inner peace and tranquility. And the inner power to totally reorient their lives. The course will show you how to:
  1. Transform your consciousness through the power of Mantra. Learn to use the power of sound through these ancient mantras. Strengthen your physical and non-physical bodies. Bypass the conscious mind to access higher states.

  2. Create an excellent environment for your meditation. Simple steps to ensure you're perfectly set up to gain maximum benefit from your meditation practice.

  3. Clear negativity with this powerful meditation. Dispel your fears and obstructions with one simple meditation. Fill yourself with positivity, love, and peace. Let them flow into every area of your life. Set yourself up for success - physically, emotionally, mentally, financially AND spiritually.
But that's only the beginning. Because I go even further - beyond meditation - and reveal to you...


The Great Secret Of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed & ALL the Spiritual Masters...

Here's a fascinating fact. There is ONE thing ALL the great Spiritual Masters of history have in common. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Sri Ramana Maharshi. They may differ in ethnic background, language, religion, and more. But they all did ONE key thing in common, prior to emerging with a massive inner power  that totally changed the world...

If you can't guess what it is (and I'm NOT going to tell you here!), the secret's revealed in The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self...
"I have now read through The 7 Golden Secrets  three times and each time I pick up a little titbit that I missed. I think one of the biggest areas that has helped me is pointing to the references that you have in the course. Through the references, I have read a few more books, and then through these I find even more books to read.

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self  is filled with practical applications for meditation, a great chapter giving the benefits of I Ching. I find the course easy to read and reference it many times to answer questions."
Chris Givens, Alberta Canada

With this ONE secret alone, you can:
  1. Overcome the challenges of life, and manifest  all you most desire, with relative ease.  
  2. See rapid improvements in  ALL your relationships and daily activities, thereby making you more efficient in all you do 
  3. Experience your self esteem rise, and more easily attract what you most desire in life. The deep healing you'll enjoy, and increased contact with your inner depths, leads to wisdom and a focused life purpose.

Indeed, you can also use this secret for material gain, and achieve serious wealth and financial independence. 

You're skeptical that one simple practice can be so powerful? Well, it worked for Thomas Edison – the world's greatest inventor! And for many other people in history too. So, by learning from their example, you can also apply this method to your life. 

Don't think you're too busy to apply this secret either! I'll show you simple ways to allow it into even the busiest life. That includes YOU - even if you think you've NO time to spare. 

But wait, there's still more....


The Precious Spiritual Gold Slipping Through Your Fingers EVERY DAY!

It's said that "A life worth living is a life worth recording". That's why a spiritual journal is vital to your progress. As spiritual teacher, Dr. Douglas Baker says, a journal:

"...lays down a channel for the transmission of advice and direction from the Higher Self that can bring about a transformation of the personality, its attachments and limitations."The Spiritual Diary, by Dr. Douglas Baker.

So, you'll learn in this vital chapter:

The results?  You live life with zest, dynamism and laughter. Your life purpose becomes ever clearer. And you enjoy more calmness, confidence and self-assurance as a result.

And that leads onto revealing to you...


Why Living "In The Now" Leads To Enlightenment....

Have you ever noticed that whether you're at work, play or at home, your mind is usually somewhere else? Roaming. Daydreaming. Grumbling. Living in the past or the future. Hardly ever in the present moment?

Yet, developing a living awareness of the present moment is key to working with the Higher Self. So, The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self gives you a wealth of Mindfulness techniques. Here are some of the valuable benefits you'll gain:

1) 4 simple Mindfulness techniques you can use ANYWHERE to gain control of your emotions and habitual actions.  (Be more in control of yourself; aware, focused and concentrated. Living in the NOW, without needless fears about the past or future).

2) How the simple exercise of Dis-identification will awaken you to who you really are, by making you aware of all that you are not!

3) How to develop lasting Peace, Joy and Tranquility (no matter how turbulent your life).

4) Discover and heal your internal psychological complexes. (Don't have any? Actually, we all do. Whatever the cause, they're holding you back from your fullest potential)

By applying Mindfulness teachings, you'll gain awareness of the deep structures within your psyche that shape your whole life. You'll learn to gently neutralize negative tendencies, and win mastery over yourself at all times.

Through this simple practice, the fragmented parts of yourself are gradually integrated. Where they once worked against you, now they'll all pull together. Self-sabotage is destroyed, and you get to live a life of total freedom!

"Since I have started keeping a journal as suggested in The 7 Golden Secrets course, I find that I am making much more conscious decisions about the steps I take to achieve my goals. And just looking back at what I have written, I see that I have accomplished a lot more than I might have thought. Thank you!"

Jean Wahls, Palm Harbor, FL

"I will have to honestly say without a doubt that not only has your work been GOD-SEND, to myself and others, on a high level of spirit, but you have opened my third eye so I am able to assist others in transition, and also help and heal myself.... The GODS have given you Fate, and you choose well for all of mankind to partake, of the enormous energy and wisdom that has been granted to you. You learned the lesson well; to give back to the masses."

