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The Path Of The Spiritual Sun, by Belsebuub & Angela Pritchard

I first found out about The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes as a result of an inquiry of my own regarding the spiritual significance of the summer solstice. Most people are familiar with Stonehenge and other similar sites around the world, built by the ancients to celebrate their mysterious rites of the summer solstice, and the solstices and equinoxes in general. However, the real meaning, i.e. the esoteric significance of these events, is largely unknown to the modern world.

This book, by authors Belsebuub  (Mark Pritchard) and Angela Pritchard, is probably the most complete and readable on the subject for seekers of esoteric wisdom. It covers all four of the cardinal points of the year in great detail, and is truly eclectic in the range of its research.

As the preface states, the book “…aims to synthesize the deeper meaning behind the celebration of the spiritual sun as something that can be practiced today…” and it “…uncovers the lost threads that connect the very process of spiritual transformation, with the movement of the heavens and the earth, as well as the remaining fragments of ancient spiritual knowledge we have access to today.”

The core premise of the book is that the annual path of the sun through the sky is symbolic of the process of spiritual unfoldment in the individual from the point of maximum darkness at the winter solstice to the point of spiritual enlightenment  at the summer solstice, when the light reaches its maximum, and the sun achieves its highest point in the sky.

This theme is explored in rich depth through a detailed examination of esoteric wisdom and also archaeological/historical research. The book’s 476 pages contain a wealth of quotations from ancient sources to back up the profound points being made. There are also many photographs and diagrams to enrich the reader’s understanding. In a single chapter, we may move from mystical Christianity to the esoteric spiritual practices of ancient Egypt, Mexico, India, and perhaps even cover some recent scientific discovery along the way. However, no matter what is being discussed, the presentation of each chapter’s major theme is always clear throughout with no rambling or irrelevant distractions.

What is particularly striking about The Path Of The Spiritual Sun is how well written, clear, and reader-friendly the book is throughout. Far from trying to impress by being obscure and academic to all but the initiated, as so many esoteric books tend to be, the authors strive throughout for clarity and communication, both through the written text and the illustrations.  This makes the book a joy to read, and the reader is well rewarded for the time spent doing so.

For those who are interested to go further, the authors have also  created detailed esoteric  rituals provided for actually engaging in spiritual practice at the four solstices/equinoxes. These include role-playing, reading of sacred texts, creation of a sacred circle, and more. If the reader has access to others of like mind, then this can be a very valuable practical addition to all that has been assimilated from the book. However, if I had a suggestion to make on how the book could be improved in future editions, it would be to create and include practices for the individual. After all, we do not all have access to half a dozen like-minded people, nor the physical place to enact such practices in private.

As an aside, but worth mentioning nonetheless, the presentation of the book is splendid; the quality of the paper, the cover design, even the size and feel of it in your hands, is a true pleasure. It was a thrill to open the parcel and find this beautifully crafted treasure awaiting within!

The Path Of The Spiritual Sun does not claim to be a work of history, archaeology or science. Rather, it is a book that seeks to rediscover the lost ancient wisdom regarding this subject and present it to the modern esoteric seeker in a clear and engaging manner. Belsebuub (Mark Pritchard) is an author and teacher on spirituality and esoteric knowledge with decades of experience. His wife, co-author Angela Pritchard, contributed the research into ancient sites, cosmology, history and sacred texts.

Overall, The Path Of The Spiritual Sun is a fabulous adventure that will uncover many spiritual riches of insight and understanding for the esoteric seeker. It is an exploration into a fascinating, important and very much over-looked subject. As such, it is highly recommended to all those who feel called to it.

476 Pages. Published by Mystical Life Publications Ltd

The Path Of The Spiritual Sun

You can visit The Spiritual Sun website for further details of the book, related articles, resources and a discussion forum.



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