The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

by Asoka Selvarajah on November 2, 2005

In my never-ending, tireless quest to bring you the very best personal growth material at any cost – and often at no cost at all – I am pleased to offer you both a free course AND a free ebook!

Have you ever heard of Wallace D. Wattles and his “Science Of Getting Rich“? It’s a classic in the field of teaching you how to attract Abundance and Riches. Well, there are people selling high-priced courses based on this book for hundreds of dollars and more.

But you don’t have to pay that! Here is the Science Of Getting Rich book itself:

Science Of Getting Rich Ebook

And here is a free 17-part “Science Of Getting Rich” daily email course:

The Science Of Getting Rich Course

I hope you enjoy and benefit from them!


Asoka Selvarajah

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samuel says:

Thanks Asoka, for your good articles.Is so interesting.

Antonio Jose says:

Dr. Asoka K. Selvarajah

Since I discovered – about a few weeks ago – the writings of Wallace Delois Wattles, I’ve been interested in everything what concern them.
It’s curious the coincidence of seeing this same subject exposed in your Site.
I praise (as you refer in the begining of the Article) your never-ending, tireless quest to bring us the very best personal growth material at any cost – and often at no cost at all.
By means of it, you created here a real PERSONAL GROWTH BLOG.

And I thank you very much for the eCourse you provide.

Antonio Jose

joe says:

Thanking you very much for the opportunity to gather my knowledge from you. I truly consider you a gentleman of the highest order. Some day hoping we can sit down & enjoy a spot of tea together in my epicurean garden and banter around like-minded ideas and ideals that has put us in such a wonderful state of well-being. All that you have done for me since I came across your web-site has brought me great feelings of spiritual abundance.

Understanding the laws of attraction; having coincendently(accidently) come across your web-site has made me truly understand that nothing happens without reason & that in helping others one truly has the opportunity to fulfil one`s eudaimonia.

Anyways, I`m excitedly off to check out what Wattles has to say for himself.

Keep up the GREAT job, Asoka, for your GREAT works are truly appreciated,

Sincerely & respectfully,
your friend & admirer,

helena b af winklerfelt says:

Thank you Asoka!


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