Ibilola Quarles, Fort Pierce, Florida

"Your course, The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self, was a marvel in reminding me to rise above the "illusion" of the now, and the problem. Your course has made a difference at this moment in time. If for no other reason (but I assure you there exist so MANY grand points!), your course made me think, "What if this could be?"... WELL done!"

Becky Ruff, Anaconda, Montana


Mystical Secrets The "New Age Gurus" Don't Want Published!

Many "spiritual gurus" give you just enough information to come back for more of their books and tapes! The key is to bait you to come back and buy more. But in The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self, there's nothing held back. You'll learn all you need to reach to your inner core, where the true answers lie.

For instance, here are still more life-changing secrets you'll discover:
  1. The 4 major causes of spiritual distortion in religion. Why conventional religions fail to meet your spiritual needs, and leave millions of people spiritually shipwrecked. Avoid these mistakes in your own life!

  2. The Eastern Guru tradition and the Guru Within You. Do you really need an external guru/teacher? Uncover the  pros and cons of seeking an external teacher over working with your inner guru – the Higher Self.

  3. The only REAL measure of how much spiritual progress you're making. Learn the ONE clear way to assess your progress. Remain forever encouraged about your inner progress despite the spiritual chatter of the "gurus" around you.

  4. 4 reasons why living purely from Ego produces fragmentation and separation. How the ego wreaks havoc with your life and soul purpose - and why a spiritual approach is the only antidote.

  5. Why Dualism is at the heart of the world's problems, and how to eradicate it from your life. 

  6. The vital role of Belief and Expectation on the spiritual path, and why you cannot succeed at ANYTHING without them. Discover how to build them into your spiritual journey and ensure your long-term success.

  7. The power of self-referential thinking. How to let go of making comparisons with others - and why it is vital you do so.

You'll definitely want to study the course over and over, at different stages in your growth. You'll learn something new to help you each time. It's that powerful.

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Your course The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self has benefited me immensely. Certain false core beliefs have been eliminated, or now have less power for me. Through the meditation techniques, life has become less stressful and more enjoyable. Of course this is not a book that you read and then put on the bookshelf. I still learn  something new and worthwhile from your excellent book every day.

Frans Leeflang, London, UK.
Compared to the price of one-, two-, or three-day seminars, where you’ll often learn much less, $49.97 is chicken feed. And to get the same information packed into this course, you’d easily have to spend ten times that amount.

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self is a detailed course on spiritual development. Perfectly paced. A treasure trove of wisdom to attract all the abundance you’ve missed out on.

What's the cost to your life if you don't take this step? You'll continue doing the same things, and you’ll get exactly the same results. But if you want to break the world system’s delusory spell – to blast away the shackles enslaving your full potential - you have to do something different

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Experts agree. Most of our problems arise from low self-esteem and fear. We under-achieve, and look outside ourselves for the blame. But the real cause is within. So, this impactful report complements The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self. It gives you practical strategies to incinerate the inner obstacles that keep you stuck.

There are seminars and books on self-esteem, and the typical audio tape seminar costs $70 or more. So, that’s what this report is worth, at the very minimum. But why spend the money? You get it FREE when you order The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self!

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The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing You Higher Self , when combined with this in-depth weekly coaching, will blast away your  spiritual obstacles like 100 sticks of dynamite detonating inside a straw shack!

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This is your unique opportunity to get your hands on the most ancient revered secrets to knowing your Higher Self. You’ll enjoy a life filled with inner creativity, joy, peace and meaning. You’ll be rapidly transformed into the person you've always dreamed of being.

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 But just in case you still have the slightest doubt...

Try Out The 7 Golden Secrets Today At No Risk To You Whatsoever...

Despite all you’ve heard, you may be thinking, "Yeah. That’s well and good for other people. But I don’t know...  I’ve read these spiritual books before. Nothing much has changed. Will it work for ME?"

The answer is most definitely YES...
"I have found your course to be a fountain of inspiration. The strategies and techniques are fantastic. In it, I have found an in-depth and true knowledge of myself and others. Particularly, I have found the affirmations amazing in their ability to motivate and stimulate. The most exciting thing is their infinite application and ability to help everybody who honestly apply themselves."
Michael Byrne, Dublin, Ireland

This course is  written for normal folk, not spiritual Einsteins. Ordinary people who want extraordinary lives – mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally and spiritually. But who don’t want to sell the house and move to a monastery. Above all, this course was written with YOU in mind.

Look, I’ll to prove it to you. I’m going to do something you’ve never seen done with a metaphysical course before...

I am going to give you a 100% risk-free 60-Day  Unconditional Guarantee!

Crazy? Maybe. And I obviously can’t guarantee you’ll have full access to your Higher Self within 60 days. That’s absurd. It really depends on whether you DO anything with these teachings. So, this guarantee is to remove any lingering  doubt you may still have by taking 100% of the risk on myself. You risk NOTHING.

And I DO guarantee you this:

Your 100% No-Nonsense Risk-Free GuaranteeAsoka Selvarajah

(1) You’ll be enthralled at the secret strategies revealed to you for contacting your Higher Self. You’re set to begin an exciting voyage of discovery.

(2) If you apply any one of these secrets, it’ll bring abundant blessings to your life. More love, joy, happiness, purpose. And a deep personal relationship with the Higher Self. So, what happens if you apply them all?!...

(3) Rather than just watch others make progress, YOU can rapidly become the person others watch in wonder. They’ll have no idea how you could have transformed so much. But you’ll know the truth. You’re working with powerful secrets  - giving you direct access to the wisdom of the universe.
However, if you experience no benefit whatsoever, or don’t like the course for any reason at all, then simply inform us within 60 days of the date of purchase (Yes. Even on the LAST day!), and you’ll receive a full and courteous refund. No questions asked whatsoever.

If you apply what’s revealed in the course, you must make tremendous spiritual progress. It’s impossible NOT to because these teachings were not invented by me. They’re the secrets of ancient spiritual masters, handed down over countless millennia.

Most courses don’t guarantee your success. But I know these teachings really work if you apply them, because I’m working with them in my own life.

There is no-risk to you whatsoever. You have 60 WHOLE DAYS  to work with the seven secrets.  Apply them to your own life. Enjoy the benefits. It’ll be like Springtime once more. You will experience life transformation by applying even one of the seven secrets...

I offer you this 60 Day 100% unconditional guarantee, because I don’t want you to hold back from giving these life-transforming secrets a try.

The Secret Wisdom Of the Ancient Masters Will Be Yours TODAY...

So, take a small action that will change your life forever. Order the course now. Don’t let negative self-talk prevent you. You CAN achieve contact with the Higher Self – the Divine Source within. You CAN have answers and guidance for ALL of life’s issues.

"I never thought well-being could be achieved so "easily."  The concepts in The 7 Golden Secrets are not difficult to comprehend or practice.  It seems to have reached something inside of me that I had once known but since forgotten. Since remembering the truths written in the course, I have had a much easier time dealing with the ever changing conditions in my life. It is a great value and very highly recommended!"

Christie Hebert, Riverton, WY

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self is the only course to combine secret ancient teachings with modern personal development strategies, AND follow up with 26 weeks of coaching to ensure you succeed. It offers you a practical integrated system - filled with ideas you can use immediately - for contacting and bringing out the infinite abundance within you.

With this course as your guide, the life breakthroughs you’ve dreamed of will happen. The pressures of daily life will never again cause you to doubt yourself, or to remain spiritually unfulfilled, unhappy or lacking in inner peace. You’ll never again compare your progress to other people's, and feel discouraged. You’ll express love in your life, and deepen your spiritual knowledge daily.

Once you've ordered, you don't have to wait for days for delivery. This is an E-Book (about file size 2.6MB), so you can be reading it literally minutes from now. Plus, it's in Acrobat PDF format, which makes it real easy to work with. If you don't already have the Acrobat reader, I'll show you how to rapidly download it for FREE from the Adobe website.

You can pay by credit card or online check. We use a SECURE website from Clickbank - an organization with a superb online financial reputation. Your information goes straight to Clickbank, and to nobody else (not even me!). You can therefore be certain your financial details are completely safe.Higher Self Book

And YES, we do accept international orders through the Clickbank secure website.

Click right now to order the Higher Self course and learn these 7 Golden Secrets.  If you leave it until later, you might forget and never do it. You don’t want to miss out on your spiritual heritage.

Also, remember there are only a very limited number of places available for the personal consultations with me. So, secure your place right now by ordering  The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self  for  just $49.97. The true winners in life are distinguished by their power to take action. You are one of them.  

Commence the journey to the Source of your Being today!

Best Wishes
Higher Self
Click the button to order now...

(Important Note: This is a DIGITAL product i.e.  a downloadable file. It is NOT a physical book.)

P.S. Remember - when you order The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self for just $49.97, you also receive the FREE report, How To Develop Inner Confidence, Esteem & Empowerment – Overcoming Inner Roadblocks To Attain The Life You Dream Of. It’s packed with strategies to unlock your life potential and free inner barriers that have held you back all these years. But you must order within 3 days to get this bonus report!

PLUS you get a six-month FREE subscription to the priceless Golden Secrets weekly coaching ezine (worth $60 or more). AND you get three one-on-one personal e-mail consultations with me (worth at least $25 each, for a total of $75 value minimum).

Please Click Here ONLY If You've Decided NOT To Order Higher Self Course

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